Best House Memory Foam Slippers For Hardwood Floors Reviews

For the most part, our feet can take a beating during every single day, no matter what your lifestyle or job is. Yet, we usually ignore how our feet feel at the end of the day.

Your feet deserve better, and that’s where the best house memory foam slippers for hardwood floors come into play.

A premium-quality slipper such as the BOBS memory foam slipper can actually help you make your time away from your workplace warm and comfortable, and ultimately rejuvenate you for long days and incoming stresses ahead.

Why House Memory Foam Slippers Are Good

Easy on the feet, warmth, and comfort, there are actually a number of reasons why slippers are better compared to the rest of footwear out there especially when it comes to home usage. Many slippers are suitable for certain outdoor uses, but our focus right now is on their myriad of benefits for hardwood floors.

Memory Foam Slippers Keep You Healthy

A lot of experts agree that having cold feet significantly increase your chances of catching flu or colds. For some particular reason, chilly feet decrease your body’s ability to combat certain diseases and illnesses. Furthermore, slippers protect against foot infections and bacteria, compared to walking around your house with just bare feet.

Keeps Your House Hygienic

Many of us would probably cringe if we actually see the number of grime, dirt, bacteria, and other nasty stuff that we tend to drag into our house from the soles of our shoes. Thus, you must take off your shoes at the door, and put on some memory foam slippers instead.

Surely, your house and yourself can significantly benefit from it.

Memory Foam Slippers Prevent Accidents

Slip-sliding around tile floors, linoleum, or wood is an accident waiting to happen if you’re wearing socks. Most slippers especially those premium ones are incorporated with slip-resistant soles that serve you well when you’re rushing to answer your door call.

Comfort Means Productivity

It’s quite difficult to do household chores when your feet are feeling cold. In fact, studies show that productive workers are relaxed workers, and nothing really describes the word “relaxed” than a nice pair of cozy, comfortable memory foam slippers.

Lifesavers for Your Socks

Are you tired of always purchasing new socks when your current ones develop holes in them? Well, wearing your socks around your home can add wear and tear; however memory foam slippers can give both your feet and your socks a good break.

Best House Memory Foam Slippers for Hardwood Floors Reviews

1. BOBS from Skechers Women’s Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper



BOBS from Skechers Women's Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper, Charcoal, 11 M US


This house memory foam slippers from BOBS is a heavily padded slipper that’s incredibly easy to slip off and on. It is incorporated with a thick sole so that the user’s feet would enjoy heavy duty protection. Additionally its outsole offers proper traction to the feet.

Furthermore, it is designed to absorb shock effectively, and because they’re heavily padded, these slippers are a tad more on the heavy side. Since it’s not a lightweight product, users can wear them on a morning run and it can provide enough protection from certain harmful elements from particular outdoor activities. On the other hand, though it’s quite heavy, it doesn’t really mean that it can’t be used for indoor purposes.

In fact, this memory foam slippers is a very durable slipper and can withstand rough surfaces, which is ultimately good for hardwood floors because of its shock absorbing midsole. Its Faux padded inner liner doesn’t only provide water protection, but it also helps add extra comfort because of its memory foam insole.

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  • Memory foam foot-bed
  • The slippers have a plush inner lining for extra comfort
  • Built to give maximum protection to the feet
  • Reasonable price
  • Thick rubber sole that’s also very sturdy
  • Can be used for outdoor activities because of shock absorbing midsole


  • Extreme padding fails to give maximum comfort
  • Because of a thick sole, it’s quite heavy 


2. Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers Fuzzy Wool-Like Plush Fleece Lined House Shoes w/Indoor

Women's Comfort Memory Foam Slippers Wool-Like Plush Fleece Lined House Shoes w/Indoor, Outdoor Anti-Skid Rubber Sole (Medium / 7-8 B(M) US, Black)

Get these memory foam slippers on for a power walk and attract a couple of eyes on them. Yup, they have attractive design and catch anyone’s attention pretty easily. It comes with two primary different colors which is brown and black with an elegant dual tone texture.

Furthermore, it is incorporated with ultra-soft wool plush lining as well as anti-skid rubber sole to give both durability and extra comfort. Also, because of its ultra-soft wool-like plush fleece lining, and easy slip-on design it provides amazing comfort.

