Best Rug & Carpet Rakes Reviews

There are loads of stuff that can get into your nice carpet and make it look dirty and tired. Hair from pets and family members are most likely the worse problems, though some dirt like mud and dried food on the floor can get clogged in your carpet, making it look more dirty than it actually is.

People with pets will know just how much hair they shed annually. Utilizing a vacuum to get rid of all this hair can only partially do the job. Over a period of months, a whole ton of dirt and hairs will become too entangled with your carpet and so you will have a hard time removing them, even with larger vacuum cleaners.

Now if you want to get your rugs and carpets really neat, you must use a good quality carpet rake. It will ensure that you get out all the dirt and hair that has become too rooted for your vacuum alone to suck out. Moreover, a good rake can revive that matted appearance of your carpet by making it regain much of its fluffiness and texture that’s lost as it’s walked on.

A carpet rake might take a bit more back work than a steam cleaner or a vacuum, however the effort of raking your carpet can certainly be worth it upon seeing the results.

What Is a Carpet Rake?

A carpet rake is just like a typical broom. It’s called a carpet rake since it is designed with thicker bristles that are rigid enough so that they can literally drag through your carpet just like a rake. These bristles are either made from rubber, plastic, silicon, or metal, depending on what kind of carpet they’re designed for. Usually, silicon and metal bristles are stronger, and are more ideal for thicker carpets than their plastic counterpart.

Moreover, silicon and metal bristles tend to be better at pulling out both human and pet hair since they can penetrate deeper into your rugs and carpets while also being grouped into thicker densities to make them more efficient. Additionally, plastic rakes can do a great job too. However, you must be careful at exactly which rake you purchase if you want one for hair removal. Rubber rakes are specifically designed for hard flooring such as laminate and thin carpets.

As a rule of thumb, carpet rakes with thicker bristle density are mainly for collecting hair, while those with thinner bristles density are primarily designed for more general cleaning and dirt removal. They’re good at removing little amounts of dried food, hair, dirt, and more.

Best Rug and Carpet Rakes

1. Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake, 18-Inch Head, 54-Inch Handle

Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake, 18-Inch Head, 54-Inch Handle, Blue

From its product description to its design and looks, this carpet rake looks like a heavy-duty carpet raker.

This carpet rake is integrated with an 18-inch head with nylon bristle and 54 inches of wooden handle. Though its height is not the tallest in its batch, it is still impressive. It’s still usable for both short and tall users effortlessly even if it is heavier at 2 pounds compared to the one pound weight of the other carpet rakes in this list.

Additionally, this carpet rake comes with nylon bristles instead of rubber ones like the others. Nylon bristles can reach much deeper in to the carpet with shorter fiber like cut pile, textured cut, uncut pile, nylon, and other likes. Thus it can easily remove hair, particles, and dust out from the deep ends of your carpet since they are thin. Nevertheless, it does perform less in detangling since it’s softer than the rubber bristles.

Aside from that, it is the widest from among the other carpet rakes in this lest. Some verified users mentioned that the size is great fo more coverage when cleaning big carpets. On the other hand, other’s think that it’s too big to fit in tight spaces where it would be hard to move stuff.

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  • Deep cleaning with bristles
  • Sturdy wood handle
  • Large head for more coverage
  • Good handle height
  • Delivers effective and efficient cleaning
  • Resilient


  • Dust flies up
  • Head is quite large for tight spots


2. Evriholder SW-250I-AMZ-6 FURemover Broom with Squeegee

Evriholder SW-250I-AMZ-6, FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee & Telescoping Handle That Extends from 3-5', Black & Yellow

This product is a rubber bristled broom made to agitate debris, dirt, and hair out of a carpet. Natural rubber attracts hair across different surfaces while its squeegee attachment helps users move from one task to another conveniently.

If you have a number of carpet and your pets have running all over your house, you will most likely appreciate the way this agitates the fur out of the fibers from your carpets. It thoroughly cleans large areas so you will not continually going over the same area twice.

Moreover, its natural rubber bristles are like magnets for the fallen hairs. It has a natural static that attracts hair in and traps it. It agitates hair out from your carpet fibers so the vacuum created is deep.

Additionally it comes with an extra-long telescopic handle that extends from 36” to 60”. That’s one of the most extended handles for any carpet rakes on this list, so you could have a lot of flexibility for all your cleaning chores.

Also, its squeegee on the other side helps with wet spills on flat surfaces like hardwood. This squeegee is industrial quality, so it must be durable enough for most of your cleaning chores.

