Best Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Reviews

For years, we’ve relied on conventional body weight scales. The problem is, they tend to only measure your weight and nothing else!

Currently, it has become really obvious that knowing just your weight is not really helpful metric in terms of overall health. That’s the reason why body fat scales are becoming more popular since a person’s body fat percentage is a far better indicator of their overall health.

Now, if you’re also looking to track your health as accurate as possible, then we highly suggest to you to get the best Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale out there!

Why Use a Body Fat Scale? Week 7 Weight Loss Results!

How Do Body Fat Scales Work?

Majority of body fat scales utilize BIA or bioelectrical impedance analysis in order to give accurate results.

A small amount of electrical current is sent through the lower half of the user’s body. This particular current is 100% safe and because it flows faster through muscle and water than bone and fat, the scale can then measure the current’s speed.

This very number is used as part of a elaborated mathematical formula which actually estimates the person’s body fat. You’ll also need to enter other data including height, age, and gender in order to get a much reliable reading. Although the current used is really tiny, you must not use a body fat scale if you have a defibrillator or pacemaker or is currently pregnant.

Are Body Fat Scales Precise

For the most part, certain numbers of health and fitness experts claim that body fat scales are not as precise as other prominent body fat measurement techniques. Based on a “Consumer Reports” study, even the best scales are only precise in 80% of cases. The main problem is that body fat scales tend to get thrown off by a vast range of certain factors which include movement, calluses, muscle mass, and hydration.

When Is It Best to Weight Yourself

It is highly advisable to weigh yourself in the morning first thing, or at the minimum 2 hours after eating in order to get the most precise readings.

Aside from that, it’s also good to weigh yourself at the same time every single day since you can more easily track trends this way, and also take into consideration how much food/liquid you need in your stomach at the time.

Top 5 Best Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Reviews

1. RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs - Black, 11 x 11 Inch

This one model of Bluetooth Body Fat Scale from Renpho is a smart bathroom scale that boasts of a beautiful finish as well as a unique exterior that will surely suit perfectly into any kind of home décor.

It’s an awesome scale for individuals who are very keen on décor and style and no matter where you place it, it will nicely complement the area. Its stepping area is made of strong plastic and tempered glass that also guarantees that the product will last long.

Now when it comes to accuracy of the measurements especially inaccuracies in measurement from bathroom scales could lead to anyone in trying to watch over their health. The good thing is, Renpho Company have taken care of this matter by adding 4 accurate sensors as well as 4 electrodes that guarantee that the scale will only pick up the correct measurements. It will also guarantee that you step on all the sensor points when measuring your weight to obtain accurate measurements.

Furthermore, the Renpho smart bathroom scale uses Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis in order to aid people monitor their body compositions. The scale measure up to nine body compositions such as skeletal muscles, your age, bone mass, water in the body, body mass index, body weight, and body fat.

In terms of apps, you can simply link the scale to your smart app through Bluetooth. The app can be conveniently downloaded from Apple store or Google Play. Upon downloading the app, you can follow the guidelines on the user manual in order to finish the setup stage. The app can be linked with other health and wellness apps that you can download to your smartphones including Fitbit and Apple Health. Also, to monitor user’s health and progress, you have the option to register each of your family member using their height, weight, sex, and name.

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  • Comes with reasonable price
  • Backlit LED display
  • Tracks several different metrics
  • Very durable
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Full body composition measurements
  • Multiple users each with their own profile
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Only comes in one color
  • Slight fluctuations in weight readings


2. RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Body Fat Monitors, 396 lbs.


RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale USB Rechargeable Smart Digital Bathroom Weight Scale with Smartphone App Wireless BMI Scale Body Fat Monitors, 396 lbs

Do you happen to have an old weighing scale at home that produces inconsistent readings when in use? For the most part, it might compromise your weight loss program.

But you can replace that old tool with this Bluetooth-enabled fat scale from Renpho for the best and accurate experience. This body fat scale is engineered to produce up to 11 measurements precisely. In fact its performance is laudable. Whether you’re checking your body fat, weight, or body mass index, you’ll surely get precise results on this scale. In addition, you can also link such data to your smartphone for an easy review.

Furthermore, this is a well-engineered product for both women and men. On the other hand, its tempered glass platform and sturdy case supports up to 396 lbs. Most adults can use this body fat scale without compromising its system. And lastly, its four sensitive electrodes certainly enhance the sensitivity of the scale so you don’t need to tap its platform or customize it in any way to get precise measurements.

Overall, you should not worry about the safety of this scale. In addition, compared to certain brands that deliver false measurements this one will surely never disappoint you. In fact, it is CE, RoHS, and FDA certified which is very reassuring.

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  • Tempered glass platform
  • Bluetooth-enabled system
  • Supports up to 396 pounds
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
  • App-compatible body fat scale
  • Safety-certified design


  • Better if it comes with more helpful troubleshooting guide for turning its Bluetooth on
  • Not really a stand-alone tool if you’re serious about body composition


3. RENPHO Smart Heart Rate Body Fat Scale 


RENPHO Smart Heart Rate Body Fat Scale Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scales Wireless Weight Scale BMI Scale, 15 Essential Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 lbs - White

Who doesn’t love a budget-friendly product with top-notch features? For the most part, none!

