Best LED Book Reading Lights Reveiws

In this post, we’ve curated the five best LED book reading lights that you can find on the market today.

When you have your nose in an interesting, good book, you can easily ignore how the light in your room starts to diminish. Low lighting can cause eye strains especially when reading that small text on that book. This is why a LED book reading light is worth an investment for readers like you and me.

Book Reading Light

A book reading light is a small light that can help you read even if the light in your room is already turned off. It can other be attached to a shelf or a wall so you can read comfortably. But there are some that you can easily clip on the pages of the book.

A book reading light is a gadget that can keep you company while you enjoy reading your favorite book. It acts as a friend that will be there to help you indulge in the book that you are reading without straining your eye or disturbing your partner.

Comparing The Options

1. LuminoLite Rechargeable 3k Warm 6 LED Book Light, Easy Clip On Reading Lights for Reading in Bed – 3 Brightness Eye-Care, 2.1 oz Lightweight, 60 Hours Reading. Perfect for Bookworms & Kids

LuminoLite B076SVC7SN Rechargeable 3000K Warm 6 LED Book, Easy Clip Lights Bed. 3 Brightness Eye-Care, 2.1 oz Lightweight, 20 Hours Reading. Perfect for Bookworms & Kids, Classic Black

This 6 LED book reading light is equipped with 3k warm SMD LED technology, which of perfect for your eye reading. All of the LEDs lights every up to 3 times, which can light the area than a traditional LED. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery of 1000MAH, which means that you can enjoy a maximum of 60 hours of reading without the need to charge.

The LuminoLite is consists of 4 power modes, which are the 5V phone charger, power banks, laptop, and 5V phone. It comes with a micro USB cable, so you don’t have to worry about the cable’s compatibility in case it gets lost. Another good thing about this LED book light is that it has a secure padded clamp and a flexible neck, which will help you focus the light wherever you want. This reading light is also perfect as a computer light, music stand, study, and reading.


  • Portable
  • Adjustable clip
  • Multifunctional book light
  • Provides excellent contrast for reading
  • Consist of three light settings


  • Switch has no cover, as it can accidentally get turned on when you pack it 


2. All-Around Book Light – Red Anywhere Up To 130 Hours x Charge – Adjustable Brightness and Eye Care Color – Portable Clip On LED Lamp, 1200mAh Replaceable Battery, UL Charger, XL YSB Cable and Bag by Ecologic Mart

This LED reading light model may be light and small, but its battery has an enormous capacity, which will let you read multiple books before it needs to be recharged. You can quickly direct the light beam right to the words, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your partner.

One of the good things about this Ecologic Mart LED reading light is that you can easily adjust its light depending on your eyes’ sensitivity. You can easily choose from three color temperatures, and each temperature has three light levels These three light levels include Cold Light 3000k with low, medium, and high levels, Natural Light 4900 K, and a Warm Light 3000 k. Another good thing about this reading light is that the lithium battery supports a maximum of 1000 cycles and can easily be replaced even without any tools.


  • Long battery life
  • Different light intensity that will suit your vision
  • Light in weight
  • Has a keyhole hanger to turn it into a hanging lamp
  • Has a low battery alarm


  • Clip is quite big for a typical size novel
  • Dim setting is a little brighter than usual


3. Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 4 Lighting Modes (Studying, Reading, Relaxing, Sleeping), 5 Level Dimming, 1 Hour Auto Timer, Touch Sensitive Control, Modern, Piano Black – VONT

One of the smartest reading light that you can have is this dimmable LED desk lamp from VONT. It has four preset lighting modes, which are perfect for studying, relaxing, reading, and sleeping. It also has five levels of non-flickering, smooth LED brightness and a USD charging port. This reading light has a modern and sleek design, wherein you can easily adjust the angle of the lamp the way you want or pack it using the foldable hinge.

You can also set the timer of the lamp, which means that once you do set it up, it will automatically turn off after your chosen time. This is perfect for readers who usually fall asleep whenever they are reading on the bed. The LED bulb has a 25-year lifespan, which means that it can last you for a lifetime. Of course, the LED is also efficient and eco-friendly.


  • Has a charging port to charge most smartphones
  • Consists of different light settings and lighting modes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes a daylight setting


  • Cable is a little short


4. Mighty Bright 40511 XtraFlex2 Book Light

Mighty Bright 40511 XtraFlex2 Book Light, Blue

The Mighty Bright book light has two LEDs which are both energy efficient, which can cast a bright white light. It is durable enough and can last for up to 100,000 hours, wherein replacement is no longer necessary. You can easily use one or two LEDs just by tapping the button. The light is engineered precisely for optical grade lens, which can help evenly spread the light.

This reading light has a sturdy grip, which means that you can clip it to almost everywhere. The neck which is adjustable can help hold the reading light in place securely. The light is powered by triple-A batteries, or you can use an AC adapter if you prefer that. But the adapter is sold separately.


