Best GTRacing Ergonomic Gaming Chair Reviews

Gaming, whether professional or casual is a good way to spend time with family, friends, and colleagues giving you a chance to experience the thrill of the wide world from the comfort of your seat. The disturbing reality, however, is that traditional chair designs for offices and living rooms are not the best for any type of gaming. Many E-Sports are engaging and addictive leading to long hours of sitting which causes back pains and other health complications.

To stay comfortable and healthy, every gamer needs an ergonomic chair that improves their posture and protects the natural alignment of the spine. This is where those famous GTRACING chairs with two pillows and heavy-duty padding come in. With a design that improves your posture and keeps you at the top of your game, these chairs are the best compliment to your gaming rounds at home or in the office.

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GTRACING is a popular brand with a wide variety of gaming chairs which is why selecting their best gaming chair for the money can still be daunting. We developed this guide after carefully searching the market and going over thousands of customer reviews with professional help. It contains top picks with details on everything you need to secure your best gaming chair.

Top 5 Best GT Racing Chairs Reviews

1. GTRACING GTBEE Series High Back Professional E-Sports Ergonomic Racing Chair 

GTRACING Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Chair PU Leather High-Back Adjustable Height Professional E-Sports Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Pillows GTBEE Series Black

This is a robust ergonomic chair made from premium material with a smooth PU leather finish that makes a perfect gaming companion. It is designed to stay in shape when sat in for long hours to keep you comfortable and prevent slouching. For back and thigh comfort, this chair has a thick padded seat and backrest with pillowcase headrest and cushion lumbar support to prevent fatigue and back pains. These materials are safe for sensitive skin, comfortable and durable making this a one-time purchase.

This seat is fitted with the GTRACING metallic frame for durability with a 300lb capacity. Its bucket shaped wide seat allows you to rock, swing or tilt especially when playing engaging games. Moreover, the adjustable armrest allows you to set the most comfortable height and recline angle for playing with any tool including pads, phone, and keyboards. You can also adjust the lumbar support to your most comfortable position.

It is also customizable to fit your height and fun needs on whichever type of desk you are using for your game. The 360-degree rotating swivel with five-star multidirectional casters allows you to move around smoothly accessing any side of your station.  The backrest can also recline 170 degrees back allowing you to take a nap without compromising the stability of this chair.

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  • A wide base for maximum stability
  • It is made of premium material for durability
  • It has a high capacity, up to 300lbs
  • It has Wide spaced casters with nylon padding for smooth rolling
  • It has adjustable armrests for customized gaming comfort


  • It has no footrest


2. GTRACING PU Leather and Mesh High Back Racing Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair Computer Racing Chair PU & Mesh High Back Backrest and Height Adjustable E-Sports Ergonomic Chair with Pillows GT000 Gray

This is a popular gaming chair choice for professional gamers for its breathability and comfortable ergonomic built. It has two premium foam pillows for lumbar support and headrest. The Lumbar support can also be adjusted all the way to the neck for comfort when taking a nap. You can also remove both the headrest and lumbar support pillows for cleaning or to increase your room for movement when playing a tasking game.

With an equally heavy duty padding on the seat and the backrest, this chair offers the ultimate posture improvement for long hours of gaming. Its soft padded mesh center on both the backrest and seat keeps the chair breathable. Its adjustable armrests are also padded designed to keep your hands at a 90-degree angle that prevents shoulder strain and neck pain.

It has a buoyant gas lift fitted on a wide base that allows you to roll smoothly in any direction. Its backrest can recline all the way back to 170 degrees, a safe and comfortable angle for taking a nap. The seat is also bucket shaped to hold you sturdily while you play and improve your posture. These features are all summed up in a shiny silver finish that shines up your home.

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  • It has a removable headrest and lumbar support
  • The soft padded armrests are adjustable and comfortable
  • It has a breathable mesh fitted upholstery
  • It is easy to assemble with numbered parts and clear instructions
  • It reclines to a 170-degree safe angle for a comfortable nap


  • The Mesh retains dust and spillsAmazon-Button

3. GTRACING High Back Office and Gaming Ergonomic Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Chair Backrest and Seat Height Adjustment with Pillows Recliner Swivel Rocker Tilt E-Sports Chair (007-White)

This is a versatile GTRACING model designed for any type of sedentary sitting lifestyle both in gaming and at work. Most gamers like it for the executive backrest design wide and comfortable with a headrest and lumbar support.

