Best Electronic Digital Writing Notepad Reviews

We’re now living in a digital era, and taking notes on paper simply does not feel right anymore. Luckily, there’re more eco-friendly and more convenient alternatives today.

Digital notepads are portable, lightweight tools that mimic the feel of paper and pen and have lots of clever features that make drawing and writing notes more enjoyable.

Setting up to-do-lists and goals are most likely easy in your mind. Nonetheless, you won’t really remember what you’ve planned once you get absorbed into your daily assignments.

But just try imagining having a notebook with complete privacy and unlimited pages. The best digital notepads make this possible.

Picking them is not as easy as purchasing a typical notepad that you must write on and they may have some extra features that let you to take notes during meetings and strict conferences. Thus in order to help you choose the perfect digital notepad for your needs, we’ve done some extensive research.

Now, just stay tuned and you’ll be able to make the best viable decision to meet your expectations and needs.

What is a Digital Notepad

A digital notepad is a tool that brings the best of the computer aided notes and paper notepad together.

It is sometimes also known as cyber-pads. These notepads are tablets that can be plug into your PC and lets you stored your notes in the cloud for archival or further modification.

Digital notepads have a fixed amount of memory, or lets memory card to be added using a card slot. They also come with rechargeable batteries. Anything drawn or written on the surface of the pad is stored in the device’s memory. Then when plugged into a computer through a USB cable, the stored notes can then be transferred for storage.

Moreover, this gadget works similarly to a paper-based notepad since it also allows any type of drawings or handwriting to be stored and transferred to a computer for further use. Digital notepads are very handy tools for an artist wanting to sketch computer-ready designs, or an executive seeking for a fast and convenient approach to take notes in conferences. Digital notepads are great pieces of gadgets to help avoid retyping the notes from the weekly sales meeting to get them onto a computer.

How Digital Notepads Work

The appeal of these digital tools is fairly simple. They are lighter and smaller than most laptops while at the same time, the provide digital information storage for later use.

They come in various sizes ranging from 4×6 inches to 9×12 inches. Most of digital notepads usually come with their own software to allow for effective data transfer between them and a linked computer.

The adjustment between digital and paper must not be too hard for any user since a digital notepad is not a laptop. It is simply a storage tool that get rids of the need to jot down notes taken in meetings.

Some digital notepads will also work when linked to a computer. This let the user to modify drawings or photos on the computer using the tablet technology, which can deliver a much greater deal of accuracy and control.

When seeking for a digital notepad, make sure you keep an eye on the kind of memory used, and the price. It is usually ideal to find digital notepads with similar memory styles to help eliminate the need to buy extra memory just for one device.

Top 5 Best Electronic Digital Writing Notepad Reviews

Testing the following notepads is not exactly easy and this makes it quite hard to determine which one is the best among others. Most of these digital notepads will come down to personal references of the users. Nonetheless, we’ve tried to select pick them based on the additional features they offer.

Here are our top picks on the market today for achievers and students:

1. Rocketbook Erasable, Reusable Wirebound Notebook – Letter Size

Rocketbook Erasable, Reusable Wirebound Notebook - Letter Size

Rocketbook Erasable digital notepad provides users a classic paper and pen experience that’s made for this digital era. Simply mark a symbol and scan your pages using its Rocketbook App to blast your notes in to the cloud.

This digital notepad can be used with any highlighter, marker, or pen from Pilot FriXion line. By simply putting a drop of water, you can easily erase all the unnecessary notes you jotted down.

Moreover this notepad utilizes a paper that feels more thin and plastic. Additionally, the paper feels more substantial and the ink takes to it much faster. This digital notepad uses a square dot grid pattern, so when you scan from Rocketbook, it comes across looking like you just wrote on a copy paper.

In addition to that, ROcketbook’s app integration provides you multiple options to promptly send your notes by simply making the symbol on the page. Rocketbook digital notepad seamlessly reads that and boom, your document shows up where you told it to.

With Rocketbook, you could use 10 pages, each with different place to go to the cloud just by marking the symbol, take the scan and you’re good to go. No switching after each scan, no delays. Rocketbook takes these criteria.

