Best Retractable Garden Hose Reviews

Try to ask any gardener about what is their most crucial gardening tools, and there’s a huge probability that most would answer, a garden hose.

However, regular garden hoses are a little bit inefficient and has poor convenience. For most gardeners, having that kind of hose is not beneficial at all, and one might rethink other alternatives to water their garden. But what if there’s actually an approach to water your garden more fun, easier, and efficiently?

Yes! With the use of retractable garden hoses you’re rest assured that you’ll get a convenient and efficient gardening chores.

In this article, we’ll go through the things you must know about retractable garden hoses and list down some of the best retractable garden hoses that are worth of your hard-earned money.

What Is a Retractable Garden Hose?

A retractable garden hose is a hose which is manufactured with a reel. The reel lets it to be rolled to a compact size and can also easily roll outwards in order to be used in the garden. This feature in retractable hoses is automated and most of them are spring operated.

Why Do You Need a Retractable Garden Hose?

These kinds of hoses are very convenient and every experienced gardener out there can tell you how convenient they are. A garden hose with retractable function is suitable for people who are seeking to ease watering chores in their garden. To sum it up, if you want to ease things and avoid all the manual rolling, then retractable garden hose is a good investment.

Best Retractable Garden Hose Reviews

1. Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose

Flexi Hose & 8 Function Nozzle, 50 Foot Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose | No-Kink Flexibility - Extra Strength with 3/4 Inch Solid Brass Fittings & Double Latex Core | Rot, Crack, & Leak Resistant

Flexi Hose upgraded expandable garden hose is an advanced garden hose which is designed of good quality materials and is really functional. It measures 50 feet in length, thus it is very flexible. Moreover, you can easily manoeuvre it because it is lightweight. In addition it won’t leak and comes with solid brass connectors.

It comes with a double latex pipe that will ensure that you do your gardening chores without much effort.  This retractable hose is also durable and comes with a convenient on and off valve. Aside from that, this can resist temperatures of up to 113 degree Fahrenheit and has a water pressure of 174 PSI.

Overall, it is very convenient since it comes with an expanding design. Even though it is only 17 feet in length, this can expand up to 3 times upon filling up with water.

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  • Comes with a sack in which you can place it when not in use
  • Its metal connectors are essentially indestructible
  • Its control for the nozzle is at the fingertips
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee
  • Completely leak-free
  • Highly flexible for effortless manoeuvrability
  • Multifunctional, foldable, and lightweight
  • Double latex pipe
  • ¾ inches brass made connectors
  • Eight patterns rotating zinc made of nozzle
  • Can withstand up to 12 bars of water pressure
  • Ideal for smaller yards at 50 feet length
  • High durable brass fittings


  • Its nozzle seems like a cheap plastic
  • Requires second washer at sprayer head to let hose to fully turn on
  • The design on the brass fitting for connecting the nozzle is not that great


2. Aterod 75ft Expandable Garden Hose

Aterod 75 feet Expandable Garden Hose, Extra Strength Fabric, Flexible Expanding Water Hose with 9 Function Spray Nozzle

Get all your watering and cleaning tasks covered by getting this garden hose as it lets you select from its nine spray patterns that comprise of jet, centre, mist, soaker, cone, shower, full, angle, and flat.

With such patterns, you can be sure to get the ideal pattern to clean your floor, yard and house, to wash your cars, clean your pets, and water your garden. But what’s nicer is that it is made to last. The reason for its impressive longevity is that it is made of modern, sturdy, and high-quality materials that let you use the hose with a water pressure of 3-12 bar and a temperature that ranges from 41-113 degree Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, this hose is worth your hard-earned income because of its ability to never twist or tangle. This is because of its extra-flexible design that lets it start out from 17 feet and expand up to 50 feet on water pressure. Aside from that, it is easy to store after usage because of its ability to return to its original shape once it’s empty.

And lastly, upon purchasing it, you’ll get three additional sealing rings, a storage bag, Chenille fabric car wash glove, and a hanging hook that make it very convenient to use.

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  • Easy to store in very small places
  • Comes with 8 functions nozzle
  • Excellent durability
  • Can expand from 25 feet to 75 feet effectively
  • Never twists, or tangles
  • Weighs 5 times less than compared to conventional garden hose
  • Doesn’t take up much space,  very flexible, and not heavy
  • Self-drains itself when not in use
  • Contracts to its original length when pressure is off
  • Made from leak-proof, durable, high-quality materials


  • Its brass coloring tend to fade
  • Grip on the fittings hurts your hands
  • Not really user-friendly


3. XpandaHose 75ft Expandable Water Garden Hose with Holder

J&B XpandaHose 75ft Expandable Water Garden Hose with Holder - Heavy Duty Triple Layered Latex Core and Free 10 Spray Nozzle with Storage Bag - Light Weight Flexible and Solid Brass Ends

There are times when you need more than 50 feet of retractable hose but you are not looking to double the size to a 100 feet hose. In such cases, a 75 feet hose is what you might need, and this is where the Xpandahose comes in.

Wrangling and storing of hoses are quite frustrating. A regular garden hose is mainly manufactured to work best if it’s uncoiled. As soon as you begin to bend and kink a common hose, water flow will be compromise and you’ll begin to lose pressure at the end. What more is that, it can lead to leaks and bursts in the hose that might require replacing.

Overall, this retractable hose is one of the strongest garden hose out there as it comes with a triple-layered latex core for long-lasting durability. It’s capable of holing up to 12 bars of pressure. The brass connectors are all rust and corrosion-resistant.

