Best Paper Trimmer Cutter Reviews

Many people use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to cut along a folded edge. Sure, they’re convenient but they become a hassle when you need to cut a large volume of paper regularly. This is where a paper trimmer comes in handy.

A paper trimmer gives the accuracy you need to uniformly cut dozens of pages safely and quickly. Trimmers are built with a rotary blade that slices through the paper from side to side. They’re perfect to use for crafts, scrapbooks, photos, and papers.

Here we reviewed five of the best paper trimmer cutters available on the market today. Our top pick is the Fiskars 196920-1001 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer.

Here’s a Youtube review of the Fiskars 196920-1001 trimmer.

The 5 Best Paper Trimmer Cutter Reviews

1. Fiskars 196920-1001

Fiskars 196920-1001 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer, 12 Inch


Fiskars 196920-1001 is a great trimmer for your scrapbooking needs. It offers a versatile way of making confetti, gift tags, and more. It also allows you to trim extra large paper or numerous sheets with precision and convenience.

You don’t have to clean afterward because the trimmer is designed with a confetti catcher to keep the clippings off your working area. Also, it includes a cushioned grip so you can comfortably use the trimmer for a long time. It’s also built with the patented TripleTrack System to let you cut the pages in a straight and steady manner.

When the swing-out arm is extended, the measuring deck reaches up to 15-1/4 inches to cut extra-large scrapbook pages with precision. The aluminum cutting surface makes it easier to view the scale for accuracy. Plus, it comes with reference guides to make sure that you only make precise cuts.

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  • Trims paper very accurately even down to 1/8 inch
  • The paper guide works well in holding the paper in place
  • Easy to use with the preset measurements
  • Lightweight, yet stable
  • The price is affordable
  • Offers a lifetime warranty


  • May emit a plastic odor for about a week but it can be removed by airing it outside
  • Need to buy a replacement blade periodically


2. Firbon A4 Paper Cutter 12-Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer

Firbon A4 Paper Cutter 12 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer Scrapbooking Tool with Automatic Security Safeguard and Side Ruler for Craft Paper, Coupon, Label and Cardstock (Black)

Whether for office, school, or home, the Firbon paper trimmer is a versatile cutting tool for mixed media projects. It can cut through laminated stuff, photos, cards, and more. It’s designed to cut up to 12 sheets of paper each time.

This Firbon paper trimmer is lightweight and convenient to use. It can cut a 45- to 90- degree angle to make sure that you trim the angle you desired. With the patented Track System, the blade and rail are joined together to give you straight cuts every time.

Another thing that we love about this paper trimmer is its safety. It features a no-touch safety design to protect your finger from any harmful operation. There’s also a black cushion to keep the trimmer from moving when the paper knife is in use. For best results, don’t put too many papers in at a time.

Video Overview:


  • Cuts evenly without any frayed edges
  • Safe to use with the Automatic Security Safeguard
  • The blade is very sharp
  • Works on several materials, like photos and cards
  • Easy and portable to use


  • The extension part is a bit flimsy so handle with care
  • The blade needs to be replaced when it gets dull


3. Fiskars 100580-1002

Fiskars 100580-1002 Procision Rotary Bypass Trimmer, 12 Inch

If you like a paper trimmer with a blade that doesn’t need replacing, then you might love the Fiskars 100580-1002. This paper trimmer is designed with a self-sharpening blade that reduces the need to buy replacement blades. This means that the blade sharpens on each pass you create.

The 100580-1002 is also a great cutting tool for mixed media projects. From cork to chipboard, and paper, this paper trimmer cuts through almost anything. This package includes one procision rotary bypass trimmer and a paper guard for safety.

Just like other Fiskars models, the 100580-1002 is built with rubberized feet for stability and folds in half for convenient storage. It also has a paper guard lock to secure the paper during use and a permanent grid for accurate measurement.


