Best Portable Bluetooth Projector Reviews

Projectors are a real savior when you need your screen when traveling, doing presentations or general home theater needs and gaming. The idea of being able to move around with your screen and being able to connect it to any device even when an internet connection is not available has made portable Bluetooth projectors invaluable.

These Projectors have been advancing for years to offer a great visual experience for presentation, movie watching and gaming making them the best viewing companion at home, camp or office.

There are many types of Bluetooth projectors in the market each designed to do one thing better than others which is why you need a projector that narrows down to your specific needs. The best projector should be able to connect to your preferred image source and deliver a clear edge to edge image on whatever screen you have. Making this decision can be really difficult considering the options in the market and the technical details involved.

We understand that sometimes you may need to make a compromise that allows you to narrow down to your budget. This does not necessarily mean you have to lose out on quality. This guide consists of professionally reviewed projectors that can deliver the best viewing experience for the specified functions at the best value for your money.

Top 5 best Portable Bluetooth projector reviews

1. WOWOTO H8 Mini home theatre projector

WOWOTO H8 3500 lumens Mini Projector LED DLP 1280x800 Real Mini Home Theater Projector WXGA Support 3D 1080P HD Perfect for Entertainment Business Wireless Screen Share Android HDMI USBx2 RJ45


This is a powerful DLP projector with 3500 lumens that ensure high-resolution display for 1080p images on wide screens up to 300 inches. Its most attractive feature is the stylish compact body which weighs just 1lb despite its great features. It is very easy to operate and it takes up very little space for storage convenience. It is also very easy to operate; this projector has touch control and can also be connected to a wireless or wired mouse via USB.

This is a heavy-duty projector that can offer long term service to the whole family. It is fitted with an LED bulb that has a 20,000-hour life span ensuring high-quality service for up to 7 years when used for up to 5 hours daily. Moreover, the bulb is replaceable which makes this projector a reliable one-time purchase.

This projector allows you to watch content from almost any source of choice. It has Android 4.4 that can connect wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or external speaker via Bluetooth 4.0 and 5G WIFI allowing you to move around freely when viewing. For wired connections to a PC, mouse or flash drive, the projector is fitted with an HDMI port and a USB port as well as a micro SD input.

This is a versatile projector suitable for both home and business service. It is fitted with 1GB RAM and a 16GB ROM that allows you to download and install many apps and games and play heavy action motion scenes without compromising your image quality. Its quick set up and high resolution also make it a suitable option for official presentation even in offices with overhead lighting. It comes with a 12-month warranty cover.



  • Large internal storage that allows for independent use
  • A compact design for storage and carrying convenience
  • Allows for a stable wired and wireless connection
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • The LED bulb has a long lifespan and it can be replaced
  • It can adapt to any room size even with overhead lighting


  • Doesn`t support audio for some early Android and iPhone products


2. GooDee Outdoor Portable projector

Projector, GooDee 2020 Upgrade HD Video Projector 6000L Outdoor Movie Projector, 230" Home Theater Projector Support 1080P, Compatible with Fire TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, AV and USB


This is Another all-purpose projector that can be used for presentation as well as any home theater needs. The main feature that makes this projector stand out is its ability to deliver very bright images and spreadsheets even in a slightly lit office, backyard or garage. This great quality is because of the 3800 lumen LCD lamp.

Its high resolution delivers clear a clear 1080p image quality on up to 200 inch wide screens from as far as 5 meters. Its heavy-duty LED lamp is energy efficient and long lasting with up to 30,000 hours in lifespan. The blue LCD display also reduces the glare for comfortable home viewing.

This is a classy projector for a home as well as great portability that makes it a good projector on the go. It comes with instructions that allow you to set it up quickly. It is compact in size and weighs just five pounds for easy carrying.

Its quality display can also be customized to meet multidirectional viewing positions through the simple touch of a button. It is also fitted with a silent quick-heat dispassion fan that gives an ample watching, presenting or gaming environment.

It has dual-surround sound speakers for clear audio. It can also be connected to a wide range of input sources. With HDMI adapter, you can connect to Android and iOS phones as well as tablets. It also supports connection for PCs, PS4, Chromecast, laptops, and Amazon TV Firestick.



  • It is simple to set up and easy to operate
  • Allows for multidirectional viewing
  • High resolution with a 3800lumen LCD display technology
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • It is suitable for a high quality, glare-free widescreen


  • You have to get your own HDMI adapter


3. BIGASUO portable Bluetooth projector

BIGASUO Projector, Portable Bluetooth Projector 2400 Lumens, Mini Projector Compatible with Fire TV Stick, PS4, Xbox, 170'' Display and 1080P Supported with Free HDMI Cable

This is a simple projector with a home friendly design that allows you to connect to other home appliances for the uninterrupted viewing experience. The main feature that makes it a suitable home theater projector is the 1920×1080 resolution that can display clear images and high motion scenes up to a 170-inch-wide screen from 3m away. It also has a great cooling ability aided by a silent dual-fan system that doesn`t mess up your viewing experience with noise and overheating.

