Best HD Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Reviews

Looking to maximize the security and safety of your car when you are driving? Then better invest in a rear view mirror dash cam as soon as possible. A rear view mirror dash cam or a dashboard cam provides an additional layer of safety and security when you’re using your car.

These cameras are commonly attached to the vehicle’s interior windscreen or top of the dashboard. They are there to record all activity through your car’s windshield, which can effectively protect you from accidents by recording the road behind or in front of you continuously.

Furthermore, since dash cams enable you to record everything, they can help prevent accidents and even theft as they can provide an excellent evidence for insurance companies in case an emergency occurs. There are more benefits a rear view mirror dash cam can provide and this is why it is for every car owner to have one installed in their vehicle.

Fortunately, there are countless dashboard cameras available in the market at the moment. However, since there are many rear view mirror dash cams to choose from, this makes it hard, time-consuming, and difficult to pick the best cam that will meet your needs and satisfaction. That’s where we can help.

We’ve compiled the best HD rear view mirror dash cams available today. But before that, let’s talk about the things to look for when buying a rear dashboard cam first. So, let’s not waste any minute and dive right in below, shall we?

What to Look for When Buying a HD Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

When it comes to choosing a rear dash camera for your car, it’s crucial to do your research before you decide to get one. If you are confused and don’t know how to select the right HD cam for your vehicle, then better read on to find out the things to look for when picking one.

Parking lines

Look for a camera that has a parking line feature. This will allow you to park your car easily, quickly, and safely. Fortunately, most HD rear cams have this feature. If you want to attain the flexibility when you are parking your vehicle, then get a rear cam that has a parking line feature.

Viewing angle

Rear cameras offer a good viewing angle, enabling you to see things much clearer. The wider the viewing angle, the more you can see behind you. Get a cam that provides a wide, healthy viewing angle for the best visibility.

Mirror image

If you’re planning to use the rear camera as a front-view camera, then better go for a camera that has a mirror image feature. This feature enables you to see not only the rear-view but the front-view as well, which can be very handy.

Follow the tips above and you should be able to find your ideal rear HD dash cam for your vehicle with little to no effort. Now that you have an idea about the things to look for when purchasing a rear dash cam, let’s now tackle the best rear view mirror dash cam below.

Top 10 Best HD Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

1. YI Mirror Dash Cam

YI Mirror Dash Cam, Dual Dashboard Camera Recorder with Touch Screen, Mobile APP, Front Rear View HD Camera, G Sensor, Reverse Monitor, Loop Recording

Featuring a two HD 1080P front-facing camera and 720P rear camera, the YI Mirror dash cam fits perfectly over your rearview mirror. It is included with a 16:9 LCD touchscreen for quick and easy preview and control. In addition, the YI is also easy to set up and has a stealthy design that can fit any car.

Video Overview

With its HD 130 degrees wide-angle lens, you’ll have a clear view of what’s behind or in front of you night and day. It also comes with many features, including a fatigue alert, emergency recording, app connection, and reverse detection, making it worth the money.


2. Backup Camera 4.3″ Mirror Dash Cam

The Backup Camera can separately or simultaneously capture both the rear and front view of your car. The front cam allows you to record the road ahead in 1280x720P while the back camera can capture your entire trip in 640x480P.

Both the rear and front delivers exceptional coverage that enables users to acquire the best footage when driving. Moreover, this backup camera features a 4.3 touch screen that is easy to use. It also comes with a parking guideline that automatically switches on when in reverse mode. If you are looking for a dash cam that is easy to set up and operate, and compatible with most cars, then better grab this one immediately!


3. Pruveeo D700 7-Inch Touch Screen Backup Camera

Pruveeo D700 7-Inch Touch Screen Backup Camera Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Channel with Rear View Reversing Camera

The Pruveeo D700 comes with 7 inches touchscreen and high definition 1080P front camera with 150 degree wide angle lens. It also features a weatherproof rear dash camera and a parking image feature that allows you to park safely.

With the one-touch switch design, you’ll have the power to switch the view mode easily and quickly from either picture in picture display or rear and front view. It fits over your existing car rear view mirror very well and operating it is as easy as a piece of cake.


