Best Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers Reviews

Gaming has become an essential part of life for most. Most often we thrive on the graphics, the realness of each scene that comes across our television screen. And one thing is certain, the controller is the key accessory with any gaming platform. To get the perfect Xbox 360 controller, we as gamer’s look at various factors. Like how the controller fits in your hand, the ease of getting to each button, the vibration you get when something vital happens in game. All these are crucial for picking the right controller.

1. Xbox 360 Chrome Series Limited Edition Wireless Controller

MicrosoftXbox 360 Chrome Series Limited Edition Wireless Controller is a controller to help you get into the game. This controller gives you up to 30 foot of range when playing. It has adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life. With it being wireless, you don’t have to worry about tripping over the wires as you get into the scene with excitement.


2. Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller

WhiteXbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller lets you feel every impulse trigger with every crash or jolt felt in game. It is wireless so no need to worry over wires and becoming unplugged. It features an audio jack on the controller so that you can plug your headset in right at your hands. It has responsive thumbstick and an enhanced D-pad for more precise gameplay.


3. Xbox Cordless Precision Controller

LogitechXbox Cordless Precision Controller gives the most superior control at longer ranges. It takes just 2 AA batteries that gives the controller over 50 hours of uninterrupted game play. Your hands will feel the impulse vibrations with every jolt felt within the game. Small and lightweight game pad design fits comfortably right in your hand. It has rubber grips for slip free gameplay.

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4. Xbox One Special Edition Forza Motorsport 6 Wireless Controller by Xbox one

ForzaXbox One Special Edition Forza Motorsport 6 Wireless Controller by Xbox one is a simple design, but the rubber grips make handling the controller easier without slippage. The silver triggers give the controller a stylist, gaming appeal. Its lightweight and the game pad is easy to maneuver. Fully equipped with a 3.5 mm headset stereo jack so you can plug right in to the controller.


5. Kycola GC16 Xbox One Wireless Controller

KycolaKycola GC16 Xbox One Wireless Controller comes equipped with the standard headset jack. With the awesome impulse triggers, it makes you feel like you are in the game itself. This enhances your sensory experience while gaming. This is dubbed the best Xbox controller made with the precision and placement of the analog sticks and digital keys. It has 2 analog sticks and digital keys, analog controls and precise double rocker
allows for comfort while playing in game.


6. MICROSOFT B4F00014 Xbox 360® Wireless Controller

B4F00014MICROSOFT B4F00014 Xbox 360® Wireless Controller is a high performance gaming controller. It lets you enjoy up to a 30 foot range while playing your favorite games. With up to 40 hours of gaming play on 2 AA batteries, you are given plenty of warning before the batteries need to be charged. You can also plug your headset in to the controller so you aren’t getting tangled up with to many wires while in your favorite game.


7. Xbox 360 Halo 4 Limited Edition Wireless Controller

HaloXbox 360 Halo 4 Limited Edition Wireless Controller shows some awesome artwork gearing towards Halo 4 the game. This controller comes with a special edition D-pad. This is perfect for the Halo 4 fanatic. The controller is translucent, which makes the appeal that much more. It has a customizable D-pad switches from a plus to a disc for better control. You can’t go wrong with this limited edition controller.

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8. Xbox 360 Branded Fable 3 Controller

BrandedXbox 360 Branded Fable 3 Controller is a wireless controller. The packaging it comes in is a collector item too. This controller comes with an Xbox Live token for an exclusive in game downloadable tattoo set to further customize your in game hero’s appearance. The regal crown of Albion comes to life in the gamer’s hands as the painted artwork hugs the curves of the controller. The future of the kingdom is held right in your hands!


9. Xbox 360 Tomb Raider Limited Edition Wireless Controller

TombXbox 360 Tomb Raider Limited Edition Wireless Controller is inspired by Lara Crofts climbing ax and bandages from the extreme origins of the Lara Croft story. Laser etchings mimic that of the ax that Lara Croft used. This controller is exclusive to Xbox 360. This controller comes complete with a code to download a character to play in the game. Designed in collaboration with Square Enix.


10. Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Chrome Silver

360Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is a limited edition chrome silver gaming controller. It has a D-pad that easily switches from a plus to disc for ultimate precision. It is made with the best quality materials while keeping the safety of the player in mind. It fits comfortably in your hands to better enhance your gaming experience.


Every one of these are great controllers. And as an avid gamer myself, I look for how a controller feels in my hands and the ease of manipulation during game play. I personally lean towards the Limited Edition Chrome Silver. It is simple yet attractive, easy to use and feels great in the hands. Controllers are the gamer’s movements, sights, and sounds. Being able to react quickly and at ease, without having to look down at your hands is what every gamer looks for. Graphics are another. Artwork makes the controller more appealing along with the functionality of the controller.

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