Best Ficmax Gaming Chair Reviews

Certain individuals don’t really understand just how sitting all day can put so much strain on the back. Nevertheless, as more and more jobs are being done remotely, having your own high-quality chair has become more than just a mark of professionalism. In fact, it’s now a necessity for both playing and working.

With that said, we will be discussing today about two Ficmax Gaming Chairs. In this article, we will be emphasizing their weaknesses and strengths before giving any overall evaluation.

Hopefully, you can tell if one of them would fit your needs or whether you actually might be better suited to a different brand. Stay tuned!

What Are Ficmax Gaming Chairs

Ficmax gaming chairs  might obviously sound a little bit expensive. But in reality, this price range is actually considered a mid-budget option.

Now, in addition to a reasonable price, Ficmax gaming chairs offer a number of features that are not even found in pricier models. So let’s discuss some features it offers.

Ficmax gaming chairs come with a USB-powered lumbar cushion. Perhaps you’re asking right now about why a cushion would require power. Well, the reason is simple. Having this feature gives a little gimmick for the product, though it’s not that powerful compare to an actual massage chair.

Ficmax gaming chair also comes with a retractable footrest in case the user want to take a load off. Most regular gaming chairs only let you recline by about 120 degree. However Ficmax gaming chairs let you lie completely flat if you want.

The connector supporting its footrest is quite flimsy, so you better not napping on this any time soon. Nonetheless, the chair is actually okay for short breaks.

Furthermore, its headrest cushion is attached with straps and can be moved both horizontally and vertically. This lets the user to remain as comfortable as possible no matter the position is. And lastly, its cover is constructed of PU leather that aids to minimize the impact of spills.

Are Gaming Chairs Comfortable?

What’s Makes Ficmax Gaming Chair Special

Ficmax gaming chairs are incorporated with high-density sponge inside. Meaning, this brand of chair is very well-padded and won’t harden or sag over time like some other foam-filled regular chairs.

In addition, its armrests can be moved out, in, down, and up. They can even be removed completely if you want. Ficmax gaming chair can also handle a 300 pounds weight limit. Essentially, it will be suitable for the majority of users. However, if you’re on the extra heavy side, it might not be the most ideal choice.

Also, Ficmax gaming chair comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame as well as one year warranty on its components. Basically, if the chair breaks itself, you’re covered. However, you may need to replace its cushions or armrests yourself.

To sum it up, Ficmax gaming chair would probably be best fitted to creative types of individuals.  It gives excellent support when working and comes with all the features needed to let you relax as well. If you’re working with a fairly small amount of budget, you might do a lot worse than the Ficmax gaming chairs.

Ficmax Gaming Chair Reviews

1. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Massage Computer Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Office Chair with Footrest High Back PU Leather Gaming Desk Chair Large Size E-Sport Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support

Ergonomic design and extra padding only can do so much. However, if you are seeking more relaxing skilfulness out of a gaming chair, then you might wish for a massage feature. And that is where the Ficmax ergonomic gaming chair racing style comes in. It is designed for those wanting an all-in-one chair that serves as a massager as well.

This chair is actually an improved version of the previous Ficmax PC gaming chairs, thus it comes with far more features. It’s also much more comfortable and adjustable compared to all previous Ficmax models. This PC gaming chair is engineered with a racing style padded executive design which is completed with a USB electric massager for additional comfort. Its massaging feature is implanted in the lumbar cushion area and along its sides.

By giving a soothing pulsation; it can increase comfort while relieving you from cramps at the same time. Additionally, its adjustable armrests and footrest allow you to enjoy a number of great options.

Furthermore, aside from its wide backrest and strong armrests, this chair is also fitted with headrest and lumbar pillows to give extra comfort to your lower shoulders and back.

And why this gaming chair is in the number one spot in this list?

The reason is because it is an incredibly multifunctional and ideal for various PC activities, including resting, reading, working, or gaming. This gaming chair will cater all your needs. In fact, it can be even used as a personal bed. Simply tilt its backrest up to 180 degrees and extend its footrest if you want to take a nap. Though keep in mind that its footrest doesn’t have a lever for automatic activation, in short you need to pull it out manually.

Now in terms of material, this chair is constructed using high-quality PU leather covering that’s rather resistant to spills and very easy to clean with just a damp cloth. In addition, it is fade-resistant too. Aside from its inner high-density sponge features a strong permeability so that it tends to bounce back to its original shape when it is not in use.

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  • Maximum capacity of 300 pounds
  • Can be used in various ways
  • Extendable footrest for extra comfort
  • Incredibly stable and has strong frame for great safety
  • 90-180 degree tilt mechanism for backward movements
  • High-quality PU leather with a high-density sponge material
  • Excellent comfort with a number of extra features
  • Comes with a USB electric massager
  • Thick foam padding, high-quality PU covering
  • Heavy duty chair base with casters for extra stability
  • Smooth fully adjustable armrests
  • Effectively relieves lumbar fatigue
  • Ergonomic foot, lumbar, back, and head
  • Wider chair back and larger-size seat cushion
  • Excellent after-sales support in case of repairs and certain issues


  • Reclining angle tend to stick at particular times
  • Can be a little bit squeaky
  • The metal part on its side bolsters may present a problem for tall users
  • Its footrest is not automatic


2. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support and Footrest Racing Style

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Ergonomic Gamer Chair with Footrest Reclining Game Chair with Armrest High Back Leather PC Gaming Chair Plus Size Racing Office Chair with Head and Lumbar Support (Purple)

While most of the gaming chairs with footrest out there don’t come with a massager, this Ficmax Ergonomic gaming chair comes with massage lumbar support and footrest racing style. These very features make this gaming chair stand out among the rest.

