Milwaukee 2853-20 Vs. 2753-20 Cordless Impact Driver

Are you ready to drive those large screws home but you are not sure which impact driver to employ on the job? Well, that is  what even the best professional feel when seeking that perfect impact driver to carry out those tough jobs. Experts agree that a powerful impact driver may be the only driver if not the only tool you need on your site if you choose right. Matching the high torque, speed, and ergonomics to your needs is the best way to get your tool choice right.

18V impact drivers with a brushless motor have an advantage of variable speed triggers that allow you to accomplish many tasks including delicate high precision projects. The brushless motors aided by the tough external casing also make the Milwaukee Impact drivers highly durable. They come in handy on construction sites and domestic projects.

Milwaukee 2853-20 and 2753-20 are part of Milwaukee`s third-generation M18 series, highly improved in terms of motor strength, torque, speed, and ergonomics. This is why they are now very popular at worksites compared to the other power tools. This is a performance-based comparison of these two torque giants.

2853-20 is the latest of the two impact drivers rated at 2000lbs in torque with three-speed modes that allow you to control every level of torque applied. It is designed for highly demanding projects that cannot be accomplished by your regular drill with the high speeds over 4,000RPM to increase your productivity. 2753-20 Is an earlier impact driver rated at 1800lbs also featuring the same sleek Milwaukee design.

Comparing Milwaukee 2853-20 to Milwaukee 2752-20

1. Milwaukee 2853-20 M18 ¼ Impact Driver

Milwaukee 2853-20 M18 FUEL 1/4" Hex impact Driver (Bare Tool)-Torque 1800 in lbs
This is a heavy-duty focus impact driver with one of the highest torque ratings in the market. It is highly compact measuring just 4.59 inches front to back allowing access very tight spots at 90 degrees. It also features a universal ¼ inch chuck, purely metallic with a powerful grip on your hex bits. It can drive your largest screws home and drill large holes with ease. It can also be connected to a right-angle attachment without affecting maneuverability.

It has a giant torque rating of 2000in-lbs able to drive and drill through concrete and motor as well as metallic applications. Its different speed modes give you better control of some high precision fastening/driving projects and  heavily demanding projects. It has high-speed modes of 4,300IPM/3,600RPM which highly increases your productivity.  It uses the M18 battery system with longer battery life thanks to its optimized brushless motor.

This impact driver is also fitted with the screw tapping technology to detect the pressure on the screw. It protects the screws preventing stripping and breaking. It also leaves your finish clean and smooth. Its Red Link technology also prevents overheating and overdrive. It has little vibration at the handle making it easy to control for anyone which is why you can still use it at home.

It has an ergonomic handle, slim enough for one-hand operation. It only weighs 2.2lbs with the battery loaded so you won’t get fatigued even when you use it overhead for long hours. It is fitted with a strong LED light at the back of the chuck to light up your workspace without shadows. It also comes with a belt clip for comfort when moving with the tool.


What you get with this Impact Driver

  • 1 M18 Milwaukee 2853-22 ¼ impact driver
  • 1 belt clip
  • Hex bit holder


  • It is light and compact, weighs just 2lbs
  • It has a brushless motor
  • Variable speed modes for wide range application
  • One-handed bit exchange
  • Durable metallic chuck


  • The lowest torque is still too high for tiny screws

Top FAQs

Q: Can this Impact driver be used to remove tough lug nuts on a car?

A:  Absolutely! With 1800lbs of torque, you can remove tough and rusty lug nuts.

Q: Does Milwaukee provide the 5-year warranty cover for this tool?

A:  Yes.

Q: Does the package include batteries?

A:  No. This is a bare tool purchase

2. Milwaukee 2753-20 Impact Driver

Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Fuel 1/4 Hex Imp Driver tool Only


This is probably the most famous 18V impact driver from Milwaukee loved by both Professionals ad DIYers. It has a 1800lb torque rating which allows it to drive very large screws and dig large holes with ease. It has a giant speed rated at 0-3000RPM and up to 3,700IPM. It is still easy to control featuring 4 drive modes 0-850RPM, 0-1200RPM and 0-3000RPM plus a self-tapping mode that balances the torque and speed across a wide range of projects.