  • Saves you the cost of buying replacement blades
  • Cuts through different materials
  • The blade is encased for safety
  • The construction is very solid
  • Makes accurate and straight cuts


  • Slightly more expensive than similar products
  • The dual rail cutting bar needs a bit more force to use


4. Dahle 550 Professional Rolling Trimmer

Dahle 550 is a great choice for those looking for a durable paper trimmer. It features a sturdy metal base that offers a strong foundation even when in use. For alignment, the metal base is designed with precise measurements and angled guides.

Another thing that we appreciate about the 550 is its self-sharpening blade that sharpens as you trim. This means great savings in buying replacement blades. This trimmer can cut a maximum of 20 sheets every time.

The 550 is German engineered to cut through paper, photos, and cardstock. There’s an automatic clamp that will hold the paper downs securely. The clamp offers pressure and keeps your work from moving.


  • Built with a strong metal base
  • No need to buy replacement blades
  • No need to hold your work by hand
  • Cuts smoothly and cleanly even with the thinnest paper
  • Used by professionals


  • The increments on the measurement guide need some time to figure it out
  • The price is expensive


5. Carl 12200 Bidex Professional 10-Sheet Rotary Trimmer

Carl 12200 Bidex Professional 10-Sheet Rotary Trimmer, Metal Base, 12 x 11

Carl 12200 is another versatile paper trimmer that works well for home use. This paper trimmer is designed with a premium carbide blade that can cut a maximum of 10 sheets of 20-lb paper at a time. It can also cut through cardstock, mat board, plastic sheets, and more.

The metal base offers a sturdy foundation and features preset measurements for accuracy. Thanks to the patented rail system, the paper will be firmly held down during use. The metal base is designed with a storage compartment to keep the mats and extra blades.

The 12200 offers a limited lifetime warranty but excludes the blade and cutting mat. While this model includes a straight blade, there are 10 different cutting blade patterns that are sold separately. There’s no guesswork in using this cutting tool because the cutting blade is positioned just next to the cutting rail.


  • Has a reasonable price
  • Built with a sturdy metal base
  • Offers a limited lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use, especially with its clear plastic strip


  • You need to hold down the paper to cut straightly
  • Need to replace the blade and cutting mat periodically


How Do They Compare 

Fiskars 196920-1001 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer

  • Patented TripleTrack System connects the blade and rail to cut steadily
  • Swing-out arm increases the size of the measuring deck to 15-1/4 inches to accommodate extra-large pages
  • Cut capacity: 12 inches
  • Offers a lifetime warranty 

Firbon A4 Paper Cutter 12 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer Scrapbooking Tool

  • Can cut A3, A4, A5 paper, cards, photos, and more
  • Capable of cutting a maximum of 12 paper sheets (80g/m2)
  • Angle measuring plate: 45 to 90 degrees angle
  • Patented Track System joins the blade and rail
  • No-touch safety design for safety 

Fiskars 100580-1002 Procision Rotary Bypass Trimmer

  • Self-sharpening blade never requires replacement
  • Capable of cutting burlap paper, chipboard, foam, and more
  • Includes a procision bypass trimmer, paper guard lock, and a rotary bypass blade carriage
  • Designed with rubberized feet for stability
  • Built with a folding deck for easy storage 

Dahle 550 Professional Rolling Trimmer, 14-1/8” Cut Length, 20 Sheet Capacity, Self-Sharpening, Automatic Clamp, German Engineered Paper Cutter

  • Automatic clamp holds the paper in place
  • Self-sharpening blade works in both directions
  • German engineered for accuracy
  • Sturdy metal base with guides for easy alignment

Carl 12200 Bidex Professional 10-Sheet Rotary Trimmer

  • Includes carbide blade for smooth operation
  • Offers a maximum of 11 different cutting blade patterns
  • Supports a limited lifetime warranty
  • Capable of cutting up to 10 sheets of bond paper
  • Durable metal base with predetermined measurements

Buyer’s Guide

It’s not simple to enter a store and choose the best paper trimmer brand right in an instant. You need careful deliberation and proper knowledge about the product. To make sure that you don’t regret your purchase, here’s a guide in buying the best paper trimmer.

To Start, What Is a Paper Trimmer?

