Best Mouse & Rat Killer Bait Poison Reviews

Nobody enjoys having a mouse or rat infestation problem. Unfortunately, it’s often unavoidable. With colder weather looming and winter just around the corner, us humans aren’t the only animals on earth that will be trying to stay warm. Many retired humans vacation to the southern sunnier and warmer climates for the winter. Birds are also known to migrate south for the winter. Those of us who remain often take in some unwanted house guests as the weather continues to grow colder. Mice, rats, and other critters begin to take up residence in our warm and cozy homes.

Getting rid of these unwelcomed pests can sometimes prove to be challenging. Some of the toughest pests seam to linger despite our best efforts. Well, at least that’s how it was in days past. That, however, no longer has to be the case. We’ve put together a review of some of the best mouse and rat killers on the market. These products are guaranteed to eliminate even the toughest pests from your home. The days of sharing your house with these uninvited guests are over.

1. NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 45-Pack Ramik Rat and Mouse Bait Pail

NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 45-Pack Ramik Rat and Mouse Bait Pail

The first product on our list of mouse and rat killers is, Neogen Rodenticide. This product comes in a 45 pack pail and is quite effective at eliminating your infestation problems. One of the best features of this product is that it works for indoor and outdoor use. This is beneficial for two reasons. Number one, this will help you eliminate the infestation before it occurs if placed properly outdoors. The second benefit is that this product can be used to eliminate even the sneakiest of rodents that slip past your outside defenses. We’ve all seen it. Just like the mouse that always runs off with the bait but never sets off the trap. Neogen Rodenticide comes in a fish flavor and is high in protein to attract most rodents. With this product, your unwelcomed guests will have wished they went with their buddies to your neighbor’s house instead.


2. MOTOMCO Jaguar Mouse and Rat Bait Chunx/Pail, 9-Pound

Motomco Jaguar Mouse and Rat Bait Chunx/Pail, 9-Pound

Another great product great for eliminating annoying rodents, is MOTOMCO Jaguar Mouse and Rat Bait. This product comes in a 9lb. pail and is known especially for its effectiveness of eliminating even the toughest mice and rodents. Each chunk of bait contains enough Brodifacoum anticoagulant to eliminate resistant rodents in a single feed. This is a great choice of product to rid yourself once and for all of those tough, everything else resistant, mice and rodents. MOTOMCO Jaguar Mouse and Rat Bait is also available in other sizes, allowing you to choose the amount you need depending on the severity of the infestation. In addition to the standard 9lb. pail, it’s available in 1.75lbs. for those with minor infestations and 18lb. pail for the more extreme cases.


3. D-Con Mouse Prufe II 4 Pack – 1.5 oz each

D-Con Mouse Prufe II 4 Pack - 1.5 oz each

The next product we want to look at is the famous d-CON Mouse Prufe 2. This product is known to be America’s favorite brand of mouse killer. What makes this product so special? Aside from the brand and the long history of successfully killing mice and other rodents, there are essentially two features that make this particular product one of the best on the market. For starters, d-CON Mouse Prufe 2 comes in a unique wedge shaped form. This makes for the ideal product to get into those hard to reach places. The second biggest advantage of using this product is that it has been proven to kill even the toughest, warfarin resistant mice. Where similar products have failed, d-CON Mouse Prufe 2 has came through with the winning score. If your unwanted guests just don’t seem to leave, give this product a try.


4. Just One Bite II ChunksFarnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks, 12 lbs (96, 2 oz chunks)

The 4th product on our list of mouse and rat killers is, Just One Bite II. This product is great because of the many ways it can be affective. Each pellet is relatively light, weighing just 2ozs, but is large enough to have a hole through the center giving it a hallowed out design. This is perfect for tying the pellet down to a trap to be sure those sneaky critters can’t escape with bait. Additionally, you can use this product alone as a poison to rapidly kill those pests. Some users have even reported keeping a pail of this product in outside storage units to keep the pests away from their house. This is an all around good choice that uses a poison to kill mice much quicker than warfarin products.


