Best LED Headlamp For Hunting, Hiking, Running And Fishing

Going on a night run or outdoor adventure hands-free? Is that even possible? Yes, and that’s where headlamps can help you. Keeping your hands free while you are on a run enables you to enjoy running or sprinting more, and this is why headlamps suit outdoor enthusiasts well.

Whether you are out for a run on the night with your friends or emergency search and rescue during extreme weather conditions, your own headlamp can become the most important part of your tools.

If you’re looking for affordable and reliable running headlamps, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve compiled some of the best running headlamps that fit your need, budget, and satisfaction.

Benefits Of Using Headlamp While Running

Running at night is ideal for people who are too busy with their day jobs or busy taking care of the kids in the morning. Also, some people prefer running at night because of the serenity that it has. Running at night means fewer people and less traffic as well. But using a headlamp while running is essential to keep you safe from anything.

Better Visibility

When running at night, using a headlamp will help you to see your path clearly. Choosing a headlamp that provides you with a vertical beam spread will help you to see everything in your path. This will help you avoid from tripping on the grounds that are uneven and end up hurting yourself.

You, Will, Be Visible

Another benefit of using a headlamp while running is that you will be visible to everyone. People will see you, thus avoid bumping into you. Also, road users, cyclists, and drivers will be able to see you and avoid you. Some runners prefer using reflectors, but using a headlamp is much better because you will be 100% visible.

Trail Running

Also, if you plan on running through a trail, you won’t have to worry about anything because your headlamp will guide you through. You can avoid bumps and any uneven surfaces. You won’t have to worry about accidents because it is far from happening when using a headlamp.

Top 10 Best Running Headlamps Reviews

1. Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp

Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp - Smoke Blue

The Black Diamond Sprinter comes with a single TriplePower LED that produces a bright 200 lumens. It is made in U.S.A so it’s safe to say that this headlamp is reliable. The headlamp is IPX4 Storm Proof. That means it is durable and sturdy enough to withstand moderate to heavy rain with little to no effort. Furthermore, the Black Diamond is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can last for several hours.

It’s lightweight that you barely feel you’re wearing a headlamp. It suits runners well as it produces an intense beam enough to illuminate a large area. The Black Sprinter headlamp has multiple settings: high, low, and strobe, that suits different situations perfectly. Whether you are out for a long night run or a hike with your buddies, the Black sprinter headlamp is here to make your outdoor adventure much enjoyable.


2. Petzl – NAO

Petzl - NAO 575 Lumens

Looking for a rechargeable and remarkable headlamp? The Petzl – NAO is the one you’re looking for. This headlamp is powered by a single rechargeable 2600 mAh Lithium-ion battery. That means you don’t have to bring extra batteries while you’re using it. The charge time can take up to 5 hours with a USB cable.

It’s compatible with Lithium and Alkaline batteries, which are affordable and easy to find. The Petzl has a reactive lighting technology that enables the headlamp to automatically and instantly adjusts its brightness to suit the needs of the user. It produces a maximum of 575 lumens, which is quite powerful for a compact headlamp. The headband is adjustable for optimal comfort and it’s stable on the head.


3. Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamp



Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamp (150 Lumens, Black w/Red LED's)



The Princeton LED Headlamp has a large button switch for easy turn on and off. This headlamp is mainly designed to perform in any environment and situation. It’s light, compact, and very simple to use, making it great for outdoor use. It produces a pretty bright led light which is perfect when running on sidewalks or streets in the night. The battery life is great and the headlamp can last for several hours of use.

In addition, the headlamp is water resistant and quite durable for its size so it’s worth the money. It comes with two brightness levels: low and high. The design is actually great for an affordable headlamp like the Princeton Remix, and it gets the job done well. Plus, they are light and very comfortable to wear — you will barely notice that you are wearing a headlamp!

If you need a bright, white headlamp for sprinting or running in the dark, then don’t hesitate to get this one as soon as possible. While the light it produces isn’t that too big, it’s bright and powerful enough to let you see things clearly in the dark.


4. 4-Pack USA CREE Led Headlamps Flashlights

4-Pack USA CREE Led Headlamps Flashlights, 160 Lumens, Red LED Night Vision, Features 2 Separate Control Switches, Nice Fit Strap, 2.6 oz Lightweight for Running, Camping & Hiking (2 Black &2 White)

In need of a reliable headlamp? Search no further. The 4-Pack USA CREE headlamp is easy and quick to control. It features 2 buttons that enable the user to quickly and easily switch between the 5 light settings which are: Flash, Strobe, High, Dim, and Red LEDs. The high light setting provides a brightness output of 160 lumens, which produces a pretty decent light. The strobe, flash, and dim are perfect to use for any situations, especially during an emergency.

The 2 red LEDs are there to help you preserve your night vision. The headband is secure, light, and very comfortable to wear — you will barely notice that you’re wearing it. The strap is stretchy and adjustable — it fits both kids and adults well. Moreover, the headlamp is IPX6 water resistant, making it ideal for overnight camping or trail running. The sleek and stylish appearance makes the headlamp looks expensive, but it’s actually available at an affordable price!


5. DanForce Red LED Headlamp, Rechargeable Headlamp – CREE 1080 Lumens Brightest Zoomable Head Lamp Flashlight. Headlight USB Rechargeable, IPX45 HeadLamps. Best For Camping, Outdoors, Adults.

