Best Mens Black Trench Coat Reviews

Among all of the winter coats out there that exist today, a trench coat is certainly up there with the best of them. Specifically designed for soldiers in the past so they can wear them in trenches while WWI is happening, trench coats are incredible durable and versatile kind of coats.

Originally, trench coats are constructed from waterproof materials like a poplin or cotton gabardine drill. But as fashion moves on, trench coats became a piece of stylish clothing, not to mention that the introduction of materials including wool became inevitable.

Fortunately, with this very reason, consumers now have a much bigger selection of trench coats to wear during fall and winter. It also implies that you can purchase and wear difference trench coats for various situations.

Well, if you want to learn more and get the right Men’s Black Trench Coat for your needs, stay tuned! 

Top 5 Best Mens Black Trench Coat Reviews

1. Men’s Winter Wool Blend Trench Coat Fleece Lining Top Coat Business Suits

APTRO Men's Fleece Lining Slim Fit Wool Trench Coat 1681 Black L


What You Will Get With This Black Trench Coat?

This trench coat comprises of 50% high quality merino wool, 40% polyester, and 10% others. It is incorporated with fleece lining in order to keep you stylish and warm during cold seasons. Some consumers like it because it’s a little bit unusual compared to other trench coat out there.

Furthermore, it has a professional custom wool design for both American and European body shape. However, you should keep in mind that after long transport, this trench coat might come with some folds. But you shouldn’t really worry about it because carefully ironing it would make the coat much better than it was.


  • Very reasonable price for its quality
  • The material is fine for its price range
  • 50% fine trench coat with fleece lining for extra warmth
  • Its designs accords with the line of human body and seamlessness
  • Its 3D cutting could make you look stylish and neat while keeping you comfortable


  • Its buttons tend to fall off quite easily, so it’s better to secure them much better
  • It might arrive with some wrinkles due to long-distance shipping

Top FAQS on this Unit

1. How long is this coat? Above the knee or just mid-thigh?

-It’s above the knee.

2. Is this a slim fit?


3. How do you wash it?

-You simply dry clean it and you can hot iron it if necessary.

4. Is it original?

-Unfortunately not, though it seems much better compared to the original

What Take on this Black Trench Coat:

APTRO is sticking to promote exquisite, taste, comfort, and fashion product image to adapt to men in leisure travel and business activities fully reflect the quality of fashion men’s disposition.

The designers of this trench coat are attentive to each detail of the designing process, and strictly pursue exceptional sewing process. The design style of sticking to minimalism is one of the brand’s specialties.

This black trench coat is certain worth of your hard-earned money especially that the manufacturer consistently aims outstanding fashion quality for their products.

2. London Fog Men’s Plymouth Twill Belted Double-Breasted Iconic Trench Coat

London Fog Men's Plymouth Double Breasted Trench Coat, Black (40R)


What You Will Get With This Black Trench Coat?

This one is a fine looking black trench coat. It is lightweight, feels soft, and not that warm. It’s not slim enough to wear over shirt; nonetheless it’s perfect over a suit jacket.

It’s not 100% polyester but bi-constituent with nylon. But that doesn’t make it a waterproof raincoat, though it’s still water resistant. Also, since it doesn’t have a complete body liner, it won’t really be warm if it’s wet. That’s why it is advisable to wear it in drizzle and not on heavy rain.

Consumers who wear a trench would love to purchase one and expect it to last over a decade. But we’re not sure if it would really hold that long.


  • Side-entry pockets at waist
  • Belted cuffs and self-belt waist
  • Double-breasted trench coat featuring functional gun flabs, epaulettes, and notched collar
  • Imported and machine wash
  • 100% polyester


  • The shoulder part seems a little narrow
  • Quite pricey

Top FAQS on this Black Trench Coat

1. Does it come with zip out lining?

-Yes. The jacket is lightweight without it. However, the lining is not that heavy.

2. Is the liner removable?

-For a removable liner, try London Fog Iconic Raincoat.