Additionally, its durable and lightweight rubber sole makes the fuzzy knitted slippers ideal for outdoor and indoor family use. Its anti-slip outsole lets you step quietly in your bedroom. Each of your steps can become steadier with its slip-resistant texture located on its bottom.

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  • Unique looking design
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor activities
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Reliable and built to last
  • Incorporated with microfiber
  • High-density memory foam insole
  • Helps in relieving sever foot pain because of its ultra-comfortable 4 layer construction


  • Its cushion can become flat quickly


3. ISOTONER Women’s Terry Slip In Clog

ISOTONER is a manufacturer of wearable moments for over one century. They craft products that revolutionize comfort and make fashion flawless. They’re against depriving themselves of life’s richest experiences, no matter how small it is.

At the end of a stressful work, you’d want a slipper that can make your feet feel energized and relaxed. With the adaptive technology of ISOTONER Women’s Terry Slippers, you’ll surely experience the responsive comfort you’re seeking.

In a number of slipper styles to pick from, these house memory foam slippers can make your feet feel more complete. Additionally, because of its versatile rubber soles, you can go anywhere without being discomforted. Also, its anti-skid tread ensures that your footing is safe and secure.

And lastly, these slippers are completely machine-washable for convenient and prompt care. Simply throw them in the wash in cool water and lay them flat to dry away from any kind of heat.

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  • 100% textile and synthetic sole
  • Premium soft microterry upper
  • Multilayer EVA arch support
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Versatile and very durable
  • Excellent cushioning and feel


  • Thick, solid, and quite heavy 


4. HomeIdeas Men’s Woolen Fabric Memory Foam Anti-Slip House Slippers

HomeIdeas Men's Woolen Fabric Memory Foam Anti-Slip House Slippers, Winter Breathable Indoor Shoes,Medium / 9-10 D(M) US,Black

Are you perhaps annoyed of the weird sound made by your current slipper while you’re going to your refrigerator for a glass of water during midnight, and afraid to wake up other members of your family?

Noisy slippers are something that’s pretty disgraceful and quite irritating. Thus, in order to solve the issue, Home Ideas has engineered comfortable memory foam slippers that can completely mute the sound of each of your steps.

Furthermore, these sleepers are waterproof and environmental friendly that also offers anti-slip protection because of the wave-like patters on the bottom of it. The sole material is not easy to deform and is actually odourless.

The slippers won’t leave any scratch marks on any floor surfaces such as tiles and wood. Its sole is also incorporated with exceptional noise reducing traits, making it not possible for you to disrupt your family while they’re sleeping.

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  • Thermoplastic rubber sole protects you from slipping on wet surfaces
  • 4 layers of filling reduce foot stress and make it more supportive
  • Gives nice ventilation and make your feet odourless
  • Crafted from comfortable woollen fabric
  • Simple, fashionable and elegant
  • Multiple options and very easy to maintain
  • Very comfortable and attractive


  • The cushioning quickly compresses over a short amount of time
  • Quite pricey


5. Popglory Womens Slipper Memory Foam Fluffy Slip-On House Suede Fur Lined/Anti-Skid Sole

Womens Slipper Faux Fur Fluffy Slip-On House Suede Fur Lined/Anti-Skid Sole, Indoor & Outdoor, Light Brown, Asian39-40 Tag270/MS 40-41

These memory foam slippers are super warm and provides ultra-comfy plush fleece. Additionally, it is incorporated with high-density plush fleece insoles that can care for your feet and provide ultra-soft feeling. Your feet will be surrounded by the incredibly warm lining that can make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

Furthermore, it has high-quality overall construction and won’t get torn up or damaged easily. Its durable rubber sole is ideal for power walks outside such as walking with your dogs or just like checking your mailbox. In addition, they don’t really make that much noise even in hardwood floors.

Additionally, it always keeps perfectly fluffy which is not similar from other styles like this where the fur tends to flatten down quite fast.