Headlamp, DanForce Red LED Headlamp, Rechargeable Headlamp - CREE 1080 Lumens Brightest Zoomable Head Lamp Flashlight. Headlight USB Rechargeable, IPX45 HeadLamps. Best For Camping, Outdoors, Adults.The DanForce Red LED Headlamp comes with 1080 lumens headlamp features 3 Original LED bulbs to shine stronger, brighter, and longer than you ever thought possible. The headlamp is versatile and convenient. This head lamp isn’t just tough, it’s also designed for maximum comfort. Enjoy temperature control, thanks to the sweat-resistant headband.

And with the adjustable sizing, it’ll be the only waterproof headlamp you’ll need – from your lantern while camping in the great outdoors, to a hard hat light, to a bike helmet light, and beyond! Moreover, the DanForce Red LED camping headlamp is durable and waterproof — it’s designed to last longer as well as withstand a roaring waterfall with little to no effort.

No matter what happens, this headlamp will remain strong and safe from heavy impacts. It’s provided with an adjustable and secure headband that suits both adults and kids perfectly. The headlamp is ideal for cycling, running, hiking, and any other outdoor activities. It is pretty tough so you can carry it anywhere you want and anytime you need the headlamp.


6. PETZL – TIKKA Headlamp

PETZL - TIKKA Headlamp, 200 Lumens, Standard Lighting, Black

Light up your outdoor adventure with the high-quality PETZL – TIKKA headlamp. Using it is easy and it’s perfect for camping, running, or indoor use. It produces a huge, brilliant beam that allows the user to see things clearly at night. The PETZL requires 3 regular AAA batteries to run, which could last for 60 hours on High and 240 hours on Low.

Furthermore, the TIKKA headlamp comes with a single on and off button for quick and easy use. The design is simple and compact — it’s no doubt a good looking headlamp! Since it is durable and can last for some time, it is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or running. The PETZL also comes with a phosphorescent reflector that makes it easier for you to find it in the dark.


7. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp




Black Diamond Storm Headlamp, Octane



Every outdoor enthusiast need a reliable headlamp in order to see well in the darkness and reach their destination. The Black Diamond headlamp emits 350 lumens of light power and comes with 3 different colored night vision modes that suit your needs. The light it produces is very bright, making it an excellent headlamp for any outdoor activities.

In addition, this headlamp is waterproof and dustproof — it can withstand water immersion up to 1m for 30 minutes. The Black storm headlamp runs on a single regular AA battery, which is undoubtedly easy to find and does not cost that much.

With its long running time, it’s perfect in extreme weather and outdoor adventures. The Black Diamond Storm headlamp has a total of eight lighting modes that fit any situation. Moreover, the design of the Black headlamp is quite stylish and sleek. Although it is not as light as other headlamps, it gets the job done well.

Whether you’re out for a night run or indoor activities, this headlamp will fit your needs and expectations. It’s available in different colors so don’t hesitate to choose your favorite color when you decide to get one for your next outdoor adventure.


8. Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp




Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp, Salt Water, One Size




Out for a night hike or camping? Don’t forget to bring the Black Diamond Cosmo headlamp to light up your outdoor adventures. It features a brightness output of 160 lumens and comes with 6 different lighting modes. It has a lighting setting that allows you to increase and decrease the light it produces.

The light it emits is bright enough to blind your eye temporarily so do not directly look into its light! The Cosmo headlamp is light and comfortable to wear. It has all the features you need and wants in a remarkable headlamp: it’s lightweight, bright, and available at a price you can afford. It runs on 3 standard AAA batteries, which are very cheap and easy to find. Although the design is simple, it durable, affordable, and it works really great!


9. LE Rechargeable LED Headlamp


LED Rechargeable Headlamp, Headlights Flashlight with 5 Lighting Modes, Waterproof, Adjustable and Comfortable for kids and adults, Perfect for Running, Camping, Hiking and Outdoors, Pack of 3

The LE LED headlamp is durable and sturdy. It’s made of quality plastics and it can withstand light to medium impacts with little to no effort. This headlamp is also water resistant so splashing water can’t easily damage it. It’s powered by a 1200 mAh lithium polymer battery that could last for more than 30 hours when set on the red light and 4 hours when set on the bright light.

The charging time is fast and it usually takes only 3 to 4 hours to be completely charged. It comes with multiple light modes: High, low, and flash mode, which works great in any situation. It emits 150 lumens of brightness which is pretty decent for its size.

Furthermore, the LE headlamp is easy to operate — it has 2 buttons for the white light and red led, which makes selecting your ideal mode conveniently. It’s excellent for running, camping, fishing, climbing, or hunting at night.


10. Running Headlamp LED Flashlight with Reflective Band



Running Headlamp LED Flashlight with Reflective Band - Bright, Light, Comfortable, Waterproof, 4 Light Modes with Red; for Runners, Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Dog Walking, Work, DIY



The Running Headlamp delivers bright 120-lumen lights that light up your way even in the darkest environments. It comes with 4 light settings: Red, Bright White, Strobe Red, and White, which suits any situation with little to no effort. In addition, this headlamp has a compact and lightweight design, making it very comfortable to wear.

It’s adjustable so it perfectly and securely fits your head. Moreover, the headlamp is durable and waterproof, which is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. It is powered by 3 Duracell AAA that could last for 5 hours, which is enough for daily use. It’s no doubt that this product is ideal for night hikers, campers, and bikers. It delivers countless features that will surely fit your needs and budget.




When running, hiking, or camping at night, it’s very important to have a bright and reliable headlamp to end up with a good visibility. Above we have compiled the list of the best running headlamps available in the market today. When you decide to buy one, don’t hesitate to use the list above as a guide to finding the right headlamp for you.

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