DEWALT D26676 Vs. DW680K Vs. DCP580B Portable Hand Planer

Making the right choice of a portable hand planer requires a keen eye. It can be a very tasking job unless you understand your lumber and your tool. Your primary hand planer needs to have the power and blades that can sustain your major projects which is why it is advisable to have one tool that can use both steel and carbide blades.

Once the motor and blades are up to the task, you can now narrow down other tool features such as chaff collection, handling and shoe groove designs for your projects.

Whether you are handling softwood or rugged hardwood lumber, Dewalt is always the first tool manufacturer you will consider thanks to their premium features. The wide range of hand planers from Dewalt still makes it hard even for professionals to decide on one perfect planer.

These three best sellers allow you to interchange blades and other add other universal replacement parts. The three top brands from Dewalt have different cut depths, blade speed and other features that make a big difference on site.

DW26676 is our top pick being the favorite portable planer to most of the customers we asked thanks to the 34,000 cuts per minute speed and sharpenable steel blades. It is a corded hand planer with a 5.5Amp motor coming with large steel blades and also accepts reversible carbide blades.

DW680K is the other top pick for heavy-duty woodwork projects with a 7.0Amp motor rated at 15,000RPM for a high precision fine finish. DCO580B, on the other hand, is a 20V cordless model also rated at 15,000RPM with highest convenience.

Here is a review of each of the three planers

1. Dewalt D26676 3-1/4 Inch 5.5amp Portable hand planer

DEWALT D26676 3-1/4-Inch Portable Hand Planer
This is one of the fastest hand planers in the market featuring a 5.5Amp motor with a high speed of 17000RPM. It delivers very fast speeds up to 34,000 cuts per minute giving you a very fast removal time. This is a quick removal focus planer fitted with resharpenable steel blades with a 1/16 inch (1.5mm) cut depth capacity. It allows you to make quick finishes to hard and softwood and also make clean rabbet joints with cuts up to 23/64 inches.

This planer is fitted with a precision-machined groove at the front shoe to aid in smooth and accurate edge chamfering. It can still be fitted with heavy-duty reversible carbide blades for long term service and a finer finish when handling hardwood applications. It has a calibrated depth adjustment with the depth adjustment knob at the front adjusting the blade 1/16-in with every click.

This planer is designed for one-handed operation weighing just 6lbs. The other admirable feature is the kickstand that prevents gouging the material when placed on a surface before the blades rest. It can also be connected to a dust collection attachment to reduce the mess.

What you get with this planer

  • Dewalt D26676 3-1/4 Inch hand planer
  • 2 steel blades
  • 1 blade sharpener
  • 1 rabbeting fence
  • 1 socket wrench



  • Light for easy one-hand operation
  • Blades are replaceable
  • High-speed cutting
  • Durable Poly-V drive belt
  • It has a kickstand to protect blades and the surface


  • It needs multiple passes to smoothen 8 and 12-inch boards
  • The cord limits the distance you can move from the power source

Top FAQs:

Q: Does this planer come with a carrying case?

A: No

Q: Can I connect this planer to a vacuum cleaner?

A: Sure. The dust collection direction can also be reversed.

Q: Can it be connected to a 220V power source?

A: No, It is designed for a 120V only

2. Dewalt DW680K 7AMP 31/4inch portable hand planer

DEWALT Hand Planer, 7-Amp, 3-1/4-Inch (DW680K)


This is a planer designed primarily for heavy-duty applications with a cutting depth of up to 3/32-in (2.5mm). It is suitable for the roughest boards allowing you complete sanding projects quickly with few passes thanks to powerful 7Amp motor and powerful carbide blades. The motor is rated at 15000rpm running the blades fast and smoothly for a fine finish with each pass. It comes with high-speed reversible carbide blades and still accepts large sharpenable steel blades for straight edging and framing.

It has a calibrated depth adjustment allowing you to set your cut depths accurately. It also features three precision grooves at the front shoe. The three grooves allow you to make the finest edge chamfers with accuracy. The planer also comes with a durable Poly-V drive belt plus a kickstand to prevent gouging surfaces. Its rubberized depth adjustment knob makes it easy to set depths and correct any mistakes while working.

The planer has an ergonomic handle with an even balance that helps distribute its 6.2lb weight against your arm for comfort. It also needs little effort to keep it in place when running passes against rough lumber. You can also connect the dust adapter to a dust bag or vacuum to collect the chaff.