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  • Very efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Unlimited notes
  • Works with any pen from the Pilot Frixion
  • Pages are easily erasable with a moistened cloth
  • Cloud-friendly
  • Durable
  • App does a great job of capturing the notes crisply


  • Takes a few seconds for the ink to dry
  • Not all colors look sharp in scans
  • Only works with one specific brand of pen


2. Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit

Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit

Huion H420 is the ideal choice for you if you’re just getting into drawing on a tablet. You don’t need a big and pricey tablet to be able to make art because this little thing has great quality. It comes with a battery for the pen which is under the black plastic inside the box. Additionally, a USB cable comes in the box.

Its pen actually locks so the battery doesn’t fall out. You have to twist it, and it’ll snap when it’s on the right side. Moreover, it comes with extra pen nibs, a nib remover; however it doesn’t come with the plastic nib holder like in the picture with the pen. It just comes in a tiny plastic bag.

This digital notepad was very small and petite but then again it worked very well. It works out of the box on Linux, and supported pressure sensitive drawing. Try using it on a program called Krita, and you’ll see how this digital notepad works excellently.

Overall, it’s very portable and can be used with a laptop easily. You can draw on your couch fairly comfortably but it’s a lot better on a solid desk.

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  • Compatible with all major graphics application
  • USB interface
  • Excellent pen scrolling
  • Excellent sleek design
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for drawing


  • The writing surface is a quite small
  • The pressure sensitivity is a little bit sensitive 


3. Reusable Smart Notebook, B5 Size Wirebound Notebook 60 Pages

WOBEECO Reusable Smart Notebook, B5 Size Wirebound Notebook 60 Pages - 30 Pages Wide Rule & 30 Pages Dotted - Cloud Storage [Included with 1 x Erasable Pen, 1 x Microfiber Cloth]

This digital notepad is a great purchase for anybody who finds themselves needing to take notes in their hectic classes. It’s a great idea and its pen works really well with the paper in its pages. The pen writes really smooth and the ink can be easily erased. Additionally, the paper is as reusable as described by the manufacturer.

It comes with 30 pages wide ruled and 30 pages dotted reusable notebook. It’s a magic notebook that lets 15 seconds for the ink to dry. Your writing can be cleaned by a moistened cloth, an erasable pen tip, or a hot hair drier.

Due to its B5 size, it’s perfect for office workers, architects, and of course students. Additionally, it is very convenient because of its very efficient smart cloud storage function. You won’t waste more paper, because this notebook can be reused 500 times. Save your money while also protecting the environment.

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  • Very reusable
  • Very flexible
  • Well-built
  • Very easy to use
  • Great paper size
  • Very convenient


  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth functionality
  • CamScanner doesn’t automatically crop the picture


4. LCD Writing Tablet, Electronic Writing & Drawing Doodle Board

LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Writing Drawing Doodle Board Erasable Aukor 8.5-Inch Handwriting Paper Drawing Tablet for Kids Adults at Home School Office Blue

This digital notepad is easy to read in good light, lightweight, and super simple. You can use this to keep track of life and mana totals during some video playtime with your friends. It works like a charm, and erases completely your unsure writings without leaving behind any old traces.

Its LCD writing pad is very light and slim, so it’s easy to carry out. It will fit your work well, when you’re done with your information you can simply press the button to erase what you wrote. Moreover, you can also use this board to take some notes of sensitive information with like the password. Additionally, you can also use it to write your shopping lists.

But the best aspect about this is that it comes with a replaceable battery. Most writing tablets in the market right now don’t come with replaceable battery, so if it ran out of battery life, it’s as good as useless. But with this digital notepad that comes with a replaceable battery, you don’t have to worry about anything.

The only issue that verified users say about this digital notepad is that the screen doesn’t have the best durability. However, as long as you take care of it, this won’t probably be a problem.

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  • Efficiently saves paper and money
  • Perfect for drawing and doodling
  • Very portable
  • Writings can be erased easily
  • Reusable
  • Durable
  • Excellent LCD pressure-sensitive technology
  • Perfect for kids, students, and entrepreneurs
  • No radiation
  • Easy to use


  • The writing is not really bright
  • Quite hard to read and write in certain distances


5. Eclipz LCD Writing Tablet Pad

Eclipz LCD Writing Tablet Pad: 8.5’’ Electronic Drawing & Writing Board For Kids & Adults, Portable & Magnetic eWriter, Digital, Handwriting Paper Doodle Board For School, Fridge Or Office

Eclipz digital notepad comes with an ultra-bright and high-performance, thus it’s the perfect digital notepad for your kids, and of course for adults also.

