Best Furnace Filters Reviews

Do you have a furnace in your house working hard to keep you warm during cold winter? Did you know that before the scorching summer begins you’d need to replace your furnace’s filters? Yes, during the winter months, this crucial part gathers up all the dust particles around your house.

You don’t want these harmful particles to enter your house again once it starts blowing cold air. The great thing is each of the furnace filters found in this review comes with a unique design best fitted for each individual in your house.

Not only it can keep your air clean, but it can also keep your furnace clean at the same time. The best way to keep your family safe throughout the year is by simply replacing your furnace filter. That’s why, you must make sure to at least invest some of your spending in one of our best furnace filters in 2019 we thoroughly reviewed.

How Furnace Filters Work

When air is drawn into the system, it is most likely contaminated already with things such as smoke, pollen, dust, and dust mites, as well as other contaminants that require to be stopped before reaching the blower of your fan.

A MERV rating is a measure of classification that is used to show the minimum efficiency reporting value of your furnace filter. These ratings differ from 1 to 16. When the rating is high, it implies that the filter is capable of precluding the passage of more particles compared to a lower rating filter. Nevertheless, purchasing higher rated fitlers can also make it more hard for air to pass through them, meaning your furnace has to work even harder to compensate and draw more air inside the ducts and this could lead to malfunction.

Additionally, a furnace filter that comes with a rating between 8 and 11 must be just about enough to use for your house. Ratings from 13 to 16 are usually found in clinics and hospitals since the air needs to be contaminant-free to preclude further infections.

Nonetheless, most furnace manufacturers can specify what is the maximum MERV ratting permitted for the compatible filters.

A furnace filter with a rating between 8 and 11 should be just about enough to use for your home. Ratings from 13 to 16 are generally found in clinics and hospitals, as the air needs to be contaminant-free to prevent further infections. However, most furnace manufacturers will specify what the maximum MERV rating allowed for the compatible filters is.

Furnaces work based on a simple approach. They have return ducts that suck air inside them and by utilizing a heat exchanger, warms the furnace.

Your furnace cycles air through your Oregon home and ducts. The cold air is drawn via the system’s return ducts to the furnace, where the air is heated through the heat exchanger. The now-heated air travels through the ducts out through the vents intou your home’s rooms.

The warmer air will now enter your rooms, pushes the existing cold air back through the return ducts, and the process starts again. With all this air pushing and travelling, it is picking up the dust, dirt, and other contaminants to travel along with it. This is all passes through your furnace’s filter, and the filter precludes it from getting to the rest of the system and being pushed into your rooms.

How a furnace filter is made

Filters generally have plastic, steel, or aluminium framework containing a filtering element made of paper, cotton, polyester, or fiberglass. Furnace filters are engineered to trap particles of dirt and dust that adversely affect the parts and performance of your heating and cooling system and have a negative impact on overall household air quality.

Most furnace filters are plated, providing a large surface area without increasing the exterior dimensions. Additionally, filters can be washable or disposable. Washsable filters can last for up to years if looked after properly. However, they must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. On the other hand, disposable filters are quite convenient, easy to change, and can usually last for several months.

Best Furnace Filters Reviews in 2019

1. Nordic Pure 20x20x1 MERV 8 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filters

Nordic Pure 20x20x1 MERV 8 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filters, 20x20x1M8-6, 6 Pack

The Nordic Pure 20x20x1 MERV 8 Furnace Filter is made out of an electrostatically charged synthetic materials that draw airborne particulates to it like a magnet. Electrostatic filters aid to trap airborne particles to protect your family from household dusts, dust mites, mold spores, and pollen. With each pass through its pleated filter, the air in your house enhances.
This furnace filter media will not allow the growth of mold or bacteria, thus making your environment healthier. Additionally it can capture other large particle contaminants to maintain your house’s surfaces free of dust.  Also, a MERV 8 filters are comparable to air filters with MPR rating of 500 to 600 or FPR rating of Green Particles in indoor air and are measured in micros, which are 1/100 of a mm. This high performance furnace filter can outperform non-electrostatic fiberglass filters, poly disposable and washable filters.

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  • List element
  • Really efficient for pet owners
  • Cheaper alternative to original Honeywell filters
  • Synthetic material resists mold
  • Traps most dander and dust
  • Much affordable
  • Well-constructed


  • Due to its MERV rating, it may restrict airflow on some furnace


2. Filtrete 16x25x4 (4-3/8 Actual Depth) MPR 1000 Deep Pleat, Micro Allergen Defense AC Furnace Air Filter

Filtrete 16x25x4, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1000 DP, Micro Allergen Defense Deep Pleat, 2-Pack

This furnace filter can turn your central heating and cooling system in to a completely-house air cleaner. It features an electrostatic technology that aids the filter to minimize airborne allergens such as smog, pollen, and mold spores. Additionally, it contributes to maintaining airflow in cooling and heating systems that can help preclude stress on the system and minimizes the amount of energy required to reach desired indoor air temperatures.

