Best Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk For Home & Office

Whether you’re working in an office or from home, it is highly probable that you spend a lot of time sitting. And, even if you already got an ergonomically-designed chair, maybe you are still experiencing some leg cramps or even lower back pains. If that’s the case, then this post is for you. Or maybe, it’s for the more simple reason that you cannot reach the floor while sitting on your chair. That would instantly make you feel quite uncomfortable or perhaps, even insecure.

For these reasons, you need a footrest. Some also call it ottoman, hassock, or footstool. Decorators typically prefer the term ottoman (Source). They are designed in various shapes, sizes and styles, and made of different materials. Some come with built-in storage while others have adjustable height, and of course, there are ergonomic ones to match your ergonomic chair.

Four Reasons to Use a Footrest

In this post, we reviewed the five best ergonomic footrests under desk for home and office. Among the five we reviewed, our top pick is the Remedease Foot Cushion from Safco Products. Yet, the other four on the list are also top-notch.

Top 5 Best Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk For Home & Office

1. Safco Products 92311 Remedease Foot Cushion

Safco Products 92311 Remedease Foot Cushion, Black

The Safco Remedease Foot Cushion is just one of the popular office products from SAFCO Products Company.

The Remedease Foot Cushion with model number 92311 comes in a half-cylinder design with black zippered cover made of nylon. Inside, is hypoallergenic medical-grade foam made with 100% polyurethane.

If you are worried that it will keep moving away from your feet, the flat bottom is designed with a non-slip tread so it will stay in its place. You may also flip it to have a rocking motion if you want a little extra moment.

Remedease Foot Cushion was manufactured to provide comfort and take some pressure off your workday. It is also lightweight and ergonomic so as to support your feet and ankle, and encourage you to have better posture.

Youtube Review:


  • Removable and washable cover
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Non-slip flat bottom


  • Quite expensive
  • Height cannot be adjusted 


2. Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk – Black Premium Velvet Soft Foam Footrest. Most Comfortable Cushion for Office, Travel, Plane. Neck Back Knee Leg Pain, Lumbar. Non-Slip Bottom Foot Stool Rocker.

ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk | Premium Velvet Soft Foam Footrest for Desk | Most Comfortable Desk Foot Rest in The World for Lumbar, Back, Knee Pain | Foot Stool Rocker (Black)

This foot rest from ErgoFoam boasts of being the most comfortable under desk foot rest. As such, it offers 60-day money back if you say otherwise. Its foam is ergonomic, providing comfort and encourages you to sit with a proper posture.

Also, because of its ergonomic design, it reduces soreness and fatigue from your feet, knees, legs, and back. It also helps improve your circulation.

This ErgoFoam foot rest is simple, lightweight foam that you may carry almost everywhere. You can use it not just for under your office desk but also even during your travel – in a train, on a plane, or in a van.

It is also designed with a non-slip bottom so it won’t go too far from your feet. You can also turn it over if you want to keep your feet moving somehow.

Lastly, in addition to the 60-day money back guarantee, ErgoFoam also offers a lifetime warranty. The company is willing to replace the foot rest without any questions.


  • Comes with 60-day money back and lifetime warranties
  • Lightweight and may be used anywhere
  • Comfortable and ergonomic


  • Does not have a removable, washable cover
  • Quite low for most people


3. Nekmit Adjustable Foot Rest Non-Slip Ergonomic Multifunctional Firm Foam Half-Cylinder for Home and Office 

Nekmit Adjustable Foot Rest Non-Slip Ergonomic Multifunctional Firm Foam Half-Cylinder for Home and Office

The Nekmit adjustable foot rest is another half-cylinder foam designed to provide comfort for your feet while sitting.

Compared to other foam foot rests, the Nekmit adjustable foot rest boasts of a firm pillow that provides 4 inches elevation and additional foam that can be attached for extra 2 more inches elevation.

The foams each come with a washable non-slip cover. These covers are machine-washable for easy cleaning and non-slip to keep the foot rest in its place. The Nekmit foot rest is also lightweight and portable, you can take it anywhere.

It is also covered by a limited one-year warranty.


  • Sturdy yet comfortable
  • With extra foam for additional height
  • Lightweight
  • With non-slip washable cover


  • Quite pricey


4. Ergonomic Wood Foot Stool Under Desk Foot Rest with 17.7″ Width for Office Home to Relieve Tendon Pains and Improve Blood Circulation

Ergonomic Wood Foot Stool Under Desk Foot Rest with 17.7" Width for Office Home to Relieve Tendon Pains & Improve Blood Circulation

The Ergonomic Wood Foot Stool from Dr. Foot Rest Wood is unique on this list mainly for the material used. As mentioned, it is a wooden foot rest perfect for home or office use. It is made of natural pine wood and can carry weight up to 264.5 lbs. It is sturdy and will not break even if you stand on it.

It is elevated and sloped at a certain degree to provide a maximum comfort. The highest elevation is at 5.1 inches and the lowest is at 3.3 inches. With this height, this wooden foot rest promotes blood circulation, prevents lower back pain, and relieves tendon pain.

It may not be as comfortable as those footrests made of foam but its angle and elevation can already make you a little more comfortable by letting you sit at a restful posture. In particular, this foot rest is ideal for pregnant women and the elderly.


