Best Leaning Ladder Style Bookshelf & Bookcase Reviews

Leaning ladder-style bookshelves may sound complicated in its description. However, this type of furniture are popular due to its role and how it can make a family or living room more aesthetically pleasing.

Bookshelves and bookcases still provide a convenient place to store books instead of having them lying all over a room. In the case of ladder bookshelves, they clear up more space within a family room by being placed into a convenient nook or corner. In the process, it is easier to view a list of books from the convenience of a book shelf lined against a wall and out of the general area of walking spaces while adding to a room’s visual appeal.
The following is a look at the 10 of the best leaning ladder bookshelves around.

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1. Casual Home 5 Shelf Ladder Bookcase

Casual Home 176-53 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase, Espresso

This shelf is made completely of wood, which has its advantages. It is easy to clean, needing only a damp cloth to wipe down and it is easy to assemble. Given its dark-brown wood dimensions, the bookcase provides a contemporary appearance despite its basic shelf look.


2. Coaster 800319 Home Furnishings Ladder Bookcase

Colella Leaning 4-Drawer Ladder Bookcase Cappuccino

The Coaster bookcase provides a more elegant appearance. There are three shelves with a fourth layer being the top of a set of drawers. This bookcase really is more about appearance than simply for stacking books. It also comes with four small drawers near the bottom to fit other items into.


3. Simpli Home Acadian Ladder Shelf BookcaseSimpli Home AXSS008KD Acadian Solid Wood 63 inch x 30 inch Rustic Ladder Shelf Bookcase in Tobacco Brown

This case has more durability to it given the use of high quality pine to construct it. It has five shelves, though it seems there are more when it stands empty. However, the shelves are wide enough in that it used to store many items at the lower shelves.


4. SoBuy Modern ladder bookcase made of wood with four floors

Small and simple in its design, it is a nice decorative piece to add some artistic touch to a room. There are four small shelves and a narrow build. However, it doesn’t hold too many books and really is used more for decorative appeal than actual storage usage.


5. Altra Lawrence 4 Shelf Ladder Bookcase Bundle

Ameriwood Home Lawrence 4 Shelf Ladder Bookcase Bundle, Black

The Altra can come in a bundle of two bookshelves and these Altra Lawrence products are fine to large books. The shelves are large and wide in surface. Coming in pairs, they can bookend TV stands or stand next to each other to provide a balanced look.


6. Sauder 5 Shelf Bookcase, Jamocha Wood

Sauder 414602 Trestle 5 Shelf Bookcase, W: 23.54" x L: 16.61

Well-built with quality wood, this five-shelf ladder provides plenty of storage space for large books and small or it can be used to hold displays and baskets. In this case, they provide a best of both worlds in terms of both storage and design.


7. Antique White 4-tiered Shelf Ladder Bookcase Varying Shelves

Simple in design and color, this case is fine for brightly lit rooms. As the name implies, it has an antique look to it and plenty of storage space. Large books for easily fit on most of its shelves since the space is so deep.


8. eHemco 5 Tier Bookcase Shelf Ladder in White Finish

eHemco 5 Tier Leaning Ladder Book Shelf in White Finish 21-5/8“W X70”H

Each of the white shelves has a three-inch raised lip surrounding it save for the front side. Though it has a curved side, this case is sturdy because of a third leg hidden under the bottom shelf. This is a shelf ladder that is truly built to hold books and not serve simply as a display case.


9. BUSH FURNITURE Alamosa Ladder BookcaseBush Furniture MY72716-03 Alamosa Ladder Bookshelf, Classic Black

This case is solidly built case with a compact footprint, allowing it fit in with other furniture. The Bush Furniture product comes with a black finish and is large enough to hold artwork and other items in addition to some books.


10. Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner BookcaseCasual Home 176-53 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase, Espresso

This small bookcase is shaped almost is one-third of a tree. Because of its shape, it can easily fit into a corner and can hold five shelves of books. The downside is that space is relatively small and the top shelves wouldn’t much at all.


While they all are appealing, some are more so than others. The corner bookcase is for a specific spot in the room. The SoBuy case is smaller and for displays. Others are larger, but built for displays such as the Alamosa Ladder and the Altra Lawrence. The Antique White Ladder also provides an old-fashioned look to essentially a display ladder. The Coaster bookcase also is display, but with drawers. The Simpli book case and the eHemco product both has plenty of space, but their design seem to detract their appearance.

In terms of practical book storage, the Casual Home product has a good balance on holding space, durable look, and neat if simple design. However, the Sauder product has the same build, but has a larger, stronger build and better look, making it the most appealing of the 10 options.

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