Best Speed Quad Roller Skates Reviews

Speed Quad skates are excellent recreation tools besides being a fun way to commute within short spaces. How and where you wish to use your speed skates influences what you buy. There is a wide variety to pick from. Go for a product that you will enjoy riding and one that expresses your visual preferences and style. Don’t forget to go for functionality and toughness.

You want speed skates that work, are comfortable, durable, fun to use and a perfect fit to ensure safety. Let us look at the top ten quad roller skates that other riders are raving about.

1. Chicago Girl’s Rink SkatesChicago Girl’s Classic Roller Skates – White Rink Quad Skates - Size Youth 4

A high top supports your ankle without feeling that awful stiffness. Ensure the perfect fit using the easy to tie front laces. Great for starters and experienced women too. The aluminum base makes it robust. The high-quality professional build makes it durable and comfortable to use. A showy white color with baby pink offsets completes the stylish old-school girl look.


2. Roller Derby Star 350 Girls Skates

Roller Derby U324G-01 Girls Roller Star 350 Quad Skate, Size 1, White/Pink

A classic high top ensures ankle comfort and stability for hours without risk of straining. Enjoy improved comfort in the new design with a padded lining and reinforced heel support. Also comes in with vibrant white with baby pink offsets for that trendy cute little girl look. It’s perfect for beginners with an easy traditional lace-up front for the perfect fit.


3. Riedell Skates Dart Roller SkateRiedell Skates - Dart - Quad Roller Speed Skates | Black | Size 11

Experience improved stability with the sturdy nylon base plate and improved grip toe-stops. Pick your favorite from a choice of over seven colors, unisex sizes and a guarantee of quality from a world famous name. Enjoy smooth, slick rolling from the wide base bearings and sturdy hub ensuring speed and stability.


4. Pacer Comet Kids Light Up Roller Skates

Front laces and Velcro straps will guarantee you a perfect fit, and strapped up safety. The wheels light up when in use making them an excellent choice for beginners as you can track their movements quickly. In addition, the lit up wheels act as a confidence booster.


5. Riedell Dart 2 Tone Ombre Quad Roller Speed Skate

A vibrant duo-tone offset between black and bright yellow creates a stylish speed theme. Heavy duty bearings, lace-up fronts and Velcro straps for improved stability and safety. The aluminum base plate makes it durable and stable. The legendary Riedel name is also a guarantee of quality.


6. Chicago Women’s Leather Lined White Rink Skate

Chicago Women's Leather Lined Rink Roller Skate (Size 8) (White)

Comfortable, smooth leather coupled with an easy speed lacing system makes this a safe and convenient choice. Big wide wheels ensure superior shock absorption and stability in motion. It features an adjustable truck, a sturdy aluminum base and durable plastic wheels with robust bearings for precision steering, expert maneuverability, and long life.


7. Jackson Phreakskate Ghost Quad Roller Speed Skate

A comfortable, durable and best value for high-quality design speed skate. It has a lightweight nylon base plate mounted to a high-quality boot with world famous bionic toe stops. The bearings are upgraded to the 2016 version ensuring quick acceleration and stability at top speeds. It’s a great unisex speed skate with a wide selection of sizes. Comfortable with hand-made uppers and lots of padding on the inside.


8. Epic Skates 2016 Epic Sparkle 8 High-Top Quad Roller Skates

Epic Skates Sparkle High-Top Quad Roller Skates

It has a comfortable, hand-made high top design for extra ankle protection. Pink glittery wheels for vibrant light effects when in use. Precision speed bearings and double action trucks guarantee smooth steering and stability at top speeds. An extra pair of laces and a classic pink floral design makes it a hot piece for the ladies.


9. Mach5 GTX 500 Roller SkateMach5 GTX 500 Roller Skate - White - Size 6

An excellent inexpensive unisex speed skate that is sure to get you noticed. Change your laces from plain white to an eclectic mix of colors depending on your mood and occasion. Enjoy beautiful aesthetics in baby pink and legendary Mach5 performance. In addition, you can expect functional precision in motion and innovative stability.


10. Vanilla Denim Jam Skates

A sturdy boot with an even stronger support. An additional trim on the toes extends the life of the toe area. Enjoy quality comfort with soft lining and fully stitched rubber outsoles. Stable high-speed backspin wheels, a lightweight nylon hub, and race grade bearings ensure smoothness and speed. Experience excellent response from the aluminum truck and increased stability from the proprietary Gorilla frame.



It is crucial that you find the perfect match of speed quad roller skates for your specific needs. This is not only to maximize your riding experience but also make sure you are safe and protected from freak injuries. A good review helps you step into the best speed quad roller skates for a few minutes and check out relevant features that you may be interested in. It is also an excellent way to keep up with the trends in the industry. The best speed skate should be a high-quality product that serves you for years enabling you extended hours of play.

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