Best Recliner Chairs for Kids to Create the Perfect Relaxing Environment

Modern younger generation spends quite a lot of time in front of laptops and computers. Children play educational video games, communicate with friends on social networks, look for useful information for homework. Long sitting in front of the computer isn’t useful for a growing organism. Therefore, parents should try and correctly organize a workplace for their child. KIds recliner is the perfect solution. All the models are adjustable in height, which is important for growing kids.

Pros and cons

Kids recliner differ from standard office chairs and other analogs in a lightweight practical design. They are made for children from five to thirteen years old. All the modern ones have height adjustment of the backrest and the seat.

Doctors recommend buying orthopedic chairs for children with spinal, musculoskeletal, and vision problems. Properly selected children’s furniture will help avoid posture and spine strain. It is during this period of the child’s growing that the posture is actively formed, so the correct position of the body is extremely important at this stage. You can also, see here, best tips about kids recliner and perfect relaxing environment.

After sitting at the table for a long time, children begin to look for a more comfortable, relaxed position, losing control over their back. Sitting on a normal chair or stool increases the risk of bad posture. Also, parents aren’t always able to monitor how their children sit at the desk or computer table, doing homework or playing computer games.

Children’s desk chairs have the following advantages:

  • keeping your back in an anatomically correct position;
  • providing additional comfort when working at the desk for a long time; 
  • reducing the pressure on the spine, static back muscles;
  • improving blood flow, preventing lymphatic and circulatory problems in organs and tissues.

The formation of the musculoskeletal system is inextricably linked to the child’s position at a table. The correct sitting position prevents the curvature of the spine.

As for disadvantages, there are none. But only if the product is purchased from a trusted manufacturer, is made of quality materials and in compliance with all existing regulations.

If you care about the health of your children, we recommend you to buy a desk chair. Сorrectly formed posture in childhood will allow you to avoid health problems in the future.

Types of children’s recliners

All the models of children’s chairs presented in the modern furniture industry are divided into several types. These types depend on what age category they are designed for. Manufacturers are ready to offer a wide range of colors and materials of computer chairs for children, schoolchildren and teenagers.

Computer chairs for children are presented in the following categories:

  • for children from four to eight years old;
  • for children from eight to twelve years old;
  • for teenagers, children over 14 years old.

If you don’t want to discourage a student from doing his or her homework, it’s necessary to create a comfortable workplace, reduce the strain on the eyes and spine. When choosing a computer chair for the student, you need to take into account the design features of the chosen model.

There are the following models of children’s desk chairs:

  • an ordinary desk chair can be equipped with a footrest. Helps to keep the posture while working at the computer;
  • an orthopedic chair is a comfortable and functional model;
  • an orthopedic stool helps to maintain posture during work and keep the child concentrated;
  • an orthopedic knee chair helps to keep the child’s posture, but after a long sitting, the legs may feel sore.

Computer chairs can have additional functions:

  • Armrests. Choose models without these elements, as they can lead to the child sitting with the wrong posture.
  • Adjustable backrest and seat height. This is a must because it allows you to adjust the seat to your child’s height.
  • The possibility of locking the seat and securing the wheels. This feature allows you to focus your child’s attention on learning. They won’t be distracted by things like spinning on the chair.

For the smallest kids, models usually have a bright and unusual design, shapes of animals or cartoon characters. Such options are perfect for children as it makes them happier. 

After reaching 8, the child needs a more comfortable, high chair. Children should feel comfortable to sit and work, as students spend most of their time at the desk. For older children, it’s possible to buy a model on wheels (rollers) that is not be too heavy.

For children of 12 years old and more, there are teenage options of desk chairs, which look like office models for adults and have a stricter, classic design. For teenagers, it’s also possible to get a computer chair or an unusual model without a backrest. The latter option is mobile, and a child should make an effort to maintain the back in the right position.

In some cases, there are models with pillows under the head. This option makes it easier to work at a table, while using a PC, reduces the load on muscle structures and vision. It’s important that a computer chair for a student repeats the physiological structure of the child’s body and fits a certain age.

How to choose a children’s desk chair

Taking into account the variety of options for children’s furniture, parents should know what to pay attention to when choosing a model. Any of the selected options should correct the posture and maintain the correct position of the spine.

Children’s desk armchairs should meet the following criteria:

  • have a height-adjustable backrest;
  • be appropriate for the height, age, and weight of the student;
  • replicate the physiological structure of the spine;
  • have an orthopedic backrest, an ergonomic design;
  • the construction should be as stable and reliable as possible.

To avoid overloading of the back and spine, the desk chair shouldn’t be too soft. A hard seat should be comfortable for your child. It should have a beveled edge to prevent blood stasis. Models with a depth-adjustable seat will ensure proper seating.

It’s equally important to pay attention to the shape and design of the backrest, which should be exactly the same as the curve of the spine. It should have normal stiffness and be adjustable in height. The best models to choose are those with a pendulum backrest and headrest.

While sitting, a child should reach the floor with his or her feet and touch the back of the chair. If your child doesn’t reach the floor, you can solve this problem by purchasing a special footrest. When sitting, the legs should create a 90-degree angle.

For first-graders, you should choose the models with wheel and rotation lock. You can choose a model without armrests or the model with removable armrests.

Before purchasing a chair, make sure that the model is reliable, sturdy, and of good quality. It’s best if the construction is made of cast steel, strong aluminum. If you choose a wooden analogue, check all the wooden surfaces. They should have no cracks, or other flaws and defects. Hypoallergenic varnishes and paints should be used for coating.

A chair should be certified and made of environmentally friendly materials. Your child should like the desk chair. It should be as comfortable as possible for work at a desk. And lastly, make sure that the chair fits into the overall interior concept of the room.

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