Best Kitchen Pot & Pan Hanger Racks Reviews

Pots and pans really seem to add up over time in the kitchen. Many of us buy new pots and pans, perhaps ones with the latest “technology”, but unless handles break, or somehow that implement is rendered unusable, we’ll keep that older one around. After a time, finding storage space to put all these things becomes quite a challenge. After all, they don’t stack very well.

Kitchen Pot & Pan Hanger Racks can really be great space savers, and quite a convenience for homeowners who are finding this growing stack of pots, pans, lids, and other assorted goods taking over the kitchen. Check these items out and see if one could be a suitable fit for your kitchen:

1. Range Kleen Oval Pot Rack

Range Kleen CW6000 Black Enameled Steel Hanging Oval Pot Rack 1.5 Inch H by 33 Inch W by 17 Inch D

This durable unit, which holds up to 40 lbs., can accommodate a great number of items. It comes with eight stainless steel hooks that can be slid around the outside oval frame, or hung anywhere on the removable center grid. The grid can accommodate up on top odd-type items, lids, or items that don’t have a hole to hang with. As this rack hangs by chains, it is easily adjustable, utilizing any of the links to raise the unit higher if the need be. Extra pot hooks, sold separately, are inexpensive and easy to find.


2. Kinetic Classicor Series Wrought-Iron Oval Pot Rack

Kinetic Classicor Series Wrought-Iron Oval Pot Rack 12021

This unit includes four 22-in. lengths of chain, making height adjustment quick and easy. Four ceiling hooks, four S hooks, and twelve pot hooks are also included. Able to accommodate 40 lbs. of weight, extra hooks can be purchased separately, and placed along the oval perimeter, or inside, below the removable center grid, which also holds items on top. This item comes with a 25-year limited warranty.


3. Cooks Standard Wall Mount Pot Rack

Cooks Standard Wall Mounted Wooden Pot Rack, 36 by 8-Inch

This unit, mounted on the wall as opposed to hanging freely, incorporates a bit of flair in the kitchen with the natural wood track, ideal for putting big pots on. Four wood hooks and two swivel hooks are included, and easily placed between wood slats for item hanging. Extra hooks can be accommodated, but must be purchased separately. The hooks and swivels are made of solid cast aluminum, while the brackets are made of solid aluminum.


4. Rack It Up Oval Ceiling Pot Rack

Rack It Up Oval Ceiling Pot Rack with 12 hooks, Steel Gray Hammertone

By Enclume, this rack is similar in appearance to the Range Kleen and Kinetic Classicor Series racks, as well as equal in functionality with the spacious center grid. The installation and mounting are what makes this one different than the others. This unit uses exclusive Enclume Toggler anchors, enabling installation directly into the wall, giving it the capacity to hold hundreds of pounds. Made of durable steel, this organizer includes twelve matching pot hooks, and can accommodate quite a few more if purchased separately.


5. VDOMUS Square Grid Wall Mount Pot Rack

VDOMUS Wall Mount Pot Pan Rack, Kitchen Cookware Storage Organizer, 24 by 10 in with 10 Hooks, Black

This bookshelf rack comes with eight hooks, and is made of 0.125 in. thick hot-rolled steel, with a powder-coated finish. The functional pot rack can also double as a shelf. A bit smaller than other racks out on the market, this stylish multi-purpose rack is ideal for smaller kitchen spaces.


6. Cooks Standard Ceiling Mount Wooden Pot Rack

Cooks Standard Ceiling Mounted Wooden Pot Rack, 24 by 18-Inch

Natural wood pieces in the kitchen provide a nice flair, and this 24″x18″ rack suits this look well. The natural wood track is durable and smooth. Included in this package: 4 pcs. Swivel Hooks; 4 pcs. Pan Hooks; 4 pcs. W-Type Pot Hooks; 6 pcs. S-Type Pot Hooks; and 8 pcs. 5.25″ Universal Pot Hooks. With the opportunity to hang extra hooks (sold separately) on the spacious interior grid (which accommodates items on top), this can permit you to hang up quite a good number of pots, pans, and other items. Made of solid cast aluminum, with the brackets made of solid aluminum.


7. Designer Black Scrollwork Metal Ceiling Mounted Hanging Kitchen Utensils, Pots, Pan Holder Hanger Rack

Designer Black Scrollwork Metal Ceiling Mounted Hanging Kitchen Utensils, Pots, Pans Holder Hanger Rack

By MyGift, this cookware rack can be a very stylish as well as functional addition to any kitchen. Wit a classic black finish, it features a very attractive scrollwork design, very elegant in its appearance. The oval-shaped platform is ideal for placing non-hanging items, or accessorized with pieces that will match the kitchen’s decor.


8. Sparkworks Heavy-duty Wrought Iron Pot Rack

This rack can be a showpiece in the kitchen. Eight angled hooks provide easy accessibility for hanging pots and pans. What makes this rack really catch the eye is the ornate scrollwork design on the top of the rack, with a 3-D “HOME” complimenting the framework. Ideal for placing cookbooks, small potted plants or other items that add a personal touch, it can lend the kitchen a nice measure of classic style and elegance.


9. Cuisinart CRHC-22B Chef’s Classic Half-Circle Wall-Mount Pot Rack

Cuisinart CRHC-22B Chef's Classic Half-Circle Wall-Mount Pot Rack, Brushed Stainless

This rack, which is mounted on a wall, is a bit more compact in size. It can be an ideal complement to the modern kitchen decor, and would be a nice addition that can fit into unused corner areas or tight spaces. This unit, with six angled hooks, and made of stainless steel with a lustrous brushed finish, can give a fresh look to the kitchen decor while being able to be installed in a wide variety of areas.


10. Old Dutch Oval Steel Pot Rack w. Grid & 16 Hooks

Old Dutch Oval Steel Pot Rack w. Grid &16 Hooks, Satin Nickel, 36" x 19

This extremely durable rack is a real space saver in the kitchen. With 16 hanging hooks, it can accommodate pots and pans big and small. The center grid platform can be a very convenient place to store lids, cookbooks, or place any cooking utensils that don’t hang up. This can be an ideal rack to install over kitchen islands, with hanging utensils easy to get at, but hanging out of the way to minimize hitting your head when moving about the kitchen.



Anything that can help a small area become more organized, while perhaps lending a bit of style or flair while doing so is a good investment. Kitchens, perhaps more than any other room in the house, really benefit from items like these space-saving pot and pan racks, something most every kitchen could benefit from having.

The Enclume Rack It Up Oval Ceiling Pot Rack, by virtue of its ability to hold much more weight than other extraordinarily similar in appearance racks, may just stand out above the rest. It’s pretty lightweight, and the installer doesn’t have to worry about screwing into joists or studs. You may not need 200 pounds of capacity in a rack, but it’s nice to know that the capability of handling a real load is there if the need should arise.

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