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Do you want a greenhouse but you don’t have a garden space? In this case, a mini greenhouse would be an excellent option. This little kit can be placed on your patio where you can grow seasonal herbs and plants. It can be your new hobby or pastime if you have a green thumb. But before purchasing one, keep the following points in mind:

Things to Consider

Greenhouse cover

Mini greenhouses have different cover materials. Consider the weather in your place when buying one. The type of cover will dictate how much insulation and shed it can provide to your plants. The higher the R-Value of the cover material, the higher the insulation property it has.

Consider the clarity of the cover material as well. The clearer it gets, the more sunlight that will reach your plants. The amount of sunlight will affect the growth of your plants.

Local zoning regulations

Local zoning regulations won’t be a big issue with mini greenhouses. However, if you’re planning to purchase one that’s bigger than most tiered models, a quick read on local regulations will save you from the hassle.


Make sure that your choice of mini greenhouses has a strong construction. The shelves should be tied securely to the frame so you can arrange your plants without the risk of falling off.


Frames of mini greenhouses are usually made from aluminum or wood. Aluminum lasts longer because as much as wood is attractive, it can rot over time. Still, this depends on your personal preference.


Always consider the size of the spot where you’re going to place the greenhouse. Also, think about the number of plants you’re planning to grow.

Site location

Before you purchase a greenhouse, establish the site location where you’re going to put it up. It should be a spot that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight. If your greenhouse has gutters, is there a barrel nearby where you can collect water? Is there an adjacent power source?

Once you’re set with these qualifications, here are 10 of the best options for you to peruse:

Top 10 Best Mini Greenhouses for Your Home

1. Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse, 27" Long x 18

This greenhouse from Gardman is 27” long, 18” wide, and 63” tall. It is ideal for those who want to germinate seedlings on a small backyard, balcony, or patio. The Gardman greenhouse has a clear polyurethane cover with a zippered door. Its tubular steel frame can be assembled within minutes sans the tools.


  • Compact size best for apartments and small houses
  • Easy-to-assemble tubular frame and shelves
  • Zippered cover for easy access
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Best for both seedlings and grown plants


  • You have to use a platform stabilizer like a rug or layers of newspaper to keep it still.


2. Blissun 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

Blissun 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse, 27" L x 19

Only a few inches shy from the first greenhouse, this piece from Blissun is 27” long, 19” wide, and 62” tall. It’s excellent as a seedling greenhouse or if you’re cultivating rare flowers and herbs. Also, it has a polyurethane cloth cover with zippers for a roll-up door. For heavy plants, you don’t have to worry since the upper shelves have heavy-duty bearing to reinforce the structure.


  • More stable than the Gardman greenhouse
  • Easy to access zip door
  • Tool-less assembly within minutes
  • Best for all seasons
  • Can be used as a plant corner inside the house


  • You may want to reconsider using it for very large potted plants.


3. Best Choice Products n 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

Best Choice Products 27x19x63in 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse w/ Cover and Roll-Up Zipper Door - Green

With four tiers to start your small garden, this greenhouse from Best Choice Products is 27” long, 19” wide, and 64” tall. Like most models of its kind, it utilizes a polyurethane plastic and powder-coated steel bars. Meanwhile, the plastic connectors of the frame make assembly even easier. No more guesswork even for novice greenhouse users.


  • Sizeable shelves that can accommodate more plants
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Very convenient assembly
  • It can hold about 40 pounds of plants
  • Excellent for germination due to the warmer interior temperature
  • The shelf allows decent spacing in between plants.


  • It is a bit expensive than greenhouses with the same material and construction.


4. Quictent Super Large Zipper Doors Mini Greenhouse

Quictent Updated Super Large Zipper Doors Mini Greenhouse Portable Cloche Green House 71" WX 36

For those with a small garden space to spare, the Quictent greenhouse would be a perfect purchase. It is 71” long, 36” wide, and 36” tall. This is a mini version of a full-fledged greenhouse that acts like a tent for potted plants. It has two roll-up and zip doors for each section of this greenhouse. This Quictent model is weather-resistant, perfect for dedicated cultivators.


