Best Step Trash Cans On Amazon Reviews

There is much more to consider when purchasing trash cans for the home or office than just a selecting any convenient container. With the technology and hours of research that has been put into creating waste receptacles for the home and office, you are able to find trash cans that add to the overall room atmosphere. Durable materials and functioning designs are just a few of the factors that should be considered when purchasing trash cans. Here are ten trash cans that will create a desirable look and feel in any room in which they are placed.

1. SimpleHuman Rose Gold Stainless Steel Rectangular 14.5 Gallon Step Trash Can with Liner Pocket

simplehuman 55 Liter / 14.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Rectangular Kitchen Step Trash Can with Liner Pocket, Rose Gold Stainless Steel

If ever there was a luxury trash can, this is it. A built-in liner pocket that holds liner refill packs allows you to change trash bags from the inside of the can. These liners are dispersed one bag at a time. With a rose gold stainless steel finish, this trash can delivers a sleek look in any room that it is placed. An extra-wide steel pedal is engineered to be both sturdy and durable, offering years of continued use without sustaining damage.


2. Heim Concept 2.6 Gallon Brushed Stainless Steel Step Trash Can with Slow Down Close

Heim Concept Step Trash Can with Slow Down Close, 2.6-Gallon, Brushed Stainless Steel

With a slow closing technology used for engineering this stainless steel trash can, there is no risk of fingers getting pinched. A removable inner bucket is ideal for catching any leaks that can occur. The stainless steel finish is designed to last long and resists fingerprints and smudging.


3. SimpleHuman 11.9 Gallon Stainless Steel Butterfly Step Trash Can

simplehuman 45 Liter / 11.9 Gallon Stainless Steel Butterfly Lid Kitchen Step Trash Can, Brushed Stainless Steel

This SimpleHuman stainless steel butterfly step trash can has a split-lid design that opens in the center for use in low clearance areas. The lid shox technology used for constructing this trash can delivers a quiet open and close experience. An internal hinge is concealed under the lid reducing the risks of being damaged or pinching fingers. With its slim shape the SimpleHuman butterfly step trash can fits easily in even the tightest spaces.


4. SimpleHuman 10.6-Gallon Black Slim Plastic Step Trash Can

simplehuman 40 Liter / 10.6 Gallon Slim Kitchen Step Trash Can, Black Plastic Bin With Secure Slide Lock

When you are trying to work with limited space, the SimpleHuman slim plastic step trash can is ideal. With a silent-close design, there is no disturbing noises when opening and closing the lid. Built-in wheels offer easy maneuvering from one location to another without straining the back or arms. A black finish provides a clean look that resists dirt and smudging.


5. Safeco 23-Gallon Black Plastic Step-On Waste Receptacle

Safco Products Plastic Step-On Trash Can 9923BL, Black, Hands-free Disposal, 23-Gallon Capacity

The Safeco black plastic step-on waste receptacle offers many conveniences for a large scale trash can. With its all-black finish, this waste receptacle delivers a clean look wherever it is placed. The step-on pedal prevents the strain placed on arms and backs when having to constantly life the hefty lid.

6. SimpleHuman 13-Gallon Black Plastic Semi-Round Step Trash Can

simplehuman 50 Liter / 13 Gallon Semi-Round Kitchen Step Trash Can, Black Plastic With Secure Slide Lock

The larger capacity SimpleHuman 13-Gallon plastic semi-round step trash can is an ideal model for busy households as well as high-traffic areas. A durable steel pedal lifts the lid with ease. A secure slid lock ensures that the lid is closed, preventing pests and rodents from gaining access. A silent close technology prevents slamming and banging disruptions when the lid is opened and closed. There are perfectly sized liners that are available for this trash can model.



7. Malmo 1.3-Gallon Small Brushed Stainless Steel Round Step Trash Can

This Malmo brushed stainless steel round step trash can is ideal for the eco-friendly environment. With plastic handles and other components made from materials designed to repel odors, enjoy placing this strong and durable waste receptacle in any room. The sturdy steel pedal withstands years of use. The unique design hides the liner inside without unsightly edges sticking out.


8. SimpleHuman 10-Gallon Stainless Steel Rectangular Step Trash Can with Plastic Lid

simplehuman 38 Liters / 10 Gallons Kitchen Trash Can Brushed Stainless Steel w/Black Plastic lid

The sleek look of this SimpleHuman rectangular step trash can works well in any room. The silent close design prevents disrupting noises when opening and closing the lid. A dent-proof plastic lid repels damage due to use in harsh environments. Placing the trash can flush against the wall keeps it out of the way of foot traffic in the area. An internal hinged design reduces the likelihood that fingers will get pinched or damage will be incurred to walls and surrounding surfaces.


9. Sterilite 6.6-Gallon Black Step Trash Can

STERILITE 10949004 Step Can, Black, 6.6 Gallon

Enjoy the hands-free access when using the Sterlite 6.6-gallon step trash can. Step on the durable foot pedal for raising the lid. With its unique D shape, this waste receptacle fits snuggly against the wall so it is never in the way when used in high-traffic areas. With its black finish design, this trash can delivers a clean look that is free of dirt and smudging.


10. Rubbermaid Stainless Steel Commercial Slim Jim Front Step-On Trash Can

Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim Front Step-On Trash Can, Stainless Steel, 13 Gallon, Black (1901992)

The Rubbermaid 13-gallon stainless steel and black Slim Jim front step-on trash can offers a wide design that fits snuggly against walls and in tighter spaces. With a quiet and controlled lid closure there are no disturbing noises that are emitted when opening and closing the lid. You also have the ability to prevent pinched fingers while using. A liner retainer bands holds the trash bags securely in place, preventing messy clean-up experiences.


With so many designs and sizes of trash cans available, you are sure to find that these ten products will deliver a desired look and feel for any room in which they are placed. Enjoy luxury stainless steel finishes that repel smudges and fingerprints. Gain confidence with products that are designed to last through years of even the harshest treatment. Notice the cleaner atmosphere that odor free designs provide. These are just a few of the benefits the right waste receptacle has to offer.

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