Best Hand, Electric & Gas Powered Earth/Ice Auger

Digging a hole Whether in Earth or Ice can be a simple or an extremely hard task depending on the tool you are using. When it comes to making a hole, the idea is digging smart which is why you need an auger that requires minimal effort in cutting out your desired hole. The market has many choices but the thousands of online reviews can make the task even harder which is why we created a guide with bestseller Ice/Earth Augers for whichever power source you opt for.

The Ice auger is the most important tool for any Ice angler especially because it determines everything that will give you dinner at the end of the day. When choosing an Ice Auger, many people fail to match power to the depth which either makes the task too difficult or scares the fish away if the noise and throttle are too high. This guide has details on the power, weight and blade size you need for both long and short season areas to make a perfect Ice fishing trip.

If you are in the market for a simple garden Auger, this guide still got you covered. Your choice of Auger will depend on the type of ground you are digging as well as the number and size of holes you need to make. We have made our top picks based on the opinion of experienced Ice Anglers and DIY enthusiasts as well as reviewing thousands of customer reviews.

You can continue below our recommendations for other details on how we selected our top picks and how to get the best service from your purchase.

Basic Tips for Ice Fishing

Top 5 Best Ice/Earth Augers Reviews

1. Strike Masters Lazer Hand Ice Auger

Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger, 6-Inch

This auger has the best deal breaker for any budget shopper for ice angling. The greatest advantage of this hand Auger is the precision with which it cuts holes. It is an especially famous smooth drill able to cut up to 20 inches of ice with little effort. It is best suited for early season fishing trips or short season areas where the ice layer can be managed easily by hand. Its 4 inch is the easiest to drill but you can go as high as 8 inches if you are going larger than perch and sunfish.

The larger sizes still make clean holes with less effort compared to other hand augers because of its smooth forward drill design. It is very easy to rotate with its adjustable handle from 48-57 inches which can accommodate any height to reduce the strain on your back. It also has a modern ergonomic handle with a downward force focus allowing you to concentrate on drilling rather than correcting the auger which helps you to cut faster.

Its powerful steel blade with premium chrome plating is suitable for any ice thickness cutting through quickly with no build up. It can also be separated into two different parts allowing you to carry and transport with ease.

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  • Heavy-duty welded screws hold the blade securely
  • It comes with a blade protector
  • Heavy duty chrome plated blades offer s durable service
  • It has an adjustable ergonomic handle
  • It can be separated into two pieces for easy transportation


  • Sizes above 6 inches need a lot of effort to drill


2. ION X 29250 High-Performance Electric Ice Auger

ION X 29250 High-Performance Electric Ice Auger

This is one of the lightest electric Ice Augers in the market weighing in at just 21lbs which allows you to move around with it if you are cutting multiple holes. It is a great option for deep ice angling because of its silent operation and long-life lithium batteries. It is especially user-friendly with ergonomic handles and an excellent balance at just 34 inches of height which allows you to cut holes comfortably.

This auger comes with the 40V ION battery with 3AH rating that allows you to make as many holes as you need rated at up to 1600 inches of ice before you need a recharge. This means you can make as many holes as you need on the lake or river for a whole day fishing on one charge. Its operation is also clean and hassle-free without smoke or fumes to worry about. You can still change the blade and use it for cutting post holes or plant seedlings.

It has aluminum cast steel blades at the bottom positioned at two different levels to make a smooth cut with one drill. The centering at the bottom also allows you to focus on cutting as it ensures your desired hole is achieved with minimal effort. There is also no need to scoop slush with this drill auger, you simply press the reverse button which changes the direction and flushes out all the slush from your hole.

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  • Dual cutting blades for a smooth cut in one drill
  • Simple operation with automatic slush removal
  • It las a long-life battery
  • Heavy-duty steel blades for deep ice cutting
  • The noiseless operation which is good for locations where fish is shallow


  • Aluminum cast blades et brittle


3. Landworks 48V Cordless Electric Earth Auger

Landworks Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Cordless Auger Power Head, w/Steel 6"x30

This is a premium Auger choice for anyone that wants to make post holes, plant seedlings or simply uproot some stubborn weeds. You can fix an ice auger instead and use it for ice angling. It is a great tool for garden projects weighing 22lbs with a 6 by 30-inch chromium plated steel auger. Its ergonomic silicon handle ergonomic offering you full control of the auger for maximum precision as you drill.

It also has excellent performance offering up to 1400W torque with over 300RPM speed. It comes with a 2AH battery designed to last through more than 2500 inches of earth and even more holes in ice. You can also buy the 4AH battery to give you double run time if you have day-long projects. It has an overload protector to prevent overheating and a quick safety release to protect you and the auger if you hit something nasty below the surface.

Moreover, its user-friendliness is also improved. It has an onboard power gauge that shows you your runtime allowing you to schedule each hole. You can still use it in the dark because of the bright LED work light. It is also designed for universal Auger connectivity allowing you to fix any threaded auger of your choice.


  • It is lightweight and ergonomic for precise drilling control
  • It has high-speed rotations 320RPM with high torque for quick drilling
  • It has a reverse drill button which eliminates need slush scooping
  • Powerful batteries with an onboard power gauge for tracking
  • It allows universal auger connectivity


  • You have to purchase the backup battery separately


4. BEAMNOVA 52CC Gas Powered Auger

This Auger is really just a powerful two-stroke engine head that can be fit onto any blade of your choice for both Ice and Earth drilling. It has wide butterfly handles that can accommodate one or two people. It is very easy to assemble or disassemble for transportation and even easier to operate. It uses a mixture of gasoline and oil (25:1 ratio) with a translucent tank that can take up to 900ml to give you more runtime.

