TACKLIFE 7.5-Amp Electric Hand Planer Review

A Wood Planer, otherwise called a ‘Thickness Planer’ is a powerful tool used to make boards of wood of a precise thickness. This is an extremely valuable tool to have on the off chance that you are doing any carpentry during your home redesign, as it very well may be dubious to purchase wood of the precise thickness you need at a DIY store. Having a wood planer implies that you can take any bit of wood and trim it to the exact thickness you need, the same number of times as you need.

To utilize a wood planer you essentially alter either the shaper head or the arranging stage to your required thickness and turn the machine on. The subsequent stage is to nourish the board into the machine. The ‘in-feed’ roller will bring the board through the machine, where it will be cut from the top by the quick turning edges of the Shaper Head. After it has been cut the ‘out-feed’ roller pulls the recently planed board of wood out of the opposite side, and you can nourish in your next piece.

When you are dealing with your home remodel there are a few tools that are well worth putting resources into, and one of these tools is the Wood Planer. Picking power tools can be an overwhelming procedure, particularly as there are such a significant number of various brands accessible now, so how would you know which ones merit spending your well-deserved cash on?

Today we are going to discuss TACKLIFE electric hand planer, to make this procedure simple for you and to enable you on how to approach which is best for you. 

TACKLIFE Electric Hand Planer Review

TACKLIFE 7.5-Amp Electric Hand Planer, 3-1/4-Inch 900W 16,000Rpm Power Planer with 1/8”(3mm) Adjustable Cut Depth, Dust Bag, Parallel Fence Bracket, Ideal Planer for DIY – RES002

TACKLIFE 7.5-Amp Electric Hand Planer, 3-1/4-Inch 900W 16,000Rpm Power Planer with 1/8"(3mm) Adjustable Cut Depth, Dust Bag, Parallel Fence Bracket, Ideal Planer for DIY - RES002
What You Will Get With This Product?

The TACKLIFE RES002 hand planer is another incredible worth hand planer that packs a ton of punch at a sensibly minimal effort. It includes a high caliber 7.5 amp unadulterated copper engine with a cutting edge that pivots at 16,000 RPM, giving you 32,000 cuts for every moment.

The level base plate is hostile to rust and against consumption, guaranteeing your tool has a long existence with steady smooth cuts. The cutting profundity check has 12 positive stops which increment in additions of 1/10 inches somewhere in the range of 0 as far as possible up to 1/8 inches. By and large the structure is very easy to understand, with an elastic hold handle for solace, and a long power line enabling you to move effectively around your workspace. 

Power Output

TACKLIFE is another proficient power planer with a powerful 7.5-amp unadulterated copper engine to give quick cutting rates of 32, 000 cuts for every moment. It is a powerful performing planer equipped for slicing up to 3.25 inches wide. It likewise accompanies a rabbeting manual for make rabbets of up to 4/5 inches.

By and large, this is a one of a kind structure power planer with a sturdy aluminum base. The level aluminum base makes surfaces smooth when arranging. It likewise includes an Angular structure to effectively make an angled chamfer on the edges of your carpentry ventures. This is an adaptable power planer with 12 flexible prevents going from 0-3mm. It is an incredible purchase that accompanies 2 years guarantee for certainty purchasing.

User-friendly Design

Soft rubber covered handle reaches a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue for long time working. 9.84Ft. (3M) long power cord allow you to work without limited by distance.
Double controlling switch can prevent accidents caused by carelessness

Adjustable Cutting Depth

The 12 positive stops increase in increments of 1/10 inches anywhere from 0 all the way up to 1/8 inches (3mm). The base plate’s chamfer groove allows you to finish simple chamfer along the edges of your wood-working projects. A parallel fence bracket keeps your cuts parallel with edge of board, ensuring straight cuts.

Durable Blades for Longer Service Life

65 Manganese steel double blades are hard enough, suitable for all your wood works.
Mirror-grade aluminum flat bottom plate is anti-rust, anti-corrosion, ensuring a long service life, making cutting smother.

Great Power for Efficient Working

7.5Amp, 900W high-quality pure copper motor provides strong power to the planer, the blade rotates at 16,000rpm, offering 32,000 cuts per minute, promising an efficient and smooth cuts. The motor is softly connected to the planer frame to prevent motor overload.



  • Great Power Output
  • Rabbeting Guide
  • Rabbeting Guide
  • Adjustable Cutting Depth
  • Decent warranty offer


  • Dust bag fills up quickly
  • The instruction manual is not very helpful 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: What is the max width with the guide fence at its max?

A: Dear friend, the max cutting width with the guide fence is 3-1/4 inches.

Q: What’s the max cutting depth of this planer?

A: Dear friend, the max cutting depth of this planer is 1/8inch, 3mm.

Q: Is the blade replaceable?

A: It’s replaceable, and just an extra info that it also comes with a blade fixed in the tool ready to open and use. 

What Take on This Product:

A wood planer is one of those carpentry tools that can spare you both time and cash, since as opposed to going to purchase wood at various thicknesses for each venture you are dealing with, you can use off cuts from different activities, or less expensive wood that may be on offer, and essentially feed them into the Wood Planer to give you an ideal board of wood at your ideal thickness. It’s such a speedy and simple procedure, and your very own time is spared by diminishing your outings to the DIY store! 


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for something affordable and decent functions, then surely this planer is the right pick for you This will certainly suffice your needs.

For starter in DIY projects, this planer is really a good choice that can satisfy the work, particularly because of its impressive power output, and ease of use. However, make sure to remember that if you’re just starting out or a newbie, and has no any experience with product like this, do yourself a favor and watch some tutorials first just to make sure.

Anyways, if you have any feedback about this this review, please leave a comment below.

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