How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Android

First of all, congratulations on your newly bought Android phone – you’ve certainly made a good choice switching from iPhone to Android mobile phone! The only problem is: You’ll need a quick and easy way to get your old iPhone’s photos to your new Android device. But do you think it’s possible for you to transfer photos between an Android and iPhone device?

Well, that’s, in fact, a yes! Now that you understand that it is possible to transfer pictures from one iPhone to another Android phone, you should also know that transferring photos could take some time.

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And that’s the reason why Dr. Fone is here. This superb transferring application lets you effectively, quickly, and easily transfer photos between your old iPhone to your new Android mobile device.

Furthermore, there are four methods to properly transfer photos from iPhone to Android, and that’s what we’re going to show you below.

Method 1: How to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Android in One Click (Dr. Fone Switch)

If you want to instantly and effectively transfer all your iPhone photos to an Android phone, Dr. Fone Switch is here to give you that!


Step 1: First, simply download the app on the website and launch the application once downloaded.


Step 2: Now, connect both iPhone and Android phones via a USB cable. If the software is not detecting your iPhone, make sure to press “Allow” when the “Trust this Computer” notification pops-up in your iPhone.


Step 3: Set the iPhone as the Source and leave the Android mobile device as the Destination. The “Flip” button allows you to switch the location of your devices.


Step 4: Final step is to tick “Photos” and click “Start Transfer” – the software will then transfer all your iPhone photos to your Android mobile device.


Method 2: How to Transfer iPhone Photos/Videos to Android by Drag-and-Drop (Manual Method)

This method is one of the most common methods to transfer iPhone photos to one Android phone. But unlike Dr. Switch, this method of transferring is a bit slower, but it’ll get the job done.

Step 1: On your computer or laptop, connect both your mobile devices via a USB cable. Wait for your computer to detect your devices, and once recognized, go to “Computer”.


Step 2: Click your iPhone, click “Internal Storage”, click “DCIM”, click “105APPLE”, select any photos you wish to transfer, and drag it anywhere on your desktop.



Step 3: Now, go to “Computer”, click your Android phone’s icon, tap “Phone”, click “DCIM”, and click “Camera”. This is where you will put the photos you want to transfer from your iPhone.



Step 4: Then all you have to do next is to simply drag and drop all the photos to your Android mobile phone and wait for the transfer to finish.


Method 3: How to transfer iPhone photos to Android using Google Photos

Google Photos provides you quick and easy transfer of your iPhone’s photos to an Android mobile phone. So, here’s how you can use Google Photos to transfer iPhone photos.

Step 1: Run Google Photos on your iPhone. If you don’t have it on your phone, download it from the App Store.


Step 2: Launch the application, tap “Get Started” and tap “OK” when Google Photos asked to access your iPhone’s photos.


Step 3: Sign in using your Google account. Now, if you want to back up the pictures from your iPhone, just simply tick the “Use cellular data to back up”, or just leave it unticked if you don’t want to, then tap “Continue”. You can choose between “High Quality” for free unlimited storage or choose “Original”, which consumes your phone’s storage. Click “Done” once done.


Step 4: If you’d like Google to send you notifications, just tap “Allow”, if not, tap “Don’t Allow”. After this, Google will now automatically sync your iPhone photos. You can now access it on your Android mobile phone by logging in through Google Photos and by signing in using the same Google account that you’ve used to sync photos from your iPhone.


Method 4: How to Send iPhone Photos to Android Wirelessly Using Google Plus?

Similar to Google Photos, Google Plus also lets you transfer photos from one iPhone device to other Android phones quickly.

Step 1: First, connect your iPhone to a network via WiFi.


Step 2: If you have the Google+ application on your iPhone, just launch it. If not, download it directly from the App Store.


Step 3: Now, from your iPhone, run Google+ and sign in using your Google account.


Step 4: Tap “Turn On” to receive notifications, if you don’t want to, simply tap “No Thanks”. The application will then automatically backup all your photos after this. To view your pictures, tap the icon located on the top-left corner, and tap “Photos”. Once done, open Google+ on your Android mobile device and sign in using the same Google account. You can now view the iPhone pictures from the photo section using your Android phone.



If you are looking for some methods that will help you transfer photos from your iPhone to Android mobile phone, the above methods that will make that possible for you. All these methods will let you transfer any pictures from one iPhone to other Android devices easily, but if you want to make the transferring much quicker, Dr. Fone is certainly the solution for that!

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