Why Picking the Perfect Pocket Knife is So Damn Hard!

In days gone by every man had a few essential items that he carried with him. Things like a wallet to carry your money and the keys to the vehicle you were driving and your pocket knife. Perhaps the most important tool was this handy pocket knife. The Romans were the first people to carry these folding knives, however, they lost and gained ground over the years. Some of the other forms of knives because popular and the pocket knife got left behind, only to be rediscovered again later in the century. People remembered that the pocket knife was the best tool to have with them and they started to carry them everywhere. It did not matter what position a man held in life, he carried a pocket knife.

The Pocket Knife, An Essential Tool For Every Soldier.

The history of America clearly shows the use of the pocket knife. Our soldiers were issued one. The United States Navy started to use the pocket knife around the Civil War, again, everyone carried one. The first President of the United States, George Washington owned several pocket knives and carried one with him as he led the troops.

The Pocket Knife Of Modern Day Man.

Because of all of the heightened security, many men seem to be giving up the age old tradition of carrying a pocket knife. They can’t get on a plane or go through a metal detector with this pocket knife in their pocket. Having said that, it does not seem like a good enough reason to give up this manly rite of passage. Men should still carry a pocket knife, not just because they are useful, but, also because it is a great tradition to carry on. One that can be passed from father to son for generations to come.

Five Reasons To Carry A Pocket Knife.

There are many reasons to carry a pocket knife and you can come up with your own. Having said that, We will suggest a few ideas too.
Number One – You can use the pocket knife to open something like a letter or a box. Number Two -You can use the pocket knife to cut things like ropes, strings, wires or anything else. Number Three – If you eat fruit, you always can use a knife to cut it or to pick it up if you don’t have a fork or spoon. Men have been stabbing apples and eating them since time started to tick away on their pocket watches. Number Four, you can use it as a tool for fixing things. Number Five, You can use it for camping or hunting.

Which Knife Should You Get?

When you want to pick out your pocket knife, it will come down to selecting from many types of knives. Three of the most popular are the jack knife, the pen knife, and the multi-purpose knife. Pick the one that is best for you or better yet, get all three. A real man can never have too many pocket knives.

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