How to Install a Cold Air Intake

Installing a hood air intake allows you to improve the outlook of the car. Such a detail gives it a sporty look and pleases the eye of its owner. However, the air intake has a more functional purpose. You will find out what it is, how to install the air intake on the hood and how to make such a part with your own hands?


Any car owner knows that a lot of air is needed for normal engine operation. To be more precise, the compression chamber needs oxygen, which keeps the combustion. The amount of oxygen that is contained in the air directly depends on the air temperature. 

During engine operation, it heats up, and the amount of oxygen in the engine compartment decreases. Accordingly, the power developed by the engine is also reduced, since it is not able to provide optimal fuel combustion due to the low oxygen level.

So, if you provide the highest inflow of cold oxygen into the engine compartment, the fuel will burn much better, which means that the power developed by the engine will increase. This increase in power can be noticed only at high speeds when the engine is running under a fairly strong load.

Thus, due to its special shape, the air intake ensures uninterrupted oxygen passage into the engine compartment and increases engine power, which makes it not only a decoration element in your car but also part of the car tuning.


According to this source, on the Ford Trucks, there is a special latticed window on the hood, which is used for air intake in the heating of the car interior. Manufacturers of special air intakes make parts for these windows which are fastened with double-sided tape or any other fastening devices. 

Efficiency from such an air intake will be small since the distance from this window to the engine is quite big. In this regard, the air manages to seriously heat up or even goes to heating the car interior.

The best option to maximize the supply of oxygen to the engine can be considered installing an air intake in the middle of the hood.

This location is considered the most optimal, where the airstream will be directed right into the engine and will not have time to get warmed up to the temperature of the engine. Not only it will increase the power, but the engine cooling will improve, which is important in the hot season.

To improve the effect, a stream of air can be sent to a special pipe, which will lead it to the air filter. However, for a sports car, this is not permissible, and the air intake is installed directly above the air filter.

 Symmetry is not so important in this matter. However, the choice of location of the air intake depends on personal choice.

You can also make an air intake on your own. It can be metal or plastic. The detailed information on how to make and install it can be easily found online.

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