  • Made of sturdy pine wood
  • Elevated at a perfect degree
  • Lightweight
  • Improves blood circulation and lessens pain


  • Not designed for comfort


5. Foot Rest Under Desk Non-Slip Ergonomic Footrest Foam Cushion – Excellent Under Desk Leg Clearance, by Office Ottoman



Foot Rest Under Desk Non-Slip Ergonomic Footrest Foam Cushion - Excellent Under Desk Leg Clearance, by Office Ottoman


The Office Ottoman Foot Rest is another non-slip foam foot cushion for under your desk.

It has anti-microbial, hypoallergenic medical-grade foam and a removable cover. This cover is machine-washable perfect for easy cleaning. It is also anti-slip, with natural rubber micro bead tread that will easily grip on most surfaces. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about your footrest sliding across the room from you.

This Office Ottoman foot rest is particularly designed to provide adequate clearance for your knees and legs under your desks. It is not as bulky as the other footrests. To be accurate, it measures 17.5 x 11.5 with 4 inches elevation. So, even if you have a long torso, you would not bump on your desk and hurt yourself.

Meanwhile, the foam provides comfort and the other side allows you to rock the footrest making the blood circulation in your feet and legs better. Additionally, this Office Ottoman footrest provides balance and support.


  • Not too bulky
  • With machine-washable cover
  • Uses hypoallergenic medical-grade foam


  • Shorter users find it too low


Five Reasons Why You Need a Footrest

When looking for things for your office, you would most likely focus more on the desk, lamps, and chairs, typically forgetting about your legs and feet. But, since you are more likely to be sitting than walking around your office, you may want to consider providing sufficient support for your legs and feet as well.

So here are five reasons why you need a foot rest (Source).

  1. Foot rests are great for shorter people.

There are chairs particularly designed for the petite ones. However, the options are still very limited. So, if you are quite vertically-challenged, you may still be able to enjoy the benefits of regular ergonomic seats and keep your feet flat with the aid of a foot rest.

The foot rest lets you rest both of your feet flat on an even surface through the elevation it provides. So even if your chair can’t go low enough for you to touch the floor, the foot rest will adjust the surface for you.

  1. Foot rests are great for everyone.

Even if your height is average or even above average, you will still appreciate a foot rest under your desk.

With a foot rest, the pressure on your legs is reduced and your blood flow circulation improves.

  1. Foot rests encourage active sitting.

Various studies have been showing that sitting for a prolonged time is not good for you. To address this, some foot rests provide you the option that allows rocking movement. This option that may seem simple but it keeps your legs moving and your blood flowing, while keeping your feet comfortable.

  1. They work well with adjustable desks.

On the other hand, if you are standing most of the time, a foot rest would also be beneficial for you. A good foot rest can help you stand 30% longer than usual.

  1. Foot rests are comfortable.

Above all those, the first benefit of foot rests is that they are comfortable. They are designed to provide better comfort where your feet can rest. Foams are typically better than tiles, carpet or hardwood floor.

Types of Footrest

Easily, there are only two main types of foot rests – comfort and ergonomic. However, under the comfort category, there are still three sub-types.

  1. Comfort:They are primarily designed to reduce strain on your legs and feet.
  2. Portable platform: they are usually four-legged stools that come in different shapes. They may also be upholstered with either fabric or leather.
  3. Chair foot ring: they are circular metals at the base of an office chair. They may be adjusted in terms of height to match your preference.
  4. Built-in:from the term itself, they are the foot rests that come affixed to the workbench.
  5. Ergonomic:These foot rests are ergonomically-designed to suit you physiologically, to your posture and height. 

Benefits of Ergonomic Footrests

In addition to the reasons mentioned above on why you would want or need a foot rest, here are some more benefits for you especially if you have an ergonomic footrest (Source), perhaps one of the five products presented in this post.


As previously mentioned, prolonged sitting is not really good for the body. It actually leads to poor blood circulation.

This is why the ideal ergonomic footrest allows you to keep your feet and legs slightly moving even while sitting. Such feature keeps you safer from developing any circulatory condition.

However, it is also recommended that you take short, frequent breaks to stand and stretch a little.

Reduce Back Pain

Aside from leg cramps, sitting for long hours also cause back pain due to the strain that’s being put on your spine. Having an ergonomic footrest lets you sit up to the back of your chair without slouching, and instead maintain proper ergonomic angles. When seated at ergonomic angles, the pressure on your back and spine is reduced.

With an ergonomic footrest under your feet, you can be seated with your back slightly reclined allowing your back to rest on the back support of your chair. Based on studies, such is actually the optimum seated position.

Tips on Using a Footrest

To help you get the most from your foot rest, here are some tips for you (Source):

  • Exercise while sitting – move your feet, legs, and lower back muscles.
  • Keep your knees together while sitting.
  • When using a foot rest, the slope should be facing you. You can then push your heels down to stretch your lower leg muscles.
  • If you may, remove your shoes and let your feet be massaged by your foot rest.

Final Thoughts

We hope that after reading this post, you’d realize that a foot rest is a great addition in your home and office. It does not just provide cushion or comfort for your feet but also improves your posture and blood circulation.

You can’t go wrong when you choose any of the five we listed here. Aside from the fact that most of them offer manufacturer’s warranty for one year, actual customers have given them overwhelming positive reviews.

So once you buy one, you can literally sit back and relax.

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