Best USB Car Phone Charger Adapter Reviews

People would love to have a phone that’s battery lasts all day long and never needs to be charged. Since that is not the reality most of the time, we need a good USB phone charger for the car. Buying the wrong charger can be a real mistake. The safety for the car and the phone that it is charging can be adversely affected by poor engineering. That’s why it’s important to have information about which chargers are good choices, and which ones you should avoid. Here are some that pass this test of both safety and reliability.

For decades, car accessories have played a vital role in enhancing consumer utility. While these products are seemingly extras when it comes to measuring the ability of a car, they have greatly improved the driving experience of many people. Car chargers are examples of these accessories. Discussed below, are examples of the car chargers.

1. Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger, PowerDrive 2 for iPhone 7 / 6s / Plus, iPad Pro / Air 2 / mini, Galaxy S7 / S6 / Edge / Plus, Note 5 / 4, LG, Nexus, HTC and More

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger, PowerDrive 2 for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/7 / 6 / Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2 / Mini, Note 5/4, LG, Nexus, HTC, and More

Anker is a 24w dual USB car charger. It is uniquely made to be compatible with any device. The power IQ and voltage boost function have been incorporated in this device to offer accelerated charging for your device. In addition, this device has got a multi-protect safety system that guarantees protection from; short circuits, power surges and rust.

The Anker 24W Dual Car Charger:is a great choice because it is compatible with so many different devices. It works with not only phones, but it also works for iPads. It offers VoltageBoost which allows the device to traditional chargers. It also comes with a guarantee that it is safe for all devices. It’s also compact enough to fit in a pocket or a purse. It includes an 18 month warranty and guide to help users understand how the charger works.


2. CHGeek Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter 3.4A Dual USB Car Charger Radio Car Kit MP3 Player with LED Display Hands-free Universal for iPhone iPad iPod Samsung Android -CH05

Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car, Wireless Bluetooth Radio Adapter Hand-Free Calling Dual USB Car Charger

An excellent choice for people that value safety of their devices and ease of use, it is a wireless in-car Bluetooth transmitter. It also can be used as a dual USB car charger. This Bluetooth FM transmitter allows the user to stream music `to his car wirelessly via Bluetooth. Apart from this, this device has a built-in microphone that allows for exceptional hands-free functions for the user. These functions are vital especially when answering phone calls while driving. Moreover, the dual USB car charger function allows the user to charge two devices concurrently.

The CHGeek Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter is not only safe, but it also allows the driver to stream music from the device to the car radio. There is even a hand-free feature that allow you to take calls over your radio.


3. MEIDI 120W 3-Socket Cigarette Car Lighter Power Adapter DC Outlet Splitter with 12V/24V Dual USB Car Charger for Smartphones

This is an essential device, especially to smokers. The 3 sockets of the cigarette lighter and the two USB ports offer a total of 120w collectively. Due to these, this gadget can be used to power up to five devices simultaneously. In addition, each of the three sockets of this gadget has it own separate control button. This not only makes this gadget easier to operate, but also saves on energy.

Similar to the first choice, the Meidi 120W 3 socket Cigarette Car Lighter Splitter one is a charger that offers safety for use with several phones and the iPad, and also allows several chargers to be plugged into it for use. That’s really handy if you need to plug in a game system while charging another device. The uses are pretty much infinite. If it has a cigarette charger, then it will work with this device.


4. iSunnao Lightning Fast Dual USB 5 Amp Car Charger – 360 Degree Rotating with LED Display & 3 in 1 Cable – for iPhone 6 6Plus 5S 4S iPads Samsung IOS Android & Most 5V USB Charged Devices

Isunnao is an extremely fast dual USB car charger. It has 5Amps 25W dual USB ports compatible with most android and apple devices. It also has the over-charge and over-current protection safety features that automatically powers off whenever the output or input current exceeds the safety current requirement. Moreover, the 4 in 1 USB charging adapter feature in this device has LED displays that present the user with vital information such as; the voltage of the battery in the car, the current of the device that is charging and the internal temperature of the car.

You will love the iSunnao Lightning Fast Dual USB Car Charger. It does all of the things expected of a device charger and looks cool while it does it. It has built-in current protection for safety of your vehicle and device as well. Add to that a feature that will blow anybody’s mind. It actually has a car voltage gauge to show how your battery is doing and displays the internal temperature. So this one not only gets the job done and looks good while it does it, but it also helps you know how your car is doing as well.


5. YAKER 12-24 Volt 3-Socket Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter DC Outlet Splitter with 3.1A Dual USB Car Charger and Car Battery Voltage Health Display Screen and 26 inch Cord

This gadget has three 12v cigarette lighter sockets that collectively generate 120watts. This output has the capacity to power multiple devices in a car such as a dashboard camera, phones and the GPS. In addition, this gadget has protective circuits that eliminate the problem of overheating when devices are charging.