3. If I wear 42 in the waist, what size should I get?

-Trench coats like this are sold by chest size, similar to a suit jacket. In short, your waist is not really the basis here but your chest size.

What Take on this Men’s Black Trench Coat

This one is among the best black trench coats out there, and it’s crafted from 100% polyester material. It’s worn on rainy days and gives you a classy look due to double-breasted button front, belt, notched lapel, and epaulettes.

Aside from that, it also comes with self-belt waist, bated cuffs, and side slit pockets. In addition, it’s completely lined and is of medium height. But the problem is that it’s only machine washable.

Overall, it’s a good choice for the price!


3. alpine swiss Zach Mens Wool Trench Coat Knee Length Overcoat

alpine swiss Zach Mens Wool Trench Coat Knee Length Overcoat Navy Med


What You Will Get With This Black Trench Coat?

This particular knee length black trench coat is made of warm wool. In addition to that, it features a quilted lining as well. Its single breasted top coat can be best described as a car coat or a riding coat as well.

It’s an oversized coat that you can wear over your thick sweaters or suit etc. It normally runs large so make sure to review the measurements from the manufacturer in order to guarantee the right size.


  • Can be worn as a dressy pointed lapels or a shirt collar
  • Comes with 3 inside pockets and 2 outer pockets
  • Knee length overcoat warm wool blend with quilted lining
  • Incorporated with five covered buttons
  • Warm wool blend


  • It’s a little bit heavy
  • Seems a little bit oversized

Top FAQS on this Black Trench Coat

1. The image for the navy one looks black, which is it?

-It does look black in a poorly lit room, but it’s actually a dark navy.

2. Is it waterproof?

-Not really. It’s most likely has an excellent water resistance though.

3. Does it come with a belt?

-Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

4. Is machine wash applicable to it?

-It should be dry clean only.

What Take on This Black Trench Coat:

This one is made from quilted lining and wool mixture in order to deliver exceptional warmth to the users’ body.

In addition to that, it comes with 2 convenient outer pockets so users can put hands in. Also, it is incorporated with extra 3 inside pockets for your money, smartphone, and small little things.


4. Lavnis Men’s Trench Coat Long Wool Blend Slim Fit Jacket Overcoat

Lavnis Men's Trench Coat Long Wool Blend Slim Fit Jacket Overcoat Thicken Style Size Style 1 Black XS



What You Will Get With This Black Trench Coat?

This one is made of 50% polyester and 50% wool that keeps you warm and feel soft. In addition it comes with different sizes and colors. It is slim fit and has a mid-long style with unique collar design.

Moreover, when button closer is simple cuff, it makes you a vintage gentleman. It’s a trench coat for your commercial activities and daily work as men’s business suit for winter, spring, and fall. And lastly, its pattern has always attracted people’s attention.


  • Lightweight, modern design, and comes  in various colors
  • Long sleeve, mid-long style, unique collar design, and casual cuff on sleeve
  • Slim fit style and comes with two hand pockets
  • Quality materials
  • Excellent fashion trend


  • Might need a scarf since its collarless style won’t shield your neck from the cold
  • Buttons are completely hidden when the coat is buttoned up

Top FAQS on this Black Trench Coat

1. Does this coat come with shoulder-pads, and if so, could they be removed?


2. What’s the difference between thin and thick coat?

-Thin coats typically called a drivers coat and not really suitable for freezing cold. However, they’re comfortable as casual/formal wear.

3. What size should I get if I wear US-size large

-You should get an XL just to be sure.

4. Does it come with functional side pockets?

-Yes it does.

What Take on This Black Trench Coat:

The wool on this trench coat is velvety to the touch and makes wearing it a very luxurious experience. The lining which is quite heavy is perfect and ideal for fall and winter season.

On the other hand, the detail and stitching will amaze you upon wearing it. In addition, it’s will suit the average height for most men. Overall, it’s a good deal for the price and will surely last long.