  • Larger capacity that can accommodate more plants
  • 95% germination rate, thanks to the ground warmth
  • Burying the seams of the cover under the soil will make it airtight
  • Cheaper than smaller models


  • It has fewer ties inside to hold the bars. Anyway, any makeshift tie at home can compensate for this.


5. Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse Raised Flower Planter Protection (30.0"X22.4

Looking for a wood frame to complement your garden? The fir wood frame greenhouse from Giantex is 30” long, 22.5” wide, and 43” tall. It uses a polycarbonate glazing board to keep the plants warm on its two wooden shelves.  This is perfect for those looking for a solid greenhouse cabinet with windows for easy access. It also features a foldable top to let your plants catch more sunlight.


  • Firm and solid construction
  • Long-lasting given that it’s not exposed to intense moisture
  • Best for germinating and extended growth
  • Easy to move from place to place


  • Assembly is more complicated than the usual steel frames


6. Quictent Waterproof UV Protected Mini Cloche Greenhouse

Quictent Waterproof UV Protected Reinforced Mini Cloche Greenhouse 71" WX 36

Not impressed with the first Quictent greenhouse? This one has the same dimensions of 71” x 36” x 36” but with a different cover structure. It has an overlong cover design with zippered top openings. Also, one side has a full zipper opening so you can enter inside to arrange the plants. With this construction, the heat from the ground is utilized for germination.


  • Better accessibility than the first Quictent greenhouse
  • 95% germination rate
  • Sealed enough to keep pests out
  • The seams of the cover can be buried to the ground for an airtight effect


  • The plastic cover may rip if you place it cold. Let it warm up inside your house before installation.


7. U.S. Garden Supply Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse

U.S. Garden Supply Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse, 27" Long x 19


For those who prefer a smaller greenhouse, the U.S. Garden Supply model is a nice piece. It’s 27” long, 19” wide, and 63” tall. This is best used for growing and starting seedlings. The tubular frame is paired with added functionality for dedicated urban gardeners. With these, the greenhouse is easy to assemble and to use for years.


  • Additional PVC canopy
  • Sturdy steel construction that’s easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and easy to move to different spots
  • Perfect for balconies and indoor corners


  • The plastic cover is a bit thin which requires gentle assembly.


8. Pure Garden 3 Tier Mini Greenhouse

Pure Garden 3-Tier Greenhouse – Outdoor Gardening Hot House with Zippered Cover and Metal Shelves for Growing Vegetables, Flowers and Seedlings

Looking for a shorter greenhouse? The one from Pure Garden is 27.5” long, 19” wide, and 50” tall. It removed one tier so you can have a smaller option in case you’re placing it on a low shed. The iron tubes are paired with a PVC cover with front and back panel zips.


  • Best for extending growth after germination
  • Compact for space-constraint locations
  • Affordable, best for starters
  • Can accommodate small herbs
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use


  • Not advisable for full-grown plants due to its smaller construction


9. OGrow Ultra-Deluxe 4 Tier Portable Bloomhouse

OGrow Ultra-Deluxe 4 Tier Portable Bloomhouse

Jumping back to four-tier greenhouses, this one from OGrow is 27” long, 19” wide, and 69” tall. Each tier is 12.5” tall perfect for small plants and extended growth after germination. It comes with a clear and durable cover that can withstand long-term use. Overall, it suits beginners, hobbyists, and urban gardeners.


  • A more durable plastic cover than other greenhouse models
  • Protects plants against frost
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Help keep animals out of your plants
  • Easy to move to different spots


  • The distance between the shelves can’t be adjusted.


10. FORUP Mini Greenhouse 4 Tier

FORUP Mini Greenhouse 4 Tier, 27" L x 19

If you’re cultivating seeds and rare flowers, the greenhouse from FORUP will be a wise buy. Since its tubular structure has a heavy-duty bearing net, it can hold heavier plants. The frame is enclosed with a polyurethane fabric that works for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it for leisure or urban gardening.


  • It can protect plants during winter
  • Better construction for added stability
  • Long zipper openings for convenience
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor use


  • It can only accommodate smaller plants and pots.


Tips and Ideas on How-to Make a No-Cost Mini Greenhouse


Mini greenhouses are good ways to grow plants even if you don’t have a big yard. Even in small pots and bags, you can cultivate herbs, flowers, and vegetables at home. Always consider the size that you need and the budget that you can shell out.

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