The package included both a 6 and a 10-inch auger bit replaceable with any 2.5mm auger. Its powerful engine allows you to add auger extensions for up to 40 inches of depth for both ice and Earth drilling. It is designed for drilling even rough soils with average gravel as deep as 40 inches offering smooth cuts at a speed of 200RPMs. Its powerful Torque rated at 1700W can drill faster than any regular two-stroke auger.

It is also energy efficient because of the wide-spaced blades that require less energy to drill allowing you to make more holes with one refill. The manufacturer`s included bits are double sheet steel blades able to withstand rough soil and dry clay. The rugged heavy-duty steel drill bit is designed to withstand heavy loads allowing you to install any spiral blade of your choice.

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  • It comes with a durable corrosion resistant drill bit
  • It has a universal fit for drill bits and spiral blades
  • Translucent gas tank for tracking your runtime
  • Wide ergonomic handles with a perfect balance
  • It is easy to assemble and separate for transportation
  • It comes with both 6- and 10-inch blades


  • It requires a lot of energy to handle the throttle
  • Two stroke engines are difficult to start
  • It is noisy and may scare away fish in shallow ice angling


5. HITLEX 10525 Electric Earth Auger

Hiltex 10525 Electric Earth Auger with 4" Bit 1, 200W and 1.6 hp Powerhead

This HITLEX auger is famous for its compact design suitable for carrying and setting up anywhere. It is slightly heavier than other electric augers weighing in at 28lbs because of its powerful mortar and a heavy-duty steel drill bit. It has the most ergonomic handles in the market designed to feel more like riding a bike when working. They allow you to retain control of the strongest torque drilling for long hours without fatigue.

It is designed for heavy duty hole digging delivering a whole 900lb torque that can cut past gravel and small rocks to give a quick clean cut. You, however, need to scoop the soul out because it doesn`t have a reverse drill option. It is still reliable to get work done quickly because of its 200RPM bit rotation speed that can make multiple holes in a short time.

The package comes with a 4 by 30 auger but you can always upgrade to 6 or 8 inches if you need larger holes. It also has a universal fit for augers allowing you to replace the Earth blade with your ice blade. It is very silent making it suitable for Deep Ice angling as well. Its safety lock prevents accidental triggers and also makes it easy to start and stop.

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  • It has a simple compact design with an ergonomic handle
  • Powerful torque, 900lbs, allows you to dig holes quickly.
  • It is eco-friendly working silently with no smog or spills
  • It has a vibration resistant handlebar design that reduces fatigue
  • It is able to handle rough soil


  • Vague instructions
  • You have to manually clean up the holes


Factors we considered in selecting the best Ice/Earth Auger


Retaining control is very important if you want to make a smooth precise cut and weight matters a lot. Heavier augers need more power to keep down especially for smaller people. Moving around especially when you have to cut several holes can also become really daunting. Our electric powered augers have the best weight to power ratio averaging at just 21lbs. Our gas-powered recommendation also has great balance although it weighs in at 58lbs. You may need at least two people to operate it. Hand powered auger is the lightest although their obvious disadvantage is the effort and time used to cut.


Blades are replaceable but the cost of buying new blades all the time increases the cost of the auger significantly. Investing in a double sheet blade saves you a lot of money in the long run especially when you are drilling on earth. Double or four sheet blades are also better for ice cutting because they cut faster and smoothly. 6 to 10-inch blades are always the best choice for ice augers because they allow you to catch any game size with ease.

Noise and smog

This is especially a problem with two-stroke engines. It becomes hard to use them for ice angling. It is always advisable to test the drill even if you are using it for drilling earth because too much smog is harmful to your health as well. Electric engines are the best option for ice fishing because they have the least noise with the same power as any gas auger.


This is a very important consideration for any power tool and your auger is no exception. For your auger, the best protection you need is a blade protector. However, you need a safety lock on the power auger to ensure it doesn’t trigger accidentally.


This largely narrows down to how you use the auger and the type of material used in its construction. Chromium plating is especially the best material to prevent rusting and ice buildup. You also need a powerful steel drill bit able to withstand the loads and also support the throttle of your torque. 6 inches and above blades need an especially powerful bit. Our recommendations were arrived at after analysis of customer reviews on the blade and bit Compatibility and durability.


Which is the best Auger?

The choice of an auger largely depends on what you are going to cut which is why the best auger is simply a combination of both features and place. If you are fishing on thin ice, our top pick hand auger is the best option for the money because it can cut up to 20 inches of ice within five minutes depending on your ability to turn it. Power augers are the most efficient and environmentally friendly choice for deep ice and earth digging because of their power and durable batteries. Gas augers also come in handy with their robust torque and the option of carrying gas with you wherever you go.

Are Auger blades replaceable?

Absolutely! Earth drilling auger blades are designed differently from ice auger blades but the drill bits are fairly similar. You simply need to buy the right blade for the drilling you want your auger to do then fix in in the screws.

Which is the best auger blade size for Ice angling?

This largely depends on the size of the fish you plan on catching. Six inches are the best diameter for almost any fish size including perch, sunfish and small trout. You can always go higher up to 10 inches if you are going for the biggest game including giant trout and walleye.


An Auger is a must have tool for almost any home that has DIY fans or ice fishing enthusiasts. You, however, need the best auger to get the best experience from your trip outdoors. The market has many options for these tools which makes it hard even for professional anglers to land a reliable auger. We put together this guide with the help of people that have been Ice fishing for a long time and a team of gardening experts to approve the earth augers. This guide allows you to shop for your best gear with confidence whether you are buying for the first time or simply making an upgrade.

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