6. SUNGOLDPOWER 12V/24V Car Charger DC 5V 6.1A 3 USB Port With Voltage Current Power Cigarette Lighter Adapter Digital Display Charger

This one allows you to be safe while charging as well. The Sungoldpower 12V/24/ Car Charger offers a built-in read-out of the amperage being used while charging. That can be very useful when you are concerned that
charging your favorite device is harmful to your car.

This is an extremely useful car charging gadget. It incorporates smart technology to ensure that each gadget charging uses the right amount of current. The two charging ports found in this device are uniquely built to ensure the devices maximally charge at full speed. It also has the over-charge protection feature that automatically powers off whenever the input or output much exceeds the required safety current.

This eliminates cases of over-charging and over-heating of your devices. Apart these, the LED display in this gadget has intelligent circuitry that provides information to the user about; the voltage of the battery of the car and the charging status of the devices.


7. Car Charger – JEBSENS – 4in1 3.1A Fast Dual USB Car Phone Charger, Voltage Meter Monitor USB Car Charger for Smartphone with Blue LED Voltage Amps and Internal Temperature

Car Charger - JEBSENS - 4in1 3.1A Fast Dual USB Car Phone Charger, Voltage Meter Monitor USB Car Charger for Smartphone with Blue LED Voltage Amps and Internal Temperature(Fahrenheit) Display - 15W

Jebsen, is a 4in 1 dual USB car charger. It has fast charging dual USB ports that use smart technology. This technology guarantees that each device charging uses the required amount of current but, maximally charging. The over-charge protection feature in this gadget eliminates the problem of over-heating and over-charging by automatically powering off whenever the input exceeds the required safety current.The LED displays in this gadget are also unique. It is for fast charging of your devices. Two devices can be charged at the same time and it also offers a LED readout of the device charge level and temperature. Apart from displaying information about the voltage in the car battery, they also display cycles in the internal temperature of the car.


8. FM Transmitter, Otium Bluetooth Wireless Radio Adapter Audio Receiver Stereo Music Modulator Car Kit with USB ChargerFM Transmitter, Otium Bluetooth Wireless Radio Adapter Audio Receiver Stereo Music Tuner Modulator Car Kit with USB Charger, Hands Free Calling

Otium is a vital gadget in a car with various functions. It can be used as a Bluetooth radio transmitter, music adapter or even as a USB car charger. It boasts itself as a universal charger that honestly, looks really cool. It has Bluetooth capability and allows hands-free calling. This gadget has been uniquely made to be compatible with all gadgets. The built-in microphone also makes it easier for hands-free talking on a phone or selecting your music.


9. Quick Car Charger,Dual USB Ports,12v/24v,LED Voltage Monitor for iPhone 6s/Plus,iPad Pro,iPad mini;Samsung Galaxy Note Series,S Series&Edge Models;LG G4/G5;Google Nexus,Other Android DevicesLIHAN Dual USB Car Charger,Cigarette Lighter Voltage Meter,Compatible for Apple iPhone,iPad,Samsung Galaxy,LG,Google Nexus,Other USB Charging Devices, Black

Lihan is a dual USB car charger. This gadget is useful as it employs smart technology to ensure devices being charged use the right amount of current. It also has intelligent circuitry that prevents short-circuiting and over-charging of your devices.

This device is a fairly simple choice for people that want to have a basic charger that displays the current for the charged device. The Lihan Quick Car Charger is really handy if you have ever had a device fail after a faulty current was used to charge the device. This one has that clearly displayed to avoid damage to your device. It also allows two devices to charge at the same time.


10. Car Cup Charger, CHGeek USB Car Charger 12V/24V Multi Function Car Power Adapter with Dual USB Ports 3.1A + 2-Socket Cigarette Lighter Splitter for iPhone iPad, Android Samsung, GPS, Dashcam – CH07

This gadget has a sleek design that can easily fit in any vehicles cup holder. In addition, the 4 outlets located in this gadget allow you and your family to charge multiple devices concurrently. It also has a low voltage alarm that warns you whenever your car’s voltage goes below 12V. Apart from these, there is a replaceable 10 amps fuse in this gadget that prevents your device from overheating or overcharging.

The CHGeek Car Cup Charger is a favorite for many people. It provides all of the above protections and allows the device to be placed in the car cup holder. It is important to note, that the distance from the cup holder to the cigarette lighter must match this device size.


All of the above choices are excellent for your device on the go. Charging is simple and streamlined and some allow you to make calls, listen to the music from your device as you do so safely.

Even though most of these products are high quality and efficient, one cannot help but notice the unique features and the various purses that the Sungoldpower provides. Apart from being a Bluetooth FM transmitter, it also can serve as a dual USB charger. The smart technology used in this device makes charging your devices safe and fast.

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