5. Motomco Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx

Motomco Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx, 9-PoundAnother product noteworthy enough to make our list, is Motomco Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx. As with many of the products in this review, Motomco Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx, is capable of doing exactly what the name suggests, kill rodents in a single feeding. The most notable feature of this product is the broad spectrum of rodents it is proven to kill. It’s known to be perfect for killing Norway Rats, Roof Rats, and standard House Mice. Additionally, this product can be used indoors and out, but only in or around agricultural structures. This product should not be placed anywhere it can contaminate food or food surfaces. Use with caution.


6. D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits For Mice Brodifacoum Mice – 3.0 oz.

D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits For Mice Brodifacoum Mice - 3.0 oz. - 4ct
This product is known best for its ability to eliminate rodents very quickly. As with many similar products, d-CON Ready Mix Bait Bits provides a lethal dose to most rodents in just one feeding. The difference being that the dead mice will start showing up much more rapidly. You can usually expect to see the first dead mice begin to appear within 4 days of the initial feeding. It’s a great choice of product if you’re trying to get a jump start on those pesky rodents.

7. Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait – 32 Place Packs 61305

Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait - 32 Place Packs 61305

Another favorite, as mouse and rat killer go, is Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait. The product comes in nifty placement packets with clear instructions on how to use for best results. It also is affective at killing the same rodents as the aforementioned products, with one addition. This product is also great for vole elimination. Another benefit to using Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait, is that it is one of the safest products on the market. Precautions should still be set into place to protect against accidental ingestion from children, pets, or other non-targeted animals, vitamin k1 is a readily available antidote in case of accidental ingestion.


8. Contrac Blox 4x 4lbs

Contrac Blox 4x 4lbsContrac Blox Mouse Control is one of the most commonly used bait blocks by professionals. The product comes in tamper resistant packs and is great for all weather conditions. It does not become less potent in extreme hot or cold temperatures. This makes Contrac one of the best choices for all year long protection. Additionally, rodents find the bait very attractive and secondary poisoning is very minimal with this product.


9. JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait, Peanut Butter Flavor, For Mice and Rats (Pail of 72)


JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait, Peanut Butter Flavor, for Mice and Rats (9 lb Pail of 144)

Every one whose ever had a mouse problem and used a mouse trap knows that mice love peanut butter, probably even more than cheese, regardless of what the old Saturday morning cartoons used to teach us. That’s why The JT Eaton Bait Block peanut butter flavor rodenticide is one of the best products available. It is one of the first bait blocks ever to use peanut butter flavor to attract rodents. It offers the same protection the other products do, but is more affective at attracting rodents.


10. First Strike Soft Bait RAT/MICE Rodenticide Poison – 16 LBS 6666325


First Strike Soft Bait RAT/MICE Rodenticide Poison - 16 LBS 6666325

The last product on our list is FirstStrike Soft Bait. This is probably the most technologically advanced bait on the market. This product is best when infestation is highest and there are competing food sources nearby. This product is great for bait stations and can be placed vertically or horizontally, whichever helps you best achieve your desired effect. This is an overall great choice for rodent removal.


So there you have it. Ten “Top Shelf” products to choose from that will help you rid yourself of your uninvited house guests. No matter where you live, no matter how bad the infestation, and no matter how tough the rodents seem to be, you will find an affective product on this list. If you live in the country with plenty of outdoor space and perhaps an outdoor storage unit, maybe Just One Bite II is the right choice for you. If children and pets present a safety risk, maybe you should go with Kaput Rat and Mouse Bait. If you can’t eliminate alternate food sources, FirstStrike Soft Bait should definitely be considered. Peanut butter flavoring your favorite bait? Then try The JT Eaton Bait Block. Finally, if you’re just a stickler for the classics, choose one of the leading d-CON brand products. We especially recommend d-CON Mouse Prufe II for those hard to reach spaces.

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