  • Durable and flexible neck
  • Light in weight
  • Portable
  • Provides sufficient light for reading
  • Perfect for full sized books


  • Uses triple-A batteries


5. Light It! By Fulcrum, LED Book Reading Light, Clip On

Light It! By Fulcrum, LED Book Reading Light, Clip On, Blue

This book reading light is more than just that, as it can be used for other tasks, such as traveling, crafting, typing, and even more. It is equipped with an ultra bright LED light, which uses a floodlight technology to give a glare-free, ultra-bright, and wide bream lighting that you need for reading.

One of the best things about this reading light is that it has a strong clamp, wherein you can quickly direct the light on the pages that you are in. You can also use the bright light for working in spaces that are tight or whenever you are working on your car. The flexible neck that it has makes it easier for you to direct it without worrying about its durability. This reading light requires triple-A batteries, which are not included.


  • Light in weight
  • Portable
  • Illuminates well
  • Flexible neck


  • Uses triple-A batteries


Buying Guide

  • Brightness Modes

One of the most important things that you need to check on a book reading light are the brightness modes. Some reading lights have uneven or bright lights. There are also some that are flickering, too dim, or even too harsh on the eyes. Choose a reading light that has the ability to illuminate on the pages of your book evenly. There should also be different brightness modes, which will help you adjust the modes so you can obtain your desired light level depending on your environment.

  • Non-disturbance

If you have a bedmate, they the stray light might disturb him. It can be an annoyance, and will never be tolerated. So always make sure that the light should only be shining on the book’s page and nothing else.

  • Battery Life

A good book reading light is something that can be used for long in just a single charge. You should also know if the battery can be replaced or not, so you know if you need to purchase extra batteries or not. A good light will also depend on the quality of the battery, so always see to it to choose something that is reliable.

For you to avoid running out of batteries, it would be best to choose a rechargeable one. Having a rechargeable battery can help you save money since purchasing one every time it runs out of power can be costly. Importantly, always follow the manufacturer’s instruction when it comes to charging the light’s battery.

  • Reliable Clip

You need a reading light with a steady clip so it can easily be attached to the book. But make sure that the clip is also soft enough to avoid damaging the pages of the book. The clip should easily be adjusted to the pages without ripping them apart.

  • Flexible Neck

The neck of the reading light should be durable and can easily be adjusted as well. It should also have the ability to stay in the position where you want it to be while you are reading.

  • Portability

Of course, you also need to make sure that the book light is portable enough for it to be convenient for you. It should be light in weight and small in size for you to carry it wherever you please. Some reading lights can be folded which you can bring with you in your backpack or when you are traveling.

  • Warranty Period

There may be instances where a reading light will stop working at any time. So it would be best to choose a reading light that has a good warranty period. Having a good warranty period will make you feel secure when buying it and once you are already using it. Lastly, a good warranty period means having to replace the light for free when it starts to break down.

Importance Of Proper Reading Light

There are a lot of reasons as to why you need to have a proper reading light. One would be to avoid straining your eyes, as it will try its best to focus on the words that you’re trying to read. This can lead to dry and fatigue eyes in the long run. As you grow older, the importance of having a proper reading light increases. The reason behind this is because as we age, so as our eyes start to deteriorate.

Ways Reading Affects Your Brain

  • Adventure

You may have heard how some readers say that reading is like going to a particular place that they’ve never been to. This is true, wherein every book you read can take you into an adventure. According to studies, reading has the ability to engage the different parts of your brain which are associated with language processing. It also involves the other areas that are connected with the actions about what you are reading. (Source) For instance, if you’re reading about a character hiking somewhere, certain areas of your brain will start to light up as if you are the one who’s hiking.

  • Enhances Empathy

Reading helps you to take the character’s perspective when it comes to certain things. When this happens, it can help expand and engage your empathy. It will also help you to be aware of your complexities.

  • Increases Humility

Based on studies, people who read more are becoming more humble intellectually. (Source) You will start to become aware of your limits and ignorance. This means that you will become more open to learning from other people instead of relying on your judgments.

  • Helps The Brain Grow

Your body may need its regular workout but so as your brain. Your brain needs to workout as well for it to be able to grow and this is possible just by reading. According to the researched at Lund University in Sweden, students who have undergone an intensive studying experienced growth in both the cerebral cortex and hippocampus. (Source)

Brain scans were conducted after some months of studying, and this is where the researchers proved that the brains have grown. The growth of the brain will depend on the amount of learning and effort done during that specific period of time.


Reading your book should never interfere with anyone’s sleep including your partner. With the many reading lights available on the market today, you can always choose one that will match your needs. Majority of the reading lights can’t only be sue for reading, but as well as hiking, camping, traveling, and any other tasks where lighting is needed.

But of course, not all of the reading lights in the market are equally created. That is why we decided to provide you with the top 5 best LED book reading lights above; you won’t surely have a hard time choose one that is best for your reading needs. With this list of the best reading lights, we have surely narrowed down your options as to which one to purchase. Choose from the best LED book reading lights above so you can start reading no matter what time of the day it is.

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