Milwaukee 2897-22 Vs. 2997-22 Vs. DEWALT DCK299M2 Drill & Driver

When you go online in search of a combo kit, it is very important that you invest in everything you need to handle multiple tasks. Many professionals find it easier to invest in a hammer drill and an impact driver than buying too many different tools they may never need. With the right combination of torque and speed, a hammer drill and impact driver combo kit can perform any range of tasks you may have.

18V combo kits from Milwaukee and DeWalt are best sellers in the market. Top-notch performance and giant torque make them invaluable on-site and at home. With premium parts and the best user-friendly designs in the market.  It is still hard to decide which combo kit is the best for your home application by just looking at online reviews which is why our editors took time to evaluate and describe how each performs on-site.

If you don’t want to read the whole review, here is a look at a summary of the findings. Milwaukee 2897-22 with a 1200in-lb torque Hammer drill and a 1800in-lb impact driver came in as our top pick. It is very versatile with maximum control of its enormous speed thanks to the Red Link 4 mode control intelligence which also prevents overheating and overload.

Milwaukee 2997-22 impact driver, on the other hand, is the best combo kit you can invest in when shopping on a budget. It has the best performance features of any combo kit with a hammer drill weighing just 3lbs. The hammer drill has great control with an auxiliary handle rated at 1200lbs. The impact driver also loads a giant torque rated at 2000lbs with a high speed of up to 3600BPM.

DeWalt DCK299M2 is one of the best professional application combo kits in the market with a high precision impact driver and a powerful hammer drill accompanying it. DeWalt uses brushless motors on both tools with a carburized ratcheting metal chuck that delivers a strong bit grip.

The impact driver has three-speed modes for high precision and high torque applications rated 1800in-lbs. The hammer drill also delivers a high speed of up to 38000BPM able to handle tough projects with little strain and less fatigue.

Comparing Milwaukee 2897-22 VS 2997-22 VS DeWalt DCK299M2 Combo Kits

1. Milwaukee 2897-22 Combo Kit

Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel 2-Tool Combo Kit

This is a giant torque and speed combination created primarily for professional projects. It features one of the best designs and most compact heads of any combo kit which makes it easy to use even for non-professional users. The most admirable tool in the kit is the hammer drill measuring just 7 inches front to back and slim enough to access the tightest spaces on site. The impact driver only measures 5 inches, weighs 2lbs and is friendly for one-handed operation.

The hammer drill has the tough Milwaukee XPT casing that protects all internal parts from destruction by the elements. It is rated at 1200in-lbs with variable speeds of 0-550/0-2000RPM which enable it to handle the toughest tasks on metal, concrete, motor, and hardwood. It can be used to drill large 5/8 inch holes and drive 3-inch screws in a short time. Its Powerful LED light located at the foot illuminate your whole working space making it easy to work in the dark as well.

The impact driver packs the greater punch despite being more compact making it able to handle both soft and hard tasks. It has a torque rating of 1800in-lbs able to drive pesky screws and drive through the toughest material. It has three-speed modes for accurate torque placement. It loads 0-850RPM for high precision drive mode 0-1200RPM for standard tasks and 0-3000RPM for the heaviest tasks.

This kit comes with a powerful set of Milwaukee XC5.0 Redlithium batteries with an extended battery life that can be used on both tools for all-day runtime. Both tools feature the Milwaukee Red Link intelligence that prevents overdrive and chipping of screws. You also get a quick charger for both M18 and M12 batteries in this combo kit.


What you get in the Milwaukee 2897-22 combo kit

  • 1 M18/M12 multi-voltage charger
  • 1 2704-20 M18 Hammer Drill with an auxiliary handle
  • 1 2753-20 M18 Impact Driver
  • 2 M18 xc5.0 Redlithium batteries
  • 1 Hard carrying case


  • Redlink intelligence to prevent overdriving and chipping screws
  • Tough exterior casing for durability
  • Brushless motors
  • Auxiliary handle for stability
  • strong bit grip


  • The hammer drill is heavy
  • heavy vibration on the hammer drill handle

Top FAQs

Q: Does the hammer drill and impact driver have a belt clip?

A:  Yes.

Q: Are variable speed settings available on the hammer drill?

A:  Absolutely! The hammer drill has a variable speed of 0-550/0-2000RPM while the Impact driver has three-speed settings rated 0-850/0-1200/0-3000RPM.

Q: Does the package include 2 batteries?

A:  Absolutely! the package includes 2 M18 5.0AH elongated runtime batteries

Q: Does the kit include a reciprocal saw?

A:  No.

2. Milwaukee 2997-22 Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Kit

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2997-22 Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Kit


If you need maximum torque load on a budget for any kind of projects that may include drilling, driving, fastening/unfastening and countersinking, this is the package for you. The package includes Milwaukee`s 2804-20 hammer drill and 2853-20 Impact drill popular for its four-pole motor and sleek design. The included impact driver is the Milwaukee M18 2853-20 impact driver with 2000in-lbs of torque measuring 4.5 inches front to back for working in very tight spaces.

This combo kit is most famous for its impact driver which has an enormous torque and three-speed settings for setting an accurate torque for each project. It has a brushless motor and a ratcheting chuck with a metallic clump that holds bits strongly and also prevents rusting. It has very little impact at the handle making it easy to handle by anyone. It also features 4 drive control modes unlike the regular 2 which reduces overdrive, stripping of screws and increases runtime.

This impact driver is able to perform tasks more rapidly than most standard impact drivers delivering speeds of 0-4,300IPM/0-3600RPM. The Hammer Drill is also designed for working on heavy-duty projects delivering up to 1200in-lbs of torque and equally high speeds over 2000RPM. It is also accompanied by an auxiliary handle to make directing and control easier.

