Best Wireless Wifi Hidden Spy Cameras Reviews

The best wireless WiFi hidden spy cameras are some of the best options when you want to observe your business or home. Rather than a normal closed circuit camera or also known as CCTV, spy cameras are much better options for improved functioning, especially that they are compact and perfect for recording footages without getting noticed.

Essentially, wireless WiFi hidden spy cameras are popular and common in most houses, stores, and various organizations. They are available in different models. These certain cameras are engineered for multiple applications. Normally, they are necessary in various tasks such as nanny behaviours, children safety, spying, and other particular activities.

Purchasing a wireless hidden spy camera can be quite a bit of confusing job. However, our list of the 10 best wireless WiFi hidden spy cameras can help you decide.

How Wireless Spy Cameras Work

Pretty much everything nowadays has to do with wireless technology, and video surveillance is not backing out of this trend of course.

Wi-Fi or wireless spy cameras make use of integrated transmitters that enables them to send video over the air to a receiver rather than using a wire. Most wireless spy cameras get their power source from batteries, though there are some that requires to be plugged to an electric source in order to be recharged. Battery or electricity-powered, wireless spy cameras works on the same simple principle.

A wireless spy camera includes a wireless radio transmitter. This certain transmitter gives the camera the ability to broadcast the camera’s video, which can then be picked up by a particular receiver. This receiver must be connected or plugged to a recording monitor or smart device.

There are receivers that come with built-in storage, while there are that must be linked via DVR. The sole fact that wireless spy cameras don’t need any form of cord or cable makes them easy to hide.

Ultimately, wireless spy cameras work because of:

  • Image detection
  • Transmitting the image
  • Utilizing the footage

Image detection

A WiFi spy camera creates its images just like every other digital video camera. Light passes via its lens, which then focuses on a small network of light detectors. If the camera is a black and white surveillance one, the detectors simple gauge the amount of light that’s in a certain place on the image.

Nevertheless, in a colored camera, the detectors only measure the blue, red, or green light that comes in, after which groups of 3 detectors come together to display the color of light in a specific place. Each of these detectors is then amalgamated to make up a complete image.

There are some WiFi spy cameras that come with motion detectors; they are also incorporated with a motor that enables them to move automatically to any motion happening in a room. There are also cameras that are stationary. These cameras’ focus is usually fixed on a certain location.

Transmitting the Image

Wireless spy cameras are incorporated with small radio transmitters that are fixed on their boards. The camera changes the image into a radio signal on a particular frequency. These radio transmitters are not the large, powerful versions, but as tiny as they are, they can broadcast the picture signal sent from the spy camera to a receiver in the same building. The receiver then picks up the signal and turns it back into a complete picture.

Using the Footage

Depending on whatever purpose, the receiver can do different kinds of things with the image. If the wireless spy camera was fixed in a certain location for continuous surveillance, the obtained picture, along with pictures from other cameras, might be displayed on much computer hard drive or on some other kind of storage media.

On some instances, the receiver will only save a number of FPS or frames per second, forming a time-lapse image of the area, thus letting you to be able to immediately review the tape while saving more storage space.

Top 5 Best Wireless Wifi Hidden Spy Cameras Review 

1. AREBI HD 1080P Mini Camera

AREBI Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera HD 1080P Mini Camera Portable Home Security Cameras Covert Nanny Cam Small Indoor Video Recorder Motion Activated/Night Vision A10 Plus [2019 Upgraded]

This spy camera is engineered for exceptional home security. Despite its little size, it still comes with all convenient features you’d want for a WiFi spy camera. With its WiFi connectivity to 2.4 GHz router, you can watch playbacks or live video feed no matter where you are by accessing this camera’s APP on your phone.

Moreover, with its integrated strong magnet, this spy camera can be tightly adsorbed on an arbitrary iron surface. By utilizing the included additional magnet mound, you can install it at any places and adjust the camera in your preferred direction.