It is just 4.5 inches long front to back allowing you to drive into very tight spots such as corners and internal installations with much ease. It also weighs just 2lbs. It needs very little effort to control and change bits because of the slim handle and improved ergonomics. The single sleeve ratcheting chuck has strong metallic clamps for a strong bit grip and a smooth finish on your projects.

This is a premium material impact driver featuring durable metallic parts with the Milwaukee XPT external casing that can withstand tough working conditions including construction sites. It has Milwaukee`s Powerstate brushless motor is also power friendly reducing strain on the battery for more runtime and higher productivity.

It is optimized to use the M18 battery series which also store more juice than regular 18V batteries. The power gauge at the base of the impact driver allows you to track your remaining runtime.  The LED light also has a 20-second delay that allows you to see your workspace even after releasing the trigger.


What you get with this impact driver

  • 1 M18 Milwaukee 2753-22 ¼ impact driver
  • 1 belt clip
  • Hex bit holder


  • metallic single sleeve chuck with a strong bit grip
  • Red link intelligence protects the screws and the surface
  • Universal compatibility with all M18 batteries
  • Onboard fuel gauge
  • 4 drive modes for a wide range of applications


  • The Led light is not very powerful
  • Toggling between 4-speed modes can be hard for first-timers

Top FAQs

Q: Can I use the M18 2AH batteries on this impact driver?

A:  Yes, but the 3AH-5AH will give you more runtime.

Q: Can I use this to drill 5/8 holes?

A:  Sure, you just need to get the drilling bit.

Q: Does the package include batteries and a carrying bag?

A:  No. this is a tool only package.

Q: What is the torque rating for this impact driver?

A:  1800in-lbs.

Direct comparison between Milwaukee 2853-20 and 2753-20 Impact driver


The torque is the greatest attraction to these two impact drivers which is why every in-lb matters a lot. 2853-20 has the highest torque rating of the two at 2000lbs. It is popular as a primary impact driver at construction sites as well as demanding projects at home. It can drive large screws through metal and concrete as well as woodwork.

Milwaukee 2753-20 has been in the market for longer which is why many professionals still prefer it in high torque operations. It has a torque rating of 1800in-lbs able to handle tough surfaces with ease as well. Its torque control is also easy thanks to 4 drive modes that allow it to work on high precision projects.


2853-20 is a giant torque impact driver which means it requires equally high speed to finish projects first and smoothly. It has a high-speed rating of 0-3600RPM/4300IPM. It also features 3-speed modes of 0-850RPM, 0-1200RPM and 0-3600RPM allowing you to use it on different projects. Its speed is however too high for some delicate high precision applications.

2753-20 has a lower speed rating of 0-3000RPM/3700IPM. It has the best speed control thanks to the 4 drive mode settings that include a self-tapping mode. It is also one of the best impact drivers for a wide range of applications, especially high precision projects. The four drive mode settings give you better control of speed and settings.

size and weight

Both 2853-20 and 2753-20 are compact impact drivers measuring just 4.5 inches ad weighing 2.2lbs. They are optimized for ease of working in tight spots, they can also be attached to a wide range of bit holders including right-angle holders without interfering with their maneuverability of tight spaces.

Final Note

The Impact driver is the most versatile tool in the market right now invaluable for both homeowners and professionals. Choosing the best impact driver starts with identifying the tool range that meets your project needs. The Milwaukee MI18 2853-20 and 2753-20 impact drivers are both powerful tools able to handle almost any project. The fine details relating to their primary features, however, put them apart aligning 2853 to tougher projects with the highest torque demands. 2753-20 can also handle heavy-duty projects but it will come in handy on a site that has high need for precision.

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