It features the classy GTRACING breathable pillows for your headrest and backrest, both adjustable and removable for comfort in a wide range of positions. The premium foam used for padding on the backrest is durable. The frames and the five-star base ring are made of heavy-duty steel for durability.

It is also designed for safety when used for long hours. The Ergonomic backrest is designed to align to your spine reducing pressure on the vertebrae. This is an important health consideration for preventing back and neck pain. Its PU leather finish is also breathable and safe on your skin. Moreover, the chair`s stability is maintained by the wide base with extended casters that allow you to rock and tilt comfortably.

Finally, this chair has a tension-proof lift system with a simple pneumatic control that allows you to adjust to your comfortable height with ease. The casters are also padded with a soft vinyl material that allows them to roll smoothly across the floor and prevent scratching. Furthermore, the armrest can be adjusted up and down as well as left to right to accommodate your desk of choice and allow you to use a keyboard or gaming pad comfortably.

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  • Versatile design suitable for both office and home settings
  • It has simple controls for height and armrest adjustment
  • It has low extended casters for stability and smooth rolling
  • It can be cleaned by simple wiping


  • Too many parts that take long to assemble


4. GTRACING GT004 Ergonomic Desk Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest Ergonomic Racing High Back Swivel Desk Chair Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Support Recliner Napping Chair GT004 Black/Red

This is an executive model of the GTRACING series with a compact design light and comfortable for heavy-duty gaming. It comes in a classy Red and black with thick padding and a footrest. This design replicates the comfort of sitting in an actual racing car giving you the thrill and comfort to accompany your every game. It can equally be used as an office chair because the ergonomic design suits any sedentary sitting lifestyle. This combination allows you to use this chair for a wide range of functions in your home including studying.

It is also easy to clean and adjust because of the PVC upholstery and simple pneumatic control. The PVC upholster repels dust and spills and it can be cleaned by a simple wipe. The armrest is also adjustable both vertically and horizontally for the most comfortable shoulder resting position as well as gaming and working allowance.

Base and swivel are also classy and convenient suited for long heavy-duty service. First, the dual casters are low and widely spaced for both stability and smooth running. The Uniform base ring is also made of steel and finished smoothly for durability and easy cleaning.


  • It has a soft retractable footrest
  • A heavy-duty steel frame for durability
  • It is ideal for a wide range of functions including studying
  • It has a special caster design for stability and smooth rolling
  • It allows a 170-degree safe recline angle


  • Its upholstery is made from PVC which is not breathable


5. GTRACING GTF36 Blue High Back Ergonomic Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest High Back Office Ergonomic Racing Chair Adjustable Napping Computer Chair GTF36 Blue

This Ergonomic chair has a rather simple design compared to other racing chairs in the review featuring an inbuilt headrest, a removable lumbar cushion and an open upper back for breathability. The premium PU leather finish is also smooth and beefy to keep you comfortable. The soft padded backrest also features ribbed stitching that makes it classy. This is a versatile model that can be used as a study chair, office chair and best of all, a reliable gaming companion.

Unlike other gaming chairs that have a bucket shape, this one has a wide seat with a raised design that reduces pressure on your thigh and calf. The backrest is also wide, designed to accommodate any body size and also allow for rocking, tilting and reclining up to a 150-degree safe angle.

This chair also has a removable footrest that allows you to rest your legs at any angle. It has long padded armrests with a forward slanting shape that allows you to play or work comfortably. Its low base and premium material can handle a high capacity of up to 330lbs.


  • It has a high capacity of, up to 330 pounds
  • It has a removable padded footrest
  • A safe recline angle of 150 degrees
  • Wide design to accommodate large people


  • The armrests are not adjustable


Why Should you buy a gaming chair?