It also comes with two USB charging cables. The first one is called Flexible Semi-Rigid USB Cable that can get this camera stand effortlessly. Users can also control the cam at any desired positions or angles by the cable as you preferred.

AREBI HD 1080P spy camera also comes with a 150 degree wide angle lens. It also lets you see more details happening around your house. Its quality lens also features a full 1080P HD video as well as an excellent recording capability under low light conditions.

Video Source: 


  • Comes with IR Night Vision
  • Night vision can reach 5 meters
  • Provides clear live stream video
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Up to 128 GB micro SD card
  • Check up on your property in real-time
  • Can serve as a car DVR
  • Excellent audio and video  quality
  • Excellent magnetic properties
  • Small and lightweight


  • Only 2.4 G router WiFi is compatible
  • Has a learning curve


2. Facamword Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Spy Camera WiFi Cameras Wireless Mini Nanny Cam Motion Detection Home Surveillance Security Super Night Vision Temperature Display (B)

Facamword spy camera is a multifunctional one that comes with alarm clock. It is the first one with functions of temperature monitoring, date, alarm clock, super night vision, video recording, and LCD display. The temperature it records is updated every two hours, which is helpful to allow you know real-time temperature when you’re going out. Additionally, it captures clear image even if at dark environment.

Moreover, this full HD 1080P WiFi spy camera is hidden in what looks like a clock. You can place this spy camera on the bookshelf or desk and it’s totally not noticeable while it’s recording. Also, the incorporated alarm clock on this spy camera will play a short music ring to remind you when you set a preset time. You can also turn off alarm clock’s display when if you want to go to sleep.

Facamword spy camera also comes with 3 high-end infrared lights. These IR lights can record clearer video at the dark unlike to other similar products. When a movement is detected, this spy camera will take picture and send them to your smart device to remind you of what’s currently happening.

Video Source: 


  • High resolution
  • Reliable motion detector
  • Loop recording and 115 degree wide view angle
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Excellent memory capacity of up to 128 GB
  • Rechargeable built in battery
  • Continuous shooting time of up to 4 hours


  • Only 2.4 G router WiFi is compatible


3. Spy Camera WiFi, Ehomful Mini Wireless Hidden Camera Real 1080P

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera Cop Spy Cam, Ehomful WiFi Mini Body Camera Portable Home Security Cameras Covert Small Nanny Cam with App 1080P Night Vision Motion Activated Indoor and Outdoor

This spy camera provides clear, live stream footage directly to your tablet or smart devices through Ehomful App that is also compatible with Android and iOS, night and day. With its 1” size, built-in magnet and battery, this spy camera can go anywhere you need it to. Use its app to manage and view a number of cameras, view motion activated alert videos or photos directly from the app, and shares your cameras with other whom you trusted.

Moreover, you can record 24/7 nonstop and watch playbacks. Having clear night vision, you can see a clearly image in the full darkness. Additionally, this spy camera can provide you a streaming access for stopping theft to protect your employees’ property from petty theft around your workplace. There’s no need for any DVR system, as well as some screw. You can put or move this spy camera into your house anywhere you want.

Ehomful Mini Wireless spy camera is also very portable as it is small with integrated magnet and flexible bracket with sticker, users will never imagine that building your home security system for full functional surveillance only to spend a few minutes.

In addition, this spy camera allows you to keep a close watch on your children and pets in order to guarantee that they are protected. Overall, it’s an excellent spy camera since it ultimately provides peace of mind as it will be looking after your house.

