Best Tree Swings Reviews

When the weather allows, spending more time outdoor can certainly bring a lot of fun! And one of the best approaches to enjoy a fine weather is by riding on a tree swing. It’s a fun activity that your kids will love.

That’s why if you’re not fully sure about which tree swing to buy, our top 5 best tree swings that are safe, well-made, and comfortable can help you take your pick.

In this article, we’ve collected some of the finest tree swings in the market that will certainly deliver you the best item for your bucks.

Purpose of Tree Swings

Tree swings can give you a really fun experience as you enjoy a nice weather. You can simply let loose and feel free while the swing moves in forward and backward motion.

However, not all tree swings are made equal since there are those that are more rugged based on the materials used. For that reason, we highly recommend a tree swing made from waterproof materials that also adds durability to the item.

A good tree switch that is surely ideal for your children is one that has waterproof features and UV resistant trait. That reason is that, it is suitable for handling different types of weather condition. Another positive point is that it is easy to install. With just a few screws to be connected, you can now set up your own tree swing conveniently.

Top 5 Best Tree Swing

1. PlayMonster Swing, Hunter Green, 40″ Super Duper Spinner

PlayMonster Swing, Hunter Green, 40" Super Duper Spinner

When designing PlayMonster Swing, PlayMonster’s engineer drew from years of quality testing and experience, as well as the feedback of thousands of happy family especially their kids.

Other than it being super fun, it is really comfortable and sturdy. The UV-resistant repost can withstand harsh weather. Additionally, its safety clips hold the swing tight. The round and curved swing provides a place to stand, lie, or sit. Moreover, the center hole lets the moisture drain-off.

Prospects can easily hang PlayMonster Swing from an existing swing set. Or from a tree, though if this is the case you might want to get The Super Spinner Tree Kit in 20 feet length or 10 feet. In addition, this tree swing can hold up to 650 lbs., and its large 40 inches seat design is comfortable enough for more than two riders at a time.
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  • Made in USA
  • Rope made from Nylon
  • Sturdy seat
  • Comfortable
  • Very safe
  • Comes with strong, UV-resistant adjustable rope
  • Can hold up to 650 pounds
  • Strap length can be easily adjusted
  • Heavy duty locks


  • Hard plastic
  • The plastic surface tend to become too slippery


2. Royal Oak Giant 40″ Flying Saucer Tree Swing


Royal Oak Giant 40" Flying Saucer Tree Swing, Bonus Flags, 700 lb Weight Capacity, Easy Install, Steel Frame


Royal Oak takes quality and safety very strictly compared to any other companies. Their Royal Oak Giant 40 inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing is built out of the sturdiest materials they could find such as the commercial grade steel and 600D Oxford polyester for the frame.

This product comes with a saucer swing, and buyers will receive all the necessary equipment and detailed step by step written instructions with pictures. Additionally, its design is incredible simple so the company is confident that you will have it up and flying in just minutes.

Moreover, you can install Royal Oak Giant Tree Swing almost anywhere that has a horizontal pole or branch. With the included hanging kit, you can install this tree swing in minutes on a swing set, pergola, or just in a tree.

Aside from these, this tree swing is also weather resistant and is known to take a beating from the weather and still continue to look great. Their unique 600D Oxford fabric means that snow and rain are no match for this swing. In addition, the company also use commercial grade rope so users don’t need to worry about repairs.


  • Comes with adjustable ropes
  • Ultra safe
  • Built to last
  • Easy to install
  • Weather resistant
  • Sturdy materials
  • Comfortable


  • Ropes are not really strong
  • Doesn’t come with any mounting gears


3. Saucer Swing in Royal Blue and Bold Green Tree Swing

Swinging Monkey Products Giant 40" Saucer Nest Tree Swing, 900D Oxford Fabric, Steel Frame, Simple Installation

This tree swing made by Swinging Monkey Products is built around high-quality materials the right way. According to them, when you treat people with utmost respect, they make great things. Thus, the company has partnered themselves with skilled manufacturers who have chosen to adhere to international standards protecting worker’s safety and rights.