With this body fat scale from Renpho, you’ll get a smart scale that can easily scoops any best value tittle. For all your basic body and weight data, clean eye-catching design that conveniently syncs with the primary fitness apps such as Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple, you don’t have to look anywhere else because of this body fat scale from Renpho. Particularly that it comes with very reasonable price.

At such a bargain price, this Bluetooth body fat scale comes with a quality feel in its build and its LED display is easy to read because it’s bright. Furthermore, the device is very easy to set up, and so long as your smartphone is within the right range, it will always be readily available for syncing to its app. It also comes with 11 metrics tracked such as body fat, body mass index, weight, and this certain scale even claims to track your body age, and ultimately giving you sufficient information to track your progress and reach your full potential as well as your fitness and weight loss goals.

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  • Runs on AAA batteries with an average 10-month battery life
  • Maximum weight capacity of 396 pounds
  • Health card provides 11 essential measurements
  • Syncs with all the main apps such as Fitbit, Google, and Apple
  • Retains data if not connected
  • You get a lot of quality information for the price


  • Quite limited Bluetooth range
  • Doesn’t come with multiple user profiles 


Factors to Consider When Looking For the Bets Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Before purchasing your own body fat scale, there are five main factors that you must consider. Some are for convenience such as: does it have a smartphone at all? Or what does it actually measure?

Now, if you’re going to spend the money on an extravagant piece of health tools, it is ideal to know exactly what you want to get.

Here are the few factors you must consider before actually making any purchase: 


For all we know, a body fat scale isn’t really going to help us the way it should, or at least not to the best of its ability, that is if it’s not actually precise.

The best body fat scales out there should provide readings which are precise within only a couple of pounds.

For this matter, it is highly recommended to go with a body fat scale that features a technology that is known as “bioelectrical impedance”. This technology is basically an electrical wave through your body, measuring the resistance it gives against the waves, as a highly precise method of measuring your body fat percentages.

Furthermore, something to be conscious of is that many of the body fat scales that come with bioelectrical impedance is not actually safe for those who  have certain electrical device on their body such as pacemakers. The said technology is not also recommended for pregnant women. In addition, remember that precision can change, depending on the time of the day, how hydrated you are, and even a woman’s menstrual cycle.


A standard body fat scale measures weight and that’s just it.

However, with medical technology advancing drastically, the same information you can get from a fancy costly test can actually be obtained from a simple bathroom body fat scale.

Obviously, the pricier tests are more precise but for a point of reference, your bathroom scale is a great starting point.

On the other hand, what else body fat analysers scale can measure? Some of these body fat scales measure as much as 11 various factors. Here they are:

  • BMR
  • Basal Metabolism
  • Protein
  • Body Age
  • Fat-free Body Weight
  • Muscles Mass
  • Bone Mass
  • Skeletal Muscles
  • Hydration Level
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • BMI
  • Body Weight


When discussing about connectivity, this actually refers to how your scale connects to your computer and/or smartphone.

In short, does it use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or does it connect at all?

If you want to be able to take your collected information with you, take advantage of other smartphones features such as syncing with Fitbit, Google Fit, or Apple Health, track over longer periods of time, then you need a body fat scale with such feature. Essentially, look for a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled body fat scale.

On the other hand, if you’re not that interested in all of this extra technology, then you don’t need to have connectivity options as the scale will still works even if it doesn’t link to your smartphone.

Weight Capacity

Basically speaking all scales come with a maximum weight that they’re capable of handling. Most body fat scales max out at around 400 pounds.

Though there are some that can max out between 300-350 pounds. It is crucial to get a scale that can support the necessary amount of weight or it won’t precisely read your body information.

Furthermore, it might be completely unable to display the results if what you’re trying to weigh is beyond the body fat scale’s capabilities.

Smartphone App

Presently, there’s an app for almost everything.

Your body analysis scale doesn’t need to be the exception. If you purchase a scale that can link to your smartphone, most of them would come with their own respective app.

Some body fat scales are designed to connect to pre-existing apps including Apple Health and Fitbit. But most do both.

They have their own respective application but they can also be linked with your other favourite health apps so you can keep it all in one spot. All in all, it is convenient and normally pretty easy.

Tips on Using Your Body Fat Scale

Try to use the body fat scale at the same time each day. Again, we already discussed this above, but in order to get the most accurate results and track trends more conveniently then you must take it at the same time of the day, every day!

If you’re using any smartphone apps, make sure to back-up your data to the cloud in order to keep it safe so you don’t accidentally erase or delete your data by mistake.

Keep in mind that the measurements these scales take must only be used as a point of reference. For more elaborated and precise data, you should seek professional advice.

Try to make sure that the scale is on flat, hard ground when it is in use. Avoid things such as bath mats, foam mats, and carpet.


The information and data that body fat scales can gather and deliver can be life-changing for certain individuals.

Find balance in your life with your muscle mass, body fat percentage, weight, and more using a Renpho Bluetooth body fat scale today so you can begin living in a happier and much healthier life.

All in all, though body fat scales are not the most precise tools on the market today, they’re still very convenient and useful, not that expensive, and can at least give you a ballpark figure. An increasing number of people find that buying a body fat scale gives them inspiration to improve their health and fitness aspect.

Thus, one of these digital scales could be a very shrewd buy indeed.

So get yours now!

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