CRAFTSMAN CMCCSL621D1 Vs. BLACK+DECKER LLP120 Vs. WORX WG320.9 Cordless Lopper Chainsaw

Are you looking for the best chainsaw for trimming hedges and cutting small logs regularly? Getting the best jaw saw makes all cutting projects at home or in the workshop easy provided you have invested in the best motor and chain. The idea is that if you trim them regularly, you will have smaller logs to cut each time, meaning you use less effort and power each time.

This is why every homeowner needs a lopper for regular quick action trimming. In this guide, we have put together the three most recommended loppers by DIYers and homeowners and tested popular brands including Dewalt, Craftsman, Worx, Ryobi, and Black Decker.

We tested for the easiest alligator saw to use based on the time it takes to cut through a 4-Inch dry oak. We also tested the most heavily winded motor and how easily each cordless lopper starts at freezing temperatures for all-year performance. Black + Decker, Craftsman, and Worx loppers came in as the best cordless jaw saws for a homeowner.

Oak is the hardest piece of lumber when dried, which is why we trust each of these alligator saws to make your trimming work easy. It is also pointless to invest in the most expensive lopper package if you will only be using it once or twice, which is why we picked the most budget-friendly saws from the three top manufacturers.

You can use your 20V batteries and charger from other tools to charge and power these loppers when the need arises.

CRAFTSMAN 20V CMCCSL621DI VS Black + Decker LLP120 20v MAX VS WORX WG320.9 Cordless Lopper

1. Craftsman CMCCSL621D1 20V cordless Lopper with a pole saw

It is probably the most famous cordless lopper package in the market coming with everything you need to get a trimming job done. It is a wholesale package primarily built to clear up after a storm, including a pole saw for cutting down stubborn high branches up to 14ft high.

The most attractive feature of the Craftsman loppers is the revolutionary gripping technology featuring backward-facing jaws that hold firmly onto the branch for a quick clean cut.

This package can cut down any branch up to a diameter of 14-Inches, making it effective for regular trimming even in the rainy season as well as clearing after a heavy storm. The package also includes heavy-duty 4-AH V20 Craftsman batteries that give you up to 200 cuts on one charge, allowing you to work all day long. The Batteries are installed effectively at the back of the top handle, balancing off with the weight of the bar at the front.

The lopper weighs a mere 6lbs; you can hardly feel the weight of the bar while in use. It is also triggered only when the two switches are pressed, preventing accidental triggering. The chain locks into the 6-Inch bar perfectly during and after cutting.

It runs at a high speed over 1300RPM, which improves the quality of your cut and improves your productivity. Its rapid action debris repulsion ensures the chain and blades stay clean and smooth after every cut for elongated service.

If you are tackling higher branches, the pole saw included in the package will also come in handy. It is light and compact and also uses the same V20 batteries allowing you to alternate batteries. Both tools have ergonomic rubberized grips that allow you to remain comfortable throughout each project.



  • It has a durable 6-Inch steel bar
  • Angled head for flexibility and accuracy
  • Sturdy backward-facing jaws
  • The battery fits at the back for balance
  • It has automatic blade oiling


  • It is tedious to cut overhead
  • It doesn’t allow one-handed cutting.

Top FAQs

Q: Does it come with spare batteries?

A: Yes, the package includes two batteries

Q: Is the chain oil-less?

A: No

Q: Is it easy to start in the winter?

A: Yes

Q: What is the warranty?

A: Three years

2. Black Decker 20V Max Cordless Alligator Lopper Chainsaw 


Black Decker and Dewalt products are manufactured by the same company now, which is why this cordless lopper can use Dewalt or Black Decker 20V batteries. This is the best budget option in their alligator series loved by all gardeners for its high-speed slicing action.

It is the best lopper to buy on a budget if you need that quick scissor-cutting efficiency on a budget. It is also fitted with a premium quality heavy-duty bar and chain that can cut through hard oak in one pass. It features a premium steel chainsaw that lasts longer than slim iron chains.

Its tough plastic and stainless-steel frame can withstand the harsh treatment of any outdoor environment as it keeps water, dust, and ice out. The lopper has a cutting diameter of 4-Inches allowing you to cut standard and small-sized branches with ease. Its alligator-jaws also hold safely onto the logs even without being lifted, making it suitable for clearance jobs. The bar is also angled designed to make an even cut with little effort.

The 20V batteries fit compactly at the back of the scissor handles for maneuverability. It is also triggered by the push action on both of the switches on the handles preventing accidental triggering. Its motor draws a low voltage when turned on, allowing you to start even at low temperatures. This lopper is also one of the friendliest packages for overhead cutting weighing just 6.8lbs with the batteries installed.