This package is safe for both the screws and the surface thanks to the tapping screw intelligence. The package includes two 5AH batteries with a quick multi-voltage charger which gets you covered on juice for all-day projects. Moreover, you get a hard case for storing all your gear.


What you get with this Combo Kit

  • 2 XC5.0 5AH M18 Milwaukee batteries
  • 1 M18/M12 multi-voltage quick charger
  • 1 hard carrying case
  • 1 2804-20 Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill
  • 1 2853-20 Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver


  • both tools have tapping screw intelligence
  • The Impact driver has four drive modes
  • Auxiliary handle for better control
  • 24 Chuck points for accurate torque settings
  • Tough metallic chuck with strong bit grip


  • The batteries are bulky
  • The hammer drill has a heavy impact at the handle


Q: Which battery set does this package include 4.0AH or 5.0AH?

A:  The package includes 2 5AH M18 batteries

Q: Does the Impact Drill use the M18 batteries?

A:  Absolutely! The batteries are compatible with both tools.

Q: Is the package covered by the 5 Year Milwaukee warranty?

A:  Yes. The tools are covered by a 5-year Milwaukee warranty and 3 years for the batteries.

3. DeWalt DCK299M2 Impact Driver/Hammer Drill Combo Kit

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Combo Kit, Premium 4.0Ah (DCK299M2)


This is one of DeWalt`s latest combo kit upgraded releases featuring four-pole brushless motors recommended for both home and commercial projects. The tools guarantee a high level of precision and control despite their giant torque ratings.

The kit is made up of DCD996 Hammer drill with 3-speed settings, the DCF887 Impact driver, and 2 4AH batteries all meant for the toughest projects you may have. These are both compact tools with a premium built meant to last a lifetime in your toolbox.

The DCD996 Hammer drill is rated at 850in-lbs with high speeds of up to 2000RPM. It has 3-speed settings for driving, drilling, and hammering. It also features an ergonomic handle plus an auxiliary. Its slim head that can penetrate into very narrow spaces making it easy to drill, fasten and unfasten at 90 degrees. The hammer drill is also rated at 38,000 BPM for drilling quickly through masonry applications.

The impact driver is also a heavy-duty focus tool delivering 1800in-lbs of torque. It has 3-speed modes delivering high speeds rated at 0-1000/0-2800/0-3250RPM. The first speed mode is designed for high precision applications while the other 2 are suitable for handling tough driving projects. It also comes with 3 powerful LED lights with a 20-second delay to brighten up the workspace.


What you get with this combo kit

  • 2 DCB204 4.0 AH Lion Batteries
  • 1 DCF887 20V Max Impact Driver
  • 1 DCD996 20V Max Hammer Drill
  • 1 Quick DeWalt Charger
  • 1 DeWalt Contractor`s bag


  • Durable premium parts
  • The Impact driver is compact and maneuverable
  • 3 Powerful LED lights with a 20-second delay
  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with all DeWalt 18V batteries


  • The Hammer drill is bulky 
  • The combo kit is energy-intensive

Top FAQs

Q: Where is the light located on the drill and impact driver?

A:  The Impact driver has 3 LED lights right behind the chuck while the hammer drill has a strong LED light at the base.

Q: What is the Voltage for the quick charger?

A:  The charger is a regular 110V charger.

Q: Are the 20V batteries in the package interchangeable?

A:  Absolutely.

Direct Comparison of Milwaukee 2897-22, 2997-22 and DeWalt DCK299M2

Hammer Drills

The hammer drills are the most important component of these combo kits which is why their torque, speed, and motor design are so important. All the hammer drills in this review have an auxiliary handle to help control the bit and drill with ease. Milwaukee 2897-22 and 2997-22 both have the most compact hammer drills rated at 1200lbs in torque and 2000RPM in speed. They are both built from premium material able to withstand harsh conditions.

DeWalt has a bulkier hammer drill weighing 4.7lbs and measuring over 8 inches which makes it harder to maneuver. The DeWalt hammer drill also has a lower torque rating of 840lbs only. It is also built from metallic parts that make it a one-time purchase with very long service.

Impact drivers

The Impact drivers in these 3 combo kits have a near equal torque rating but their control and application put them apart. Milwaukee 2897-22 includes the Milwaukee M18 2753-20 Impact driver with 1800lbs toque rating and 4-speed modes. The lowest speed is suitable for high precision projects while the other three can be applied across a wide range of projects. 2997-22 includes 2853-20 Impact driver with the highest torque rating at 2000lbs and high speeds of 43,000IPM.

DeWalt DCK299M2 has the DeWalt DCF887 Impact driver also rated at 1800lbs in torque. The DeWalt impact driver has tougher metallic parts with a brushless motor that makes it durable. It also features 3 multiple speeds of 0-1000, 0-2800 and 0-3250RPM.


The 2 Milwaukee combo kits are accompanied by a powerful set of the Milwaukee M18 XC5.0 5AH batteries. These sets have the longest runtime of any battery type even on the high-speed 20V Milwaukee tools. They are interchangeable on both tools and suitable enough for day-long projects. The DeWalt combo kit comes with 2 4AH batteries, also with an extra-long run time but not as powerful as the 5AH Milwaukee sets.

Final Note

The final decision on the combo kit that best suits your project needs should be based on the features and the ability to deliver by each component of the combo kit. It is hard to choose the right combo kit when torque and speeds seem similar on different combo kits which is why we created this review based on proof of performance by each tool.

It is a simple guide for both first-time buyers and experienced professionals to make the best decision when buying the best hammer drill/Impact driver combo kit.

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