Best Studio Microphone Pop Filters Reviews

Serious musicians know that without a pop filter, recording clear sounds with no distortion is chancy. The following ten filters are all offered by Amazon and were chosen on the basis of quality and customer satisfaction ratings of no less than 4-stars. If there are any aspiring singers or speakers on your gift list, putting one of these under their tree this year is a no-fail winner.

1. Dragonpad USA Pop filter Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter

dragonpadPresented by Dragonpad USA, this pop filter is an economical alternative to getting the best out of every recording session. Swivel mounted for trouble free installation, it will protect your microphone from contamination such as excess saliva, and facial sweat. The gooseneck holder is extremely flexible and swivels a full 360 degrees. The pure function of this wind screen shows itself from the first line in a song to the last.

2. IMAGE® 6″ Flexible Studio Microphone Mic Pop Wind Screen Filter with 360°Flexible Gooseneck and Metal Stabilizing Arm

imageDesigned for professional use, this pop screen from IMAGE serves multi-purposes and with a 360 degree swiveling mount, finding that perfect position for the individual is easy. Utilizing double screens for improved performance not only stops “plosives” (sounds that ruin a song), it will protect the microphone from germs carried by saliva. Attaching the filter to a microphone stand securely is no problem with a clamp (included) that will not scratch the stand and it will stay exactly where its supposed to without slipping.

3. Microphone Pop Filter with Flexible Metal GooseNeck Holder, Microphone Wind Screen with Soft Nylon Double-Net Filter for Studio, KTV and Recording Room

sufumMicrophones aren’t just for future musicians, anyone who needs to get their voice out there for others to hear needs a pop filter for clarity of sound. This filter has blowout prevention, its wind proof (for outdoor events), and reduces interference so what the audience hears is your voice with no irritating “strange noises” to distract them. Installation on a mike stand is so easy, a child could do it. Perhaps best of all for this pop filter is the generous 90 Days Quality Warranty that comes with it. If the manufacturer trusts their product that much, so can you.

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4. NEEWER® Red Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter Mask Shield

neewerDesigned for pure function and convenience, this pop filter mask presented by NEEWER has a built-in defense against hissing or lisping from the “s” sound as well as distortion of “P and B” consonants. The 360 degree flexibility of the gooseneck which adds versatility, as well as a well-designed swivel mount make installation and use of this unit an easy, trouble-free task. What you get for your money on this item is ease of use and a way to ensure whatever you have to sing or say, it will be heard clearly by all who listen.

5. Handheld Microphone Pop Filter Windscreen Wind Screen Studio Shield Mount

sywonHandheld microphones need help staying hygienic and this pop filter windscreen will do that and much more. Upgraded to triple layers, it puts foam, a metal net and a layer of etamine between the singers lips and any harmful bacteria. This also protects the microphone, extending its life and usefulness. Sounds such as pops, wind or breath noises that tend to creep in and ruin a track are stopped cold with this triple filter. A combo of elastic bands and rubber ring hold it firmly in place no matter how active the singing or speaking gets.

6. Auphonix 6-Inch Microphone Pop Filter. Double Mesh Screen. Bonus Recording Tips and Tricks Ebook

auphonixIf you’ve ever listened to a recording that wasn’t quite clear, or had “popping” noises the singer wasn’t using a pop filter. The sturdy Auphonix has a double layer of mesh that stops those little bursts of air from hitting the microphone that cause the distortions, and a gooseneck provides more than enough support to hold the shield in place. This filter comes with a 12-month guarantee, as well as a free ebook with tips that explain how to get the most out of your recording time.

7. LyxPro MOP-8 Studio-Grade Mesh Microphone Pop Filter w/14” Flexible Steel Gooseneck – Easily Attaches to Any Microphone Stand

lyxproThe LyxPro MOP-8 is studio-grade and comes with a limited one year warranty. This filters ability to feed audio through to a microphone without adding anything to the sound while at the same time keeping harmful saliva, dust and other contaminants from ever reaching the mic makes it a consumer favorite. Quality pop filters such as this one can make or break a singing or speaking engagement. Musicians use pop filters because they work, but you don’t have to be a rock-star to appreciate the value of equipment as well-made as the LyxPro.

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8. Pyle Studio Microphone Pop Filter 6-Layer Mesh Screen, Wind Screen Filtration 360° Flexible Gooseneck Holder


The Pyle filter will help its user reach a level of quality sound they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Pops, crackles, hissing, and thumping noises are all filtered out until the only thing left is pure, clean sound. 6-layers of mesh screen filtration on an adjustable, flexible gooseneck offer professional protection that even “garage bands” can afford. Podcasters, broadcasters, or speakers, anyone who needs their words to be clearly heard should use a filter. Good pop filters like this one not only help with clarity, they also extend the life of expensive microphones by protecting them from air-born contamination.

9. #1 Microphone Pop Filter -Professional Premium Studio Grade Shield / Screen – High Quality Strong Metal & Mesh with Gooseneck – Perfect for a CLEAR Dynamic Voice Recording – Best Sound Accessory – Protect & Shield your Investment! GV-Pro 1!

microphoneThis simple, yet effective pop filter could be viewed as insurance for expensive microphones as well as a way to eliminate the annoying distractions of high pitches, crackling and hisses that can cause you to lose an audience. Preventing saliva from reaching the mic is more than just a good idea hygienically. The corrosive salt in saliva will eventually ruin the mic and as costly as those can be, that is reason enough to buy this pop filter even it didn’t help produce the smooth clarity of sound that it does.

10. Neewer® Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter Mask Shield with Adjustable Swivel Mount and 360 Degree Flexible Metal Gooseneck Holder, Framed Pink on Black

swivelNeewer’s pop filter is portable studio quality you can take outdoors if you need to and still be able to count on the same functionality. Its double nylon net keeps unwanted noises away so whatever you have to say, indoors or out, it will be heard clearly to the farthest seats. An adjustable swivel mount makes attaching the filter to any mic stand an easy job, and the 360 degree flexibility of its gooseneck ensures perfect positioning that stays where you put it.

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Whether you’re a professional, or someone who would like to be, pop filters are an obvious necessity. Even if you already have one, buying another now as back up makes good sense for anyone who takes their music seriously and needs to maintain the kind of quality it takes to hold an audience. Of the ten listed here, two current favorites are numbers 3 and 5.

They both provide quality sound but # 3 has a guarantee while # 5 doesn’t. However, # 5 has the convenience of being easily mounted to a handheld. Whichever type of microphone the pop filter is for, at these prices even the tightest budget can afford more than one.

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