It’s 20V four-pole motor runs at a high speed of 1325RPM, delivering a high blade speed for quick, effective cuts. Its automatic tension adjustment also ensures the chainsaw remains on the bar throughout the cutting, preventing slippage. The chainsaw is also easy to replace by just turning the two screws to the chain compartment.


  • Slim backward-facing jaws for a firm grip
  • Angled bars for getting a better view of the line of cut
  • It is compatible with both Dewalt and Black Decker accessories
  • Start booster for easy start-up in low temperatures
  • Heavy-duty steel bar and chain for extended service


  • It is messy when cutting dry pieces
  • It is broad making it hard to grip for small-handed people

Top FAQs

Q: Is it suitable for cutting wet branches?

A: Yes

Q: Does it have reverse-drive action?

A: No

Q: Does it come with chain oil?

A: Yes

3. WORX WG320.9 20V Jaw Saw Lopper


You have probably heard of this jaw chainsaw considering its popularity for battery universality. It is part of the Milwaukee Power Share series designed to be compatible with all Worx batteries as well as other third-party accessories. It is also the best cordless saw for everyone in your home as it lighter and easier to control. It can also be extended to access higher branches, it comes in handy when pruning high branches.

It still retains the same cutting capacity of 4-Inches as other jaw saws despite having a uniform jaw as compared to other models that require double-handed action to clamp. Its chainsaw is also slip-proof thanks to the automatic tension system. It also retracts effectively into the base when not in use, improving its safety. Its retracting action makes it effective for cutting close to the ground or wall.

The jaw saw weighs 7.9lbs with the batteries installed, making it possible to lift and cut overhead. It also features an auxiliary handle near the jaw, which improves your grip and control when handling it. Moreover, its battery fits in below the handle reducing the weight exerted on the user while working.

This jaw saw runs on a heavily wounded Worx motor running at 1350RPM, which cuts faster than other low-speed motors. Its bar and chain can also be easily removed for cleaning replacement. The oil compartment is transparent, allowing you to track and replace it on time. The saw also oils the chain, automatically reducing the time needed for maintenance.




  • Automatic oiling reduces maintenance time
  • Retracting blades stays safe when used close to the ground
  • It is easy to lift and cut overhead
  • The foregrip is close to the jaw for better control
  • Transparent oil container for tracking


  • The jaws do not lock, taking up more space in storage.
  • It is hard to control with a pole extension

Top FAQs

Q: Can It be attached to an extension pole?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the jaw diameter?

A: 4-Inches

Q: Does it come with the chain oil?

A: No

Direct Comparison


Durable steel chainsaws are the most important feature on a lopper, which is why the Craftsman CMCCSL621DI and Worx WG320.9 with their thick and sturdy chainsaws came in the top. The craftsman bar and chainsaw are the sturdiest in this review, cutting quickly and efficiently without scratches and bends. Black + Decker chainsaw was the least recommended by our professionals due to frequent slips. The chainsaw is also slimmer than the Worx and Craftsman chainsaws.


The cordless jaw saws in this guide have a powerful 20V motor, which is the highest-rated for loppers. They rely on DC power giving you up to 40 minutes of runtime on 3Ah batteries. High-speed operation is essential for effective cuts, and all these motors have a high speeds over 1200RPM. Worx GW320.9 has the highest speed motor at 1350RPM, delivering the fast and smooth cuts. Black Decker, however, delivers the fastest cuts despite its no-load speed of 1325 RPM thanks to its superior blade drive.


Jaw Saws are important for cutting stubborn branches, especially during pruning, which is why the flexibility of cutting overhead is essential. Black Decker and craftsman loppers are the easiest to use when cutting low lying branches. They use a scissor action to make cuts with one pass. They are, however, hard to use for cutting high branches as they cannot be fitted to an extension pole.

Worx solved the problem of cutting high branches by including room for an extension pole. The Worx Jaw saw is also easy to handle and control because of the auxiliary handle located close to the jaw. It is, however, hard to operate when fitted to an extension pole.


Dual step trigger makes the loppers safe from accidental triggering, which makes BD and Craftsman the safest in this guide. Their blades, however, run from top to bottom without retracting endangering your chain and blades when cutting too close to the ground. Worx is the best jaw saw for cutting high branches due to the retracting blade that locks into the jaws preventing damage.

Final Note

A jaw saw is an invaluable tool for any homeowner that wants to keep hedges and bushes in check all year round. Getting your jaw chainsaw from an established manufacturer gives you the advantage of a wide pool of accessories and the best motor technology. This guide has reviewed the three best budget band saws from the top manufacturers for a homeowner. We have also included their performance ability for different cutting needs allowing you to match the best cordless chainsaw to your cutting needs.

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