Milwaukee 2401-22 Vs. 2402-22 Vs. 2406-22 Cordless Screwdriver

Are you in the market for that impact driver that has a strong punch, is light enough to maneuver tight spots and doesn`t break the wallet? That is exactly what the Milwaukee Fuel Series was developed to do. Milwaukee 2401-22, 2402-22, and 2406-22 are all impact drivers build for professional as well as home use widely used by DIYers, auto experts, woodwork specialists, construction experts, and homeowners.

Our editors evaluated the performance of each of these three impact drivers at construction sites, woodwork shops and also cabinet and electronics assembly by experienced DIYers before writing this review. The thorough testing process was aimed at matching each of these 12V power tools to a specific user group and the type of tasks for which they are best suited. If you don`t want to read the whole review, here is a summary of our findings.

Milwaukee 2402-22 with its giant torque of 375in-lbs was the most preferred impact driver for construction work, woodwork, and DIYers with heavy-duty tasks. It has dual speeds of o-450 and 0-1700RPM which came in handy for most users handling pesky screws and nuts. Its greatest advantage is the forward-focus brushless motor which reduces vibration at the handle. The high torque and small size allow users to access tight points most 18V and 20V impact drivers cannot access.

2401-22 has 175lbs of torque with a delicate touch suitable for hanging cabinets, wall decoration, and standard home repairs. It also has the best precision control which makes it the most suitable choice for homeowners buying an impact driver on a budget. 2406-22, on the other hand, is like a bridge between the two featuring a torque of 275lbs able to perform well on both commercial-grade and DIY projects.

Comparing Milwaukee 2401-22, 2402-22 and 2406-22

1. Milwaukee 2401-22 12V Hex Screw Driver Kit

Milwaukee 2401-22 M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/4 in. Hex Screwdriver Kit


Everyone has those delicate projects that need a powerful push with a perfect balance and zero vibration at the handle to guide screws and nuts without chipping or overdriving. These are the type of applications this hex screwdriver is built for. It has a 175lb torque rating and balanced dual-speed settings of 0-400 and 0-500RPM that completes tasks with a clean finish.

It allows you to set Torque with high precision with the 15 points on the chuck that allow you to choose the right torque every time. One-handed operation on this screwdriver is also easier with the slim handle and quick release chuck that makes it easy to change bits. It also features a powerful LED work light plus a built-in power gauge to track your available runtime.

It is primarily designed for handling sensitive tasks by professionals but its easy one arm operation still makes it the best screwdriver for regular tasks at home. It weighs just 2lbs with batteries to reduce user fatigue when used for long hours.  It is also covered by a metallic casing to ensure durability which makes it a durable one-time purchase. The package includes two 1.5AH batteries to carry all the juice you need for whole day projects.


What you get with this screwdriver

  • 2 1.5AH M12 Redlithium batteries
  • 1 Milwaukee 12V quick charger
  • 1 Milwaukee storage bag
  • 5-year warranty cover
  • 1 N0. 2 Philips hex bit
  • 1 Hex Insert Bit
  • 5-year warranty cover


  • Compact design measuring just 61/2 inches for accessing tight spots
  • High precision control with minimal vibration at the handle
  • Powerful LED work light
  • Onboard fuel gauge
  • a slim sure-grip handle with easy one arm operation


  • Short battery life when used non-stop
  • It has low speeds limited at 500RPMs


Q: Can This screwdriver be used to fasten and unfasten lug nuts on my car wheel?

A:  Absolutely. You may, however, need something with a higher torque such as Milwaukee 2402-22 if they are rusted or frozen.

Q: How long do batteries last?

A:  When working continuously, they will take 3 to 4 hours. The charger, however, refills them in 30 minutes or less so you won’t have a problem if you have a socket nearby.

Q: Does this Screwdriver have multiple speeds?

A:  Yes. It has dual speed settings, 0-400rpm and 0-500rpm

Q: Which bit do I use on this screwdriver?

A:  The driver uses regular ¼ inch insert bits with the indentation to lock onto.

2. Milwaukee 2402-22 Fuel 12V Hex Screwdriver Kit

Milwaukee 2402-22 M12 Fuel 1/4 Hex 2-Spd Screwdriver Kit W/2 Bat


This is a small power tank if you need maximum torque and speed from a small impact driver. This impact driver has the most powerful punch of any 12V screwdriver kit in the Fuel series clocking at 325lbs of torque. It also has variable speeds of 0-400rpm for high precision projects and 0-1700rpm for high-speed drill operations. It is still very light and compact measuring 6ft front to back and weighing 2lbs with batteries meaning you can use it overhead for long without fatigue.

It is still suitable as a second drill on a demanding commercial project when you need to access tight spots and drive tough screws or drill holes at a 90-degree angle. It can hold any regular 1/4inch hex screws with a strong grip to ensure a smooth finish on your projects. It features an optimized motor with efficient power use that gives you up to 30 percent more runtime on the same charge.

This impact driver is build using premium steel with a tough external casing also meant to last a lifetime in the harsh working conditions. It comes with an onboard power gauge to track your remaining runtime. For quick change over, the keyless chuck is easy to unlock with 15 points to set an accurate torque. This prevents overdrive and chipping of screws.