It is covered with high-quality PU-leather as well that’s fade-resistant and very easy to clean. It also comes with a high-density thicker sponge to make sure that you’re comfortable no matter how many hours you play your favourite video games.

In addition, it features an ergonomic construction while having wider and thicker armrests that also come with headrest pillow, lumbar cushion, and ergonomic shape.

One of the factors that many gamers tend to have an issue on is that conventional gaming chairs with footrest are rather small for larger users. However, it’s not the case for this gaming chair from Ficmax as it comes with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. Additionally it has a large seat and wide back, thus making it ideal for larger-sized gamers.

Now when it comes to adjustments, there are a number of things you can do with this gaming chair. Starting with the conventional seat height and going to 90 to 180 degrees reclining, there are a number of things that you can do in order to ensure that you’ll be comfortable. Aside from that, both its headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are removable.

To sum it up, this chair from Ficmax features the following:

  • Massager – if you’ve got a USB port, then you can turn on its USB powered electric massager integrated into this gaming chair. This helps alleviate stress and make the chair more comfortable for any users. This massager itself is not too soft and not too harsh. In fact it is somewhere in the medium range which is the most optimal option.
  • High-density materials – the PU leather which is incorporated on the exterior of this gaming chair is very resistant to spills and really easy to clean. You won’t have any issues with cleaning or washing it. It is also fade-resistant as well, which is a common problem for those hard-core gamers that will get every day use out of the chair. In addition, its sponge found inside the chair has strong permeability and has high-density. Meaning, it will bounce back to its original state after being utilized.
  • Robust frame – obviously an impressive gaming chair must ensure that it comes with a high maximum capacity load. This gaming chair can effortlessly support up to 300 lbs. without having any problems with the pressure inputted on the frame. The frame is constructed with high-quality metal frame with a very hefty base.
  • Multifunctional – this gaming chair comes with a standard 360 degree swivel and has four varied maximal resting positions depending on what the user is doing. Whether you are working, gaming, reading, or just simply taking a nap, you change your resting position from 90-180 degrees with a simple movement.
  • Awesome warranty – if you’ve got any issues with this gaming chair within its 30-day purchase window, then you can return it at absolutely no extra price for you. You can have it fully replaced or if you want you can simply get your money back!

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  • Comes with USB electric massage unit
  • Its frame is incredibly stronger considering the price range
  • Manufacturer offers great customer service as well as excellent warranty offer
  • Incorporated with footrest that can be extended for additional comfort
  • Comes with high-density sponge material which is great for extra relaxation and aids lower blood clots for prolonged users who tend to sit all day long
  • Incorporated with responsive height adjustment
  • Wide chair back for maximum back support and comfort
  • Adjustable and spacious armrests
  • Comes with retractable footrest
  • Helps to ease lumbar fatigue



  • Doesn’t come with a lever for you to activate
  • The armrests are not sturdy enough and tend to wobble


How to Pick the Best Ficmax Gaming Chair

When it comes to both ergonomics and budget, a PC gaming chair normally excels compared to other kinds of gaming chairs. For certain amount of money, you can get a full blown gaming chair that comes with exceptional adjustable seat height, lumbar and neck support, a tall and wide back, 2D/3D armrests to support your entire body properly while you’re playing.

While making your purchasing decision, make sure that the chair you’ll get comes with the right size for you and has all the features you need. For the most part, you can see that there are a number of options, so you’ll likely find something that checks all your boxes and not just some.

Now, if you’re on a little budget, then don’t be afraid to get chairs that are not made by huge brands. The truth is, there’s no sense in paying a lot more for a brand name if you can actually acquire something almost as good or better for a lower price range.

Furthermore, you must be aware of reviews and the policies regarding returns and warranties if the chair you’ve chosen is not what you’re actually expecting. But worry not because the two listed gaming chair from Ficmax here comes with very good warranty offers.

And lastly, you must highly regard your own comfort and health when you make a decision on purchasing an ergonomic gaming chair. If you spend hours each day sitting in front of your PC, then if might be worth spending more on a type of gaming chair than a piece of furniture you don’t frequently use.

Overall, there’s a reason why ergonomic gaming chairs are becoming so prominent nowadays, and an investment now could make your back grateful in the near future. 


Ficmax Gaming Chairs are relatively budget-friendly choices for individuals that are not willing to spend hundreds of bucks on some exceptional chair that doesn’t deliver much more in terms of comfort.

Ficmax Gaming Chairs with retractable footrest and lumbar massage support are chairs made by a company not well known as of the moment. But regardless, their products certainly deliver superior comfort considering the price

Obviously, massagers are great finishing features and not something we can get from a number of gaming chairs built like this. In addition, the optimal locking positions for tilting back are a top-notch feature, not to mention that the padding is really soft.

All in all, Ficmax Gaming Chairs are an impressive brand of gaming chairs, and we’re certain that you’ll love it. Get yours now today!

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