Hitachi EC28M Vs. Makita AC001 Vs. SENCO PC1010 Air Compressor

An air compressor can be utilized for a wide number of stuff, and you don’t really need to be professional or do-it-yourself enthusiasts just to use one. In fact, you can immediately use one even if you don’t have any relevant experience at all.

There are a vast variety of things that air compressors can be utilized for. For example, air compressors can make spray painting ultra-easy for you. Or one good example is if you use a nail gun then you’ll need an air compressor unless it is battery-operated.

Nonetheless, they don’t need to be utilized for things around your home since you can also utilize them on your car. Actually, if you’re looking to change a fuel filter then you’ll need an air compressor to make things smoother.

This is the reason why we’ve put this review to hopefully help you with your selections. Now, without further ado, let’s dive in on our top 3 air compressors that we carefully researched and picked just for you.

Hitachi EC28M vs. Makita AC001 vs. SENCO PC1010 Air Compressor Review

1. Hitachi EC28M Ultra Quiet (59 DB) Oil-Free Portable 1 gallon Air Compressor

Hitachi EC28M Ultra Quiet (59 DB) Oil-Free Portable 1 gallon Air Compressor
What You Will Get With This Product?

The Hitachi EC28M Ultra Quiet (59 dB) Compressor is effectively one of the quietest air compressors that you’ll have the option to discover available today. At just 59 decibels, you may not see that it’s running in case you’re 20 feet or all the more away, and essentially wearing earphones could be sufficient to overwhelm this machine at generally any separation.

Utility and Convenience

Additionally, it accompanies a oil siphon, so you’ll need to do almost no support over the life of the compressor. It even accompanies a top notch steel move confine. On the off chance that you unintentionally drop it, it’s less inclined to be harmed than different models, and it’s sturdy to get by to ride from Place of work to Place of work in the back of a truck.

In addition, it just gauges 25 pounds, so pretty much anybody will have the option to bear this compressor with no sort of an issue. The main genuine problem we have with this model is that it just accompanies a one-gallon air tank. That makes it entirely portable, however it additionally implies that you won’t get the best runtime, which is the reason we’ve removed it from the lead position, in spite of it being somewhat quieter than our top model.

Sound Output

The Hitachi EC28M One-Gallon Sans oil Ultra Quiet Air Compressor is the first in a recently presented line of “Low Clamor Arrangement” air compressors. Hitachi truly conveyed on their low commotion guarantee with the EC28M. Its murmur quiet 59 dB sound rating settles on this a perfect decision when compressor clamor is an essential concern.

Durable Construction

Tipping the scales at a negligible 25.2 pounds this little compressor is amazingly portable and effectively fueled from any helpful 120-volt circuit because of a low 2.8 amp current draw.


  • Steel roll cage with rubber grip protects all crucial parts
  • Integrated with control panel for gauging and plumbing while centralizing controls
  • Factory installed industrial quick coupler
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Oil-free pump and lightweight 


  • Small 1 gallon tank
  • Only .8 CFM 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Does it easily fill a car tire?

A: No problem with that but it might take slower.

Q: How many cylinders that it consists?

A: It has two.

Q: Can this compressor be utilized to do upholstery work?

A: It’s an oil-free compressor so yes. 

What Take on This Product:

The EC28M is Hitachi’s first quiet compressor that highlights an industrial without oil siphons that gives high toughness, yet in addition, it conveys upkeep free activity. The engine is secured by an over-burden assurance circuit that cuts off power on account of an over-burden circumstance. Weighing simply 25.2 lbs. and planned with an ergonomically formed elastic conveying handle, the EC28M is anything but difficult to ship around any place of work. The steel move Enclosure ensures the steel-encased industrial gauges and all other basic parts. The EC28M has a Zero set-up time, and is prepared to Attachment and play straight out of the crate.

2. Makita AC001 Compact Air Compressor

Makita AC001 Compact Air Compressor


What You Will Get With This Product?

For a powerful single tank air compressor, the Makita AC001 could be actually what you are searching for. It gives 125 PSI its noteworthy engine while keeping the noise level decreased. This makes it an extraordinary choice for indoor use or for use within developed regions. It additionally implies that it is extraordinary for guaranteeing the aural comfort of the client, as is expressed on the Best of Apparatus website. The Makita AC001 has been well planned, is stylishly satisfying and is stunningly lightweight at a little more than 23 pounds.

The Makita AC001 is a simple to keep up bit of hardware which has been made with a move confine so the siphon and engine are completely secured. This is a corded electric air compressor, so it is anything but difficult to use in any area inasmuch as there is a suitable mains electricity supply.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This air compressor is the ideal machine for any individual who works within encased or limited, indoor spaces who wish to downplay noise levels and ensure their hearing and the becoming aware of others around them. As the Makita AC001 is so light, it is ideal for individuals who require an air compressor in various areas as it is anything but difficult to lift, simple to move, simple to migrate. It doesn’t require some investment to set up this air compressor in another area – it simply needs connecting to another mains electricity point – and it can be moved by a solitary client.

Extraordinary in situations where there might be a higher risk of harm jumping out at apparatus, for example, on a structure site, mechanical carport or homestead, as the move confine shields the siphon and engine from being harmed. This implies specialized troubles are unlikely to be experienced and the Makita AC001 stays safe to utilize regardless of whether it has been thumped by other gear.


  • Roll cage construction for extra protection of pump and motor assembly
  • Low noise for operator comfort
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Comes with lightweight design
  • Compact and sturdy housing 


  • Comes with a small air tank
  • Only suitable for light applications 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: What’s its CFM?

