Best MMO Mouse Reviews

Picking the best MMO mouse can certainly help you achieved your goals in your gaming ventures, whether you play Guild Wars 2, WoW, or any other MMORPG.

Lightweight MMO mice are normally considered better since they let you to move quicker when needed but sometimes opinions vary on this matter. Comfort is primary factor since most gamers spend a lot of time gaming and thus they need a gaming mouse that feels great in their hands.

MMO mice have come a long way in the past years, and gone are the days of having to utilize the keypad for most commands. Obviously, the primary factor you probably want in your MMO mouse is a number of different buttons because casual computer mice are very lacking for the needs of an avid gamer.

There are various MMO mice offered today in the market, and choosing one can be quite confusing and hard, particularly if it’s the first time you’re purchasing one. That’s why, this article will serve as a guide for you to pick the best MMO gaming mouse at the moment.

Top 5 Best Mmo Mouse Reviews

1. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse


Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse, 12,000 DPI On-The-Fly DPI Shifting, Personalized Weight and Balance Tuning with (5) 3.6g Weights, 11 Programmable Buttons

Logitech G502 Proteus gaming mouse features the most advanced optical sensor for optimum tracking precision. It comes with position five 3.6 g weights for just the right balance and feel, adjust sensitivity from 200 up to 12,000 DPI, set up custom profiles for your games, and customize RGB lighting with other Logitech G products. No matter what your gaming style is, it is easy to tweak using this MMO gaming mouse.

Moreover, the mouse comes with a small plastic case and few weights to store them in. The weights are easy to install and really adds a significant amount of weight to this gaming mouse. Now, if ever you like a heavier feel when using a gaming mouse for your gameplays, worry not because this mouse lets you to add the right amount of weight.

It has a really nice feel to it. The bottom half is covered by a soft plastic that’s soft to the feeling while the top half is covered in a matte plastic. The sides of Logitech G502 have a pretty cool looking triangular design. Additionally, the thumb rest is also a really good touch. Its scroll wheel is also excellent.

In addition, G502 has 2 programmable buttons that are really easy to click. They sit right above your thumb. Aside from that, this gaming mouse has also a button that lowers the DPI to the lowest setting based on your preference.

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  • Tunable weight and balance
  • RGB customizable lighting
  • Integrated with accurate and responsive optical sensor
  • Easy to program
  • Comfortable design
  • Customizable control
  • Not cordless
  • Perfect for editing and gaming
  • Affordable price
  • High quality construction and materials used
  • Sleek design


  • Not totally lightweight
  • The software support is not really advanced
  • Click wheel tend to get loud when short scroll is enabled
  • The sniper button depresses really easily


2. PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired

PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired [7200 DPI] [Programmable] [Breathing Light] Ergonomic Game USB Computer Mice RGB Gamer Desktop Laptop PC Gaming Mouse, 7 Buttons for Windows 7/8/10/XP Vista Linux, Black

You’ll probably be surprised with what this gaming mouse has to offer. It feels just as good as a high-end gaming mouse.

The PICTEK Thunderbird comes with software for changing colors and lighting patters, as well as for programming the buttons. This MMO mouse gives a very accurate and well-balanced feel. Additionally, the cord on this mouse is not that long and it would be certainly nice if it were braided.

The cord measures approximately 5 feet long. And if you didn’t know, most mouse cords are about 6 feet long. But one thing special about this MMO mouse is that it is very suitable for girl gamers who have small hands. It is very comfortable and you’d certainly enjoy the clickyness of its buttons. You’ll also like the side buttons of it because that whole area is actually textured.

Overall, most verified users said that they are extremely satisfied with this product since the mouse is a bit light and can’t be made heavier because it doesn’t have the option of adding additional weights. Moreover, the material feels great, the left button have different texture so you can know exactly which button you’re going to press, and above all it has nice design so you can level up your gaming experience.

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  • Comes with a button that controls the mouse sensitivity
  • Comes with different light colors
  • Very comfortable
  • Well-balanced feel
  • Very easy to set up and program
  • Customizable color of the lights
  • Rubber grippy texture
  • Fits well in hand
  • Affordable
  • Comes with RGB lighting
  • Cable connector has a nice taper


  • Not big enough for larger hands
  • Has a little sharp plastic edge
  • The plastic part seems flimsy 


3. UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse



UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired, 16400 DPI High Precision Laser Programmable MMO Computer Gaming Mice [IGN's Recommendation]



This MMO gaming mouse is outfitted with 164000 DPI high precision laser sensors which shifts the balance between the mouse and the keyboard with its 19 MMO-enhanced buttons. It also comes with an 8 piece weight tuning set and 5 savable memory profiles.

If you’re someone who’s been looking for a high-end gaming mouse for an affordable price, UtechSmart Venus 16400 is a great choice. Its customization factor is impressive. You’ll love the fact that you can change the color of the side buttons, log, and the wheel. Additionally, you can change its breathing speed, and customize its brightness.