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  • Warm soft cotton plush fuzzy
  • 100% brand new
  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Very versatile
  • Great color choices
  • Cute design


  • Tend to get stinky
  • Not entirely soft


What to Consider Before Buying House Memory Foam Slippers

To say that there’s no such thing as “traditional” slippers could be a stretch, but it’s actually true that there’s a vast range from which to pick. Selecting the right pair for you can be daunting task, and it’s crucial to keep in mind that a certain style that works for another consumer may not really work for your needs.

Let’s break down some important factors to help you make the best possible decision you can do.

Comfort is King

Now, what’s the point of wearing memory foam slippers if they’re not even comfortable? Yes, slippers can keep your feet cozy on those chilly winter days when you’re kicking back with a book and a drink, but they have to be comfortable enough, or you’ll soon get tired of them.

And again, a particular style and cut that’s comfortable for some certain consumer may not be really comfortable for you. Memory foam slippers are meant to be comfortable at all times. Thus, before purchasing one, make sure that the slippers you’re choosing are something that you can wear around your house for an extended period of time. If it’s not, why even bother buying it?


Most of the best house memory foam slippers out there consist of authentic suede or leather. Both materials provide extra comfort and durability. Additionally, natural animal skins make for a warmer feel for your feet while aiding to keep them cozy during those long nights of mid-February.

On the other hand, cotton is another material used to make memory foam slippers and provide comfort as well as the convenience of easy cleaning. Simply toss them into the washing machine if you feel like to. Also, natural fibers such as cotton comes with the advantage of being more affordable compared to suede and leather.

Also, keep in mind that spills and scratches on slippers made from the animal skin may need professional cleaning to bring them back to their original shape.

The Fit

While getting the right fit is relative to comfort, this factor is actually worth mentioning out since it’s really crucial. It only makes sense to try on memory foam slippers at your preferred store because sizing between slippers and your everyday shoe can vary.

Additionally, purchasing slippers online can be a little bit trickier, so make sure to read each pair’s sizing guide, and pay attention to verified reviewers who reported certain slippers.

The Type

There are actually a number of types of slipper styles:

  • Orthopedic slippers – this type of slippers is incorporated with built-in support in the insole for individuals who are suffering from heel or back pain. The insoles normally come in padded or gel varieties. If ever you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, then orthopaedic slippers are the right choice to go.
  • Outdoor slippers – a lot of slippers are manufactured for outdoor and indoor uses and come with a tough and durable sole. They’re normally weather-treated as well.
  • Boot slippers – if keeping your feet cozy is your top priority, of if you always tend to have cold feet, then you can check out boot slippers. This type of slippers cover your ankles and are cut in a way to aid you withstand even the cold nights of winter.
  • Clogs and mules – clogs and mules don’t cover the upper area of your heel but can cover the tops of your feet as well as your toes. While most consumers can wear them, they’re actually great for men who have back issues or other health issues that make it hard to put on traditional shoes and slippers.
  • Moccasin slippers – traditionally manufactured from animal hide, this type of slippers are lightweight yet very durable, and even good for occasional outdoor activities.
  • Loafers and slip-on slippers – you’ll most likely be having no trouble recognizing loafer shoes and slip-ons right? They almost never come with laces and you can slip in and out of them really easily. They also cover your entire foot, though, depending on the design, some parts of your upper foot can be exposed.

The Hardness of Your Floor

The harder your floor is, the thicker the soles of your chosen slippers must be. That’s really crucial if your apartment or house has hardwood flooring or other kinds of uncovered hard surfaces, but not as crucial if carpeting is your flooring of choice.


Many things go into the making of nice pair of slippers and for us, we considered a number of significant factors. Obviously, comfort is the top priority, but other things separate a good slipper from a bad one, such as stability, durability, as well as design, and many more.

Additionally, we also examined the versatility of each slipper listed above, particularly that many of them have a dual outdoor-indoor capabilities, as well as the traction of their soles. On the other hand, price is another vital factor, and we’re always aware of the fact that the best things are not always the priciest one.  Nonetheless, we always strive to include specific products to fit certain budgets for prospective consumers.

Well, that sums up our review of the best house memory foam slippers for hardwood floors, and as always, all comments and suggestions are welcome. Is there any pair of slippers among the list that is your favourite? Have you worn any of the memory foam slippers listed above? We’d like to hear your feedback.

Have a great day!

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