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  • Extra-long handle
  • Industrial rubber quality
  • Durable rubber bristles
  • Removable head for easy storage
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Comes with a multi-purpose squeegee
  • No ladder needed with the telescopic pole
  • Idea for pet owners
  • Washes clean with soapy water


  • Handle is a little bit flimsy


3. Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake

Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake | Effective & Safe Pet Hair Removal | User-Friendly Rug & Carpet Cleaner | Ergonomic & Unique Design | Features a 4 Ft Extendable Pole

Quality Line Universal carpet rake is ideal for people who own pets. This carpet rake is very effective in getting rid of pet hairs from your floor and can also help in eradicating pet odor. This is very beneficial to use and is actually better in comparison to a vacuum cleaner.

With this carpet rake, you can remove your pet hair even from areas where your hands can’t reach. It only weighs very light, and you can easily store it conveniently. Additionally, it is very safe to use, and you don’t need to use any electricity or chemicals.

Moreover, it is well-designed and perfect for cleaning carpets in depth and removing embedded fur. Some verified users love that they can reach seemingly-impossible spots like under the staircase or under any furniture, or even the corners, and it’s not necessary anymore to startle their animals so frequently with the vibration of vacuum cleaners.

Nonetheless, some verified consumers note that this carpet rake didn’t pull the carpet pile as deeply as they’re expected to. With its 4-foot extendable pole and tin-plated bristles, this carpet rake is perfect for fluffing and cleaning rugs without damaging them. Overall, it is a nice choice if you’re looking for an effective pet hair removing carpet rake.

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  • Hanging hole allows for easy storage
  • Made of industrial strength high impact plastic
  • No motors, batteries, or cords needed
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Extendable pole
  • Metal bristles


  • Loose collapsing
  • Small head size


4. Carlisle 4575100 Commercial Grade 18″

Carlisle 4575100 Commercial Grade 18" Carpet Rake/Groomer

Carlisle 4575100 is a high performing carpet rake, and is a good choice for your hard-earned salary. It is uniquely made to deliver you with the best carpet cleaning equipment. Not to mention that it comes with a reasonable price.

Its tines are made of long-lasting nylon material that is very efficient at cleaning carpets. Additionally these tines are specifically made to lift soil, pet hair, and ground dirt of your carpet before vacuuming or steam cleaning.

Moreover, its head is made of robust plastic material that will not break even with continuous use. It is 18 inches wide, letting you to clean a larger part of your rug, thus saving you plenty of time. Also, you can clean more than two rugs in a row with this carpet rake.

Additionally, this carpet rake can extend the life and look of your rug. Utilizing it regularly will keep your rug fibers from falling down. Essentially, regular cleaning with this rake can preclude delay carpet wear as well as traffic patterns.

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  • Measures 18” in length for added leverage
  • Releases mud and food stains for efficient cleaning
  • Lifts pet hair out from deep in carpets before steam cleaning
  • Tines are rigid and strong to renew carpets
  • Does easily and quickly remove pet hair before vacuuming
  • Very effective at lifting stubborn food stains
  • Rigid plastic prongs review carpet piles
  • Covers larger area during cleaning



  • Handle is not adjustable
  • Plastic tines can easily bend if subjected to extra pressure


5. O-Cedar Professional 18″ Rough-Surface Push Broom

O-Cedar Professional 18" Rough-Surface Push Broom, Red

This carpet rake is most likely the toughest push brooms readily available out there in the market. Irrespective of its lightweight features, O-Cedar Professional 18” carpet rake comes with inbuilt high-grade materials that can withstand wear and tear easily. It resists harsh chores making it a perfect selection for sweeping a deck, workshop, patio, driveway, and other rough surfaces.

Moreover, this carpet rake incorporates the lock technology that ensures secured head regardless of whether you’re subjected to rough chores. Additionally, its heavy-weight block is warp resistant while its incorporated memory bristles keep their form for long.

Also, it is an eco-friendly carpet rake that comes up with a double bristle technology, thus it is ideal for cleaning large debris along your walls and can reach out all the your house’s hard corners as well.

Now if you’re looking for a long-term cleaning-investment, then you can go with this carpet rake. It can work for years and sweep pretty much everything that in its path. However, one issue that prospective users could face is its dustpan. Most verified purchasers and users refused to use that dustpan.

