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There are times when a single monitor will just be not enough for you. You’d need a multi-display workspace for you to do your tasks faster and more efficiently. Or maybe, there’s just too much clutter so you need another monitor to help you organize your programs on display.

Whatever your reason may be, adding another monitor means you need a dual monitor stand wherein you can mount both of your monitors. This way, you’ll be able to shun away from having two stands (one for each monitor) that takes so much space on your desk.

As such, in this post, we have reviewed the five best dual monitor stands for you. But before we proceed on the list of stands we have prepared for you, let us first explain further how do these dual monitor stands work. 

How Do They Work

From the term itself, dual monitor stands are built to mount two monitors. To do this, they are usually designed to have two arms attached on a body or pole. Since there is only one pole for your two monitors, you can instantly save some workspace on your desk.

To save more space, most dual monitor stands come with a C-Clamp so you can mount them on the side of your table and then use the arms to adjust your monitors forward. Some are also designed where you can drill a hole through your desk and screw your mount to lock it in its place. For better locking system, some stands have both.

Moreover, aside from saving space on your desk, dual monitor stands also allows ergonomic viewing. This is made possible by adjustable arms that can go up or down, backward or forward. It also has a monitor plate/mount that allows you to tilt your monitor to the angle that’s just right for your viewing need. As such, you’ll be able to reduce shoulder, neck or even eye strain.

Now that we’ve covered that up, here’s the 5 best dual monitor stands, starting with our top pick, the Vivo Dual Monitor Stand V002 

Our Top Pick: Vivo Dual Monitor Stand V002

This VESA-compatible desk mount can fit up to 27” monitors that weigh 22lbs each at most. Its adjustable arms allow you to position the monitors to almost everywhere you want them. It’s practically easy to assemble and it has C-clamp and grommet base for better stability. For its price, this one is a great deal!

Youtuber’s set-up and review:

Top 5 Best Dual Monitor Stands

1. VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable fits 2 / Two Screens up to 27″

VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand with C-clamp and Bolt-Through Grommet Options | Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Arms Hold Two (2) Screens up to 27" (STAND-V002)

This dual monitor from Vivo is compatible to mount two VESA-compatible (meaning, with 75 x 75m or 100 x 100mm backside mounting holes) screens with the size between 13” to 27” and up to 22lbs in weight.

Its arm is adjustable, allowing you to tilt your monitor +80 to -90 degrees. It can also swivel up 10 180 degrees and even rotate up to full 360 degrees. In short, with this mount, you can easily move your monitors or adjust their angles for your comfort. You can even placed your monitors in portrait (on top of each other) or in landscape (side by side). You don’t have to worry about looking very high up since its height is also adjustable along the center pole.

Mounting your monitors shouldn’t also cause a hassle because it has a detachable VESA bracket plates. Other necessary tools and hardware that you need for assemble are also included in the package along with the step-by-step manual.

It also has a heavy duty C-clamp that mounts to the back of your desk (should only be up to 4” thick). Otherwise, you may opt for the grommet mount. Once mounted, you can keep your power and AV cables well-organized with the use of detachable cable clips on the arms and center pole.

Overall, it is a great product. However, this may not work that great if you are not using identical monitors or if you’ll use them with different orientations (one is landscape and the other is portrait). Although, it is doable, you may find it hard to align them and there will be too much space in between if they’re not oriented the same way.


2. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand – Lift Engine Arm Mount, Aluminum

AmazonBasics Premium Dual Dell Monitor Stand - Lift Engine Arm Mount, Aluminum

This next dual monitor stand from AmazonBasics can hold monitors up to 20 lbs and are VESA-compatible. It can be mounted to desks that are 0.4” to 2.4” thick through its desk clamp.

Its arms are independently adjustable. They can easily be extended or retracted so that your monitors are changed from landscape to portrait, or vice versa. You may also have a monitor slightly higher than the other should you wish to. Or, if you want, you can position one monitor facing the back while the other facing the front since its arms may also be rotated. You may also tilt it up to 70 degrees backward or forward up to 5 degrees.

At its price, this dual monitor offers so much flexibility on how you would want to position your monitors. This is also the reason why it does not really have a size limit on the monitors.

The downside, however, is on quality control. Yes, it is perceived to be a great, ergonomic product by most of its customers; however, there were also purchases that disappointed its buyers. Given its high price, it may pose a considerable risk to some. The most common problem found is on the monitor plate that allows you to tilt your monitor. According to some who purchased and received the product, its monitor plate cannot be adjusted so their monitors just tend to face the ceiling.

So, to give you confidence if you decided on this one, it’s nice to know that it is backed by an AmazonBasics Limited 1-Year Warranty.


3. WALI Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Desk Mount Stand Fits Two Screens up to 27”, 22 lbs. Weight Capacity per Arm (M002), Black

WALI Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Desk Mount Stand Fits Two Screens up to 27”, 22 lbs. Weight Capacity per Arm (M002), Black

This one from Wali can fit VESA-compatible monitors up to 27” in size and you can easily mount them since its mount plates are detachable.