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  • Can be used for recreational activities
  • Comes with exceptional night vision
  • Can be used for film making
  • Tiny size
  • Excellent texture
  • Excellent WiFi connectivity
  • Comes with offline video and photo recording
  • High resolution
  • Incorporated with built-in magnet
  • Integrated with Infrared Sensors
  • Can be used for streaming live videos
  • Can be inserted with up to 64GB of SD card


  • Battery life is not that great


4. IPS IP Smart Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Nanny Cam Wireless Hidden Spy Camera WiFi Belt Mini Spy Hidden Camera with Motion Detection 1080P Spy Video Camera Recorder with Playback-in Home or Indoor/Outdoor Use

IPS IP offers you a hidden spy camera behind a USB charger wall. It features motion detection so that it’ll only begin the recording when it picks up some movements. Thus, the recording won’t take up much of your memory space.

Along with its latest software, users will be able to conveniently link this spy camera to their smart devices easily. Because it’s a 1080p HD camera, it’ll record very good quality footages that you’ll find easily accessible and viewed.

In addition, this camera includes LED light vision that lets you record the footage clearly even during night time. It’s an ideal choice for office, and of course for home.

Its tiny size makes it impossible to discern even from a close distance. The buckle of its belt housing is also made to be completely normal. No one will ever suspect that you’re recording something.

Overall, this spy camera fits right into your list of must-have gadgets. It’s super easy to use and convenient, and even allows you see what’s happening inside your office or home in real time.

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  • High-definition video recording
  • Real-time wireless connectivity
  • Comes with remote
  • Compatible for iOS and Android devices
  • Small and compact
  • Comes with motion detector
  • Concealed design
  • Perfect for surveillance work
  • Factory fit


  • Battery life is not really great


5. Modernway 1080P Wireless Small Indoor Home Security Cameras Nanny Cam

Modernway spy camera is an ideal nanny or housekeeper cam monitoring your office or home 24/7 as it comes with IR Night Vision, Motion Detection Alerts, Remote View, WiFi Hotspot, and 1080P HD Video features, thus you’ll never worry about your pets, baby, home, or other security needs.

This hidden camera is one of the world’s tiniest camera with dimension of 0.9” x 1.69” x 1.69” and weighs 1 ounce. It works on 2.4 GHz WiFi, which makes this spy camera ideal to keep an eye on your love ones or properties. You can place this camera around the corner of your car, store, office, or home, and even in your pocket or on your backpack with a powerful magnet that can be adsorbed on any iron. Additionally, it can also be used as an aerial action camera, or a car camcorder.

Moreover, it uses an advanced 2.0 MP image sensor that can capture 1920 x 1080 HP video at 25 FPS with precise color reproduction. The live video can be viewed through Android/iOS Smartphone, Windows PC, Mac, or Tablet. Additionally, this WiFi Spy camera comes with a 15o degree wide-angle professional grade lens, making a large coverage view to monitor your overall home’s security.

Video Source:


  • 1080P HD video
  • 150 degree viewing angle
  • Precise accurate color reproduction
  • Compatible with other smart devices
  • Can work 24/7
  • Excellent battery life
  • Supports up to 128Gb of micro SD card
  • Incorporated with IR Night vision
  • Integrated with 6 high-powered infrared LEDs
  • Very easy to use
  • Supports motion detection and real-time activity alert


  • A bit hard to follow the given instructions


Wireless WiFi Hidden Spy Cameras Buying guide

Purchasing a spy camera for first timers can be quite confusing. But with little significant knowledge, your purchasing can be smooth. Here the factors you should be looking for the best wireless WiFi hidden spy camera:

Types of camera

There are various kinds of cameras engineered for various roles. This guarantees that they will perform well without compromising any performance. Some of these include 4G wireless cameras, body worn, self-recording, wireless, and hardwired cameras. Each of these kinds depends on your purpose; in short you can pick the best for your needs.

Video resolution

Despite having small size, spy cameras are greatly significant. Just like other cameras, they need to have good resolution to get clear images. Generally, most modern spy cameras are made with high resolution for better quality pictures. Although the market offers different types of spy cameras, this depends on your budget. Ideally, a camera with 1080p or even just 720p is good enough. They’re capable of recording finer details such as tattoos, body marks, and other features for easy analysis.