A paper trimmer is used to cut a low volume of paper and very portable to use. It’s used to cut printed materials with superb precision. The quality of paper trimming depends on the brand and sometimes the price that you’re willing to spend.

You can use a trimmer for cutting different materials, like cardboard, poster, and business card. In general, a rotary trimmer comes in handy when making straight and long cuts. It’s also ideal for thin paper stacks, arts, crafts, and different cutting patterns.

Things To Consider

What Materials Will You Cut?

When buying the right paper trimmer for your needs, decide its purpose. According to T-Shirt Professional, choose a paper trimmer designed for card making if you plan to work on a lot of cardboard. A heavy-duty paper cutter suits best for cutting heavy materials. If you want to work on a lot of materials, choose a versatile model, like the Firbon paper trimmer and Carl 12200.

How Often Will You Use The Trimmer?

The frequency of usage is another thing to consider when finding the best paper trimmer brand. Choose the basic models if you seldom use a paper cutter. For professionals and heavy users, opt for more advanced designs with extra safety features.

What’s The Capacity Do You Need?

If you plan to use a paper trimmer one paper at a time, then a small paper trimmer will suffice. However, if you need to cut 20 sheets of paper at once, then a bigger capacity is all you need. Don’t forget to consider the thickness and size of the papers. There are good models that can cut thick papers, like from Fiskars and Dahle.

What Features To Look For

  • Sharp Blade: No matter how affordable or durable the paper trimmer may be, it’s useless if the blade is dull. A dull blade doesn’t cut through the paper well and will leave uneven lines on the cut edges. A sharp blade is all you need, especially when you plant to cut a large volume of sheets at once.
  • Durability: Of course, a good paper trimmer is useful if you can use it for a long time. You want something lightweight, but not so light that it wobbles every time you use it. A durable cutting machine should have a sturdy base. Plastic is okay as long as it’s high quality and not give a cheap feeling.
  • Ease Of Use: No matter how sturdy your paper trimmer is, it should have no guesswork when using it. The preset measurements should be clearly calibrated for accuracy and the cutting motion should be done with great ease.
  • Warranty: Not all paper cutting models offer a warranty, so you’re in luck if you found one. The best models offer a lifetime warranty to ensure durability. From the products we reviewed above, only Fiskars 196920-1001 and Carl 12200 offer a lifetime warranty.
  • Safety Features: Since a lot of paper trimmers are equipped with sharp blades, you want to choose something that’s safe to use. You don’t want to cut your finger as you cut the paper, do you? The Firbon paper trimmer offers an automatic safeguard to protect your finger from the blade.
  • Cut Length: Paper trimmers are available in different cut lengths, from12 inches to more than 60 inches. Get to know what types of materials you’ll be trimming and the average of sheet lengths you’ll be working before you decide on what paper trimmer to buy. Most common brands feature cut lengths below 24 inches for standard 20-lb sheets.
  • Sheet Capacity: The sheet capacities of paper trimmers also vary. Some brands offer a sheet capacity below 10 sheets while others offer more than 40. If you plan to use the new paper trimmer intermittently, look for a trimmer with a 10 to 20 sheet range capacity. For constant use, consider buying a high-capacity model.

How To Use A Paper Trimmer

First, put the paper trimmer on a flat surface, like a desk or table. Position the trimmer near you so you can reach it comfortably. For safety, make sure that your fingers are far from the blade.

Next, put the right amount of paper on the paper trimmer. Read the instructions of the product to know the right measurement and quantity of materials. Never add more paper than required because you may end with ugly edges.

Finally, bring down the arm to cut the stack of papers. If you’re using an automatic model, the machine will do the maneuvering for you. Easy, right?


Investing in a good paper cutter is worthwhile. It can help you complete your projects quickly and effortlessly. Best of all, the cuts are done with high accuracy and efficiency.

We have taught you all you need to know before buying a paper trimmer. We also presented our top five paper trimmers on the market so you can easily find the best brand and model for you. Get yours today and take advantage of the benefits of using a paper trimmer.

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