Best Furmax Gaming Chair Reviews

Playing video games is a great way to spend your day and the best gaming chair improves the experience of each minute of gaming by bringing out the best gamer in you. Modern video games have a way of trapping you in a chair for long hours which is why you need a chair that keeps you comfortable and healthy. To achieve both comfort and a healthy gaming lifestyle, you need a customized gaming chair which is exactly the main advantage of Furmax gaming chairs.

Furmax is the most famous brand for Ergonomic gaming and office chairs designed to align with the natural shape of your spinal cord reducing pressure on your vertebrae. This is important in preventing back pain and keeping you comfortable for as long as your gaming lasts and prevent long term health complications. They create Seat and armrest designs that prevent slouching when playing engaging computer games.

However, Furmax has a wide range of gaming chairs and narrowing down to the one perfect seat for your gaming needs may still be difficult. We developed this guide based on professional examination and thousands of customer reviews to ensure more fun in your game.

Top  5 Best Furmax Gaming Chair Reviews

1. Furmax High Back Ergonomic Racing chair

Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair, Ergonomic Swivel Computer Chair Executive Leather Desk Chair with Footrest, Bucket Seat and Lumbar Support (Blue)This is a robust ergonomic office and gaming chair designed with everything you need to customize playing or workspace and stay comfortable for long hours. It is specifically designed for comfort in sedentary sitting with a soft padded high back.

It has assured back comfort with a headrest and robust lumbar support to improve your posture. It also features a thick wide seat that prevents sinking after long hours of sitting to maintain thigh and lower back comfort.

The other aspect of this chair that is attractive to gamers is the 360-degree swivel that allows you to access any side of your play space. It has a tension free tilt mechanism that is easy to operate. It is also able to adapt to your body movement if you get carried away during your gaming session. Moreover, the gas lift system maintains buoyancy and reduces tension for your comfort when rocking or reclining.

The Frame is made of heavy-duty steel designed with a wide five-star base that keeps it stable. It features classy multidirectional dual caster wheels are padded with nylon which prevents scratches on the floor and your carpet when you move with your seat.

Finally, whether you need to take a nap, recline or sit upright, this chair is up to the task starting with the 90 to 180 adjustment allowance for the backrest. This chair also has an adjustable padded armrest that allows you to use gaming pads or keyboard at a 90-degree angle. The footrest can also be flipped over or pulled out for your convenience in any position.

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  • It has a breathable PU leather upholstery
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use with a 310lb capacity
  • Adjustable backrest with 180-degree recline allowance
  • Heavy duty spring padding that prevents sinking
  • A wide base with padded dual casters for stability


  • parts of the base are plastic


 2. Furmax High back Leather Computer chair

Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather Gaming Chair, High Back Ergonomic Adjustable Racing Chair,Task Swivel Executive Computer Chair Headrest and Lumbar Support (Black)

This chair is one of the best ergonomic gaming chairs you can get on a budget. It features a fairly simple design with lumbar support and a bucket-seat design that can keep both your back and legs rested if you sit for long hours. It has a specially designed breathable cotton finish at the center of the leather upholstery for high contact areas on both the backrest and the seat.

Its design highly improves your posture because of the upward slanting seat design which will discourage slouching. Moreover, the long slanting padded armrest allows you to rest your arms at any angle of your choice when typing, racing or playing any engaging game. Its heavy duty padding with PU leather finish works just like a spring mattress allowing you to rock and tilt for many hours while staying comfortable.

This chair has a 280lb capacity to accommodate anybody in the family or office with a design that allows you to access any part of your station or room efficiently. First, the gas lift system with a simple pneumatic control that allows you to play at your comfortable height and adjust with ease. Then the 360-degree swivel and the same wide Furmax base make this chair stable and durable.