Moreover, it is engineered with filtrate technology from 3M to pull in and trap unwanted air particles while letting clean air flow smoothly. Aside from that, it captures and attracts microscopic particles very effectively and efficiently. It is engineered with Filtrete Brand 3 and 1 technology to pull in and trap unwanted AI furnace filter.

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  • Efficient filtration
  • Electrostatically charged
  • Compatible with most home furnaces
  • Can last up to 3 months
  • Mircroparticle performance rating of 1000


  • Quite a loose fitting
  • There’s no notch on the side to easily pull it out


3. Trion Air Bear 255649-102 Replacement Filter

Trion Air Bear 255649-102 Replacement Filter - 20x25x5, Three Per Box

This furnace filter is a Trion Supreme replacement filter media from Bear series. The model is engineered to fit skuttle, ultravation, generale, and most other types of cleaners. It features rare nonwoven pleats that catch the smallest pollutants and particles. It is rated as the best that guarantees efficient outcome under toughest operating situations. Additionally, it comes with galvanized wire mesh that resists corrosion, supports the media, and holds the pleat shape.

Moreover, it has one of the largest particle holding capacities among residential air cleaners. It is engineered to maintain a low pressure drop, so it will not interfere with the proper operation of your cooling and heating system.

And lastly, it provides low resistance, high performance, and high dirt holding capacity for most cooling and heating systems.

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  • Made in USA
  • Very efficient
  • Electrostatically-charged
  • Rated air flow up to 200 CFM
  • MERV 8 rating
  • Galvanized rust-resistant wire mesh


  • Quite expensive
  • Quite hard to control
  • Seems a little bit thin


4. Honeywell FC100A1037 Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaning Filter

Honeywell FC100A1037 Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaning Filter, 20X25-Inches (MERV-11)

This furnace filter enhances the air quality in your house. Additionally, it captures a high percentage of household airborne particles, including microscopic particles that you can’t see. It is essentially more effective and efficient compared to a standard one inch fiberglass filters, and it can lasts for up to one year.

Honeywell FC100A1037 is also very easy to install and additional sizes are available to fit most Honeywell plus most Trion Air Bear, Space-Gard, Aprilaire models. In addition, it is made of a polypropylene material that is imported from outside countries. It comes in various sizes to fit Honeywell and competitive brand media air cleaners. It’s also a replacement media air cleaner that supplies essential levels of MERV filtration to aid get rid of airborne particles.

Aside from reduction of dust on surfaces the devices is a high-efficiency filter that can attract and capture the little allergy-aggravating microparticles that can cause your family discomfort. It is available in packs that vary from one filter and up to 5 units. And because of its deep filtration pleats, this furnace filter is capable of retaining a lot of contaminants at a much better degree than a single layer filter.

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  • The different sizes offer the user a chance to choose one that fits
  • It works well on giving the user clean and fresh air
  • It is very affordable when compared to other brands
  • Oredering more filters leads to a price reduction per unit
  • List element


  • It must be replaced after some time


5. Aprilaire 413 Air Filter for Aprilaire Whole Home Air Purifiers

Aprilaire 413 Air Filter for Aprilaire Whole Home Air Purifiers, MERV 13 (Pack of 1)

This furnace filter is a whole-home air purifier that keeps every room in your home comfortable and clean. It can be easily installed into your central cooling and heating system by a local HVAC professional near you.

Additionally, it delivers that difference with the Aprilaire 413 Healthy Home Filter. It get rids of common airborne allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, pollen, and dust since they pass through the MERV 13 filter.

Moreover, your HVAC system is protected from airborne particles that helps lower your energy costs, and can prolong the life of your equipment. Aside from that, this replacement filter is very easy to install with no assembly or reinforcements to worry about. Also, its patented self-seal technology precludes contaminated impure air from bypassing the filter.

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  • Efficiently maxims the life of your heating and cooling equipment
  • Improves energy savings
  • Requires no maintenance just once a year
  • Generates no ozone since it has no moving parts
  • Permanently traps indoor allergens


  • Due to its MERV rating, it may restrict airflow on some furnace


Why Is It Crucial to Replace your Furnace?