4. TOGUARD Backup Camera 7″ Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARD Backup Camera 7" Mirror Dash Cam Touch Screen 1080P Rearview Front and Rear Dual Lens with Waterproof Reversing Camera

Looking for an excellent companion when driving? Look no further as TOGUARD is here. This dash camera enables you to record in HD 1080P resolution front view and 480P rear view. The TOGUARD can help provide extra safety for you and your car.

It features a wide 7 inches screen that is not only beautiful but quite large and responsive as well. The mirror camera is easy to install and operate, making it one of the best dash cameras out there.


5. AKASO Mirror Dash Cam

AKASO Mirror Dash Cam 1080P 5" Touch Screen Dash Camera for Cars Front and Rear Dashcam with Night Vision Car Dash Cam Built-in G-Sensor Waterproof Reversing Camera Dash Camera Parking Monitor (DL2)

The AKASO camera delivers a superb high definition 1920x1080P resolution at 30 fps that let you see things in front and behind of you clearer when you’re driving. With its clear 480P rear dash camera, reversing or parking your car will be safer and quicker. It’s also provided with a built-in G sensor that is very useful when you encounter a collision. The AKASO also has a WDR that provides exceptional low light when driving at night, making it safer and easier for you to drive.


6. SENDOW Mirror Dash Camera

There are many reasons why you should choose the SENDOW. That includes it’s wide, responsive 7 inches screen that allows you to operate it with little to no effort. The SENDOW also features a reverse parking assistance while recording, which makes it effortless for your to park.

It’s also provided with a G sensor that ensures your file is protected when it detects a collision. Moreover, this dash camera is easy to install. All you have to do is to mount it on your existing rear view mirror and you’re good to go!


7. AUTO-VOX M8 Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam

The AUTO-VOX M8 has almost everything that makes a perfect dash camera. From its huge 6.86 LCD screen, HD front and rearview camera, to security features. It offers a Lane Departure Warning SYSTEM (LDWS) that will alert you when your vehicle is moving into another lane, adding an additional safety. The M8 camera also delivers a motion detection feature that allows the dash cam to automatically record after it detects a motion within the range.


8. AUTO-VOX X1 Mirror Dash Cam

AUTO-VOX X1 Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.88"Full Touch Screen Stream Media Dual Lens AHD Reverse Camera,1296P FHD Front Camera and 720P Rear View Recorder Dash Cam with LDWS,GPS for trucks and cars

With a large 9.88 inches touchscreen mirror, the AUTO-VOX is probably one of the biggest, if not, the biggest mirror dashboard cams in the market today. The large, adjustable view scope allows you to see further objects on the road easily. The front camera can be adjusted to the side, providing superb flexibility. In addition, the AUTO-VOX X1 has an emergency lock that keeps your footage safe after an accident, which can be extremely useful. The camera also comes with a remarkable night vision that delivers clear and bright images at night or rainy days.


9. Backup Camera JEEMAK 7″ Mirror Dash Cam

Jeemak Mirror Dash Cam Cars 1080P Full HD 7" Touch Screen Backup Camera Front Rear View Dual Lens Waterproof Reverse Camera

When it comes to features, JEEMAK has many to offer. It provides a big 7 inches IPS touchscreen that lets you preview that road clearly. Operating it is a breeze as it enables you to switch the view modes quickly with its one-touch design. The JEEMAK has an adjustable HD rearview cam that lets you park or reverse safely. In addition, gravity sensor and loop recording are also included, which works well during emergencies. For all the useful features this cam can offer, it’s no doubt worth its price!


10. Mirror Dash Cam DuDuBell

The DuDuBell dashboard cam lets you catch all the moment clearly when you are driving. Featuring a 1080P resolution front lens and 720P rear lens, this camera makes an ideal companion for car owners. This dash cam capture more details even at night — thanks to its high-quality night vision feature and reverse camera. Functioned with useful features, including G-sensor, parking monitor, motion detection, loop recording, and HDR, you will not regret installing this in your vehicle.



While there are numerous rear view mirror dash cams out there, some of them are poor quality. Consider the dash cams listed above if you are finding it quite hard to select the best rearview camera that will meet your needs.

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