Best Belgian Waffle Makers Reviews

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of us treat it that way? If you’re tired of boring and tasteless breakfast bars, and the expense of unhealthy fast food, you need a waffle maker. There’s nothing better than some crisp fluffy waffles, covered in butter and syrup or berries and whipped cream. Maybe some sausage or bacon on the side.

With the right waffle maker it’s easy to provide yourself and your friends and family with this tasty homemade breakfast. However, buying the right waffle maker is more than just grabbing the first one you see on the shelf. There are a variety of makers available that provide a wide range of options. How do you know which one is right for you and your budget?

Read on, my friend, to find out which maker is perfect for you.

Best Belgian Waffle Makers Reviews

1. Chef’s Choice M840 WafflePro Express Waffle Maker, Traditional Five of Hearts

Go big or go home, right? Well that’s true with this waffle maker, which can make up to five waffles at a time! Not only can you feed the hungry hordes, but you can do so while showing you care, since each waffle comes out in the shape of a heart. It also allows customization of crispness, and has a “floating” top plate to ensure pretty looking waffles as well. When you have a lot of people to feed, and you want to show them you care, this waffle maker gets the job done right.

Chef'sChoice 840 WafflePro Taste / Texture Select Waffle Maker Traditional Five of Hearts Easy to Clean Nonstick Plates, 5-Slice, Silver



2. KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker

This is the Cadillac of waffle makers. It provides many of the features of other makers: it’s stainless steel, non-stick, it flips, it has constant baking temperatures, and it is made of stainless steel and die cast metal. What stands apart is that it does all of these things very well, and looks great doing it. If you’re in the market for a top of the line waffle maker, this is the one for you!


3. The Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

First off, this waffle maker is made of plastic and stainless steel, so it is durable enough to last as long as you need it. It has an extra thick grid to make one 7 inch waffle at a time. It also splits the waffle into four sections so you can cut or tear it apart and share (if you can bring yourself to share these delicious waffles). It rotates and is non-stick, so it’s easy to use and cleans without a mess.

For ease of use it even has a digital display that shows when the waffle is complete. Without it you can be left to guess whether your waffle is done or not. This way you know when your waffle is done and don’t have worry about burned or under cooked waffles any more. And the 180 degree flip makes it so the batter spreads out evenly, making each waffle waffle crispy on the outside and delicious on the inside. This is a great choice for personal or family use use.


4. Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker

Waring WMK600 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

This waffle maker takes your cooking to the next level with many advanced features. It makes 2 waffles at a time, which is especially handy when cooking for friends and family. Or if you’re just extra hungry for a tasty breakfast! This product rotates and cooks round, evenly cooked waffles. It adds a thermostat and browning control knob, allowing you to cook the waffles just how you and those you may cook for like them. There’s also an easy to use on/off switch, 2 lights to indicate when the waffles are done just how you like them, and three audio beep tones. The beep tones are great for the multi-tasking cooker who may not notice when the lights first go off. Just listen for the ding while frying some bacon, and you’ll know your waffles are done just right.



5. Calphalon No Peek Waffle Maker

Have you ever messed up a waffle or pancake because you couldn’t resist seeing if it was done? Then the No Peak was designed with you in mind! It has an indicator that allows you to see its progress without opening the cover and messing up your waffle. And it also has several browning settings and chimes to tell you when it is done, so it really does have all the bells and whistles necessary for the impatient chef.


6. West Bend 6201 Rotary Waffle Maker

West Bend 6201 Rotary Waffle Maker Extra Deep Fast and Easy 180 Degree Rotation Adjustable Temperature Control For Fluffy Crisp Waffles, Silver

This simple device has many of the features of the higher priced models at a lower price, so its right for any budget. It rotates to cook evenly, you can set it to brown the waffle to your specifications, and it even comes with a drip tray, to really minimize the mess. Want a great waffle maker without spending a lot of money? This could be the product you’re looking for!


7. All-Clad 99011GT 2-Square Belgian Waffle Maker

All-Clad 99011GT Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker with 7 Browning Settings, 2-Square, Silver

This waffle maker is made of polished stainless steel with a die-cast finish, meaning it’s incredibly durable! It makes two waffles to your specifications, and has lights and an audible noise to let you know when they are ready to eat!


8. Hamilton Beach 25475 Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

When you want to take break from all the delicious waffles you’ll be making, try out this breakfast sandwich maker! It makes the perfect sandwich in just five minutes, which is perfect when you want a good breakfast on the run. You can use your own ingredients to make the sandwich you want, and it can come apart to be washed easily in the dish washer. There’s even a recipe book of ideas if you’re not sure what to make!


9. VillaWare NDVLWFBFS1-SHP Belgian Flip Waffle Maker

This stylish device has Gravity Flip technology, ensuring you get fluffy and thick waffles every time! You can also control the temperature and how brown you’d like your waffles, so you can customize each one to the taste of the eater. The lights and sounds let you know when it’s done cooking, and it’s non-stick with a drip tray for super easy clean up!



When you want a gourmet breakfast at home done right, then making home made waffles is the perfect choice! There are many options available at a variety of prices, so you can find the one that’s right for you. That’s true whether you’re eating alone or cooking for a large gathering. So take your time, read through the list of options, and make sure you buy the one that’s right for you!

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