Best Engineering/Scientific/Graphing Calculators Reviews

Getting The Best Scientific Calculator for Your Class or Profession

Many of these calculators are free of graphing functions and appropriate for classes that require such. The features and number of functions vary from calculator to calculator. Some have around a hundred functions while others have several hundred.

Some calculators have bright, well lit screens, while others are more difficult to see but users favor the style. Depending upon your needs, you’re sure to find the calculator for you on this list.

1. Texas Instruments Engineering Scientific Calculator

This calculator allows you to use complex numbers and matrices without special modes. Some people feel that is is far superior because it has an easier interface and memory. It’s better than most calculators because of its features, reliability, and the fact that it’s solar powered. Most users purchase this for formal tests such as the Professional Engineering, FE Mechanical Exam and EIT exams. It’s easy to learn and FE approved. Convert from oct to binary to decimal functions with ease. Many users favor the MathPrint feature which allows you to better visualize integrals.


2. HP 15C Limited Edition Scientific CalculatorHP 15C Limited Edition Scientific Calculator

This one is a classic HP 15c scientific calculator. It has a unique HP RPN or Reverse Polish Notation. It also has a user friendly interface and works very well. It’s durable and lasts a long time. Many users who purchase this calculator love it and don’t have any complaints. It’s easy to handle matrices, stats, and more. This calculator has a more old fashioned LCD interface. Many people want to own it for nostalgia and the quality vintage style. Note that it is a modern calculator that has been made to look like the older original calculator.


3. HP 35s Scientific CalculatorHP 35s Scientific Calculator

This calculator has 100 functions built into the calculator. It’s a 14 character, 2 line display. It’s great for EE students. It’s a quality, well-built calculator. Many people have used this model of calculator for decades. Users have applied this calculator to the EIT exam as well. Some have trouble viewing the display and don’t like the feel of the buttons while others have used this model for 10 or more years. It’s a great calculator for civil engineering but note that it doesn’t have an SD slot. It’s a good calculator for teens and professionals.


4. Casio fx 115ES Engineering Scientific Calculator

Casio fx-115ES PLUS Engineering/Scientific Calculator

This Casio is a great calculator for everyday usage. It has a well lit display. You can backtrack through calculations and edit your expressions. It gives you the ability to recalculate answers and it’s great for calculus, quadratics, cubics, linear systems, matrix inversion, and much more. Users have relied on it for exams, some users have used it for the Power PE exam. It’s easy user interface, making it a favorite calculator for many and a good calculator for students that are not allowed to use graphing calculators. Some users find the buttons to be a little loose.


5. Sharp EL-W516XBSL 556 Scientific CalculatorSharp EL-W516XBSL 556 Scientific Calculator

This calculator has 556 scientific functions. It’s a 16 digit, 4 line display with four programmable keys. It has several modes including; Complex, Matrix, List, Drill, Stat, and Normal. It uses WriteView for formulas, functions, and fractions. It supports traditional calculator operations.Users find the comprehensive manual to be helpful when learning to understand the calculator’s functions. The manual is in the form of a two sided sheet. It’s used by Electrical Engineering, Risk and Reliability Engineering and trigonometry students. The keys are soft, although, some find them too soft.


6. Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Scientific Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator

It features a 4 line display with one and two variable stats, step by step fractions, and the MathPrint feature. It also has paste, cut, and edit features. The calculator is battery and solar powered. It’s ideal for college students taking electronics and statistics courses. All the functionality of a graphing calculator without the graphing. It has crisp keys, solid body, and slim profile. Many users like the fact that it adds fractions. It creates great tables for algebra and is simple and easy to use. Many people that use this calculator love it and don’t have any complaints.


7. Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS 2-Line Scientific CalculatorTexas Instruments TI-30X IIS 2-Line Scientific Calculator, Rasberry

Unlike all of the other scientific calculators, this one comes in a variety of colors including; raspberry, green, orange, black, light blue, dark blue, and white. The calculator features a 2 line display that can handle 1 and 2 variable stat calculations. It has three modes including; radians, grads, and degrees. It’s a great calculator for middle to high school kids. You can enter entire expressions and solve them, making this the ideal calculator to solve simple problems quickly.


8. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Plum Graphing Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Plum Graphing Calculator

This graphing calculator has a very high resolution backlit display. It’s likely the highest quality display available on any scientific calculator. The calculator is lightweight and available in plum, red, denim, blueberry, gray, gold, silver and white. The battery may get weak quickly if you use it a lot. A huge benefit is the fast processor. It comes with a user guide and double sided cable. The only complaint that some users have is that the font is too small. It’s great for high school students taking advanced math. If you need to easily graph complicated expressions, this is the calculator for you.


9. Casio fx-9750GII Graphing CalculatorCasio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator, White

Create bar graphs and pie charts with ease. The screen is easy to read in a number of different lighting situations. Enjoy a high speed RAM CPU and USB connectivity, making it easy to share files. Some users have said that it’s not the easiest to program. However, the functions are easy to understand. It comes with a well organized user manual.


10. HP HP50G 50g Graphing Calculator

HP 50g Graphing Calculator

This calculator has 30% more screen space than the previous version and most other scientific calculators for that matter. It has a better keypad than the last model and is quipped with an SD card slot. You can choose between RPN, Algebraic, and Textbook data entry. Not that this graphing calculator uses a lot of battery power. The advantages of this calculator are the high range of functions and the ease of programmability.


Depending on the usage that you need it for, the scientific calculator you require is definitely on this list. Many people have used the above calculators in a number of professions and lots of them have withstood the test of time. Most calculators on the list have lasted for a decade.

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