Top 10 Best Rated Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors Reviews

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that causes many deaths each year. Before you let that thought freak you out too much, you should know that there is a simple way to protect yourself and your family. A carbon monoxide detector can warn you when the CO level in your house gets too high. They work just like a smoke alarm, are super simple to install, and can help you sleep easy knowing your family is safe.

Most CO detectors work the same and have the same options, but occasionally there will be cool features that set one model apart from the others. Check out some of the best CO detector options below.

First Alert BRK 3120B Hardwire Dual Photoelectric and Ionization Sensor Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

This model works in two ways; it can detect slow, smoldering smoke and fast moving flames. This new technology is pretty cool compared to the older models with its dual Photoelectric and Ionization sensors. You can hard wire it and throw a battery in as a backup which is pretty standard.

BRK Brands 7010B Hardwire Smoke Alarm with Photoelectric Sensor and Battery Backup

This unit has a cool feature called interconnection. This means that any smoke detector or CO detector by this brand can be connected to each other. This way if one goes off they all do. That’s a great option if you have a big house. This detector only has a photoelectric sensor, but you can hard wire it and have a battery back up.

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Gogogu YW-002 Carbon Monoxide Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, CO Detector and CO Alarm

This model has a nice progressive alarm feature. If it detects a level of CO, it will sound an alarm after continuously sensing that level for a set amount of time. So if there is a high level the alarm will go off faster than if there is a low level. This is great since many things could produce a little CO such as a charcoal grill or a natural gas stove. You don’t want the alarm screaming every time it senses a little CO gas, but you definitely want it to tell you quickly if it senses a lot!

Kidde C3010D Worry-Free Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display and 10 Year Sealed Battery

This unit has a couple of nice features. First of all it has a built-in ten year battery. So this model is no muss, no fuss for its entire life. Just mount it and forget it. That is about as easy as it gets. When ten years is up the unit will chirp to let you know it’s time to trash it. The second nice feature is that on the inside of the cover this unit has a reference card to tell you exactly what the different alarms mean. That means no looking for an owner’s manual or searching the internet to see if the alarm sounding is a false-positive or if you should be evacuated!

BRK Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Combo Alarm, 120 Volt AC/DC, SC9120B

This is a fairly standard combination smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm. You can hard wire it and add a battery as a backup power source. It’s two safety devices in one, who doesn’t like that?

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Kidde KN-COSM-XTR-BA Nighthawk Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Intelligent Alarm

This detector is very interesting as it has both the standard beeping alarm coupled with a voice alarm. This unit is a combination smoke detector and CO detector. It runs only on battery power rather than being hard wired. When activated the unit will loudly announce either “Carbon Monoxide Detected!” or “Fire! Fire!” While this seems a bit startling that is probably the best way to be awakened from a deep sleep.

GE Security 260-CO – Carbon Monoxide Detector

This simple, straightforward CO detector should be hardwired to power and has a battery backup. It has a primary sound warning as well as a display panel which provides supplementary warnings.

Quantum Guardian Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Detector

This is a basic 9 volt battery-powered unit. It has a life span of six years and will chirp to signal it has reached the end of its useful life. No bells and whistles here just a standard CO detector.

Onelink Wireless Talking Battery Operated Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm SCO501B2

This model is sold as a two pack for folks with larger homes. They are wireless which is nice for people who don’t know how to hard wire things. They do come with battery backup too. Onelink offers connecting technology so if one unit sounds all the units will go off.

Kidde 900-0235 Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Long Life AC Powered with Battery Backup

This unit is a little different from most other CO detectors. This model is AC powered, allowing you to install it in any room with an electrical outlet. How’s that for ease and versatility? It also has a battery backup and a nice long 7 year lifespan.

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CO is a dangerous gas that is impossible to detect without the right equipment. Keep your family safe by installing a carbon monoxide detector. There are some many options it should be easy to find one that fits all your needs.

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