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  • The smooth PU leather can be cleaned easily by wiping
  • Comes with replaceable universal casters
  • Hing native capacity of 280lb
  • It has breathable prime contact areas
  • Its classy shiny black finish complements other furniture


  • The backrest leaves the lower back unshielded


3. Furmax Ribbed Mid Back Executive Desk Chair

Furmax Ribbed Office Desk Chair Mid-Back Leather Executive Conference Task Chair Adjustable Swivel Chair with Arms (White)


This is a simple ergonomic chair adored for its versatility because it can be used almost anywhere including a reception area, office desk and best of all, gaming. It is a good way to go small because its seat is just 19.7×19.1 inches meaning it takes up little room and can allow more gamers on a station at a time. It also features a classy ribbed design with a chromium plated frame, swivel, and armrest that brightens up the room.

This chair has a comfortable backrest suitable for both upright sitting or rocking with its 30-degree rocking allowance. The backrest features partial lumbar support for your upper spine. The backrest is slim and mid-sized but high enough to keep your head upright and align onto your back keeping it comfortable. It has ribbed stitching on the breathable leather upholstery makes it very classy.

The seat is also medium-sized fitted with a thick cushion for thigh comfort. To boost your posture, the seat has a waterfall design which reduces the stress on your lower feet with long hours of sedentary sitting. Moreover, you still enjoy full access to your work station because of the 360-degree swivel and multidirectional five-star base with casters.

This seat is a reliable choice for comfortable fun gaming. First, Its padded armrest is designed to keep your hand at a 90 degrees angle reducing stress on your shoulder when using a keyboard or gaming pads. It also has a 280lb native capacity which can carry most regular sized people. Its durability is further boosted by the heavy-duty steel frame and base.

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  • It is light and easy to assemble
  • Its slim backrest exerts minimal stress on your back
  • It has a heavy-duty steel base and frame
  • It features a classy ribbed design and chromium plating


  • It has no headrest


4. Furmax Office Chair Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Chair, Computer Ergonomic Mesh Chair with Armrest

This is one of the best Furmax chair choices in the market when you are looking for a cheap ergonomic gaming chair. As the name suggests, this chair has a mesh backrest supported by partial lumbar support. Its meshed design means it is very breathable and elastic to provide long term back comfort. It also features a bucket design for the lower back to improve your posture when gaming.

The most attractive feature for this chair to most gamers is the wide heavy padded seat which also has a mesh cover that keeps it breathable. The seat has a backward slanting shape to improves your posture by keeping you from slouching. Moreover, the padding on the seat is made of heavy-duty breathable foam which makes it durable and keeps it from sinking after long term use.

When gaming on a keyboard or pad with this chair, your arms can rest comfortably on the wide flat armrest that gives you room to have fun for a long time. This chair’s height is also adjustable through a buoyant gas lift that also allows you to rock and tilt.


  • It is a very breathable
  • It is light and easy to assemble
  • It takes up little room
  • It is generally cheap
  • The mesh backrest doesn’t stress the back


  • Low capacity of just 265lb
  • It has no headrest



5. Furmax Black Executive High back Gaming chair

Furmax Gaming Office Chair Ergonomic High-Back Racing Style Adjustable Height Executive Computer Chair,PU Leather Swivel Desk Chair (Black)

This is another high-end robust design from Furmax with great features suitable for long term gaming. It is popular to many gamers because of the heavy-duty premium material and classy appearance. First, It features a thick backrest adjustable up to 180 degrees which allows you to take a nap or enjoy gaming at any angle.  Furthermore, its pillowcase style lumbar support is adjustable, it can be combined with the headrest for neck support or be used for lower back support.

Its comfort features are the main deal breaker for many gamers. This gaming chair has a fully breathable PU leather upholstery easy to clean and friendly on your body when used for long hours. It also features a classy racing car-style seat with raised sides designed to improve your posture by keeping you sturdy while gaming. Its lift system with 360-degree rotating swivel allows you to rock or tilt in any direction and also adjust your height to your convenience.

The seat has a heavy-duty foam padding designed to hold a 300lb weight for long hours without sinking. It is also designed to last because the base and the frame are all made of heavy-duty tubular steel. Its wide 5-star base is stable and designed to move in all directions using its universal dual casters padded with PU leather to race smoothly and stay soft on your floor and carpet.


