Best Tesla Coil Lighters Reviews

Tesla coil lighters are very useful for kitchen, BBQ, camping, and many other chores.

Compared to disposable lighters, you can recharge tesla coil lighters using its included USB cable and rechargeable battery.

But moreover, tesla coil lighters are very eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and super user-friendly as well.

What Are Tesla Coil Lighters

There are 4 states of matter in nature: gas, liquid, solid, and plasma.

Plasma is an ionized gas that enables electrons to flow, making electricity. An example of plasma in real life is a normal lightning, which is generated by the difference in voltage between the ground and the clouds. The charges that clouds release move from the upper to ground levels, making lightning and thunder that is actually plasma.

Similar to that, tesla coil lighters comes with 4 electrodes on its tip, two of each on opposite sides of its body.

So upon pushing a button, the electrodes get ionized to the max, spreading the ionization to the atmospheric air. Air then gets ionized, and the movement of electrons cause the spark to move. The spark will travel to the opposite diagonal, connecting 2 electrodes, forming an observable arc, single or sometimes “X”. If you bring it near to a stove, candle, or a paper, the materials will ignite.

Tesla coil lighters don’t come in any kind of fuel since they’re powered using electricity. They come with batteries that can be easily recharged via a USB port. There are also two types of tesla coil lighters. They are single arc and double arc tesla coil lighters.

They work with the same principle, though differ on the voltage output they generate. But the most common difference is that double arc plasma lighters can produce more heat, meaning they spend twice as battery power compared to a single arc tesla coil lighters, so you’ll have to recharge the batteries more frequently.

Different quality tesla coil lighters have varied battery duration life, which also depends on how frequent you use them. Some can be recharged after a day, however the majority can hold for 3-4 days, and up to 7 days.

A lack of flammable fuel in the lighter’s body makes tesla coil lighters essentially safer. If the cover of the tesla coil lighter is closed, the lighter won’t ignite. However, if you are not careful, you can easily get burned since the produced heat is about 1000 degree Celsius. The only approach to get electrocuted is when you hold a metal item and put the other end in the arcs. Nevertheless, that is only in theory. Other than these irresponsible ideas, plasma lighter is very safe to use compared to average butane lighters .

How Tesla Coil Lighters Work

Tesla coil lighters are essentially windproof and flameless. These kinds of lighters work in any kind of weather conditions either in rain or sun. Tesla coil lighters can provide 400 up to 500 sparks a day when charged for around 2 hours. Additionally, tesla coil lighters work by ignition of Tesla coils that can light objects when the battery gets charged. The tesla coil lighter ignites your stuff by generating electricity between the two electrodes with the help of a rechargeable battery.

The piezoelectric lighters are actually a better option but filling the fuel into that lighters can be a waste of money and time. The butane lighters spill fuel and can cause frustrating bad taste and stench most of the time. This is the experience of most smokers. Also disposable lighters cause most of the environmental and littering pollution. That’s why, tesla coil lighters came into today’s modern living to save the environment by providing better heat with less wastage of fuel and less power consumption, ultimately leading to saving a significant amount of money.

Piezoelectric lighters cause emission of heat by the friction of integrated springs; however tesla coil lighters cause emission of heat via electrodes. In the past, these lighters were engineered with an intention to light only thinner objects such as candles and cigars. But nowadays, these lighters can ignite flatter objects very conveniently.

The arc lighters also use tesla technology but generate even flame and deliver many sparks compared to a traditional plasma lighters.

Best Tesla Coil Lighters Reviews

Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Dual Arc Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Dual Arc Lighter

This product’s name is synonymous with innovation. It comes with coil technology that lights up fast and doesn’t need butane at all. A flameless design implies that his lighter is certainly safe for every prospective user, and as long as its lid is securely close, it’s as good as dead.

Don’t worry about utilizing spark wheels because this rechargeable tesla coil lighter is ready always ready at the touch of a button, safe and convenient to use, and very simple as it offers a modern design.  Aside from that, this product is eco-friendly, and it won’t introduce any harmful chemicals into your home or your body. You can even take it with you in the airport without worry.

This tesla coil lighter is a nice choice for individuals who’re always on the go and want a reliable flameless lighting solution. This windproof lighter looks like something from a fiction film as it is shining in bright gold finishes and a tinge of black matte accents.

Again, it is super easy to use, and you will not have to fumble with conventional spark wheels of traditional lighters. While this lighter comes in a sophisticated and sleek design, it’s not that complicated. Speaking of its sleek design, it can help break the ice with strangers since there’s nothing better to talk about than an innovative lighting gadget.

This convenient electric stylish metal lighter can be your assistant wherever and whenever you are. No matter what the weather is, this lighter will not allow you to get pinned in strong winds or storm.