This digital notepad is eco-friendly, reliable, and very reusable. It’s very effective and efficient when it comes to drawing, writing, taking memos, and so much more. Additionally, this sleek digital notepad is the ideal choice for businessmen, growing kinds, students, designers, and anyone who cares about our environment.

The Eclipz digital notepad is incredibly versatile and helps you stay organized, increase productivity, and boost your creativity as well as saving you expenses on paper and gives you so much free time.

Moreover, because it’s fun and simple to use, children can have all the fun without the mess afterwards. In addition to that, Eclipz digital notepad is made with the highest quality materials to provide long-lasting use. The manufacturer used a super bright 8.5 inches LCD that makes it easier to read and write, and draw. Thanks to its nice size, you will have more than enough space to write and draw.

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  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has no electromagnetic radiation for kids
  • Durable
  • Perfect for on the go use
  • Comes with Stylus that writes smoothly and easily
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • The battery is replaceable
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with convenient storage for your stylus
  • Ultra-thin design


  • Should be use very carefully
  • The plastic material is quite flimsy


Key Factors to Consider

Picking a digital notepad is not that difficult. As we’ve already mentioned, most of them comes with the same basic features and this might be all you need.

Nevertheless, we did use a couple of significant features when making the choosing. Here are the top features to keep in mind:

  • Size
  • Memory
  • Compatibility
  • Battery
  • Integrated software
  • Warranty

Size – portability is perhaps the most important factor if you’re a person who’s always on the go. If you have a digital notepad for taking notes, you’d like to store it as conveniently as possible. 

Memory – this factor is crucial for storing notes. If you are to use them later, you must have a decent memory. Nonetheless, if the notepad is for children use, the memory might not be as important. Since most digital notepad can transfer data to a computer, there should be no problem when it comes to having one that has only 32 MB. 

Compatibility – whether you have a Windows or Apple device, you must transfer the data from your notepad to this specific device. It is worth remembering that some devices are only compatible with windows, and this is an aspect to keep in mind. We suggest looking at this to make sure that the data can be transferred and read on your PC.

Battery – if you’re only using a digital notepad from day to day, you might not need to have an excellent battery life. Nonetheless, if you do have a pretty nice battery life, it makes the device ideal for travelling. Some of the top devices can be used for up to three weeks when completely charged. But remember that the price could become a little heavy on them with this factor. 

Extra Features – if you really need extra features such as advanced software, you can certainly get them. Nonetheless, they’ll be a little more costly. If you have a versatile option, you can upload and upgrade the software to meet your needs. Additionally, Bluetooth is another significant feature that simplifies life. It makes it much easier to transfer data from one device to the other. We highly recommend these extra features to those who actually needs them, or you’ll just be wasting a few bucks.

Warranty – having a warranty can certainly give you a peace of mind. Because most of digital notepads are really sensitive, you could have a cracked screen. Nonetheless, if you have a decent warranty, you can be protected from these kinds of issues. 

Is Having a Digital Notepad Makes a Difference

Though there’s really no solid evidence to suggest that digital notepads work better than having a simple physical notepad, it is certainly easier to use.

Digital notepads are smaller and you will not have as many papers that require to be sorted. In this modern age, the notes can now be stored in the cloud. In other words, you’ll never lose them.

However, the most common issue about them is that older people are having trouble using them. It could take some time getting used to digital notepads, but then again, they could certainly simplify your life.

One more thing that has been proven is that jotting things down makes you more likely to accomplish them, particularly if you can always look back and seem them, conveniently.


Paper will become a scarce resource because they are made from trees. It could take a lot of resources to copy all the notes around the world, and in some cases, they’re thrown out anyway and thus leading to pollution.

A digital notepad can take the place of paper notes. It can be utilized to store a significant amount of information and is reusable. If the information is no longer needed, then users can simply delete them without any issue.

These are some of the advantages and benefits of using a digital notepad. Additionally, they’re easy to carry, and a person won’t need to worry about running out of space. Users can have access to their information at any given time, and will be able to share their information with others very effectively.

Certainly, digital notepads are very convenient and more beneficial in overall aspect. So why don’t you get yours? We’re now living in the digital age, so make sure you’re always on the trend. Happy shopping!

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