Best Pot Pan & Lid Rack Holder Organizer Reviews

Do your pots and pans all slide out of the cabinet when you reach in to grab one? Do you have to dig under piles of metal to find the pan you need? A small investment can eliminate the silly stress of pot-hunting. Check out these organizers; they can make the daily search for the pan or lid you need a snap.

1. Deco Brothers Pan Organizer Rack

DecoBros Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Pan Organizer Shelf Rack, Bronze


The Deco Brothers Pan Organizer Rack is an attractive bronze color able to accommodate five pans when installed vertically or four when installed horizontally. The unit arrives fully assembled and includes screws so you can to attach it to a wall. Very well reviewed, this is a sturdy, versatile, somewhat dull organizer that you could place in a storage environment or stand on a counter.


2. Rubbermaid Pan Organizer, Cookware Rack

Rubbermaid Pan Organizer, Cookware Rack, Black FG1H4209BLA

Slightly larger, the Rubbermaid Pan Organizer is offered in a black finish. Made of steel, this rack can take the weight of even your cast iron pans. Delivered fully assembled, the Rubbermaid can hold six large lids and two pans or two 14-inch pans and three 9 inch pans. It also comes with mounting screws, though some find them unequal to the weight.


3. Premium Heavy Duty Pan Organizer – Bottom Tier 1 Inch Taller for Larger Pans

Unlike the previous two racks, the Extreme Matters Heavy Duty Pan Organizer is designed with larger shelves on the bottom to hold pans with a larger circumference. This organizer is also usable horizontally or vertically and is supported by Extreme Matters with a lifetime guarantee.


4. BTH Height Adjustable Heavy Duty Pan Pot Organizer 12-Inch Large Skillet Pan Pot Rack Holder Kitchenware Cookware Kitchen Cabinet Countertop Storage Solution Stainless Steel Shelf Organizer

BetterThingsHome 5-Tier Height Adjustable Pan and Pot Organizer Rack: Adjust in increments of 1.25”, 10, 11 & 12 Inch Cookware Lid Holder, Stainless Steel (16.5" Tall)

Versatility is the watchword for the Better Things Adjustable Heavy Duty Organizer. This stainless steel product enables you to position the shelves at intervals that work best for you. Additionally, these shelves can pivot up to accommodate pan removal. Limited to vertical positioning, this organizer is less durable because the shelves are not soldered in place.


5. Lifewit Height Adjustable Pan Pot Oraganizer 5-Tier Kitchenware Cookware Rack Holder Hanger Shelves Kitchen Cabinet Worktop Countertop Storage Solutions Stainless Steel

Lifewit Adjustable Pan Pot Organizer Rack for 8 9 10 11 12 inch Cookware, 5-Tier Cookware Holder for Cabinet Worktop Storage, 18/10 Stainless Steel

Also designed for only vertical placement, the Lifewit Cookware Rack has a base shelf that includes metal feet for additional stability. More attractive than its Better Things competitor, the frame is made of stainless steel in an attractive U-shape. It has the same disadvantages of movable shelves; the unit includes five shelves.


6. Kitchen Bakeware Pot Lid Rack Holder Organizer

Kitchen Bakeware Pot Lid Rack Holder Organizer (Black)

The Neat-O Pot Lid Rack is simple, sturdy and can accommodate almost any kind of lid. Of particular note, the shelves feature an open structure so you can use it for lids with high profile handles or knobs. Offered in black for universal matching, the lid holder can sit on your counter or in a cabinet.


7. Lynk Professional Roll Out Pan Lid Holder – Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Rack

Lynk Professional Roll Out Pan Lid Holder and Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Rack, 7.25w x 21d x 9h -inch, Chrome

Say “good-bye” to reaching into dark storage areas for that lost lid with the Lynk Roll Out Pan/Lid Holder. Use four screws install this unit and you can quickly pull out the rack to make your selection from baking sheets to platters to covers and chopping boards, though, installing this in a small place is a challenge and it is a substantial investment. The attractive loop design maximizes storage space and enables easy storage of lids of all shapes and sizes.


8. DecoBros Wall Door Mounted Pot Lid Rack

DecoBros Wall Door Mounted Pot Lid Rack, Chrome Finish

This door or cabinet mount Deco Brothers Pot Lid Rack can store five lids in a waterfall design that eliminates cover tangling and overlap. Offered in an attractive chrome finish, this is a tidy use of otherwise unused space that keeps your lids at your fingertips. Four screws install this hard-wearing metal unit, though be sure to test before you install so that your door can still close properly.


9. Ikea VARIERA 701.548.00 Pot Lid Organizer

Ikea VARIERA 701.548.00 Pot Lid Organizer, Stainless Steel

The Ikea Variera Lid Organizer stores horizontally and features an adjustable accordion design so you can tailor it to fit your space. This easy-clean, stainless steel unit has a svelte, industrial look quite popular in current kitchen design. It includes rubber feet to protect the surface; its disadvantage is that your planning is limited by not knowing how many lids you can store before you order it and that you can’t fix the intervals in place once you decide what works best for your needs.


10. Spectrum Diversified Euro Lid Holder, Cookie Sheet Organizer, Cutting Board Holder, Bakeware Organizer, Copper

Spectrum Diversified Euro Lid Organizer, Plate Rack, Lid Holder, Rounded, Copper

The beautiful Spectrum Diversified Euro Lid Holder features a charming loopy design. This horizontal unit can accommodate up to six lids, platters, baking sheets or any other appropriate item. Offered in three finishes – copper, satin nickel and chrome – you can choose the best finish for your kitchen. The feeling of this design is less high-tech and more country home. Measure carefully before ordering to ensure you have room in your cabinet or on your counter to accommodate this non-adjustable unit.


It certainly seems that purchasing pan and lid storage is a no-brainer; they save space, time and anxiety and why we continue to live without them is the real question. There are plenty of choices out there, but which is the best? The best units for you depend on what you want to organize and how much space you can dedicate to the effort. Most of us will need multiple racks to store all our pans and lids, but there are more and less attractive features.

In pan storage, we prefer that fixed rather than adjustable shelves. The fixed shelves are soldered in place while the adjustable racks are held in place by small metal loops; it seems likely that the holes into which you insert the shelves will enlarge as time passes making the entire unit unsteady. For those reasons, we recommend the Extreme Matters Heavy Duty pan organizer, which is strong, can be used horizontally or vertically and is reasonably priced.

For storing those pesky lids, we like the design and versatility of the Spectrum Diversified Euro Lid holder; it has enough room to accommodate handles of many sizes and designs, is quite sturdy and is so totally cute that you may want to keep it out just to admire it.

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