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  • Easy to carry around
  • Comes with 10-setting spray nozzle
  • Lightweight
  • Kink and tangle-free
  • Rust and corrosion resistant brass fittings
  • Comes with a storage bag and clips
  • Has solid brass ends and steel assembly clamps
  • High-pressure hose creates strong water pressure
  • Impressive durability
  • Durable triple latex core construction
  • Easily expands and immediately shrinks back down to its original size


  • Its fabric seems to snagged very easily
  • The threads to attach to the outdoor faucet is quite short
  • Quite hefty 


4. Goplus Auto Rewind Retractable Air Hose Reel

Goplus Auto Rewind Retractable Air Hose Reel, Hose Compressor, Max.300 PSI (3/8" x 50' Hose, Black)

For a smooth flow of work as well as safety, you might want a hose which is pretty effective in carrying gardening and cleaning chores. And that’s where Goplus Auto Rewind Retractable Air Hose Reel comes in. It comes along with a number of unique and elegant features for certain tasks.

To start with, it features an all-steel built making it a highly durable and pretty strong hose. Its construction also consists of axle support that confers extra stability when it is in use.

Furthermore, it comes with guides that are adjustable. With such feature, they allow for easy use whenever the reel is mounted on a bench or a wall. This is due to the fact that it makes use of some 4-roller design to do the job. Hence, you’ll find the reel much easier to mount and engage as per your unique preferences.

And finally, its bearings are highly accurate. They are also lubricated to let smooth and careful rewinds. In short, you’ll key in less muscle power and effort to be able to unwind the reel after you’re through with the task of furnishing air.

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  • It is made with brass fittings and has lubricated precision bearings
  • Very reasonable price
  • Its ratchet lock secures the hose at your desired length
  • Incorporated with a spring-driven automatic rewinding system, which retracts the hose smoothly and stores it securely in the reel
  • No warps, kinks, nor scratches when in use
  • Allows simplified engagement and operations
  • Works faster and more convenient compared to other reels
  • Capable of operating at desired lengths of your choice


  • Most suitable for wall mounting
  • Might be complicated for the mastery of a simple user


5. Anteko Expandable Garden Hose

Anteko Expandable Garden Hose, 50ft Strongest Expandable Water Hose, 8 Functions Sprayer with Double Latex Core, 3/4" Solid Brass Fittings, Extra Strength Fabric - Improved Expanding Hose

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option that won’t tangle or kink, then the Anteko Expandable Hose is a nice, lightweight space saver that’s ideal for any kinds of home. In addition, it comes with a high-quality spray nozzle as well as a hook for convenient storage.

Furthermore, it is manufactured with one of the sturdiest materials in the industry so you’re rest assured that you can count on it. Aside from that strong fabrics it has, it can also withstand high-temperatures of up to 140 degree Fahrenheit and can expand for up to three times its original size.

Overall, Anteko expandable garden hose is a flexible hose which is designed with a durable double-core of natural latex for less risk of burst line or leaks. Also, its tightly-knit outer layer is made with strong plastic fibers for extra longevity.

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  • Superior and strong hose construction
  • Comes with free 8 pattern hose nozzle
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Highly portable design
  • Very reasonable price
  • One of the toughest garden hoses that ensures great durability
  • Portable design
  • Brass shut-off valve


  • The tap could still use improvements


How to Choose the Best Retractable Garden Hose 


Retractable hoses come with different length, that is why your choice must depend on the size of your backyard or garden where you intend to use the hose. It must reach each corner of the garden effortlessly and make the watering chores much easier. The diameter of the hose also matters as this will determine the pressure of the water. Obviously, the pressure can also be affected by the flow of water; still it’s a crucial consideration if you want the best retractable garden hose.

Quality & Durability

Quality is a primary factor when you’re shopping for automatic retractable garden hoses. It is the materials and the quality used in manufacturing it that will determine how durable and solid the hose is. Rubber is known as one of the best material for retractable hose, although there are a number of them that use different materials and still pack a punch in terms of reliability. Make sure to check each component of the retractable hose to make sure that you’re getting the right one for your needs.

Convenience and flexibility

Normally, garden hoses are flexible in terms of rolling them, folding them, and turning them. However, this varies depending on the grade of rubber or plastic that has been used in making it. A great retractable garden hose must be able to fold easily and must show no signs of cranking, twisting, or breaking. Some extra features used in retractable hoses like integrated steel springs are typical as this ensures that there’s a powerful retraction.

Value for the Money

Finally, you would want to make sure that you are shopping within your available money. It is always crucial to remember the fact that expensive retractable hoses don’t always imply that it is made of good quality or much better compared to cheaper ones.

There are garden hoses that are overpriced yet still deliver excellent performance. Ultimately, you must not judge the reliability or quality of a garden hose based on the price point only, but by considering all factors such as convenience and performance.


From the list above, we can select out some of the qualities of a decent retractable garden hose. One is that it needs to be multi-purpose. With such aspect, this will save on the cost of having to purchase different garden hoses to perform various chores.

Second, the length of a retractable garden hose is an obvious factor. In short, the longer the hose, the better and is of great advantage to the user. And lastly, the hose must be tangle-free and kink-free. This will allow the hose to contract and expand effortlessly.

It will also preclude the hose from collapsing eventually. In addition, you must find out the type of material used to make your chosen retractable garden hose. The material must be lightweight yet durable.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions about our topic today please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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