Best Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots Reviews

Unlike other footwear pieces, cowboy boots are oozing with style. It bears an iconic flair typically associated with countryside gunslingers and the famous John Wayne. From the lone rangers of the past and the sophisticated ranchers we have today, cowboy boots are timeless. A pair is an instant head-turner, much so if it already aged like fine wine on its owner’s feet. But with numerous producers competing with each other, which pair of boots will give the best bang for the buck?

Things to consider

Aside from the aesthetic, cowboy boots are also a testament to craftsmanship. Most of the pairs are still handmade and produced the old-fashioned way. But to make sure that you’re getting the best pair, keep the following points in mind:

Toe design

Cowboy boots will have either pointed, rounded, snip, and square toes. Get one that suits the size of your feet.

 Heel size

Most cowboy boots will have heels ranging from 1 ½ inch to 1 5/8 inches. This height is enough to protect the foot from the stirrup.

Shank arch

It’s important that the arch of the boot shank matches the curve of your foot for comfort and fit.

Proper instep

If the instep is too loose, there would be a large wrinkle if you rub it with your thumb as supported by your index finger.


Some cowboys prefer an additional height. Still, make sure that the length of the throat suits your preference.


Every pair of cowboy boots will have unique decorations. Get one that shows some décor even under your trouser.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots Reviews

1. Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13” Western Boot



Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13” Western Boot


Sporting a round toe design, this Dan Post Boot has a stacked heel and a 13” shaft from the arch. It’s made from mignon leather with a cushioned insole and 1 ½-inch heel. The tonal embroidery gives it a unique appeal.

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  •    The boots are not clunky so users with slim legs won’t have a problem wearing it
  •    The sizing is spot on unlike other brands
  •    Suits both formal and casual occasions
  •    Easy to re-sole which extends the lifespan of the boots


  •    The stitches on the piping aren’t lined which could be uncomfortable to the feet. Anyway, a nice pair of socks should fix this issue
  •    Not an excellent walking boot, but it’s impeccable for dressing up


2. Ariat Men’s Rambler Cowboy Boot


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Ariat Men’s Rambler Cowboy Boot


A classic, but rather plain, cowboy boots, this one from Ariat banks on the 1.62-inch heel and an 11-inch shank. This mid-calf pair has a moisture-wicking footbed for comfort when worn during extended periods. As a squared-toe rambler boot, this is made for tough rides and everyday wear.


  •    It has a Duratread sole that reduces slippage
  •    Reinforced with an advanced torque stability technology to last longer than other brands
  •    The composite shank is lightweight and offers more comfort and electrical resistance
  •    The color is consistent with what’s in store


  •    A little stiff on the sole area if not worn for a long time but easy to break in
  •    A bit difficult to fit into but it will soon shape into your fit


3. Ariat Men’s Workhog Square Toe Boot



Ariat Men’s Workhog Square Toe Boot


As another squared-toe boot from Ariat, this boasts a 1.25” heel and an 11” shank. This is the perfect fit for those with high arches and wide feet. It also bears the same comfort level of the other Ariat boots.


  •    Sophisticated embroidery that cuts the blandness of the first listed Ariat boot
  •    Extra-wide shank for added support and reduced fatigue
  •    Has the Duratread sole for fewer slips
  •    Its hidden gore panel fixes the difficulty of wearing of the previous Ariat boot


  •    For those with larger feet, the upper part has to be stretched. Many stores offer it for free
  •    A bit big for those with slim legs


4. Ariat Men’s Heritage Roughstock Boot



Ariat Men’s Heritage Roughstock Boot


For those looking for a square-toe boot designed for long-wearing, this Ariat Heritage Roughstock Boot is to die for. It can be re-soled so you can use it for years. There’s no doubt that this is one of the well-loved Western boots from Ariat.


  •    Easy to clean even if thoroughly soiled
  •    Reinforced spur ledge and instep
  •    Duratread outsole for durability and anti-slip effect
  •    Made to resist mud, water, cow excrement, and more


  •    A bit tight in most areas but a long break in would solve the issue
  •    Rubs a bit on the side but a sock would solve the problem


5. Alberto Fellini Crocodile Western Cowboy boots



Alberto Fellini Crocodile Western Cowboy boots


This Alberto Fellini gives an angsty touch to traditional cowboy boots. It sports a stud ankle buckle detailing and a crocodile print. This mid-calf boot is perfect for dressing up and every day wear.