Its arms are easily adjustable. They can be extended and retracted, can also be rotated such that your monitors are placed either in landscape or portrait mode. You can also tilt it to adjust your reading angle and make you more comfortable.

However, there are feedbacks that the arms tend to fall or not hold its position anymore after some time. There are even reviews saying that the arms shakes easily making it strenuous for the eyes.  As such, you might want to consider the weight of your monitors if you’re intending to buy this dual monitor stand.

It has a two-stage locking system – a C-clamp that will fit a 4.5” desk and a 4” grommet base. It also comes with a mounting hardware kit, a user manual and a 10-year protection.


4. Mount-It! Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Arms Fits 2 / Two Screens up to 27″, VESA 75 and 100 (MI-752)

Mount-It! Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Arms Fits 2 / Two Screens up to 27", VESA 75 and 100 (MI-752)

This dual monitor stand from Mount-It! is compatible for 13” to 27” VESA-compatible monitors from Samsung, Acer, Viewsonic, LG, Dell, HP, Asus, AOC and Emachines, provided that they do not weigh more than 22 lbs.

Its arms are attached to a 17.5” vertical pole wherein you can adjust the height. You can tilt them forward or backward up to 15 degrees, swivel up to 360 degrees and even rotate up to 360 degrees. You can position them such that the monitors are side by side or stacking one over the other. Each arm may also be articulated in three different locations to find the best position you might need it to be.

It has a C-clamp base so you can mount it on a desk up to 4” thick. To keep your cables organized, the arms come with clips.

However, a number of purchasers of this product have various negative comments although they just might be because of poor quality control from the manufacturer. One of which said that the arms do not align. Yet, it was found that if you do the proper installation, you’ll be able to align your monitors just right. The other common problem, however, is about the plastic screws that were found to easily break during installation of monitors. So you better be more careful.


5. Dual Monitor Stand, Free Standing Height Adjustable Two Arm Monitor Mount for Two 13 to 32 inch LCD Screens with Swivel and Tilt, 17.6lbs per Arm by HUANUO

Dual Monitor Stand, Free Standing Height Adjustable Two Arm Monitor Mount for Two 13 to 32 inch LCD Screens with Swivel and Tilt, 17.6lbs per Arm by HUANUO

This dual monitor stand from Huanuo can accommodate 13” to 32” VESA-compatible monitors that do not weigh more than 17.6 lbs each.

Its arms may be swiveled up to 90 degrees and the monitor plate can be rotated up to 360 degrees with a tilt of up to 45 degrees. Although, there were some reviews that the monitors may tilt forward so you should really check the weight of your monitors for this not to happen. There were also some tips that the monitors should be placed side by side for them not to tip over.

It comes with a weighted base and a grommet case, and you have to options on how to mount it. You could either go for the no-drill option or to use the mounting kits (especially for desks up to 2.8”). It has an installation manual to help you mount your monitors easily.

For cable management, the monitor stand has clips for your cables and a tool clip for your wrence storage.


Buying Guide

With the help of some tips from this article, here are the factors that you should consider in choosing your monitor stand.

Build and Design

The first thing that you should make sure in a monitor stand (whether single, dual, triple or even quad) is if it is VESA-compatible. Meaning, does it have a square-hole pattern on its monitor mounts that are 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm wide? This is where your monitor will be screwed in and most monitors are already VESA-compatible. Some smaller and cheaper monitors may not be VESA-compatible but it means that you should use only the custom stands from the manufacturer. But that does not really offer you much choice as compared with VESA-compatible ones.

Another aspect that you should look into is how the stand will be mounted. Do you want a wall mount, a freestanding one, clamp base or grommet base.

As mentioned above, the freestanding one may occupy much space and does not secure stability for your monitors. Wall mount is a good choice only if you are allowed to drill on your wall. Otherwise, you might want to stick with clamp or grommet base. Or better yet, those that offer both – clamp and grommet – for improved stability.


Since you will be dealing with two monitors, you’ll need a mount with arms that are flexible enough so you can mount your monitors just as you need. This is one factor that will help you reduce as much shoulder, neck and eye strain.

It is great if the arms can do wide swivels, rotations and tilts. Some arms are even flexible enough that allows you to push your monitors backward so you can save more space in front. Others lets you position your monitors such that one is at the back while the other’s in front.

So, know the limits of the arms of your mounts. Know where they can go and not go. How far upward can you tilt them or how downward can they make your monitor bow. Later on, you will surely be able to appreciate it more.

Strength and Durability

Remember that your mount will have to carry two monitors. Will your mount be able to keep them at their right position and angle for a long time?

Those mounts with a high-tension screw are a better choice. The high-tension screw locks up the monitor exactly as you placed them. One the arm sags because of the weight of the monitors, you can adjust the screw again to tighten it up.

Final Words

Buying a dual monitor stand is a great upgrade for your workstation.

Aside from the aesthetics enhancement, you will be able to save precious space on your desk giving you more room to move around or to place other important supplies. Most likely, you will also have increased productivity because you can work more efficiently with more displays and now you can even position them ergonomically.

Overall, we hope that this simple dual monitor stands at least improve your morale at work and give you as much comfort and convenience as much as possible.

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