Night vision/low light recording

This feature is becoming an essential feature in modern cameras. It is necessary to look for a camera that can record under dim light conditions. This lets you be sure of unlimited recording even during night time. Ideally, a spy camera with infrared feature is highly recommended since it can record under all conditions. This boosts the camera ability to record, and also enhances it security features.


This factor is a crucial one for any spy cameras as it determines how long the spy camera can record a certain amount of data. Essentially, most cameras use SD card for video and image storage. With latest camera models, they can support large memory cards, thus giving the ability to hold more data. Additionally, there are also some spy cameras that can support up to 128 GB of SD cards while there are some cameras that offer loop recording.

Connectivity with other devices

After recording, you must preview your captured images and videos. For some spy cameras, you need to remove the SD card and input it on a PC. But there are also spy cameras that come with connectivity ports that allow for easy connection. Also, there are wireless ones that enable quick content sharing in your other devices such as tablets and computers.

Types of Wireless Spy Cameras

First and foremost, try to ask yourself what kind of a hidden camera would best fit your area of needs. Because spy cameras are generally small, it’s either placed in a spot that’s not easily noticed, or either attached to some daily used objects for complete disguise.

Here are some of the basic versions of wireless spy cameras that you can pick:

Spy Clocks – if you didn’t know, clocks can be an ideal spy camera. If you want to place a camera in your house then it is the least observable object. An alarm clock with a hidden projector is also a nice idea. It normally comes with a wireless camera that can be activated by motion detector or wireless remote.

Nanny Spy Cameras – this kind is the most prominent ones. This version is utilized in monitoring care takers, nanny, or babysitters to make sure that your baby or the person is being taken good care of. It normally comes wired, but there are also wireless ones. For the most part, nanny cameras nowadays are available in doll or teddy bear shape.

Spy Web Camera – similar to a web camera, with this one, you can stream the internet while capturing the video with this camera, but it is not really observable by other people, unlike normal web cameras.

Standalone Spy Camera – this one doesn’t come readily disguised, but it has to be attached to other objects by the purchaser itself. It is perfect for those who can’t afford a disguised camera.

Wearable Spy Camera – it’s a wearable camera, hence the name, that can be inconspicuously attached to sunglasses, mobile phones, tie tacks, etc. It can be very useful if you need to spy on any certain individual.

Smoke Detector Camera – this version works as both smoke detector and camera, and it has either Wi-Fi or wireless camera. A smoke detector camera works nice for security or surveillance.

Pen Camera – pen cameras are used for official purposes. This version is mostly wireless and it can capture both images and videos and can also works as a pen.

Types of Connections

One more factors you should consider while buying a hidden camera is the kind of technology used to it. Here are the most prominent types of connections used by various spy cameras.

4G Technology – 4G wireless spy cameras are the most recent advanced wireless versions of cameras. Nonetheless, this version of camera works only at locations with 4G coverage.

IP or Internet Accessible – this version is particularly engineered and programmed to work as a wireless camera, but plugged into a hard drive such as computer or USB drive, in which the video is transmitted to the drive by wireless encryptions. Of course, you can certainly use this version for surveillance. However, its drawback is that the data in its hard drive can’t be hidden.

Wireless – this version are more convenient to use since they are much more inconspicuous because they don’t come with any cables or wires. A wireless hidden camera comprises of a separate receiver and transmitter, which can be attached to other objects easily. However, since it works on the signal, this version of spy camera is not that reliable.

Hardwired – a hardwired camera is firmly linked to a recording device with a wire. This kind of hidden camera is very reliable since it will not lose any data or signal. Nonetheless, it is more conspicuous due to the wired systems.


Wireless WiFi hidden spy cameras are exceptional when it comes to safety, as well as monitoring your home and offices.

With various sizes and styles, everyone can get their right spy camera. Thus, you mustn’t allow the wrong camera ruin your plans.

With this guide, we’re hoping that you can find one that can fit your purpose. Happy shopping!

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