And thus Saucer Swing in Royal Blue and Bold Green Tree Swing is born. It has a huge 40 inch diameter play surface there is room for more than 2 children to play and swing together at the same time. It can cater for up to 400 lbs. Additionally, it is large enough for an adult to swing with a child or as many as 3 kids to play together at the same time.

But what this product really boasts is that the manufacturer takes safety strictly. This swing is manufactured with only high-grade materials available, and is designed in the USA. The company always take the extra step and that’s why Swinging Monkey Products uses a heavy duty 900D oxford fabric. In addition, the manufacturer of this product submits all of their products for independent 3rd party lab testing, and they build all their swings to the standard of ASTM F1148 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specifications.


  • Very safe
  • Made from high-grade materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • The metal frame comes with foam padding
  • Good solid hardware
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Swing is huge and can hold multiple kids


  • Doesn’t come with a strap to hang to a tree
  • Quite expensive
  • Doesn’t come with handles


4. Sorbus Spinner Swing

Sorbus Spinner Swing – Kids Indoor/Outdoor Round Web Swing – Great for Tree, Swing Set, Backyard, Playground, Playroom – Accessories Included (40" Net Seat)

Sorbus Spinner Swing delivers instant fun for backyard fun, particularly when kids are done with school time. Children can swing solo or with their siblings or friend to get rid of boredom and improve their positive personality.

This swing is great for outdoor play and can be used as swings for playsets, nest swing chair, hammock swing for swing-set, chair swing for free, and a whole lot more to encourage imaginative play and promote social balance. Additionally, Sorbus Spinner Swing creates the perfect lounging space to relax, daydream, listen to music, read, play, and enjoy free time with friends and family. It’s the ideal gift for your children, and perfect for an outdoor picnic.

Moreover, Sorbus Spinner Swing comes with a comfortable hanging seat. The rope seat cushion delivers super comfortable ride, and can hold 2-3 kids. It can hold for up to 220 pounds for utmost safe riding experience. In addition, this swing is really easy to install and can be done within minutes only. The top of ropes have steel rings which link to sturdy suspension rope to approximately 63 inch long to connection point from base.

It also features a tough rope net seat with thick woven nylon material, and the frame for children is steel tube. The package includes mountain accessories, detailed instructions, and of course the swing.


  • Super easy to set up
  • Very durable
  • More than 2 kids can ride on it
  • Easy to adjust height
  • The ropes are sturdy
  • Very comfortable
  • Very safety


  • Doesn’t come with any hook
  • The foam lining on the outer circle is not really good quality
  • The rubber foam seems flimsy


5. Tarzan Tire 40″ Spider Web Swing

Tarzan Tire 40" Spider Web Swing, Green – Tree Swing, Redesigned Tire Swing, Extra Safe and Durable, Swing with Friends, Easy Install for Swing Set or Tree

The manufacturer of Tarzan Tire 40 inch Spider Web Swing re-engineered the classic tire swing design in order to create a more thrilling and cleaner swing for your family. Instead of old dirty tire, Swinging Monkey Products has created a new design using strong nylon ropes and steel frames to make a spider web style swing with a hole in the center and thus Tarzan Tire Tree Web Swing is born.

It is designed in the USA, and only uses high-grade materials available in the market. Moreover, this swing is constructed with a heavy duty nylon webbing and industrial steel frame to make the seat and hole.

Tarzan Tire 40 inch Web Swing is huge and can hold up to 400 lbs. of weight capacity so multiple children can bond even more. Additionally, the swing’s height is fully adjustable and comes with a metal adjustable link which can extend the rope length to a maximum length of 72 inches.

Moreover, Tarzan Tire Web Swing seriously boast its safety aspect since the manufacturer always make their products undergo third-party testing and makes them certified by CPSIA and ASTM.


  • Large swing
  • Very safe
  • Durable
  • Easy to install and disassemble for storage
  • Perfect gift
  • Super strong
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Swings high


  • Hanging hardware is not included
  • Quite expensive


Installing a Tree Swing

Having such equipment in your backyard is way safer than relying on a public swing set because you already know how it runs and its traits. With that said, maintaining a tree swing needs quite of responsibility.

First, you have to make sure that both the tree branch and swing are secure and well-anchored.