It allows you to connect to almost any video source in your house including Xbox, Amazon Fire TV stick as well as windows, Android and iOS devices. It also has inbuilt surround speakers that can provide for your basic audio needs. The Bluetooth connection is also suitable for connecting to your external speaker of choice for enhanced sound effects.

It is also designed for long term heavy duty viewing. Its 2400 lumen lamp has a 50,000hr lifespan that can serve you for over 10 years. moreover, It’s 3000:1 contrast produces cutting edge clear images under low lighting for convenient tent, bedroom or living room viewing. Its 15-degree manual correction keystone helps you to achieve your perfect screen from any kind of surface.


  • It has a powerful long-life lamp
  • A simple plug and play operating interface
  • Manual keystone correction for customized focusing
  • It has a silent cooling system


  • It doesn`t have WIFI connectivity
  • Not suitable for presentations


4. Dr. J Professional Mini Bluetooth mini projector

DR. J Professional HI-04 1080P Supported 4Inch Mini Projector with 170" Display - 40,000 Hours LED Full HD Video Projector, Compatible with HDMI,USB,SD (Latest Upgrade)

This is one of the most popular home theater projectors in the market popular for its versatility and high-resolution display. It relies on an 1800 lumen LED light with a 40,000hr life that ensures up to a decade of service before being replaced. Its home-friendly design is further aided by the 5 layers of LCD Lens suitable for projecting glare-free clear-cut images both indoors and outdoors.

This projector has a 1920x1080P resolution which supports 1080p images when gaming or watching. It allows you to set up a recommended 120-inch screen from up to 5 meters away making it suitable for viewing in a large room. Furthermore, it can be set up anywhere with its 15-degree keystone that allows you to focus your preferred angle of view.

It allows connection to a wide variety of home appliances including laptops, pcs, TV stick, PS4, and Xbox for an all around watching and gaming experience. You can still insert a blue ray DVD, USB drive or SD card. The inbuilt surround sound speaker also produces enough sound for indoor viewing. The Bluetooth connection still allows you to connect to an external speaker for better sound outdoors or in a larger room.



  • It uses light refraction technology that reduces glare
  • Has a silent indoor friendly cooling system
  • Easy to assemble with detailed instructions
  • It comes with a 3 years warranty
  • Long throw distance for stationing convenience


  • Bluetooth connection is limited to audio devices


5. Dracolight Portable mini Bluetooth projector

Mini Projector, DracoLight 3600 Lumens Portable Projector Ideal 180“ Display 50000 Hours Lamp Life LED Video Projector Support 1080P, Compatible with USB/HD/SD/AV/VGA for Home Theater (White)

This projector is designed for home use to deliver high-quality imaging under both moderate and low lighting because of its 3300-lumen lamp. It is brighter compared to other home theater projectors of its category making it a suitable choice for watching and gaming. It can deliver clear cut 1080p videos on a 180-inch-wide screen. It also has 2000:1 contrast ratio which boosts the quality of your images especially when there is overhead lighting.

It can be connected to an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet through a synchronized HDMI adapter. It also has USB, VGA, AV and SD card compatibility that allows you to connect to any source of your choice. It relies on a 50,000-hour life lamp for long term service which assures value for your money.

This Dracolight projector is also a great choice for group viewing both indoors and outdoors. It is specially designed to fit on any regular camera tripod or a standard projector tripod for stability and portability. Moreover, it has a mounting hole with a screen that allows you to align it to your surface of choice.

Its dual inbuilt speakers give enough sound when using a small room but it can still be connected via Bluetooth to an external Bluetooth speaker that can accommodate a larger space.



  • It has a powerful lamp with a long-life span
  • High contrast for high-quality edge to edge viewing
  • It is power efficient
  • Easy setup design
  • It has a mounting hole and it is also compatible with a regular tripod


  • Not suitable for presentations
  • It has a single mounting hole which affects stability


The Key Factors We Considered in Choosing the Best Projectors

For your projector to be worth the money, it has to deliver a reliable long-term service. There are many products in the market that may disappoint which is why we thoroughly examined these basic qualities that make a difference before making our recommendation for the 5 best portable projectors.


This is the main reason for choosing a portable Bluetooth projector in the first place. Our review focused on light and compact projectors no more than 5 pounds. They don’t take up a lot of space in your living room or even a tent where every inch counts.

Our top projector choice is the most portable of them all with wireless connection offered through both WIFI and Bluetooth to your home appliances. It allows you to move the projector or the connected device freely without affecting your viewing.