What you get with this impact driver

  • 2 2AH Milwaukee M12 Redlithium batteries
  • 1 hard Carrying case
  • 1 Milwaukee 12V quick charger
  • 1 N0. 2 Philips hex bit
  • 1 Hex Insert Bit
  • 5-year warranty


  • High torque (325lbs) and speed (0-450,0-1700rpm)
  • Compact narrow head with tough external case
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Sturdy bit grip
  • Long battery life


  • At high speed the bit gets wobbly
  • Its smallest torque is still too high for delicate screws

Top FAQs

Q: Is This a brushed or brushless screwdriver?

A:  This is a brushless motor screwdriver

Q: Can I use this screwdriver on small screws?

A:  Not advisable. The chuck has 15 points for torque precision but the lowest torque may still chip small screws such as jewelry box and tiny electronic screws

Q: Does this impact driver come with a backup battery?

A:  Absolutely. The package includes 2 2AH batteries


3. Milwaukee 2406-22 12V Hex Impact Driver

Milwaukee 2406-22 M12 1/4 2Spd Driver Kit


This is one of Milwaukee`s latest introductions in the fuel series featuring many design and speed improvements from 2401-22. It is an all-around tool with features of both 2401-22 and 2402-22 which makes it a suitable choice for both professionals and amateurs. It has a high precision performance with multiple speeds; 0-400/0-1500 RPM. The advantage here is that the bit remains stable at both speeds giving you full control at both speed settings.

It has 275lbs in torque which allows it to fasten tough screws and lug nuts that a small screwdriver cannot handle. It also features a fore-drive motor with minimal vibration and fatigue in the user which completes projects smoothly. Its clean finish is further supported by the 15-point chuck points for accurate torque settings for every project. This driver can handle both delicate screws and tough projects with little effort.

It has an enhanced work light to brighten up a dark working space without shadows. Moreover, Its quick-change chuck is also user-friendly allowing you to load and change bits quickly with one arm. This driver comes with belt clip attachments on both sides for convenience whether you are right or left-handed.


What you get with this impact driver

  • M12 12V 30min quick charger
  • 2 12V 1.5AH M12 batteries
  • A hard-carrying case
  • 1 N0. 2 Philips hex bit
  • 1 Hex Insert 6f 7F Bit
  • 5-year warranty


  • Variable speed performance; 0-400/0-1500rpm
  • It is easy to operate and change bits with one hand
  • Accurate torque settings with 15-point chuck adjustments
  • Ergonomic handle with anti-slip grip
  • It has a slim compact head for tight space access


  • Short battery life
  • It is very noisy


Q: How long do the batteries last?

A:  The batteries lasted 2 to 3 hours on continuous use

Q: Does this impact driver come with a backup battery?

A:  Absolutely. It includes 2 1.5AH batteries

Q: Does the warranty cover the batteries?

A:  The batteries have a 2-year warranty while the tool is covered by a 5-year warranty


Direct Comparison of Milwaukee 2401-22, 2402-22 and 2406-22


This is the most important aspect of any screwdriver kit. 2401-22 has the strongest punch at 375-inch lbs. This makes it the top choice if you need a small drill to handle the tough projects.  2406-22 comes in second with 275lbs, strong enough to handle most regular pesky screws and nuts at home or on-site which is why it is more of a universal driver choice for both light projects and tough jobs. 2401-22 is a light task driver with a higher focus on precision and a clean finish rather than the punch. It is your tool of choice for light delicate tasks as well as jobs that require a high level of accuracy.


All these screwdrivers have multiple speeds matched to the task each tool is designed to handle. 2402-22 has the highest speeds at 0-450/0-1700RPM meaning it can drive larger screws fast as well as drill fast. Its high speed, however, undermines precision because of a weaker grip which is why it is not recommended for small delicate wood and plastic surfaces. This advantage goes to 2406-22 which has speeds of 0-400/0-1500 rpm. The speed is high enough but the regulated 275lb torque keeps you in full control. 2401-22 also has variable speeds which have a very small difference. The range is 0-400/0-500rpm which is good enough for drilling small holes and driving small screws without chipping or overdrive.


Milwaukee package batteries are a great match to torque and speed which guarantees enough juice for a whole day`s work as long as you have your back up. 2402-22 has the best battery-package coming with two 2AH batteries. Our tests confirmed a battery life of 3 to 4 hours under continuous use. 2406-22 AND 2401-22 both come with 1.5AH batteries. 2406-22 had a shorter battery life than the rest by up to 30 minutes. We highly recommend getting an extra 2AH package for all screwdriver kits if you don’t have a direct power source at your site of work.

Final Note

12V impact drivers are a lifesaver whenever fastening and unfastening screws and lug nuts are involved. Their small size allows you to maneuver tight spots while their high precision drive makes it easy to handle small screws and sensitive surfaces with ease. The Milwaukee Fuel series is the largest line of powerful 12 Volters in the market. These three (Milwaukee 2401-22, 2402-22 and 2406-22) are the best sellers which are why many customers, both first-time buyers, and professionals find it hard to choose the best one for their projects. This review is focused on that homeowner, DIYer or professional that needs the perfect impact driver for every specific project and needs to get all the features right

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