Many gamers still don`t understand the difference between a gaming chair and a regular office chair. Since gaming is now a basic entertainment for any modern home, getting the right chair to make it more fun is paramount. Gaming chairs have designs that reflect racing car with lumbar support and ergonomic shoulder support to accommodate you for long hours of gaming. Gaming chairs also feature adjustable backrests and armrests. Despite their ugly scattered appearance and screaming bright colors, gaming chairs have lots of benefits that every gamer would look forward to.

Improved posture

Posture is a major concern for gamers because altering the natural alignment of your spine for long hours leads to health complications. The Ergonomic built of gaming chairs is designed to keep you comfortable while you are seated upright in the chair to discourage the urge to slouch. Adjustable heights and headrests also keep your neck comfortable at the natural angle of your vertebrae. With adjustable height advantage, you get to enjoy your favorite game with a posture that ensures both comfort and spinal health.

Superior Comfort

Even the most heavily padded office chairs cannot offer the comfort of a gaming chair. Gaming chairs have superior backrests and comfortable padded armrests that reduce the strain on your whole body. Wide seats with a bucket design adjust your thighs and calf at a 90 to 110-degree angles that totally eliminates strain on your lower feet. These components are designed to last for at least 5 hours of continuous sitting before the chair sinks and lose buoyancy.


Modern E-sports are more engaging with the need for more concentration and movement. This increases demand for space, room for tilting, rocking and reclining. With continuous sharp movements of the gamer, gaming chairs stand up to the tasking shift in weight with their superior lift systems and powerful steel frames. Regular office chairs are designed for relaxed sedentary sitting without such kind of abuse which is why they may not last as long as an exclusive gaming chair.

Improved performance

Many professional gamers associate the performance to the skill and concentration of a particular gamer but the fact remains, the environment of play also determines how well you can play. With the many hours of concentration involved, you need all your attention focusing on the game which is why the flexibility and comfort of the gaming chair automatically make you a better player since you don’t have to shift or stop to stretch all the time.

Factors we considered in choosing the best GTRACING gaming chairs

Before investing your money in any gaming chair, you have to make sure it is worth the price tag. To give you value for your money, you have to ensure that these basic features are up to the task your game demands. With a wide brand like GTRACING, you can easily make the wrong choice if you don’t narrow down to these features. This is the reason why we keenly examined all our recommendations across these 5 key factors.

Headrest and Lumbar Support

These are the basic comfort determinants of any gaming chair. Our top picks are all fitted with lumbar support and a headrest to prevent strain on your neck and back. Adjustable and removable headrest and lumbar support cushions were our top priority because sometimes, these features just get too bulky for comfort. They are however an important health and comfort consideration that gives you the actual value of your chair.


It is natural to get lost into the game and become excited which is actually fun but also risky if the chair cannot hold up. As games become more engaging, tilting, rocking and quick turns become part of the fun in each game. Most gaming chairs have a regular 5-star base but the actual stability depends on the width and height of the base ring. We went for the wide-base options with expanded dual casters that can hold up your weight even when reclining.


Sitting for long hours especially with the excitement of gaming leads to sweating. This can be even worse if the chair is made of non-breathable material. PU leather is the main material for most GTRACING upholsters and our top picks feature a ribbed design with an open back that improves air circulation. Nylon and PVC are likely to cause sweating and dampness which makes gaming very uncomfortable.


Our basic minimum capacity was 300lb, to accommodate even the biggest gamer.  The capacity of a gaming chair also reflects the trust of the manufacturer in the type of material they used to manufacture the chair. We insisted on premium padding with heavy duty foam that doesn`t sink even when sat in for many hours.


Every gamer needs to mold their chair to their own specifics. Your height, arm length, desk height and gaming tool, whether, you use a pad, phone, pads or a tablet are all important considerations. This is why we only chose gaming chairs with pneumatic control for height adjustment and the most customizable armrest possible.


Gaming has many physical and psychological benefits that are a basic need for both children and adults of our modern lifestyle. While both professional and fun seeking gamers are going for the best E-sports, many find it hard to choose a matching ergonomic chair. This guide with a review of 5 best gaming chairs is a great way to get you started on buying the chair that turns every game into a great adventure.

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