  • It has an adjustable lumbar support
  • High capacity at 300lb
  • Classy ergonomic design with premium material
  • It has an adjustable and removable armrest
  • An adjustable backrest up to 180 degrees


  • It has no footrest


The main factors we considered in selecting the best gaming chairs

Gaming is all about the fun but when choosing the best gaming chairs for this guide, we put together all basic factors needed to keep your fun time comfortable and healthy. The freedom of tilting, rocking or adjusting your angle for a better view of your screen or a better hold of on your pads and keyboard is also very important when gaming. With a thorough review of customer opinion and professional opinion, we analyzed these key factors to come up with the gaming chairs that are worth the money for this guide.


Gaming requires the freedom to use your arms extensively whether you are using pads, a keyboard or your phone. The best gaming chair needs to allow you to rest your arms at a 90-degree angle which bears part of your shoulder weight and reduces the pressure on the lower back. However, freedom for arm movement is paramount for gaming chairs which is why we went for adjustable armrests for our top picks that allow you to select the most comfortable resting level for your arms.

Backrest, headrest and lumbar support

These are all very important for any chair to avoid neck pain and the back pain especially when you play for long hours. We were keen on customer reviews to ensure that each seat really aligns to a gamer`s back and doesn’t become strenuous or painful to sit in for at least five hours. Our top picks are also fitted with a headrest and an adjustable backrest that keep your head rested throughout the game. This is important when taking a break for rocking or even taking a nap which is actually healthy for habitual gamers.

Thigh and calf comfort

All this come down to the seat. Our insistence on heavy-duty padding is to avoid sinking especially at the back of the seat. Experts recommended seats that allow enough space at your thighs for your fingers to pass through smoothly and allow 90 to 110 degrees at the calf. To achieve these positions, you can adjust the height using the simple pneumatic controls until you don’t feel any more strain on your thigh or calf. The seats in this guide either have a waterfall design to reduce the strain off your lower feet or they feature a slanting shape that prevents slouching to achieve similar comfort.


This is an important consideration for both safety and convenience in any gaming chair. Our examination mostly focused on the base. To ascertain stability, a proper gaming chair needs a wide base with a low base ring to avoid toppling over especially when you tilt too much. This is very common among GT racers or any engaging game. Dual casters supported by a steel base was our basic minimum and these recommendations are designed to stay stable and durable under heavy duty gaming.


It is natural to sweat especially when gaming for long hours with a lot of excitement. PU leather upholstery is the most common material in the market today. Leather in itself is not very breathable but if stitched right and given enough air space, it stands up to the challenge. Furmax backrests and seats have extra breathable material at high contact points on both the seat and the backrest all suitable for long hours of gaming.


are gaming chairs different from regular office chairs?

It is not advisable to use a regular office chair for gaming because they are designed to achieve a comfortable sitting position in two different settings. Gaming chair designs are inspired by racing car seats which focus on the comfort of an active user for at least 7 hours of sitting. These chairs also come with racing car colors and features. They are totally different from regular office chairs that are only designed for comfort in sedentary sitting and a 90-degree eye level focus. Some Furmax gaming chairs are still suitable for an office setting.

what is the best material for the best gaming chair?

There are premium materials designed to make chairs comfortable and durable but not limited to any specifics. For gaming chairs, however, a heavy-duty foam padding is important to reduce strain on your body. Breathable material including cotton, leather or ultra-soft vinyl are good for any gaming chair. Most premium material, however, attracts a high price but some are exaggerated which is why our guide focused on the options in the market that do not exaggerate the value of the material used to build the gaming chair.

Do gaming chairs improve your performance when gaming?

Many E-game experts will tell you that the chair doesn`t make the gamer because skill and personal factors are the main determinants of your performance while gaming. However, to be at the top of your game, posture, comfort and free movement are very important. A chair that doesn`t put hurdles in your way while gaming will definitely improve your performance which is why every gamer needs a gaming chair if they are to be at the top of their game.


Gaming is an easy and convenient method of having fun and relieving stress for both adults and children. Gaming chairs are now an essential addition to all levels of home furniture and while Furmax is a great brand in the market, their wide variety still makes the choice of one perfect gaming chair difficult. Whether you are buying your first gaming chair or making an upgrade, this guide has everything you need to invest in the best chair to customize your play and enjoy every game.

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