Aside from that, its weight tuning is pretty straight forward since you can flip the mouse over, turn the tiny compartment, then pop the tray out. On the other hand, removing all the weights can obviously make the mouse really, really light. You also get a nice storage tray for its weights if you’re not using them. In addition to that, your macros and everything are saved on to the gaming mouse itself, and you can just switch through 5 various profiles, each with its own DPI levels, macro setup, and light color.

However, you’ll somehow observed that when choosing purple/pink colors, the scroll wheel takes on a bit more pinkish hue than the buttons and logo. It could also happen when selecting light blue colors. Its scroll wheel is more of a sea green.

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  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Extremely responsive
  • Braided cable
  • Excellent durability
  • Gives firm clicks
  • Comes with 18 programmable buttons
  • Fits really nice with small hands
  • Nice RGB customization
  • Comes with More DPI
  • Easy to use and program software
  • LMB and RMB are clicky and gives a really light feeling
  • Affordable


  • Not really suitable with people who have large hands
  • Sometimes the DPI in games feels off
  • Minimal RGB fade options


4. TeckNet HYPERTRAK High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse

TeckNet HYPERTRAK High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse, 16400 DPI, 10 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridge, 5 Omron Micro Switches

TeckNet HYPERTRAK gaming mouse comes with exceptional build quality for the price, nothing about this mouse screams cheap compared to other mice with the same price range. From its plastic, all the way to its LED RGB integration and the buttons looks really good. Additionally, the drivers in this MMO gaming mouse are easy to use and learn.

TechNet is the most reliable third part brand that makes great products. At its price point, you’re actually getting a mouse that offers custom weights, DPI switching on the fly, light customization, and programmable buttons. Its software packaged can be taken off from its disc and saved to a USB if you have problems keeping tacks of disks.

Furthermore, this MMO mouse is very durable since it comes with a braided cable and its USB plug-in is standard. Some mice like to make their connection bulky but this plugs into your computer nicely. Moreover, its DPI settings are really nice, though it does take a few seconds between increasing and decreasing. Its lighting in the mouse is really nice, although some may find it annoying that the buttons on its side don’t change colors with the top.

Overall, this could probably the cheapest MMO mouse you can find with more than two programmable buttons on the side.

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  • Excellent palm grip design
  • Good button placement
  • Adjustable weight
  • RGB Lighting
  • Very affordable
  • Impressive DPI and USB rate
  • Well-placed buttons
  • Excellent customization
  • Excellent construction
  • Very precise
  • Lights are not distracting
  • Feels good on hand
  • Braided cord
  • Easy to install


  • Software tends to get a little finicky sometimes
  • The LED color doesn’t change
  • Software modifications to lighting is a bit confusing


5. CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB – FPS Gaming Mouse


CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB - FPS Gaming Mouse - 12,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Adjustable DPI Sniper Button - Tunable Weights -  Black


The CORSAIR M65 Po RGB is a competition-grade MMO mouse with the flexibility to make it your own, the build quality to last, and the technology you need to win your games.

Its high-accuracy 12000 DPI sensor delivers advanced surface calibration support and pixel-precise tracking, and its aircraft-grade aluminium frame provides it with low high durability and low weight.

Use its advanced weight tuning system to set the center of gravity to match your gameplay, and harness the power of CUE for macro programming, advanced button configuration, and 3-zone RGB backlighting customization. Additionally, its lighting is very attractive and impressive. Its ergonomics design is also very nice.

The software that CORSAIR includes with the mouse is the same software that controls your other Corsair accessories such as your USB headset or your RBG Corsair lighting, and probably your K70 keyboard. In addition, if you want to keep quantity of software in check, then line up your brands and see if they offer one software to control all their products.

One verified purchaser mentioned how satisfied he is with its aircraft grade aluminium as according to him, it feels amazing and the side and palm grip textures are wonderful. He also added that you can tune the mouse to whatever surface you are playing on.

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  • Aircraft-grade aluminium structure
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Optimal mass distribution
  • Custom tuned
  • Gaming grade-sensor
  • Pixel-precise tracking
  • Excellent LEDs
  • Very clear and solid DPI light
  • Buttons are very tactile
  • Impressive Corsair Utility Software
  • Excellent design
  • Comes with advanced weight tuning system


  • Its scroll wheel isn’t tilt
  • Sniper button is a little bit clunky
  • Quite hard to update the Corsair Utility Engine


Different MMO Mouse Factors You Must Know

  • Prediction
  • Sensitivity
  • Sensor
  • Acceleration
  • Polling Rate
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Profiles
  • Lift-Off Distance
  • Weight
  • DPI
  • Grips Style
  • Button Position
  • Long-term Quality
  • Macros and Software

Prediction – MMO mice have to be smart in order to cater the gamer’s every need. High-tech mice are now capable of avoiding registering inconsistent hand motions. Mouse correcting is not always useful because accuracy is largely compromised during gameplay.

Sensitivity – the mouse sensitivity is calibrated in Dots per Inch or DPI. The higher the DPI, the faster the mouse can move on your desktop screen.

Sensor – there are two kinds of sensor in a mouse – laser and optical. The laser sensor performs better on reflective surfaces. On the other hand, optical sensors are more ideal to rough surfaces. With such settings, laser sensor, returns great DPI.

