How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to iPhone

So, you’ve just switched your mobile phone from Samsung to iPhone. Well, that’s a wise decision – indeed! Furthermore, we can’t deny the fact that Apple products including iPhone are popular all over the world.

But how about your contacts from your old Samsung phone? I’m pretty sure that you need it, don’t you? Obviously, it’s no doubt that you want to transfer all the contacts from your Samsung mobile device to your new iPhone. So, do you have any idea how to move the contacts from your Samsung phone to iPhone?

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If you don’t, that’s alright – Dr. Fone Switch is here to help you solve that problem! Dr. Fone Switch is a remarkable transferring software that perfectly works on over 6000 smartphones and tablets. These include Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Google, and other popular phone and tablet brands! Also, this application allows you and other Samsung users to effortlessly and instantly transfer contacts from your phone to an iPhone.

And today, we’re going to show you how to use this superb transferring tool. So, let’s get into the details below, shall we?

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to iPhone With Dr. Fone Switch

Dr. Fone Switch will offer you the power to easily transfer contacts from your Samsung phone to iPhone. In addition, using it is a breeze – this application is user-friendly! But are you wondering how to use it? If you do, better read the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: You will have to download and install this application on your computer/laptop first. NOTE: Check the OS of both your phones and unit that you will use to run Dr. Fone Switch, and see if they are compatible with the software. It’s best if you can update your unit and mobile devices’ OS first before using Dr. Fone.

Step 2: For you to connect both Samsung and iPhone mobile phone to your computer, you will need a USB cable. The software should read your devices after a few seconds of connecting it via USB cable, if not, make sure to allow “Allow USB Debugging (for Android only)” on your Samsung phone.

Step 3: To exchange the place of both devices, simply click “Flip” and that should allow you to switch their position quickly. Now, you will need to select “Contacts”. Also, remember that the “Source” is your Samsung phone and the “Destination” is your iPhone.


Step 4: To begin the transferring process, click on “Start Transfer”. NOTE: Don’t try to disconnect your mobile devices during the process or it will automatically stop. Wait for it until the process is complete.

So, that’s how you use Dr. Fone Switch to transfer Samsung contacts to iPhone! Moreover, you won’t regret trying this transferring tool as it offers more than what you expect. All the features that this program has only shows that it is truly a one of a kind transferring software tool. So, don’t wait and try it – you’ll be amazed how Dr. Fone will allow you to transfer any files including contacts either from phone to phone or phone to a computer!

If you’re looking for something that will let you transfer data between different mobile devices, this is without a doubt the answer you are looking for! Furthermore, it can run on different phone OS including Android, iOS, WinPhone, and Symbian, making it much easier for phone users to use it!

More importantly, this application does not only let you transfer data, but also helps unlock, backup, root, and even erase files of both iOS and Android mobile phones! There are more things that Dr. Fone can offer – it’s up to you to find out yourself!

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