Best Multi Purpose Respirators Reviews

For personal or professional use, using a good multi-purpose respirator couldn’t be more important to your health when you are exposed to air-borne contaminants. Even when it’s something you can’t see like gases or vapors, keeping a respirator handy could save your life some day. Of the many available in todays market, deciding which one best suits your needs can be a little overwhelming. Following are 10 of the best Amazazon has to offer to help narrow the field for you. All were chosen on the basis of function and consumer satisfaction ratings.

1. Safety Works 817663 Multi-Purpose Respirator

Safety Works SWX00320 Multi-Purpose Respirator

The facepiece on this respirator is flexible which allows for a better seal and features low profile cartridges that don’t interfere with sight. It will trap 99.97% of the dust you can see as well as deadly, invisible vapors you can’t see. This Safety Works respirator meets strict OSHA and NIOSH standards and barely weighs 1 1/2 pounds. Cartridges are replaceable and easy to order. Don’t hesitate, your health is more than worth it.


2. 3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6100/07024(AAD), Respiratory Protection, Small (Pack of 1)

Comfort and convenience go together with this respirator. Using it protects you from particulates and vapors concentrated as much as 10 times higher than permissible exposure limits. Made of soft, lightweight material it can easily be disassembled and cleaned to keep it functioning as it should. Cartridges and filters are replaceable which makes buying this respirator a wise financial move.


3. North by Honeywell 068-54001 Series 5400 Full Facepiece Respirator, Medium/Large

If you really want the best in a full facepiece respirator you’ve found it. The polycarbonate lens allows for an excellent field of vision with good optics, it resists scratching, and meets ANSI impact and penetration standards. An oral nasal cup lessens fogging and dead air space so you breath less exhaled air and the chin cup adds to the comfort by keeping the respirator in place as you move around. Standard features in this Honeywell are things other brands consider optional which makes it one of the best buys you’ll find.


4. 3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6700,Respiratory Protection,Small (Pack of 1)

Unless your wearing this one, when it’s necessary to use a respirator for long periods of time they can become uncomfortable. Designed with a “cool flow valve”, it allows the user to take dry, comfortable breaths no matter how long you need to use it. Exhaled air is directed downwards so you don’t have to deal with fogging, and the large lens provides its user with a wider, clearer field of view. Airborne contaminants don’t stand a chance against this unit and once you’ve used it, you’ll know you got a good deal.


5. Safety Works 10041139 Full Face Multi Purpose Respirator

This industrial grade respirator promotes easy breathing and is designed with your comfort in mind. The full facepiece is much more comfortable for those with facial hair and its large lens allows the user a wider, safer view of their surroundings. The nose cup helps prevent fogging and a patented nose bridge really adds to the comfort factor. NIOSH approved, this unit is well worth adding to your safety equipment.


6. 3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 7501/37081(AAD), Respiratory Protection, Small

Use of an advanced silicone material provides exceptional comfort for the wearer by the softness and its design reduces pressure points on the face which is another plus when you have to use it for long periods of time. A cool air flow valve ensures every breath is comfortable and dry as well as helping to prevent annoying fogging. The head harness is really convenient because it allows you to drop the unit down when not in use without removing it from your hard hat.


7. 3M 7162 Full-Facepiece Spray Paint Respirator – Organic Vapor3M 7162 Full-Facepiece Spray Paint Respirator - Organic Vapor

The reusable design of this full face respirator is definitely as economical as it is functional. This unit does more than ensure you have clean air to breathe. Via its full face feature, it keeps your eyes safe, and filters as well as cartridges are all replaceable. This highly functional respirator is durable, economical and may be used up to 50 OSHA PEL, three very good reasons to add it to your safety equipment.


8. GVS SPR451 Elipse P100 Half Mask Respirator, Small/Medium

Here is a respirator that has all you need in a compact, flexible and lightweight design. It adjusts easily to your face and wont interfere with eye or ear protective devices. The non-return valve is designed to reduce breathing resistance as well as moisture build-up in the mask and its non-slip strap adjust to 4 different positions. Perfect for wet, humid conditions, it works to ensure every breath you take is clean and comfortable.


9. 3M Paint Project Respirator, Medium3M Paint Project Respirator, Medium - R6211

This respirator is designed for use when spraying paint, solvents or pesticides. Put together with the wearers comfort and respiratory health in mind, it is a favorite of professionals. Cartridge placement optimizes vision which is a big safety plus, and since it carries the 3M brand, you can trust it to perform as advertised. It will keep contaniments out of your lungs whether you need it for work or projects around the home.


10. 3M 7511PA1-A-PS Professional HalfMask Organic Vapor, N95 Respirator Assembly, Small3M 7511PA1-A-PS Professional HalfMask Organic Vapor, N95 Respirator Assembly, Small

The 95% filtration against solid or liquid aerosols this respirator provides is one reason so many professionals have already added it to their tool box. High grade silicone construction adds durability and comfort while featured “cool flow” technology reduces heat making it easier to breathe. Approved at OV/P95 by NIOSH, this unit keeps your air supply safe and won’t interfere with the performance of your job. Definitely well worth the purchase price to make sure the air you take into your lungs is clean and healthy.


Respirators are as necessary to the job as any of your other tools and choosing wisely could be the difference between staying healthy, or not. The market is bursting with so many different brands decision making time isn’t always easy. Hopefully you have found exactly what you need from the above list but just in case you’re still not ready to decide which one is the perfect fit for you here are a couple of favorites already owned by many.

#3, the Honeywell, offers vision safety with its full facepiece and polycarbonate lens as well as being resistant to impact or penetration. #6, 3M’s half facepiece doesn’t protect your eyes but it does have the convenience of being able to lower it when not in use while remaining attached to your hat. Both provide cleaner air to breathe, and seriously, at these prices buying more than one is not a bad idea.

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