Moreover, unlike any other Tesla arc lighter that comes with single arc for lighting, this product has two arcs. Thus this lighter is one of the most efficient flameless lighters out there. It really works great, though it costs quite a bit compared to most other single and dual arc lighters.

Therefore, if you’re seeking for a step up from a single arc flameless lighter, or you’re seeking for something new, this product is a good try.

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  • Very safe, and button disables when the lighter is not in use
  • Very convenient and wind-proof
  • The dual lighters make it highly efficient
  • It can take up to an hour to recharge and holds a charge for a week
  • Durable construction and elegant finish design


  • It leaves fingerprints
  • It makes a high-pitched sound 


Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Tesla Coil Lighters

Though tesla coil lighters are very convenient devices, there are still a few factors that differentiate models from one another. Here are some of the most common features and specs you must consider before purchasing one:

Quantity of Arcs

The primary classification with tesla coil lighters is how many arcs they have. For the most part, the only two options are single arcs and double arcs. Single arcs generate one bolt of plasma, while double arcs emit two. Double arcs are best USB lighters for lighting stuff such as cigars and other larger items. On the other hand, single arc tesla lighters are most suitable for standard cigarettes and small candle wicks.

Charging Capacity

Most tesla coil lighters are rechargeable, but some can hold bigger charges unlike the others. Inexpensive models can hold approximately 100 lights worth of charges, while higher-end lighters can provide anywhere from 200 to 300, sometimes more.


The majority of tesla coil lighters are shaped like Zippo and flip top lighters, but these can be hard for lighting some cigars and candles. In those instances, you might need to purchase a separate tesla coil lighter for bowls. On the other hand, cylindrical tesla coil lighters have longer and skinnier dimensions that make them more suitable for reaching down into something.

Extra Features

The most known feature of any tesla coil lighter is its lighting mechanism. These mechanisms come in 2 clear forms. The first one is the arc form. With arcs, lighters create 2 electrical poles and run current between them. Then this current makes a small electrical arc made out of plasma. The plasma will be hot enough to set most products on fire.

Additionally, some companies make their arcs in interesting patters that distinguish their products from the other companies. The other most known approach is the red spot. A number of tesla coil lighters have a spot that’s linked to a coil. When the button is pressed, the coil makes an arc inside of its mechanism that light up the spot. That spot then turns red hot and can light fires just like any other typical lighters.


Another general feature of tesla coil lighters is obviously their splash-proof and windproof design. Conventional matches and lighters tend to be almost useless during windy days. A sudden gas can cause the flame to instantly peter out. The same effect happens in a wet situation or during a rainstorm. Plasma doesn’t have these factors. The mechanism that makes the plasma is tightly housed in a waterproof case.

While they can’t be submerged in water, splashes cannot cause them to short. Additionally, a strong wind will not overwhelm and shut down the plasma arcs. Tesla arcs generate heat in a completely different process from butane lighters. This way results in a robust and more reliable tesla coil lighters.


Obviously, tesla coil lighters come with electrical components that set them apart from conventional lighters when it comes to safety. They don’t need butane fuel and many advertisements stress that possibly cause hazardous side effects of lighter fluid. Butane fuel can easily spark and generate fire. It can be ingested and cause internal issues or burn on your skin. On the other hand, tesla coil lighters avoid fuel completely and avoid all of the potential health issues linked with that fuel.

Moreover, they can also be kept for long period of time compared to conventional lighters. Conventional lighters can gradually leak and pose hazard to individuals or the environment of they’re not immediately used and then get rid of. You can use several conventional lighters per year, and the use of those lighters by millions of Americans cam quickly fills up landfills. But tesla coil lighters have batteries inside that can be plugged into any USB outlet. They normally charge in between one to two hours. Their charges are good for dozens of lit cigarettes or candles. Once they do not work anymore, they can be safely discarded at any e-recycling site.

Just in case people are anxious about coming into contact with electricity, tesla coil lighters work at voltages that are not hazardous to the average consumer. The most that any lighter can damage a person is creating a little sensation of pain and a few red marks that disappear after a short amount of time.


Tesla coil lighters are a very helpful innovation from conventional lighters. They are also environmentally-friendly, and very easy to use. Not to mention that they can be cheaper in the long run compared to conventional lighters.

Tesla coil lighters can also make a statement and leave impression to other people. Anyone who is interested in purchasing one Tesla coil lighter must consider what kind of lighting they are interested in and what designs they may want for their lighter. With just a few hours of researching, prospective consumers will be able to find the lighter that will fit their needs.

Tesla coil lighters are not only a safer choice to use unlike to traditional lighters but are very beneficial and pose a lot of advantages. Thus if you’re looking for one of these devices to invest in, make sure to regard the options mentioned above as they’re some of the best tesla coil lighters at the moment today.

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