A: It depends on your altitude but it’s around .50 CFM.

Q: Can you use it for a nailer?

A: If you’re implying about framing, roofing, then no.

Q: Is it maintenance free?

A: Yes, this unit is maintenance-free. 

What Take on This Product:

We like the Makita AC001 on the grounds that it is so lightweight yet remains so powerful despite this. We additionally love that the move confine ensures the engine and siphon so well that security and adequacy can be ensured in any event, when the air compressor is utilized in occupied working environments, for example, building sites, where mishaps can undoubtedly occur and hardware gets thumped or harmed much of the time. The move confine keeps this from occurring and therefore stops expensive repairs or new parts from being important.

3. SENCO PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon Compressor

Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon Compressor


What You Will Get With This Product?

SENCO PC1010 is one of the most prominent little size portable air compressor that has a decent form quality. The performance of this air compressor for light work is quite great. It functions admirably with air apparatuses that require little air conveyance like the nailers. Again this is a quiet air compressor which makes it perfect for home use. In the event that you are searching for little size air compressor, at that point numerous individuals will recommend this one.

Features and Performance

The main you should look in an air compressor is the CFM rating and Weight. The SENCO PS1010 features a 1.0 HP engine. With this power, it can convey 0.7 CFM @ 90 psi and the most elevated weight rating is 125 psi. With such a CFM rating and weight, you can do all kind of little home occupations.

The tank size is tiny, just 1 gallon. So in the event that you need to do long work that requires a great deal of air, you should run the compressor constantly. Therefore, this is a drawback of this air compressor. SENCO PC1010 is one of the most well-known little size portable air compressor that has a decent form of quality. 

The weight of this air compressor is just 20 Pounds. In addition, this one has a handle to convey it. This makes it amazingly portable. Being portable it won’t require you a long hose as you can take the air compressor where vital.


Having a without oil siphon, this air compressor requires extremely low support. You don’t have to replace the oil as often as possible. You will likewise get perfect air from this air compressor. This air compressor likewise has quick recuperation time that implies it tops off the tank before long.

This is useful for sparing time. The SENCO PC1010 expends just 0.46 Watt electricity in a one-hour runtime. Contrasting this and the air conveyance, the expense per CFM is low. At long last, the SENCO PC1010 is fabricated in the USA and it is CSA ensured. In this way, there is no uncertainty about great wellbeing measures and constructed quality.


  • Its oil-free pump needs less maintenance
  • Very quiet operation
  • Fast recovery
  • Small in size and thus only need less space
  • Lightweight and portable 


  • Doesn’t come with accessories
  • Can’t power heavy-duty air tools 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Is this one suitable for airbrushing model airplanes and certain small projects?

A: It should be, because the air requirements for airbrushing are less than those for driving nails.

Q: Hose diameter?

A: It has a hose diameter of 3/8.

Q: Does this unit come with all needed parts to fill auto tires and fill bike?

A: No, this unit doesn’t come with any accessories.

What Take on This Product:

In the wake of perusing everything above, presently you have an appropriate thought of the power and performance of SENCO PC1010. Things being what they are, would it be a good idea for you to purchase this one?

You should possibly purchase this one in the event that you need less CFM yet a sensibly decent weight rating for your work. This sort of work incorporates nailing, tire inflating, air bushing and little cleaning employments.

Again you ought not to purchase this one in the event that you need to utilize an effect wrench, paint sprayer, and other air hungry devices. For such air instruments and works, you will require more CFM and weight in your air compressor. 

What is the Difference between Hitachi EC28M vs. Makita AC001 vs. SENCO PC1010 Air Compressor?


Compared to Makita AC001 and SENCO PC1010, the Hitachi EC28M is a rock solid compressor with a strong tough plan that was exceptionally intended for low CFM applications. It yields 0.8 CFM at 90 PSI or 1.3 CFM at 40 PSI from its essentially support free industrial without oil siphon and direct drive enlistment engine. Air is put away in the 1-gallon frank style steel stockpiling tank that is filled when tank pressure dips under 90 PSI and halted at the most extreme 125 PSI pressure switch setting. 


Makita AC001 makes a perfect air compressor for anybody requiring simple transportation of an air compressor for uses in various areas without experiencing troubles moving or lifting the compressors itself to move it which both Hitachi EC28M and SENCO PC1010 can’t provide. The Makita AC001 is a low amp drawing air compressor which implies that there are once in a while announced episodes of stumbled breakers. It has a switch handle ball valve within its tank which discharges the air tank effectively and rapidly. 

Sound Output

Discussing the noise level, SENCO PC1010 makes just 73 dB noise which both Hitachi EC28M and Makita AC001 can’t give. Such a level of noise is considered as quiet for an air compressor. As this air compressor is intended to perform the home errands, a quieter activity will give you a chance to work comfortably and won’t disturb neighbors or relatives.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, there are wide selections of compressors all over the world, particularly in the internet. But the point here is to understand what you need to use it for before investing on one.

One primary reason is because you must find out if you need a stationary compressor for bigger applications or a portable one for simpler applications. In addition, many air compressors have different features for different needs so it is really important to understand the basic and some advanced features to make sure not to waste your hard-earned money.

Now, the main takeaway here is that all three of the air compressors we’ve listed above don’t need any thinking. Just pick one according to your needs and budget and you’re good to go. We assure you that they have premium quality and features to make sure that your investment will not go in vain.

If you found this review helpful, kindly leave a feedback below. See you!

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