Your filter really requires to be changed at least every 4 months to 9 months particularly in households with pets or smokers. Washable filters need to be cleaned every 4 months to stay efficient.

How to Change a Disposable Furnace Filter

  • Turn off your furnace and furnace fan so that loose dust won’t be able to circulate while you’re doing the task.
  • Locate where the filter is placed and gently slide it out into a waiting bin. You must be careful not to shake it or jostle it too much since those particles are no longer contained and can break free into the air.
  • If it’s been a while, you may want to vacuum in and around your filter housing.
  • And lastly remove the new filter from any packing as possible by. And by using a permanent marker, write the date on the frame, so you’ll know when it was last changed, and slide the filter into its filtering house. Of course, you must ensure that the arrow is pointing towards the furnace.

How to Change a Washable Furnace Filter

  • First, turn off the furnace and furnace fan so that loose dust won’t be able to circulate while you’re doing the job.
  • Locate where the filter is placed and carefully slide it out into a waiting bin. Make sure not to do a lot of shaking so that those particles won’t be able to break free into the atmosphere.
  • Third, vacuum in and around the filter housing.
  • And lastly, use a vacuum to suck up the worst of the loose contaminants, then rinse the filter under a running water.
  • Let the filter to dry fully before returning it to the filter housing. And just like the first one, make sure the arrow is pointing towards the furnace.

Reasons Why It is Essential to Replace Your Furnace Filters

  • A clogged filter makes an inefficient system. For the most part, you must replace your furnace fitlers to air your system to run as efficiently as possible. When the air filter is clogged with grime, dirt, and dust, your furnace and air conditioner must work twice as hard to move air through your home. This can drive up your energy bills, increasing your carbon footprint, and ultimately draining your hard-earned money.
  • Dirt air filters can harm your health. A clogged air filter lets mold, dander, and dust to keep circulating through your home. Meaning, your family can be subjected to breathing these things in, which can lead to allergies, asthma, and other respiratory concerns much worse. A clean air furnace filter is better able to trap these contaminants so your family can breathe free.
  • Clogged air filters can minimize your HVAC system’s lifespan. When your HVAC system has to work even harder to heat and cool your house, the result is more than just increasing your bills but it can also cause your system to overheat and burn some essential components out. The strain placed on the blower and your entire HAV unit can lead to premature failure of your system.
  • Dirt air filters can increase your maintenance cost. While a dirty air filter does not always lead to a system failure, it does usually lead to costly maintenance. A blower that halts working or ductwork that requires to be cleaned frequently because of the dust circulating through your home can both be avoided with routine air filter replacement. You might want to spend your money elsewhere, and not just waste it on replacing and repairing parts of your heating and cooling system. That’s why you must consider making your air filter replacement a part of your normal sched.
  • A clean air filter can essentially keep your house much cleaner. A clean furnace filter can cut down on the amount of dust in your house since it will not keep circulating the dust through your home’s HVAC system. Less dust can keep your home cleaner, and help you spend your time doing things you love, instead of dusting. 

Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Furnace Filters

Before purchasing a new furnace filter, you must consider the following crucial factors:


The size of your furnace filter is one of the most crucial considerations when you’re purchasing a furnace filter since most furnace filters sizes are indicated along the edge. If you can’t see measurements along the edge, you can just measure the filter yourself. You can also find out your filter’s size by simply checking the furnace’s manual. If you happen to purchase a filter that doesn’t fit comfortably into your HVAC system, it could be the wrong size you got.

System specifications

Each furnace differs, and high-efficiency furnace filters are not always a good choice. While the best choice for filtering out pollutants is the HEPA filter, not many residential systems can actually handle it.

IT takes so much power to filter air through the fine HEPA filter mesh. For  that very reason, not utilizing the right filter for your current HVAC system can drive your energy efficiency down and could potentially harm your system.

MERV Rating

This factor determines the efficiency of a furnace filter in terms of filtering out contaminant particles. The higher the rating, the less the other contaminants can get through. Make sure you pick a furnace filter with the greatest MERV rating for your HVAC unit.


Humid climate is very likely to cause mold and mildew issues. Living in a hot or cold area can also imply you use your HVAC system more often than somebody who’s in a tropical region. This may need that you replace your air filter more frequently.

Let us Help You

Filtrations have essentially changed over the past several years. At first, residential air filters were only utilized in the furnace to protect the comfort system itself. But today’s filters are different.

Homeowners in the US expect their furnace filters to save family members from dust mites, an increasing list of toxic pollutants, and even do away with dusts.

Purchasing the best furnace filters can certainly enhance the air quality in your home and save you significant amount of money.

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