Acceleration – the ratio of pointer speed of the MMO mouse to the speed of the user’s hand movement defines the acceleration of the mouse. It is measure in G force, where one G equals to 9.8 meters per second. Usually, low-sensitivity mouse need to come to terms with acceleration because they need more hand movements.

Polling Rate – this factor refers to the transfer and response rate between your computer and the MMO mouse. Because the gaming mouse is peripheral, the sent data is processed first before action is taken on the computer screen.

Programmable Buttons – these kinds of buttons makes gaming keyboards and mice more thrilling. MMO mice normally have buttons that can be turned into hotkeys for executing in-game actions a lot faster.

Profiles – with programmable buttons come, a set of profile settings must be also present. You can even specify various actions for buttons while changing characters in any of your favourite games. Using the same MMO mouse, you can smoothly switch between games and genres.

Lift-Off Distance – this factor signifies how high the mouse can be lifted up from the surface before movements get unresponsive. Mouse software can come in handy to adjust lift-off distances. But this feature is really important when it comes to competitive gaming.

Weight – weight plays a vital role for most modern devices out there. But,  the truth is that not many gamers care much about it. Nonetheless, weight determines the level of feel during your gameplay.

Grip Style – one factor that can certainly help avid gamers is by determining their grip time. Over time, gamers will develop their own mouse grip style, that’s why it’s important to consider this when purchasing a MMO mouse. Overall, you must play around with your present mouse and determine your grip style before buying a new one.

Buttons’ Placement – just like the grip style, the placement of each buttons on your MMO mouse is important. Of course, each single play, you must know what you’re pressing without even glancing at the mouse in order to avoid crucial mistakes on your plays. Additionally, you can also look if the tactile distinction in between your mouse’s buttons is good for your gameplay. Nevertheless, some people may not need a mouse that helps them distinguish between buttons better.

Long-Term Quality – some MMO mice can be a little bit pricey but your purchase will be worth it if it’s going to last. Gamers, particularly those avid ones are very hard on their mouse and expect them to last a long time without decreasing in their performance. However, just because a mouse is heavier doesn’t totally mean it is sturdier and can last longer. Before making a decision to buy one, hold your chosen MMO mouse, and test it out.

Macros and Software – it must go without saying but a nice MMO mouse must not be hard to program. Both simple and thorough macros must be easy to create and use, so make sure you’re purchasing one that has the macros abilities your gameplay needs. Moreover, as far as software goes, be sure that the mouse you’re planning to buy has all of the game profiles you need. Mouse that can switch characters or profiles with a simple press of a button is nice. However, not all of them have these capabilities. Additionally, the configuration software must also be clean and simple to use since even the best gamers can struggle setting up high-end mice. So you shouldn’t be worried to browse through the manual.

Macro Creation – this factor can help highlight the better aspects of a game avatar. You can also use macros for improving synergies. But before you make a decisive decision, you must explore the choices for creating macros through the software. To prevent useless effort, have a look at the mouse manual that comes with the package, and check what the macros can do and not.

Considering the Price – Typically, any time you’re making a new investment, you always think about pricing and what features you’ll get for the price. What do you want out of the gaming mouse? What is your budget. How frequent do you play, and how long do you want your preferred MMO mouse to last? Do you want a wireless mouse or a wired one?

When purchasing a MMO mouse, first determine your price point, and your gaming specific needs.

Ergonomics – due to number of keys found in a MMO mouse, you must be able to have a good feel of the entire mouse in order to prevent hand fatigue. The location for the thumb keys must be set intuitively in order to provide you a natural feel for where each key is located. By doing this, you can access each key without looking at your mouse.

Lightings – if you’re a MMO player newbie, illumination may not be much of a difference. However, for veterans, an illuminated MMO mouse can help them track of their profiles, sync the mouse to their gaming area, and keep them straight throughout the game.

You can pick full RGB lighting which is the order of the day on premium MMO gaming mice.


There’s no denying that purchasing a MMO mouse have become some sort of a necessity for many individuals, especially gamers.

Nonetheless, there’s one significant aspect a lot of gamers don’t know. Purchasing a MMO mouse doesn’t necessarily mean that your skills will level up tremendously. Of course, a MMO mouse could help you in some ways but if you’re purchasing it simply for the sake of upgrading your gaming skills, then you’re actually wrong.

In fact, most professional e-sports players are actually winning all their competitions without the use of a high-end MMO mouse. And yes, it is surprising, but they’ve actually gone on the record and mentioned that they prefer a standard mouse simply because they’re already used to it.

With that reason out of the way, it doesn’t mean that gaming mice are just gimmicky since they’re definitely not, all thanks to their customizable macros, programmable buttons, high DPI, and a whole ton of other features.

There are just so many options for your average gamer to pick from because the market is so saturated with various brands of gaming mice. And while it’s actually a nice thing, it also makes customers a bit confused.

With that said, hopefully, this list has solved your gaming mice purchasing difficulty, and you’ll be able to purchase the ideal MMO mouse that can complement your type of grip, and your play-style,

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