In terms of understanding a weight capacity of your selected tree branch, it’s better to be safe than sorry later by testing it swinging or hanging from it to see how much weight it can handle.

Your kid may weigh less than you do but chances are your child will be in constant motion whenever swinging. Ideally, you will want any branch to show zero flexibility.

After finding a solid branch, you have to measure an ample clearance. You can begin by knowing how high your tree swing from the ground is.  Usually, you’d want the seat to rest just high enough such that your child’s feet won’t easily snag the ground.

After this step, measure the distance from the tree branch to the ground. Using this distance as your reference, be sure that there aren’t any obstacles near the tree.

Ironically, one of the most usually swing-set accidents involves a person tripping over it or running into a swing then tripping over it. To avoid this, simply install a metal hook into the side of our tree to let your kids to drape the swing like a sash whenever they are not riding it. In turn, this will prevent anyone from running into the swing during dark.

The Countless Benefits of Teaching a Child on How to Swing

While tree swings are both fun and simple, they’ve also been proven to give an endless stream of developmental advantages.

Swinging frequently helps kids to enhance their depth perception, spatial awareness, sensory integration, and of course motor skills. Additionally, this activity also helps to curb hyperactivity while reducing symptoms that have been linked with particular nervous disorders.

A lot of therapists use swinging as a way to help autistic children to concentrate, and over the time, therapists can also use swinging as an inspirational tool.

Swinging in public motivates children to interact without the activity being confrontational similar to most sports. In addition, swinging teaches a child to think without distraction, and it encourages a kid to set aside video games and put away those gadgets.

Inspiring a kid on a swing represents a bonding opportunity, letting both child and parent to establish and communicate a sense of trust with each other. Moreover, a backyard swing links a kid with a particular lifelong memories about which she or he is bound to remember at the later stage of life.

Factors to Consider When Getting the Best Tree Swings

For all we know, different marketplace have a variety of tree swings. Thus the tips below can help you distinguish between a model that delivers you the performance you’re looking and an inferior product.


When selecting the best tree swing, begin by looking at the falling space and free fall area. You’ll get this information on the section specifying the needed space on the product description. This will help prospects to determine whether the space they have is enough. Aside from that, determining the dimension of the tree swing you’re planning to purchase can also determine the overall installation expenses.

Seat Type

Another factor to determine when choosing the best tree swings is the type of seat. This factor will depend on the user age and some particular special requirements.

For children, seats with an extra padding and a larger seating area can make them more comfortable.

In addition, tree swings with a large seating area are also ideal choice for adults.

Safety Features

Make sure you also look at the safety features. Some premium tree swings are incorporated with special safety features like anti-wrap bearing on the crossbeam.

This factor will guarantee that the chains and swing are not wrapped around them. You must also ensure that the suspension is rugged to preclude any accidents.


The construction materials play a vital role when it comes to the service you need. It goes without saying that rugged materials tend to last longer and deliver service that you can rely on.

Because of this, you should always go for the models with robust frame preferably metallic. Additionally, the seat must also be constructed using soft yet rugged materials.

Notes You Should Remember About Tree Swing Kits

1.) Most tree swing packages will need a tree hanging kit or tow strap to integrate the swing securely to a branch. This is very cheap and simple to execute.

2.) Lots of these tree swing packages can also be integrated to a swing set rather than hanging from a tree. For instance, the spinner, web, and platform swings can be used this way.

3.) In general, tree swings make great outdoor hobby for kids in almost any backyard or front. Nonetheless, they also make great portable toys. For instance, you can take your tree swing on your next camping journey.

4.) Chair-like swings such as the Teardrop Hanging Chair or Hammock Chair also make great indoor swings.


Just like in the past, swings are still on the trend. You will find them in a many recreational parks, children parks, playgrounds, farms, backyards, and many more.

They make the individual relaxed and enjoyed. Nevertheless, the swing may break or snap and this could cause injuries. It could be poorly designed such that it makes awful noises, and doesn’t support the user properly.

And the best way to prevent such issues is to invest in tree swings that have exceptional quality. It should come with accessories that are long-lasting, effective, durable, user-friendly, comfortable, and rugged. To achieve this, you can simply refer from the top 5 tree swings listed above.

Have a great day!

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