What you get with this planer

  • Dewalt DW680K 7AMP 31/4inch portable hand planer
  • 1 hard Dewalt tool kit
  • 1 Rabbeting fence
  • 2 reversible carbide blades




  • It has a powerful 7Amp motor
  • Heavy-duty cut focus with a depth up to 2.5mm
  • Three precision-machined grooves for accurate edge chamfering
  • Calibrated depth adjustment
  • Comes with durable carbide blades


  • The cord is rather short
  • It doesn’t have a dust bag

Top FAQs:

Q: Can this planner be connected to a vacuum cleaner?

A: Absolutely.

Q: What is the voltage on this planer?

A: 120V

Q: Does it come with replacement blades?

A: No. Just one set loaded on the tool.

3.  Dewalt dcp580b 20v max brushless planer

DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer (Tool Only)


This is a cordless unit from Dewalt with a brushless motor designed for convenience especially when working on a site with no electricity. The motor is one of the latest Dewalt brushless models with a 15000rpm speed rated at 30,000 cuts per minute. It has a depth capacity of up to 5/64-in (2mm) adjustable and able to smoothen with a single pass. Its aluminum cast shoe has a precision machined groove front and back for accurate edge chamfering.

The heavy-duty brushless motor is more durable than the traditional brushed models and also performs better when used continuously. The tool weighs 6.8lbs and features a rubberized ergonomic handle that makes operation easier. It also features a safety button above the trigger that prevents running the blades accidentally. The planer also features a kickstand at the front shoe to prevent gouging when rested on surfaces.

It comes with heavy-duty reversible carbide blades able to handle the toughest projects you may encounter on site. It also features a storage chamber for two spare blades. The planer doesn’t come with a dust bag but the adapter can be connected to a dust hose to collect the chaff. It can be connected to any Dewalt 20V batteries although you need a 5AH battery for the best service.

What you get with this planer

  • Dewalt dcp580b 20v max brushless planer
  • 1 Guide fence
  • 1 wrench
  • User manual



  • It allows free movement at the worksite
  • It has a durable brushless motor
  • The machined groove extends to the back shoe
  • It comes with heavy-duty carbide blades
  • It has onboard blade storage


  • No power gauge
  • It doesn’t come with batteries

Top FAQs:

Q: Does this planer come with batteries and a charger?

A: No, this is a tool only package.

Q: Can I replace the blades with steel blades?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Can this planner use the earlier 18V Dewalt batteries?

A: Sure. You, however, need to include the Dewalt 18V/20V adapter.

Direct comparison of D26676, DW680K, and dcp580b portable hand planers

The motor

The motor is the most important aspect of a planer because it determines its accuracy and efficiency. Most indoor woodwork needs will be satisfied by a 5-6Amp motor power. The most powerful motor in this review is the DW680K which has a 7Amp motor. It is fast and efficient suitable for the roughest lumber pieces.

D26676 has a 5.5amp motor suitable for making a quick finish in lighter jobs. Dcp580b, on the other hand, is a versatile unit able to handle any project on-site. It is the best planer for outdoor applications where there is no electricity.

Cut depth

The cut depth is determined by the blade type and size and most importantly, the motor power. To achieve the full stated depth, it is important to keep the board clean from the chaff which is why you should get a dust hose for your hand planner. DW680K has the deepest cut at 2.5mm which means you need to make fewer passes before achieving a smooth surface.

Dcp580b has a depth capacity of 2mm which also helps accomplish your tasks faster even when handling a very rugged surface. D26676 has a depth capacity of 1.5mm which is best suited for light finishing and chamfering tasks.


The choice of blades depends on the type of projects you intend to accomplish. You can choose between regular high-speed steel blades or larger reversible carbide blades. Carbide blades are more powerful and able to handle deeper cuts without locking every now and then. Steel blades, on the other hand, are fast and efficient when making shallow cuts.

Dcp580b and DW680K are fitted with the reversible carbide blades to stand up to their deep cut capacity. D26676, on the other hand, features high-speed steel blades to match up to its high-speed blade of 34,000 cuts per minute. 

Final Note

Your choice of a hand planer is as important as the final piece of woodwork you expect to see. The wide variety of hand planers in the market make this choice difficult which is why we created this review to make that decision easier. These three best sellers from Dewalt are suitable for both heavy-duty and light chamfering and smoothening projects both indoors and outdoors. Whether you are buying your fist planer or simply making an upgrade, this guide will help you choose and purchase a planer that matches your price and project.

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