  •    One side is zipped for easy putting on and off
  •    The decorative belt chain makes a perfect addition for broncs
  •    A solid heel that doesn’t wobble or crack easily
  •    Very affordable without compromising the style and quality
  •    It can take the daily beating of rough wearing, unlike other boots that are only made for dressing up
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  •    It has a chemical smell at first but it will soon wear off after a short break in
  •    A bit tight to break in but it will soon yield to the shape of the foot


6. Ariat Heritage R Toe Cowboy Boot



Ariat Heritage R Toe Cowboy Boot


This mid-calf boot is made with maximum wear resistance. This is comfortable to wear even for long hours due to the moisture wicking footbed. Its Duratread sole will reduce the chances of slipping. And like most Ariat boots, this is hand-crafted for rodeo and ranching purposes.


  •    It bears a lightweight and forked shank that offers more stability than straight shanks
  •    Made with a stirrup-friendly outsole that’s safe for riding
  •    The gel cushion is designed to absorb shock while reducing knee fatigue
  •    Relatively affordable considering its build and lifespan


  •    It hugs the legs a bit tight but it will loosen once you break it in
  •    The upper leather is thinner than past years’ version but it’s still as durable as ever


7. Ariat Men’s Hybrid Rancher Cowboy Boot



Ariat Men's Hybrid Rancher Cowboy Boot


Straight from Ariat’s collection, this boot is comfy to wear even for long periods. The sole is lightweight but the shank is reinforced to provide extensive support. Most of all, it has the six-row stitch pattern on its shaft that adds beauty to the boot.


  •    Duratread and a textured sole for fewer chances of slipping
  •    There’s enough room for thicker socks
  •    Fits nicely on a 5” stirrup without a padding
  •     A water-resistant boot


  •    A bit harsh on the feet at first but proper breaking in will make it worthwhile to wear
  •    Not suitable as a work boot but it will  be perfect for casual wearing every day


8. Laredo Men’s Willow Creek Boot



Laredo Men's Willow Creek Boot


This Laredo’s snip-toe creek boot is made from authentic leather that sports a 13” shank. Its smooth leather foot is perfect for those looking for a minimalist design without missing the classic embroidery. This boot has the excellent knock sound whenever you step.


  •    It has an orthotic insole which is excellent in reducing foot problems
  •    It’s very easy to break in compared to other boots
  •    It looks like an expensive boot but very affordable
  •    Comfortable right off the box
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  •    The sizing runs a bit large but proper communication with the seller will fix the issue
  •    The front is more pointed than what’s indicated but it doesn’t impede wearing anyway


9. Alberto Fellini Men’s Cowboy Boots



Alberto Fellini Men's Cowboy Boots


These Alberto Fellini boots bear the same zipper on the side for easy wearing. Also, it’s an ankle-high pair that’s excellent for casual wearing and everyday use. It has a 1.25-inch heel with synthetic leather and soles


  •    Easy to wear with the side zipper
  •    Top quality for a very low price
  •    Comfy to wear and provides warmth when used on ice
  •    It looks great for formal and casual purposes


  •    It has a strong synthetic smell but it will wear after a few weeks
  •    It hurts the feet a bit but a thin pair of socks will make the fit and feel perfect


10. Ariat Men’s Sport Square Toe Cowboy Boot



Ariat Men's Sport Square Toe Cowboy Boot


This square-toe pair from Ariat bears the same exquisite design and material. It has a full grain leather foot that flaunts a four-row stitch pattern. Also, it has a 1.5” heel and 11.5” shank that’s perfect for those who wants a little toe room. This shares the same features of Ariat boots, but with a reinforced spur ledge.


  •    Duratread sole for an anti-slip effect
  •    Soft and comfortable straight from the box
  •    The color and size are true to what’s advertised
  •    Sturdy and bears the classic cowboy look
  •    Long lasting even for daily use


  •    The in-seams tend to rub the calves but a high sock or continuous break in will solve this



Cowboy boots come in different shapes and sizes. Each one has its own unique features and a share of some downsides. Still, there’s surely one pair that will suit your finicky style.

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