High resolution and contrast

This is the most important feature of any projector. The recommended minimum contrast for an HD projector is 1000:1 but most experts recommend 2000:1 to avoid dark spots in high motion video scenes and gaming. To aid our minimum contrast, we chose high-resolution projectors which can deliver 1080p imaging even with overhead lighting. However, the quality of your image reduces with increase in illumination which is why we recommend viewing in dim lit or a dark environment for the best experience.

Room size and widescreen quality

Our basic minimum standard was high-quality imaging for a 12x18ft living room with a capacity of 10 people for all our home theater projector recommendations. The top 2 projectors have over 3200 lumens and a large widescreen viewing for up to 300 inches because they are also designed for presentation.

This allows you to present clear images, slides or spreadsheets in a large office with more people. All these projectors are however suitable for any watching or gaming needs at home whether in the living room, bedroom or even in the backyard because they all give clear cut images on at least a 120-inch screen.

Throw distance

Throw distance simply refers to the distance from your screen to the projector and it varies from one projector to another. Basically, projectors deliver clear images from 2 meters away  A throw distance of 10 feet (3M) is suitable for a home theater projector because it can deliver great images across the room. This allows you to use any corner of the room for projection. Our top three picks have a minimum throw distance of 4 meters that allow you to set up at ay position for outdoor viewing or when presenting in an office.

Reliable connectivity to content sources

It is important that your projector connects to as many appliances in your home as you need for convenience. If you need to move around with the devices or use a projector independently, then wireless is the way to go making our top choice; your best option.

It allows you to connect to devices and servers via WIFI which allows you to download apps or simply connect to the devices online. However, wired connection to PCS, laptops, TV Box and other devices is more stable and still gives a great experience at a lower cost which is why all the other recommendations were included.


How much does a good portable projector cost?

Our guide is however focused on the best quality image at the lowest price possible. Our recommendations are best seller portable Bluetooth projectors. Compared to their counterparts in the market, these five stand up to the investment in both time and quality service.

What is the best resolution for a home theatre projector?

The resolution refers to the number of pixels on your screen with the horizontal value displayed on the left and the vertical value displayed on the right. The most important value is the one on the right which displays the number of pixels on every column on your screen.

Most images in our files today are either 720p or 1080p. Resolution 800p is the best minimum because it can display both 720p and 1080p images clearly. An exclusive 1080p resolution is the best for most modern images. All the projectors in this guide can support 1080p images.

Which is the best type of projector?

There are many types of projectors in the market but all of them can be grouped into 3 main categories depending on their light source. The light source can determine the price, quality and lifespan of the projector and each type has its own pros and cons.

LED: These are now the most common type of projectors in the market. They simply refer to any projector that uses a LED bulb as a light source. The light is then reflected using mirrors or transmitted directly via the lens to deliver an image. They have the longest lifespan of any projector.

LCD: These have been around for long. They refer to a type of projectors that rely on a lamp as a source of light transmitting the image through tiny liquid crystal displays that build the image and then reflect it through dichroic mirrors.  The mirrors then generate a clear-cut image. They have high-quality images but they are more prone to burning out.

DLP: These are projectors that rely on tiny digital micromirrors that reflect an image closer or further away from a light source to create a pixel. They use a color wheel to rebuild the image from the source. This technology has highly been infused into LED projectors because these ones could not adapt to larger screens.

How much light time should a good projector have?

The quality of a projector is only as good as its light source and the longer the bulb can last, the cheaper the projector becomes in the long run. All manufacturers label the amount of lifetime their bulb will last.

LED bulbs have the longest life span of any bulb with a minimum of 20,000 hours. All the projectors in this guide are designed to last at least 20,000 hours. However, proper maintenance is key to achieving the longest service from your projector.

How to maintain a portable Bluetooth projector

Like all electronics, the lifespan of a projector highly depends oh how you handle it. These are the tips recommended by experts to help improve the lifespan of quality service from your projector.

  • Keep the projector window and lens cleaning by wiping with an abrasion-free cloth or a lens paper
  • Avoid damp surfaces when stationing the projector to avoid corroding the metallic parts.
  • Ensure that the projector is off and unplugged before wiping the projector case
  • To remove dust from the air vents, use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to keep the parts in good shape
  • Keep the projector in a horizontal position when using to prevent overheating
  • If the projector is overheating, try to reduce the amount of time it stays on.
  • Do not touch the bare lamp compartment with your fingers when cleaning the optics.


When you buy a projector, you literally acquire a lifestyle companion that affects the quality of both your work and entertainment. While it is hard to find a single projector for every need, it is possible to find one that meets your specific needs and that is why we created this guide.

It contains details of the best sellers in portable Bluetooth projectors the market that can be used in both office and home theater needs. This guide is suitable for both first time buyers and people seeking an upgrade even if you made the wrong choice the first time.

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