How to Grill Steak Perfectly Every Time

The times when the only barbecue was possible on the grill are over. Now, with the help of modern technology and an abundance of products and spices, you can cook a wide variety of gastronomic delights. And given the high quality and rich assortment of grills, various dishes can be prepared without the use of oil.

Beef, poultry, fish, and not only meat but even vegetables and dough products – everything will turn out at the highest level. Moreover, electric grills save time and allow you to cook a large amount of various food. Even dietary dishes can turn out tasty, mouth-watering and juicy using grill, for adherents of a healthy diet.

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What meat to buy for grilling?

Despite the apparent simplicity of cooking meat on the grill, it is necessary to take into account several points, starting with the choice of meat, and ending with many culinary subtleties. It is not enough to buy meat and grill – it is important to also be able to cook the dish correctly, and most importantly, to understand the features of different kinds of meat.

  • Firstly, to enjoy the final product, always choose fresh meat, saving, in this case, is not advisable. And in no case do not use the meat for frying right after defrosting. When defrosting, all juiciness will come out with water, the meat will turn out tough and tasteless.
  • Consider which parts of the meat to use when frying. For example, you can cook any part of it from pork. In the case of beef though, it is better to prefer a good tenderloin or rump. But it is better not to cut the poultry meat into small pieces, but to cook it as it is.

To make the meat fried evenly, we recommend making incisions on it. In turn, beef and liver must be well beaten before cooking, in that way the final product will turn out soft and juicy.

Grilled meat recipes for different types of grills

There are several types of grills, and the taste of your dish will ultimately depend on your choice of the grill.

Charcoal-grilled – meat on this type of grill will resemble the preparation of a fragrant toasted steak or barbecue with a “smoke” or on a gas bbq when you make it in nature. No other type of grill can provide the product with those unique taste qualities that charcoals and a “live” fire can give.

Gas – the best steak – houses, and restaurants of the world use these grills for cooking their dishes. Meat on a gas grill turns out juicy and aromatic. Grills of this type allow you to cook tasty meat in just 15 minutes and feed a large company.

Ceramic is an excellent alternative to the oven and barbecue. Also, such grills can perfectly replace a smokehouse. The meat in them turns out juicy and healthy. Large capacity makes it possible to prepare dishes for many people.

Wood – with such a grill, the scope of your imagination on how to cook tasty and flavorful meat is unlimited. This type of electric grill combines all the advantages of Finnish grills.

Electric – with the help of these grills you can cook meat without leaving your home, right in the apartment or on the balcony. They are convenient to use and make it possible to cook meat without the use of oil.

Which marinade to use for grilling?

Although some types of grills make it possible to cook meat without using a marinade, it is still popular. The marinade has the ability to give the meat a unique and non-trivial taste, and also gives it a piquant and unusual taste. As a rule, different types of meat use different marinades. For example, for fatty meats where there is lard, there is no need to use a too saturated marinade.

Also, do not add oil and tomatoes to such marinades (tomatoes have the property of softening the meat, it is better to use them for dry beef or veal). We also recommend covering such meat in foil so that it does not lose the remaining juices and taste. Stewed in foil and with marinade, the meat will turn out to be juicy and aromatic.

It is also worth remembering that different types of meat need different times for cooking. For example, beef, poultry, and veal need to be marinated for more than 12 hours, and chicken, pork and lamb can be marinated in just a few hours.

True though, for a whole piglet, it is better not to save time and leave it for a day. And finally, do not use a lot of salt, meat, coupled with marinade, has the ability to absorb it well, and so it is very possible that it will be too salty. It is better to add salt after cooking the meat. And in no case should you use aluminum dishes for the marinade, it can ruin the taste of meat.

Marinade recipes

There are several types of marinade:

  • Sweet and sour – it is used, as a rule, for poultry and beef. The simplest recipe: mix one-fourth of balsamic vinegar, tomato paste, add olive oil, herbs, garlic and lemon juice to taste.
  • Marinade with juices (grape, orange, apple, pomegranate, etc.) – this marinade is equally well suited for pork, beef and poultry. It gives meat juiciness and piquancy. It is very easy to prepare: any juice, pepper, greens and salt to taste.
  • Spicy marinade – for thrill-seekers. To prepare it, you will need oil and a mixture of any hot peppers and garlic. For piquancy, you can add lime juice.
  • Soya marinade – the name speaks for itself. Soy sauce is taken as the basis of the marinade, adding herbs and pepper. Salt is not needed, as a rule, because it is part of the sauce.
  • Tomato marinade is a very good base for meat dishes. Gives meat juiciness and softness, as tomato has an amazing ability to soften the meat. It is easy to prepare:  you need to grind several tomatoes and onions in a blender, add salt and herbs to taste.
  • You can also use beer, red and white wine, peanut butter or mustard as a base. Add pepper, salt and greens to taste, and enjoy the meal. Rosemary, thyme, sage, mint, basil, and tarragon give a special piquancy to the marinade.

And finally, meat is best served with lots of herbs and vegetables. They go well with meat and contribute to better digestion of food.

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