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  • Works great for many outdoor surfaces
  • Bristles are made of 80% recycled materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comes with broom block
  • Anti-rotation socket
  • Robust inner bristles
  • Block is warp-resistant
  • Withstands heavy chores
  • Remove excess debris
  • Easily sweeps rough surfaces


  • Comes with a dustpan


Carpet Rake Buying Guide

Are you trying to step up your workplace or home’s cleaning game? Then don’t look further than a humble rug and carpet rake because this tool is a longstanding favourite with professional cleaners that it can even redefine the way you achieve dirt-free room success.

For the most part, it’s not always easy to select the right cleaning rug and carpet rake, so here’s what you must do to get that long-lasting reliable carpet rake:

  • Durable Yet Flexible Bristles
  • Head Style
  • Functional Handle Length and Design
  • Hair Removal Capabilities
  • Designs for Small Jobs
  • Features for Big Workloads 

Durable Yet Flexible Bristles

Carpet rakes are visually similar to the tools that you utilize to clear your yard debris. However, the main difference is that rather than teeth, carpet rakes is integrated with bristles that penetrate the spaces between pile and fibers to pull out hair, dirt, and some other gross stuff that your vacuum usually misses.

Since Carpet rakes perform the bulk of the cleaning chores when you clean your carpet, a rake’s tines must be up to the chore. The most versatile designs strike a balance between extract debris and bristles that are long enough to reach deep into the pile, as well as those sufficiently thin to function without breaking.

Also, remember that soft rubber bristles can also serve a dual purpose when you’re cleaning other areas around your house. But keep in mind that stronger designs can be better at refreshing your rug or carpet by restoring its fluffiness and lush feel.

Head Style

Most of the rug and carpet rakes that you will encounter during your purchasing can sport similar head profiles, however some are a tad more high-quality compared to others.

Doing your cleaning chores with a wider tool means that you have to make fewer passes in order to clean the same rug spot. Even if you mind getting a bit of exercise, all of that walking around piles up over time. Make your tasks easier by getting the ideal head style.

Functional Handle Design and Length

Depending on the deepness of your rug’s nap, you can discover that the resistance generated by dragging the rake becomes exhausting. Thus, using a version with a longer handle can give you the leverage that you need in order to work less of a hassle. Other carpet rakes include telescoping handles that let you select the ideal settings.

You shouldn’t make light of this factor since your carpet rake will spend much of its life in storage. Selecting a compact unit can minimize the amount of closet reorganizing that you need to do. If you make a frequent habit of thorough carpet cleaning, you can also find it nice to invest in something that comes with a handle with softer rubber grip surfaces.

Hair Removal Capabilities

When it comes to rug and carpet cleaning, lint, human hair, and pet fur are some of the toughest hurdles that you’ll ever face. Luckily, a lot of companies design their carpet rakes with the specific aim of collecting those fibrous matter.

Carpet rakes with bristles that are optimized for pulling up different types of hair can give you a significant advantage.

Design for Small Chores

You don’t really need to always bring out your big guns to make your rug clean. Because when it comes to minor cleaning, a handheld carpet rakes can make it easy to deep-clean troublesome spots.

Also, smaller rug rakes are more suitable for cleaning car upholstery. Now, if you prefer the traditional aesthetic, you can just pick up a classic carpet brush and make your tasks more eco-friendly.

Features for Big Workloads

Telescoping handles and rolling wheels make it easier to operate your carpet rakes around obstacles and furniture, and you can even pick one of two bristle sets for various types of carpets.

In fact, some commercial choices comes with bonus features such as rubber bumpers that make it easier to do you cleaning chores without leaving scuff marks in your wake. If you are a professional cleaner, the amount of time that you can save with something high-end can easily makes up for added cost.


Purchasing a rake for your rug can be a little bit expensive affair. If you’re going to find a good and budget unit for a simple carpet rake to maintain your home clean, you should make sure that you’re getting the right one for your needs.

As you’ve read from the carpet rakes listed in this article, there’s a surprising difference between different manufacturers. Which on you’ll ultimately end up buying will really depends on what kind of rugs you intend to use it on and what type of mess you’re planning to wish to clean up.

Because most people purchase a carpet rake to clean up after their messy pets, you’ll definitely need to pick a metal or silicon tine head, since they have the strength to get down into even thick rugs and pull all those unwanted pet hairs.

On the other hand, for hard floors or thin rugs, you’d definitely be advised to go with a rubber tine rake since this will let you brush out hairs and other dirt while also letting you to wash the flooring or rug with soapy water to get it really clean.

And that concludes our discussion. Do you mind sharing which carpet rake got your interest the most? You can tell us about any of your opinion or feedback by dropping a comment below.

Happy shopping!

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