5. Beninos Men’s Trench Coat Winter Long Jacket Double Breasted Overcoat

Beninos Men's Trench Coat Winter Long Jacket Double Breasted Overcoat (5625 Black, US:L/Asia XXL)

What You Will Get With This Black Trench Coat?

This one is knee-length and retro double-breasted woolen overcoat which is ideal to display for the wearer’s gentlemanly demeanor. Its fine fabrics are very comfortable to wear. Wearing black casual pants will make you look awesome. On the side note, in certain countries, a lot of well-dressed men prefer the old double row cashmere coat.

Its sleeves could be quite long but the body fits just right through the user’s waist, chest, and shoulders. You’ll also probably love its perfect length. When it’s buttoned over a t-shirt, you’ll have a little bit of space between the coat and your body, which is ideal since it will fit over bulkier clothes without being too compressed.

This trench coat is not really bulky, but still it’s surprisingly warm, and its quality is quite exceptional for the price.


  • Very soft and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
  • Good quality wool blend fabric
  • Stylish and make you look good
  • Slim fit style
  • Not bulky and very warm


  • Doesn’t come with inside breast pocket
  • Its shoulders seem a little bit narrow

Top FAQS on this Black Trench Coat

1. What is its material composition?

-The tag inside it says it is 100% cotton.

2. How good would this hold up in 20 degrees weather?

-Very comfortable but it’s ideal to wear a thermal underneath for extra warmth.

3. Is it dry-clean or machine-wash only?

-Machine-wash as the tag says with cold water.

4. Is it alright to wear in snow and rain?

-It’s okay to wear it in snow but not really on a rainy day since it doesn’t have that much water resistance. 

What Take on This Black Trench Coat:

This black trench coat is ideal to buy if you have the intention of having something professional looking while keeping yourself a little warmer, especially on work.

This jacket is very comfortable and soft to wear for long extended periods of time. In addition to that, it has the right amount of warm so you’d feel great during fall and winter. But then again, you might don’t like its narrow shoulders when you’re crossing or raising your arms.

Overall, it’s worth of your hard-earned money and will surely give you the satisfaction and warm you’re looking. 


What is the Difference Between Them?

First of all, the Men’s Winter Wool Blend is in the number one spot because it comprises of 50% top-notch quality merino wool, 40% polyester, and 10% others which is a great thing because combining such materials will ensure extra comfort and warmth for the user. On the other hand, the London Fog Men’s Plymouth is not 100% polyester but bit-constituent with nylon. However, this doesn’t make it a waterproof trench coat, despite of that it is still water resistant.

Now, the Alpine Swiss Zach is an oversized men’s black trench coat that you can wear over your suit or thick sweaters. It usually runs big, that’s why it’s important to review the measurements from the manufacturer in order to make sure that you’ll get the right size for your needs.

When it comes to the Lavnis Men’s Black Trench Coat, it comprises of 50% wool and 50% polyester which ultimately provide extra comfort due to warmness and softness of these two materials. Additionally, this trench coat comes in different colors and sizes. It is slim fit and has a mid-long design with unique collar style.

And last but not the least is the Benibos Men’s Black Trench Coat which is knee-length and retro double-breasted woolen overcoat. This kind of trench coat is ideal to display for the wearer’s gentle side.

Final Thoughts

We all know that aside from trench coats, there are actually more types of coats out there suitable for cold seasons. But what we want to say is that, trench coats are much more versatile compared to prominent coat brands out there. Not to mention that they are also very stylish while steal having a reasonable price.

Trench coats are great necessity to invest in. You don’t want to resort on a low-quality sweater or coat because they might affect your health instead of warming you up during winters. We’re not saying that low-quality coats are suck, but if you want a cost-effective item, you should seriously consider getting a trench coat especially that they can last for many years.

Also, perhaps your most priority when choosing your trench coat is the right size for your needs or otherwise you’ll surely regret it.

Well, you don’t really need to get worried because we’ve already searched the top 5 Men’s Black Trench Coat out there. So just relax, pick, and wear.

If you’ve got any questions or feedback about our topic today, please feel free to leave a comment down below.

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